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>> No. 22468 Stalin
18th July 2014
Friday 3:29 pm
22468 Real Russians
Russian - is not "rossiyanin"!

We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin.
We don`t want to conquer the world.
We don`t want to build communism.
We don`t drink vodka every day.
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>> No. 22470 Raoul
18th July 2014
Friday 3:44 pm
22470 spacer
Don't care m8.
>> No. 22471 Gazza
18th July 2014
Friday 3:45 pm
22471 spacer


Thanks for your input, I will take it into consideration.
>> No. 22473 Cockernay
18th July 2014
Friday 5:32 pm
22473 spacer
Spare me your Red propaganda Boris.
>> No. 22475 Britfag
18th July 2014
Friday 5:59 pm
22475 spacer
>We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin.
Who put him in power? Who really rules your country?
>> No. 22477 Fairy
18th July 2014
Friday 6:08 pm
22477 spacer
>> No. 22478 Aki
18th July 2014
Friday 6:15 pm
22478 spacer
Putin, and Putin. In that order.
>> No. 22479 Fairy
18th July 2014
Friday 6:24 pm
22479 spacer

40000 years.png

If Putin was German, he would be known as Vladamir Pootin
>> No. 23159 Raoul
24th November 2014
Monday 8:09 pm
23159 spacer

How do you know about the wobbler?
>> No. 23160 Wastelander
25th November 2014
Tuesday 11:05 am
23160 spacer
>We don't want to build communism
But why not?
>> No. 23161 Raoul
25th November 2014
Tuesday 12:25 pm
23161 spacer
The Communist Party is the second biggest in the Duma, Vodkalad is fooling himself.
>> No. 23162 Cockernay
25th November 2014
Tuesday 12:52 pm
23162 spacer


The minority of people who will speak out against Putin is absolutely tiny. The majority of the public support him and fully endorse all his actions. That might be because they are brainwashed by Rossiya 1, but it doesn't change the fact one iota that he is surfing high in the opinion polls and always has.

The only point of the picture that is a true misrepresentation is 7/8 - that it's cold here all the time. Summer in Moscow is regularly 32-35 degrees.

1-2 say nothing about the huge number of drunks here.
2-3 is just silly, nobody thinks that.
5 - 'ok'
6 - Probably more people here than the population of the UK wish it still did.
>> No. 23163 Britfag
25th November 2014
Tuesday 12:55 pm
23163 spacer
They're about the size of the LibDems. United Russia has an absolute majority even with PR.
>> No. 23164 Britfag
25th November 2014
Tuesday 1:04 pm
23164 spacer
How's that job at RT working out, Comrade Winchester?
>> No. 23165 Boyo
25th November 2014
Tuesday 2:04 pm
23165 spacer
>> No. 23166 Raoul
25th November 2014
Tuesday 5:19 pm
23166 spacer
That's irrelevant to the notion that the country has entirely rejected communism.
>> No. 23395 Bulba
11th July 2015
Saturday 9:12 am
23395 spacer

How did you escape from an old and cursed house?
>> No. 23396 Rasputin
13th July 2015
Monday 4:04 pm
23396 spacer

LOL. But my city looks like this
>> No. 23411 Rasputin
31st July 2015
Friday 8:35 pm
23411 spacer
>>22468>>22468>>22468 I'm a newchap how to enter a trhead?
>> No. 23412 Lenin
31st July 2015
Friday 8:35 pm
23412 spacer
>>23411I eman I'm a newchap, sorry, please sorry, don't kill me
>> No. 23413 Rasputin
31st July 2015
Friday 8:36 pm
23413 spacer
>>23412 Oh, sorry sorry, how to triforce?
>> No. 23414 Lenin
31st July 2015
Friday 8:37 pm
23414 spacer
>>23413 An I'm from Russia, ask your questions.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23415 Boyo
31st July 2015
Friday 9:56 pm
23415 spacer
If he isn't from Russia, that's very nice, mods.

