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epic satw.png
>> No. 22321 Gasthief
17th June 2014
Tuesday 7:59 pm
22321 spacer
satw thread, post everything u got
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>> No. 22322 Raoul
17th June 2014
Tuesday 8:15 pm
22322 spacer
It's weird how at some point in the last five years Scandinavia replaced Japan as the number one obsession for lonely fat twats on the internet looking for a fantasy society where they'd finally fit in.

In any case, fuck off with this bollocks.
>> No. 22323 Gasthief
17th June 2014
Tuesday 10:29 pm
22323 spacer
> It's weird how at some point in the last five years Scandinavia replaced Japan as the number one obsession for lonely fat twats on the internet looking for a fantasy society where they'd finally fit in.
Any speculations why did this happen? What's so special about Scandinavia?
>> No. 22324 Fairy
17th June 2014
Tuesday 11:18 pm
22324 spacer
Scandinavians have a reputation for being introverted - if you are a socially awkward loner there, it's just the norm; they're not going to make fun of you for it.

That's the idea, but the reality is that it's just frowned upon to talk to strangers, and people who don't live there extrapolate this idea to think it lets them off the hook when it comes to forging friendship and relationships, which is not the case at all. If you're a wierdo who can't hold a proper conversation, you will still be an outcast and in exactly the same situation you were in before.
>> No. 22325 Gazza
17th June 2014
Tuesday 11:23 pm
22325 spacer
Really? So they're not all friendly chums? They're just autists?
>> No. 22326 Cockernay
17th June 2014
Tuesday 11:42 pm
22326 spacer

Did it? I feel like everything so far said ITT is just made up.

I have, however, just realised if someone were to give me a billion gold pennies the first thing I'd do is buy property in both Helsinki and Kyoto.

I'm not fat though.
>> No. 22327 Monkey
18th June 2014
Wednesday 12:31 am
22327 spacer
Helsinki's not Scandinavian.

And yeah, particularly on imageboards people have been wanking over Scandinavian culture (or, more accurately, the impression they get of Scandinavian culture from stupid shit like webcomics) for a while now. I think it's a mixture of >>22324 and the fact that it finally sunk in that non-Japanese people generally aren't made particularly welcome over there, and even in Japan people who dedicate their life to anime are social pariahs.

Also, in much the same way that Japanophilia attracted weirdos who thought feminism had destroyed the west, a lot of the people who constantly bum Scandinavia are racists who love it because of the whole Nordic=Aryan thing or some shit, it's really retarded.
>> No. 22328 Fairy
18th June 2014
Wednesday 1:17 am
22328 spacer
It's near the top of HDI tables and gdp per capita tables. Wikipedia's fault.
>> No. 22329 Raoul
18th June 2014
Wednesday 1:20 am
22329 spacer
You've got to be the worst kind of nerd to want to move to a country not because you've spent time there and enjoyed it or anything, but because they rate highly in some fucking indices. Christ.
>> No. 22330 Raoul
18th June 2014
Wednesday 2:01 am
22330 spacer
God forbid people place comprehensive empirical research over that two-day piss-up in Oslo they had.
>> No. 22331 Fairy
18th June 2014
Wednesday 2:03 am
22331 spacer
Yes, you do. That's the kind of people we're talking about.
>> No. 22332 Raoul
18th June 2014
Wednesday 2:05 am
22332 spacer
I don't think you know what empirical means.
>> No. 22333 AnonFromHK
18th June 2014
Wednesday 7:11 am
22333 spacer

Which is why I amazed China is not mentioned more - all the joy of 80's/90's China, with welcoming people.
>> No. 22334 Gasthief
18th June 2014
Wednesday 10:48 pm
22334 spacer
Seems I'll have to perform a little research on this - on the contrary, I have heard that Scandinavians are quite collectivistic.

