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>> No. 22151 Bernd
20th May 2014
Tuesday 6:52 pm
22151 International thread for international minded people
What is your favourite corporation from your country?

Mine is Volkswagen.
Not only because it has many, many car brands, but also because of its strong commercial vehicles department.
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>> No. 22152 Cockernay
20th May 2014
Tuesday 7:09 pm
22152 spacer
Why would you have a favourite corporation? How long did you spend thinking about this?
>> No. 22153 Gazza
20th May 2014
Tuesday 7:24 pm
22153 spacer

Kraut logic m9.
>> No. 22154 Kraut
20th May 2014
Tuesday 7:27 pm
22154 spacer
I don't know, man.
I just like cars and huge organizations and stuff.
>> No. 22156 Fairy
21st May 2014
Wednesday 8:47 am
22156 spacer
He's right though, VW cars are fucking class.
>> No. 22157 Fairy
21st May 2014
Wednesday 12:45 pm
22157 spacer
Such a shitty graphic.
>> No. 22158 Angela
21st May 2014
Wednesday 4:37 pm
22158 spacer
Please direct your complaints directly to Wikipedia, m8.
>> No. 22159 Raoul
21st May 2014
Wednesday 4:41 pm
22159 spacer
Yeah it must be a German thing, I honestly can't think of any company in Britain that I would honour as my 'favourite'. You can't have a favourite profit-hungry soulless machine.
>> No. 22160 Bernd
21st May 2014
Wednesday 4:46 pm
22160 spacer
Or maybe it's because you don't have any good companies in your country, m8 :3
>> No. 22161 Dubya
21st May 2014
Wednesday 4:56 pm
22161 spacer

It's because you have to be a blockhead automaton to think corporations are a good thing outside of very specific circumstances.
>> No. 22162 Wastelander
21st May 2014
Wednesday 5:40 pm
22162 spacer
Really? So I'm a 'blockhead automaton' for appreciating widespread availability of things of cars, electronic devices, jobs, tax revenue...

Corporations may be soulless and full of doublethink twats but you can't just take for granted the benefits they bring.
>> No. 22163 Cockernay
21st May 2014
Wednesday 5:53 pm
22163 spacer
>> No. 22165 Cockernay
21st May 2014
Wednesday 5:56 pm
22165 spacer

>> No. 22166 Cockernay
21st May 2014
Wednesday 5:59 pm
22166 spacer
I don't have one from the UK but I'd eat Ben & Jerry's forever and ever. Even if they start fighting mineral-driven proxy wars in Africa, and sponsoring neo-Nazi politicians, I will gladly eat their ice cream.

Shit's tasty yo'.
>> No. 22167 Porridgewog
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:15 pm
22167 spacer

Yeah m8.

That Monsanto are a right bunch of old philanthropists.
>> No. 22168 Britfag
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:20 pm
22168 spacer
>widespread availability of... tax revenue
U wot m8?
>> No. 22169 Wastelander
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:29 pm
22169 spacer
as in they provide tax revenue that would otherwise not be there, keep up lad.
>> No. 22170 Cockernay
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:31 pm
22170 spacer
City of London Corporation.

Get on my level.
>> No. 22171 Porridgewog
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:37 pm
22171 spacer
A toss up between Lush, Innocent Smoothie and the Raspberry Pi foundation (if that counts).
>> No. 22172 Raoul
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:37 pm
22172 spacer
>they provide tax revenue
Yeah, it's not as if they artificially engineer their businesses to avoid paying out anything, is it?
>> No. 22173 Porridgewog
21st May 2014
Wednesday 6:38 pm
22173 spacer

No they don't, they funnel tax revenue they owe to countries overseas so they don't have to pay.

Corporations pay shit all tax in relation to their income.

They also control policy making, with residents of some poor countries being expected to pay for water that was free before the corporation came in and monetised its delivery.
>> No. 22174 Raoul
21st May 2014
Wednesday 7:56 pm
22174 spacer
We take a little over £10b in corporation tax every year. To put that into context, Pfizer were prepared to drop £70b to buy AstraZeneca.
>> No. 22175 Monkey
21st May 2014
Wednesday 8:20 pm
22175 spacer
From this thread I learned that all businesses bigger than a single market stall are evil soulless corporations seeking to exploit people and which have never brought any progress into the world at all.