If he is from Russia, that's not very nice, mods.
>> No. 23416 Aki
1st August 2015
Saturday 7:43 am
23416 spacer
Mods > Gods, lad.
>> No. 23418 Gazza
1st August 2015
Saturday 11:00 pm
23418 spacer
It was KC tier.
>> No. 23419 Rasputin
5th August 2015
Wednesday 8:01 am
23419 spacer

>>22468 Russian Ivan came into the thread
>> No. 23420 Stalin
5th August 2015
Wednesday 8:07 am
23420 spacer

Yeltsin delivered. Ruled By Putin. Putin's love, but not all. Want to know more? Welcome to 2ch.pm here all your friends.
>> No. 23422 Vodkafag
7th August 2015
Friday 10:47 pm
23422 spacer
I would rather say that "Russian" is not always of "Russkies".
AFAIK, approx. 80% of the russkies here, in Rossia, including those assimilated, who consider themselves russkies.
Well, anyways Rossians or Russians (Russkies) - an entire world don't give a bloody fuck.

About "Poutine" - I will estimate the proportion of the population who in some way supports him. Hmm. It was about 50% in 2012, but now more like 60-65% (Putin received 64% in 2012 election). It's complicated. To illustrate: there are people who mostly don't like Poutine, but feel OK about Crimea's annexashit. Yes, that's obvious situation. I've noticed that often it is said that "Pootin - the leader of those bad guys, he goes aways - and everything will be fine". Niet.

And if adult russkie says something about restoring communism - what he really wants is the warmth of the FIRE-YEARS-PLANS fat dicks in his ass... and some "the grass was greener"-stuff from childhood.
Алsо - russains had got used to think that everyone cares about Russia. Funny, isn't it? Deep in their minds they realize that Murica is the world-leader, and they simultaneously hate and love it in a some perverted way.

-Is Russia of the authoritarianism? - obviously yes. Sad but true, many of us like it (The roots in imperial times, not USSRЪ-times)
-Is R. totally Antigay? - Niet. But Yes, too. As always, in some perverted way, both ways at the same time...
Btw, probably we would make possible some kind of civil same-sex unions + banned gay "children-aimed propaganda" at the same time.
-R of drunken steppes-sailors? Indeed. More beer and wine these days. Crimean wines in particular.
-R is to attack? <Ю_Ю> Well, you know, there are some Arctic issues... (Imagine: Canada bombing Russia, wow, such waг).
-Average monthly income: 420-500 USD after paying taxes.

I'll go now.
>> No. 23423 Britfag
8th August 2015
Saturday 3:47 am
23423 spacer

What's wrong with Five Year Plans? Why don't you want to start a ground war? I really want a good war so I can be a hero and win medals, and return home with an eyepatch and a limp so I can complain loudly about nobody giving a shit about me. Also my wife will have run away with a black man and starts sending me emails every Christmas with pictures of her, her lover and their mixed-race child.

Sorry, what was I saying?
>> No. 23424 Fairy
8th August 2015
Saturday 1:21 pm
23424 spacer

No, Sergei. Stay leetle while longer. You don't even finish borscht!
>> No. 23425 Trotsky
13th August 2015
Thursday 1:02 pm
23425 spacer


Those particular 5-y-plans were part of radical planned economy. Sometimes all accomplished work was for achieving plan numbers, which didnt reflect actual needs of country. Sometimes some actions was just an simulation of activity.
And other significant part of population was occupied in defense-industrial sector and in army.

And concerning ground war...
"Ask a Soviet engineer to design a pair of shoes and he'll come up with something that looks like the boxes that the shoes came in; ask him to make something that will massacre Germans, and he turns into Thomas Fucking Edison." (с)Neal Stephenson.

P.S.: You're literally most <{indistinct speech}> people ever.
>> No. 23426 Grockle
14th August 2015
Friday 4:19 am
23426 spacer
Yomoyo. Wish there was anything to redeem mysterious Slavic soul. As for me, there is no way to even look back. The bratva you have around and family ties prove me right any time I bother to care. What a shithole I left. Don't start me on Christian-ism, province mafia, food scandals, bisnez life or media culture. Oh, and DON'T BE FOREIGN THERE.

