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>> No. 22270 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 1:00 am
22270 Refugees
SUP brits

Thought of sharing our refugee adventures story for those who are interested, adequate questions welcome as well.
What it's about? Well, claiming asylum, Swiss prisons, hitchhiking, hooliganism in Switzerland, shoplifting, bunkers for asylum-seekers, and other feels and happenings.
Dinnae ken which board to post, if its gets deleted, so be it.
Expand all images.
>> No. 22272 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 4:29 pm
22272 spacer
This is long but quite interesting reading. Thanks for sharing, lad.
>> No. 22273 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 4:35 pm
22273 spacer
What do the occasional " *** " s mean? e.g.

>fter the search of our belongings they found my second passport which I have declared lost back home in order to get a new one. Although it had a difference and it was a missing page where the stamp of the *** ban appeared in the end of my three month visit in year 2000.
>> No. 22274 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 4:40 pm
22274 spacer
>They also tried to threaten us, saying that if we wouldn’t behave on the plane, the Russian Omon police will meet us at the airport in Moscow and show where the lobsters hibernate.

I suspect the meaning of this metaphor is lost in translation.
>> No. 22277 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:05 pm
22277 spacer
Not really.
>> No. 22278 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:25 pm
22278 spacer
I thought it might mean more in the sense of 'get the shit kicked out of you' than 'sleeping with the fishes'.
>> No. 22279 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:53 pm
22279 spacer
Why? It seems quite clear to me.
>> No. 22280 Raoul
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:54 pm
22280 spacer
It means I prefer not to disclose, or use this later. For example the best hiding place for docs.
>> No. 22281 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:54 pm
22281 spacer
I thought it might mean like 'show him where the sun doesn't shine'.
>> No. 22282 Raoul
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:55 pm
22282 spacer
Tnx. In the beginning it's written in a weird way though, after gets easier.
>> No. 22283 Raoul
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:57 pm
22283 spacer
Doesnae matter really.. Sometimes it's hard to pick a phrase that fits perfectly
>> No. 22284 Monkey
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:59 pm
22284 spacer
That's more or less close.
>> No. 22285 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 6:20 pm
22285 spacer
Well I just finished reading the whole thing. It was pretty interesting, OP, so credit for that, but I can't help thinking you and your brother are cunts for just using up asylum infrastructure for no reason other than your entertainment (assuming your intro is honest), or that you ended up in prison and didn't even phone home at some point, all in the aim of an extended adventure at the expense of practically everyone else in the countr[ies].
>> No. 22286 Raoul
11th June 2014
Wednesday 6:28 pm
22286 spacer

Here is the bunker where I used to live from December until March, Lausanne, mentioned in the story.
>> No. 22287 Raoul
11th June 2014
Wednesday 6:32 pm
22287 spacer
You have the right to say what you think. Thanks for sharing the opinion.
Being law-abiding is boring when you are young I guess.
>> No. 22288 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 6:56 pm
22288 spacer

Refugees descending into the bunker. Thats the one in Nyon, our first one.
>> No. 22289 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 7:01 pm
22289 spacer

The underground bunker dormitories. The one in Nyon was more spacious and clean than in Lausanne. Some hostels are worse.
They have those bunkers in every town, build in case of nuclear attack by the Mordor.
>> No. 22290 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 9:59 pm
22290 spacer
More pictures please.
>> No. 22291 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 10:54 pm
22291 spacer

Pic- this looks very much like the temporary bay cell in Champ-Dollon, main prison in Geneva. It's actually one of the most overcrowded in Switzerland. Just recently there was a extension being build..
Champ-Dollon is mentioned in the story as well.
>> No. 22292 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 11:02 pm
22292 spacer

And this is Kloten, in Zurich. Decent single cells, not enough food. Can buy Nutella though and other edible things in the prison canteen. In some other prisons, inmates manage to steal even from the shop. In Kloten, they distribute stuff themselves according to your order-list, just like amazon for you.
Stayed in sept-december. More details in the story
>> No. 22293 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 11:18 pm
22293 spacer

And her are Swiss ID's. We came only to "F" one, provisionally admitted.
>> No. 22294 Redneck
12th June 2014
Thursday 1:12 am
22294 spacer
These prisons sound cushy as fuck.
>> No. 22295 Cockernay
12th June 2014
Thursday 2:51 am
22295 spacer
Fair enough, this is Switzerland. ChampDollon wasn't that sophisticated though. With my sentence it was more like a visit than a proper term as we know it.
>> No. 22296 Wastelander
12th June 2014
Thursday 2:37 pm
22296 spacer
Interesting stuff OP, but I have to say that an awful lot of it is quite difficult to read due to poor grammar and wording. It might be a good idea to tidy it up a bit, especially if you fancy taking this gonzo lark further (and I'm sure you could). Drafting is shit, but it does pay off.
>> No. 22297 Aki
12th June 2014
Thursday 3:27 pm
22297 spacer
Yeah, this is what put me off too. I'm all for the prison memoirs and Dispatches lark as well but you need an editor or at least someone to proofread, mate. There is a story here that's worth tidying up, imo.
>> No. 22298 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 4:11 pm
22298 spacer
Tnx for suggestion, brit-anon. Written by a foreigner.
But too busy now indeed. I might agree on editing that specific style in the beginning.

What is done is done.
>> No. 22299 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 4:17 pm
22299 spacer
Anyways, brit-anons, I'll be checking the board for any relevant and adequate questions if there will be any in the future. First I thought of 4chan-ing the story but couldn't find any relevant boards.
>> No. 22300 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 6:21 pm
22300 spacer

Also from the story-Hotel Colosseum, stayed overnight, free of charge, peaceful. Very high fence but manageable. Normally it costs 10 euros during the day. In the morning carabinieri came to throw us out and that's it.
I wish we had a camera.
>> No. 22301 Cockernay
12th June 2014
Thursday 9:04 pm
22301 spacer

>and didn't even phone home at some point
Wrong, just wasn't mentioned probably. We were sending cards+photoes from Nyon. I think I even managed to call while inside, they sell cards there too.
>> No. 22506 Wastelander
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 11:37 pm
22506 spacer
Moved it to wordpress, fuck google accounts.


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