Bring back agrarian socialism, comrades!
>> No. 22176 Wastelander
21st May 2014
Wednesday 8:43 pm
22176 spacer
They might not pay enough but 'not enough tax' is still better than the alternative of 'no tax' if they didn't exist.
>> No. 22177 Porridgewog
21st May 2014
Wednesday 8:43 pm
22177 spacer

Wetherspoons are a great example of a big company that pays tax. If there were only 7 more companies in the UK that followed their example then we would have a surplus in revenue to play with.

However, that isn't the case. They are mostly greedy fucking cunts that don't want to pay it forward. They got given loans and subsidy to help them get where they are, they need to pay it forward to allow others to be given those opportunities. They don't, so no I cannot agree they do more good than harm Mr Strawman.
>> No. 22178 Raoul
21st May 2014
Wednesday 9:06 pm
22178 spacer
I'd rather they not be in business than take us all for a ride.
>> No. 22179 Raoul
21st May 2014
Wednesday 11:10 pm
22179 spacer
Your argument is economically illiterate. If the companies vanish they don't take the money with them. If they didn't exist you wouldn't have to tax them because you'd either already have the money or you'd get it from taxing someone or something else. It would be a completely different system, and probably far fairer because it wouldn't be a neoliberal capitalist one.
>> No. 22180 Pornstar
21st May 2014
Wednesday 11:16 pm
22180 spacer
I want to become an arms dealer. Any tips lads?
>> No. 22181 Raoul
22nd May 2014
Thursday 12:44 am
22181 spacer

For a man throwing around accusations of economic illiteracy, you seem to have remarkably little grasp of what money is and how wealth is generated.
>> No. 22182 Cockernay
22nd May 2014
Thursday 12:50 am
22182 spacer
You're both illiterate because "economic illiteracy" just means "the ability to read and write economics", not "ignorant of economics" which is what you mean.
>> No. 22183 Raoul
22nd May 2014
Thursday 12:51 am
22183 spacer
nah m8 I do.
>> No. 22184 Fairy
22nd May 2014
Thursday 1:26 am
22184 spacer

McLaren. Just look at that factory.
>> No. 22185 AnonFromHK
22nd May 2014
Thursday 7:52 am
22185 spacer

It is a very easy job.
>> No. 22186 Raoul
22nd May 2014
Thursday 11:19 am
22186 spacer
As far as I'm concerned, John Lewis can do no wrong.
>> No. 22187 Fairy
22nd May 2014
Thursday 1:53 pm
22187 spacer
They can

t. former partner

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 22188 Kraut
22nd May 2014
Thursday 6:07 pm
22188 spacer

That looks more like a women's beauty salon than a factory, m8.
>> No. 22233 Wastelander
29th May 2014
Thursday 10:25 am
22233 spacer
Why would you make anywhere so bright? I'd get a fucking headache working there.

Must be a right arse keeping it clean, too.
>> No. 22235 Raoul
29th May 2014
Thursday 10:42 am
22235 spacer
>Why would you make anywhere so bright?
It is surprising: seeing as they're being handily beaten by fucking Force India this season, I'd assumed they did all their engineering in the dark.
>> No. 22236 AnonFromHK
29th May 2014
Thursday 12:55 pm
22236 spacer
Credit Suisse, because they willingly admitted they were guilty in a court of law, something banks don't do.
>> No. 22244 Gasthief
30th May 2014
Friday 10:53 pm
22244 spacer
Then why would CS do that, what's the incentive?
>> No. 22245 AnonFromHK
31st May 2014
Saturday 3:57 am
22245 spacer

I'd like to say a shift in company ethics with the hopes the rest of the banks might follow, given the changing regulatory landscape and the impending implementation of the Volcker rule as an extension of Dodd Frank (R.I.P. Proprietary trading). But if I know CS then it's somehow cheaper to admit they diddled hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars from the US government via their own ultra high net worth citizens who placed their trust in tax loopholes offered by CS's off shoring tactics.

They are part of the small group of big boys who are getting of relatively Scott free in comparison to a lot of the other banks who don't have the clout to impose on governments, so maybe this was the condition they had to meet in order to escape having unfavourable light shone on their dark pools. Who knows, eh? But if the customer could see how aggressively they were traded against by the bankers they pay to manage their assets, they may lose faith rather quickly.

Tl;dr CS is probably taking the cheap route, their reputation is worth more than they're paying out.
>> No. 22246 Fairy
31st May 2014
Saturday 8:54 am
22246 spacer
Their share price did rise on the back of the announcement of their $2.6bn settlement. I suppose that suggests the market had priced in an even stiffer penalty.

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