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>> No. 22373 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 5:52 pm
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How do our fellow Europeans feel about are Dave's dramatic stand against Juncker? Is he making us a national laughing stock as the other world leaders seem to be making out in our media? Do you lot want Juncker yourselves? As I understand it the latest euro elections went very hard right so I just don't understand why everyone is supporting a federalist.
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>> No. 22374 Britfag
27th June 2014
Friday 6:05 pm
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Because whilst there was a reasonable swing against federalism, the vast majority still voted for parties that are very pro Eu. One of the things Dave has said, and rightly so, is that it'd be wrong to empower a hardliners federalist in the wake of the way the political wind is blowing.

Dave hasn't embarrassed himself so much, but he has driven himself into a stupid corner since he's no longer in the EPP and so doesn't really have a leg to stand on regarding who the EPP puts in place. Leaving the EPP was a short term domestic policy move, one that hasn't paid off in the wake of european politics as a whole.
>> No. 22375 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 6:12 pm
22375 spacer

You seem to be quite well up on the subject, I only get my information from the daily politics and the beeb. One of the things that I don't understand is why there seemed to be so much support for the anti Juncker movement last week but it all evaporated when Germany changed its mind. The cynic in me thinks Cameron never actually had that much support and it was all a bit of spin.
>> No. 22376 Fairy
27th June 2014
Friday 6:18 pm
22376 spacer
Why did Britball have a hat with yellow trim at the start and one with purple trim at the end?
>> No. 22377 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 6:24 pm
22377 spacer
I'd say the end is blue.

Someone with a better knowledge of political history can probably answer better but I assume it represents the incumbent governments at the time, yellow being liberal and blue being conservative.
>> No. 22378 Britfag
27th June 2014
Friday 6:25 pm
22378 spacer
Germany has the most influence in the Eu by far, certainly far more than Cameron, especially considering he's in a minor party in the EU parliament now and we've always been distant from eu politics.

The likely answer is that we're the only country that takes the anti eu sentiment halfway seriously, hence the big switch in favour of Juncker.

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