Let's try for people.

Rusaki. You feel it even in the crowd. Everyone wears their inside on their sleeve. Not because of openness, it's no fucks given elbow think. Nothing personal, unless you catch our attention. But then we decide when to back off again. We are the creature that will tell our life story, punch you in the face, grope you or give away our last shirt on a whim. That's because one was brought up on a hilariously schizophrenic world view, and authority (brash or sneaky) put in place of decency. Of course we are hopeless optimists, romantic and arty, but that mostly in the means of a lazy telenovela. Tacky, clicheed, like a savage robbing a carnival shop.

We take style quite serious, mind. That you can see in the way we dress, big oneself up, decorate our flats and get laid. Russian woman is a mythical beast that takes control of the mans household to the extent that few blokes can cook, clean or stay sober much on their own. We don't value our women as equals but the bydlo family values make us stick it out. Fucking around is cool, just be quiet, Italian 'married for life' style. MumWhore forgives you much while you have decent pay, as for manners or grooming.. don't bother, she might think you're a 'blue one'. The casual mode of girl-boytalk involves cleavage and giggles, just because she's used to it. Men curse and challenge each other in the same casual manner. Your BANTER LADS are chickenshit.

Because a man is a MAAAAN here. If you don't alpha hard, prepare to get fucked up by passing kids, grannys and dogs here. Everyone seeks their own advantage, in traffic, deals, relationships. We revel in being savvy with that, but also are too lazy to doubt their conviction. If someone else does, fuck him up. Domestic violence is rife, every chuwak grows up with the legacy of that. I am lucky to have made it out before army or prison, that's where you level up thug points to become a bisnezmen. Why you see all the kids in our provinces climb cranes / jump over roofs / fly home-made rockets etc? Not giving a fuck is cool. Because you won't get a break anyways. Unless you steal, punch or arse kiss your way out.

Obvious trollpost, but svoi know what I mean. Check out this man also:

If you get it, have more: youtu.be/K9cDrm-7OhU
>> No. 23427 Rasputin
14th August 2015
Friday 5:30 am
23427 spacer
If you want more loathsome suspense in russian scenery you'd better watch shitty Cargo "200".

>> No. 23561 Rasputin
4th December 2015
Friday 10:42 pm
23561 spacer
also we have our own SPIDERMAN

>> No. 23562 Rasputin
4th December 2015
Friday 10:43 pm
23562 spacer
>> No. 23563 Britfag
4th December 2015
Friday 10:56 pm
23563 spacer


>> No. 23564 Trotsky
4th December 2015
Friday 11:18 pm
23564 spacer



thanks dear
>> No. 23565 Britfag
5th December 2015
Saturday 12:01 am
23565 spacer
Where's her upper lip?
>> No. 23566 Fairy
5th December 2015
Saturday 12:18 am
23566 spacer
Nowhere near my cock unfortunately.
>> No. 23567 Wastelander
5th December 2015
Saturday 12:36 am
23567 spacer
Sorry chaps, no nips on /sfw/.
>> No. 23568 Britfag
5th December 2015
Saturday 2:10 am
23568 spacer
It's okay any way. Her nipples were brown, not pink.
>> No. 23569 Rasputin
5th December 2015
Saturday 7:45 am
23569 spacer

It's not a city, it's a very small town. That's my city.
>> No. 23570 Rasputin
6th December 2015
Sunday 11:15 am
23570 spacer
>> No. 23571 Britfag
6th December 2015
Sunday 11:20 am
23571 spacer

>YES YOU BASTARD ohuel fucking TRIZDOPIDRIYTSKAYA mandavoshki a fucking BASTARD FUCK BITCH fucked pituh Putin He pursued Rams ALL ohuel ORDER KGB had already left for you BITCH EBANNAYA you to TAM ZDOH fag rear-wheel drive

>> No. 23593 Fairy
29th December 2015
Tuesday 10:04 pm
23593 spacer
At first I


..but then I [yt­]Cew9gsJqXUM[/yt­]

