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Nepal earthquake.jpg
>> No. 23214 Cockernay
25th April 2015
Saturday 9:50 am
23214 Our condolences to our friends in Nepal

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>> No. 23215 Fairy
25th April 2015
Saturday 1:50 pm
23215 spacer
Very much so, awful.
>> No. 23216 Fairy
25th April 2015
Saturday 3:33 pm
23216 spacer
I sympathise more with this than the boat people.
>> No. 23218 Gazza
26th April 2015
Sunday 3:23 pm
23218 spacer
Actual quote from someone who was there. Can you guess their nationality?
>The ground shook quite hard for, possibly, I would think about thirty seconds.
>> No. 23219 Terrorist
26th April 2015
Sunday 4:57 pm
23219 spacer
>> No. 23220 Britfag
26th April 2015
Sunday 6:02 pm
23220 spacer
>> No. 23221 Britfag
26th April 2015
Sunday 7:34 pm
23221 spacer
It reminds me of how as a younger man, very interested in volcanoes, earthquakes and such, I was always very thankful that 'there are never earthquakes in England'. It's not 100% true, but the lack of catastrophic natural disasters must be a big contributor to how England and Britain generally has stayed ahead of countries which are affected more severely by monsoon rains, earthquakes and such.
>> No. 23222 Fairy
26th April 2015
Sunday 8:08 pm
23222 spacer

If Earth is in the "Goldilocks zone" of the solar system, Britain is in the Goldilocks zone of the Earth, and it probably is a lot to do with the reason we ended up such an advanced nation.

Excessive rain has perhaps contributed to our sense of humour, but where would you rather be, France?
>> No. 23223 Britfag
26th April 2015
Sunday 8:18 pm
23223 spacer
There are a lot of people who slate Guns, Germs and Steel on the basis that it isn't 100% correct but its broad thrust is pretty spot on, it's the western european societies which have had a huge advantage in terms of developing and maintaining industrial strength by merit of not falling apart from monsoons or earthquakes, and such.
>> No. 23224 Fairy
26th April 2015
Sunday 8:22 pm
23224 spacer
> on the basis that it isn't 100% correct

The evidence upon which he makes his conclusions is extremely flawed, and in some cases outright wrong. You can't draw a reliable conclusion without reliable evidence.

GGS doesn't seek to explain why Europe became the 'centre of the world', it seeks to shut up white supremacists and the like. It works very well if you assume absolutely everyone aside fromt he author is incapable of rational criticism.
>> No. 23225 Aki
26th April 2015
Sunday 8:33 pm
23225 spacer
I remember the 2008 earthquake - I was up late idly doing whatever it was I did on the web in those pre-.gs days, and noticed my computer tower which I'd put my feet up on shaking from side to side. By the time I'd realised it wasn't the fan spinning faster it had stopped. Also a bird tweeted outside my window, which I assumed was it falling out of its tree.

So yeah, I know what the Nepalese are going through right now.

Fuck though, the death toll keeps rising. 2,200 now.
>> No. 23226 Fairy
26th April 2015
Sunday 9:26 pm
23226 spacer

Indeed, while the theories presented (and I must say I've not read the book, only watched the documentary) are interesting and certainly account for a lot, it's clear the author has a massive bias. Namely, he's one of those nutter academics with a massive self-loathing fetish for anything that wears leaves as clothing. He's also Jewish. Coincidence?
>> No. 23227 Aki
27th April 2015
Monday 1:45 pm
23227 spacer
I just donated £5 to the DEC by texting NEPAL to 70000 - chip in lads.
>> No. 23228 Cockernay
29th April 2015
Wednesday 5:29 pm
23228 spacer

So the book has been given a free pass from criticism because of the conclusion agree with current progressive politics for the same reason 'the bell curve' is absolutely ripped into.
>> No. 23230 Fairy
29th April 2015
Wednesday 6:59 pm
23230 spacer
I'm not sure we still have any friends in Nepal.

>> No. 23231 Porridgewog
30th April 2015
Thursday 12:14 pm
23231 spacer
Hang on.

>they had been living in Hong Kong

>> No. 23232 Wastelander
30th April 2015
Thursday 2:24 pm
23232 spacer

I can't believe he's dead. Well, as good old Jezza once possibly said, it's better to die driving off a cliff at 130mph in a reversing Ferrari that is on fire than to die at age 90 lying in a bed and shitting pea soup all over yourself.
>> No. 23233 Buddha
30th April 2015
Thursday 4:19 pm
23233 spacer
I submit this post from sunny England.
>> No. 23234 Britfag
30th April 2015
Thursday 6:34 pm
23234 spacer

RIP Nepallad, you will be missed like a hole in the head.
>> No. 23235 Fairy
30th April 2015
Thursday 8:11 pm
23235 spacer
I was saving this for the next time that filthy chanologist pissed me off. But seeing as that may never come now, this feels the best time to blow my load.


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