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>> No. 22237 Cockernay
30th May 2014
Friday 7:24 pm
22237 Foucault's Pendulum
I wasn't really sure where to place this: /zoo/, /art/, /map/ or /uni/ but I plumped for here in the end because maybe some FroggyLads might see this and take pity on me.

I'm going to Paris this June, partly because I wanted to visit the original Foucault's Pendulum in the musee de arts et metiers. However, it apparently completely passed me by that the original was destroyed in an accident in 2010: http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/411529.article

The last time I was in Paris (Easter last year) I saw a replica pendulum in the Pantheon, however I distinctly remember that it was being removed a few days after I was there for repairs and maintenance.

So, my question is threefold, and as Google isn't being very helpful perhaps some very nice and learned chap on here might be able to help out:

1) Has there been any kind of replica Pendulum installed in the musee since the accident?

2) Has the Pantheon's replica pendulum been reinstalled or will it be reinstalled before the end of June?

3) Or failing both of those, are there any other replica pendulums in Paris or the Paris Region that I could visit?

Thank you to anyone who might be able to help!
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>> No. 22238 Fairy
30th May 2014
Friday 7:33 pm
22238 spacer
Sounds like you're really interested in the Parisian swinging scene.

je prends mon manteau.
>> No. 22241 Fairy
30th May 2014
Friday 8:34 pm
22241 spacer
I think it's a replica but there's definitely something there that still works.
>> No. 22242 Cockernay
30th May 2014
Friday 8:58 pm
22242 spacer

That is fantastic, thank you!
>> No. 22243 Raoul
30th May 2014
Friday 9:27 pm
22243 spacer
Of course, the worst part of the incident is evidently how little they've learned about it. You could say they've learnt Foucault.

J'suis déjà portant mon paletot.

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