>> No. 23594 Britfag
29th December 2015
Tuesday 10:40 pm
23594 spacer

What are you doing?
>> No. 23595 Stalin
9th January 2016
Saturday 1:53 pm
23595 pidor zadneprivodniy
Russia is too big to say cool it or not. I live in rich region. Others - not. Putin also is not evil or godlike president. I vote for him because other clowns worse than EMPEROR.
>> No. 23596 AnonFromEU
11th January 2016
Monday 8:15 pm
23596 spacer
Предатель национальной идеи .
>> No. 23665 Gasthief
1st March 2016
Tuesday 12:43 am
23665 spacer
Whatever you say, sweetpie.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23676 Trotsky
11th May 2016
Wednesday 4:53 am
23676 noko
Ignore me.
>> No. 23677 Stalin
15th May 2016
Sunday 12:16 pm
23677 spacer
>We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin.
>We don`t want to conquer the world.
I think all countries of the world will unite through 150-100 years
>We don`t want to build communism.
I want
>We don`t drink vodka every day.
I drink
>> No. 23678 Vodkafag
15th May 2016
Sunday 1:02 pm
23678 spacer
>Russian woman is a mythical beast that takes control of the mans household to the extent that few blokes can cook, clean or stay sober much on their own.
Хуя ты омежка. My girlfriends cook and clean our flat, do that i say.
>> No. 23709 Bulba
14th June 2016
Tuesday 9:15 pm
23709 spacer
Hail Putin, comrades. Anyone who don't drink vodka and don't have his own bear is not russian.
>> No. 23750 Vodkafag
28th June 2016
Tuesday 1:34 pm
23750 spacer
How's your potato field doing?
>> No. 23752 Porridgewog
29th June 2016
Wednesday 11:58 am
23752 spacer
I haven't heard much news from Russia lately. A few months ago every story was about the economy crashing due to the oil price plunge, and that Russia was burning through its currency reserves while the population ate nothing but buckwheat.

How are things now? Has Tsar/God Emperor of Mankind Putin solved everything?
>> No. 23753 Gasthief
2nd July 2016
Saturday 11:06 am
23753 spacer
Sho cattle you quickly flooded with b?
>> No. 23754 Rasputin
2nd July 2016
Saturday 12:43 pm
23754 spacer

I'll tell you a secret. Russia wants to attack the Baltic countries in one year. We just need it to build a new Soviet empire.
>> No. 23755 TaiwanFag
2nd July 2016
Saturday 4:50 pm
23755 spacer
Russian are like africans. Just born wrong color
>> No. 23756 Trotsky
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:21 pm
23756 spacer
Why brits calls int - zoo? They're racists?
>> No. 23757 Buddha
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:47 pm
23757 spacer

No racist, just sensible.
>> No. 23758 Trotsky
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:18 pm
23758 spacer

Hey, another russian ITT. Why your board is so uncomfy? Who dafuq thoght that grey letters on grey background is a good idea?
>> No. 23759 Yankee
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:19 pm
23759 spacer
Dunno m8. Who dafuq thought civilising Russians was a good idea?
>> No. 23760 Rasputin
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:21 pm
23760 spacer

Don't be so agressive, i am here to communicate with foreigners, not to be trolled.
>> No. 23761 Yankee
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:25 pm
23761 spacer
What's the furthest you ever got with a girl?
>> No. 23762 Britfag
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:27 pm
23762 spacer
Wipe the grime from your monitor. The letters are white.
>> No. 23763 Vodkafag
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:30 pm
23763 spacer

Is it really matters ?
So you're saying these are white ?
>> No. 23764 Lenin
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:30 pm
23764 spacer
Does it*
fix, sorry, lol
>> No. 23765 Raoul
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:40 pm
23765 spacer
Greetingski, Ivan.