>> No. 22335 Fairy
18th June 2014
Wednesday 11:11 pm
22335 spacer
The ideas are not mutually exclusive. They are collectivistic (as evidenced by their preference for social democracy), but they're not extroverted. They are reserved and restrained (until there's a major party of some kind, usually a public holiday, and they go mental).
>> No. 22336 Fairy
18th June 2014
Wednesday 11:16 pm
22336 spacer
It's nothing special, they just have a name for it (Jante), whereas in most places it's just the Done Thing anyway.
>> No. 22337 Boyo
19th June 2014
Thursday 12:46 pm
22337 spacer

These comics have always irked me but I couldn't identify why until this post. I really couldn't have worded this phenomenon any better.
>> No. 22338 Britfag
19th June 2014
Thursday 1:41 pm
22338 spacer
I'd never heard of SATW until this thread and I suspect that few have also.
>> No. 22339 Raoul
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:41 pm
22339 spacer
Have you never been on the internet before?
>> No. 22340 Cockernay
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:52 pm
22340 spacer
I have never heard of it too, but I have seen these stupid comics.
>> No. 22341 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 8:15 pm
22341 spacer
Reason why Scandinavia is so well liked is because of the whole "Svedish wimmins are hawt!!!" Stereotype
>> No. 22342 Gazza
19th June 2014
Thursday 8:18 pm
22342 spacer
Hurdy gurdy durdy hurdy.
>> No. 22343 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 8:23 pm
22343 spacer

That isn't true. There are many reasons why Scandi countries are popular with those foreign to them. See e.g. income equality.
>> No. 22344 Raoul
19th June 2014
Thursday 9:45 pm
22344 spacer
Yeah but economic equality has little relation to national culture as expressed in webcomics and memes.
>> No. 22345 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 9:48 pm
22345 spacer

That depends on the country.

I am reliably informed by Finns that cartoons like this are very informative of what conscription is like, for example.

You don't really need to understand the text to understand this one.
>> No. 22346 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:02 pm
22346 spacer
Why is economic equality desirable?
>> No. 22347 Monkey
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:05 pm
22347 spacer
Why is all the money being concentrated in few hands a good thing?
Nope, your hands are not among them.
>> No. 22348 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:17 pm
22348 spacer
It's an indication of a healthy society which isn't internally split like the UK. An index of success.
>> No. 22349 Porridgewog
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:24 pm
22349 spacer

If you would have more money under a new system, you are going to prefer that new system to the old one, all other things being equal. It just so happens that under the current system there are more poor people than rich people, and the level of disparity between the top and bottom aggravates a lot of people.

I don't think anyone is making any grandiose economic arguments for the redistribution of wealth, but most people don't care about economic theories, they care about their bank balance.
>> No. 22350 Gasthief
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:28 pm
22350 spacer
> what conscription is like
You don't want to know. Really.
>> No. 22351 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 10:32 pm
22351 spacer
Well obviously it depends on the country, Finnish conscription is different from Russian or Israeli, for example. The Finns have really interesting things to say about it, it's reminisced on somewhat fondly by some as a series of work-avoiding high jinks, with lengthy, boring intervals.
>> No. 22352 Fairy
19th June 2014
Thursday 11:07 pm
22352 spacer


I always picture Finnish conscription to be the same as a public service course you find in any college
>> No. 22353 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:14 am
22353 spacer
it's an extended school trip.
>> No. 22354 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:14 am
22354 spacer
I don't see why it's a bad thing, mainly because there's no such thing as 'all money'.
>> No. 22355 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:15 am
22355 spacer
I don't see how.
>> No. 22356 Raoul
20th June 2014
Friday 12:18 am
22356 spacer
Develop your thoughts please.
>> No. 22357 Raoul
20th June 2014
Friday 12:20 am
22357 spacer
Do you think the correlation of income equality with greater happiness and decreased crime rates etc. is a massive coincidence or what?
>> No. 22358 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:27 am
22358 spacer
Not necessarily. You could elaborate as to why that is the case, and back up your claims though.

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