>> No. 23766 Cockernay
2nd July 2016
Saturday 7:42 pm
23766 spacer
White as Russians.
>> No. 23767 Aki
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:15 pm
23767 spacer


>> No. 23770 Rasputin
17th July 2016
Sunday 8:06 pm
23770 spacer
ахахаха, в голосяндру проиграл
>> No. 23771 Raoul
17th July 2016
Sunday 9:01 pm
23771 spacer

Russians, eh?
>> No. 23793 Rasputin
29th July 2016
Friday 6:31 pm
23793 spacer
>>22468 Fuking yankee don't understand the greatness of communism. They do not understand what it is. Stupid yankee thinks it's a dictatorship.
>> No. 23794 Cockernay
29th July 2016
Friday 6:36 pm
23794 spacer
The OP was posting from Russia
>> No. 23795 Trotsky
29th July 2016
Friday 6:40 pm
23795 spacer
>>23794 Ok, fuking russians don't understand the greatness of communism. They do not understand what it is. Stupid yankee thinks it's a dictatorship.
>> No. 23796 Lenin
29th July 2016
Friday 6:42 pm
23796 spacer
>>23162 Дебил, iota, блядь. Лол, учи английский.
>> No. 23797 Cockernay
29th July 2016
Friday 6:43 pm
23797 spacer
Could you explain the greatness of communism?
>> No. 23798 Rasputin
29th July 2016
Friday 6:49 pm
23798 spacer
It is the freedom, the lack of money, lack too poor and too rich. The ability to do what he likes. Fair distribution of resources and income.
>> No. 23806 Gasthief
4th August 2016
Thursday 10:05 pm
23806 spacer
>> No. 23874 Nutfag
30th August 2016
Tuesday 12:25 am
23874 spacer
I really don't know, but sincerely the capitalism is not the best system on the world. May have a mixture of both.
>> No. 23881 Bulba
5th September 2016
Monday 12:10 am
23881 spacer

>street of freedom
>> No. 23882 Bulba
5th September 2016
Monday 12:11 am
23882 spacer
>It is the freedom
freedom to work for free
>> No. 23883 Bulba
5th September 2016
Monday 12:14 am
23883 spacer

not much changed since then honestly
>> No. 23884 Raoul
7th September 2016
Wednesday 7:43 pm
23884 spacer

When i want work more in England i need pay extra tax or bb tax ,for people who take benefit that is make a sense, that why lad i work for minimal hour for not pay for this lazy people from outside europ and i fink so is many slav is need do it that i heave for slav 1 advice go to Scotland is better part of country for western europ people, many chance to do it for free study of course when you work for this very cheerful people not like fish and chips who proud for nothing because this is great monarchy
i don t know who want work when every slav leave to Scotland and only left this hardworking guys.
>> No. 23885 Britfag
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:53 am
23885 spacer

CovNgqcUAAIQv1Y (1).jpg
>> No. 23944 Cockernay
19th January 2017
Thursday 11:47 am
23944 spacer
WTF man, i drink vodka every hour.
>> No. 23946 Fairy
24th January 2017
Tuesday 12:13 am
23946 spacer
False, Russians voted for him twice, including once under international supervision.
False, there's a reason why women outnumber men in Russia, it's because men drink themselves to death there.
>> No. 23949 Rasputin
30th January 2017
Monday 7:53 am
23949 spacer
I m from Russia.Is Putin bad? Oh no!
>> No. 23950 Clog
15th February 2017
Wednesday 11:27 pm
23950 spacer


>> No. 23951 Clog
15th February 2017
Wednesday 11:27 pm
23951 spacer


>> No. 23952 Fairy
18th March 2017
Saturday 11:23 pm
23952 spacer

In Russia Top of the Popski Jimmy Savile not enough money make
>> No. 23953 Britfag
25th March 2017
Saturday 1:19 am
23953 spacer

erm why isn't krautchan working tho?
>> No. 23954 Britfag
25th March 2017
Saturday 1:20 am
23954 spacer
shit, this isn't my own thread, this isn't my own thread at all
>> No. 23955 Britfag
25th March 2017
Saturday 1:20 am
23955 spacer
shit, this isn't my own thread, this isn't my own thread at all

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