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>> No. 22056 Kraut
16th May 2014
Friday 9:12 pm
22056 spacer
What are your thoughts on that picture?
Does it make you feel angry?
Expand all images.
>> No. 22057 Fairy
16th May 2014
Friday 9:15 pm
22057 spacer
guten tag 3eund.
>> No. 22058 Wastelander
16th May 2014
Friday 9:26 pm
22058 spacer
Very sad indeed. How did we fail so badly in South America? Also that pole-to-pole land in Africa and we still couldn't build a fucking Cape to Cairo railway.

But don't worry, ARE NIGE will win all that land back for us, right Nige?
>> No. 22059 Cockernay
16th May 2014
Friday 9:28 pm
22059 spacer
Well the premise is that British people constantly remind Germans about how "they" invaded Poland, which, to my knowledge, is bogus. So it's a p silly image tbh.
>> No. 22060 Fairy
16th May 2014
Friday 9:36 pm
22060 spacer
Is this a phrase that had any prominence before it was popularised on Fawlty Towers? Not to my knowledge it isn't. It's not supposed to represent a serious moral criticism of your country's record. Germany has a chequered past, as does Britain. It's something that we can both laugh about in the right context many decades later. No?

There is probably some truth to the idea that Germans still feel shame and receive criticism for the goings on of WWII, more so than the British feel over the atrocities of Empire. The explanation for that is, I suspect, that the former was more recent, and is hammered home harder in school systems all over the world.
>> No. 22061 Aki
16th May 2014
Friday 9:43 pm
22061 spacer
>It's something that we can both laugh about
I certainly hope neither of us laugh about it! Most of Europe owes a debt to the world.
>> No. 22062 Fairy
16th May 2014
Friday 9:45 pm
22062 spacer
In case you weren't familiar. If Stewart Lee is to be believed and this clip from Only Fools & Horses is consistently voted as superior the British public really do need a brain transplant.

>> No. 22063 Cockernay
16th May 2014
Friday 9:47 pm
22063 spacer

Constantly repeating yourself might get you by on BBC2, Stew, but it's OC or the highway on .gs.
>> No. 22064 Fairy
16th May 2014
Friday 9:48 pm
22064 spacer
What percentage of your income last year did you pay in reparations?
>> No. 22066 Monkey
16th May 2014
Friday 9:56 pm
22066 spacer
Well according to that thread in /pol/, around £25 of the average person's tax bill goes to international aid. But the problem is far greater than simply throwing money at it. We continue pursuing imperialist foreign policy to this day.
>> No. 22067 Britfag
16th May 2014
Friday 10:38 pm
22067 spacer
South America was actually extremely important to the British Empire, despite not being part of it. It's often included in the 'informal empire', whereby it's economically and financially so important and so influenced it's effectively a colony. China is also emblematic if this informal empire phenomenon, notably this made itself apparent as the Opium Wars, whereby Britain forcibly enacted British policy on what was supposedly a sovereign nation. The British empire wasn't confined to its own borders, of all foreign British foreign investment in the mid 1800s only a sixth of it lay in the actual Empire, the rest in areas like South America that were vital to getting rich. It was actually mooted to invade south America, but the plan was abandoned as occupation would require far greater manpower than was available to Britain. In the end it was decided to attempt to invade major ports and sources of political power in South America, hence the attempted (and failed) two invasions of Buenos Aeries and the Rio de la Plata. That failure ended our military excursions in South America.

If you look at the War of the Triple Alliance, where Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil completely decimated Paraguay, Britain benefitted hugely from this. It's often postulated in South America that we were an almost direct cause anf financier for this war, but the evidence to suggest so it lacking. What's notable is to how much we benefitted from a war so far away, in a landlocked country, with four countries none of which were British colonies.

Anyway, as for OP, no it doesn't make me angry and I don't know why it might. You did invade Poland, after all.
>> No. 22068 Cockernay
16th May 2014
Friday 11:15 pm
22068 spacer
How did Britain benefit from the War of the Triple Alliance?
>> No. 22069 Porridgewog
17th May 2014
Saturday 12:06 am
22069 spacer
>you invaded Poland
Doesn't that just completely ignore the whole alsace-lorraine/danzig/the sudentenland thing (+others that I forget)? It's not like it was just Poland.

Plus, you have to account for the national ideas of divine right to rule pre 19th century. When those colonies were colonised the divine right to rule thing was in full effect. In the 20th century we had other ideas.
>> No. 22079 Kraut
17th May 2014
Saturday 12:02 pm
22079 spacer

>Doesn't that just completely ignore the whole alsace-lorraine/danzig/the sudentenland thing

I suppose your point is that these territories all are technically German.
>> No. 22081 Fairy
17th May 2014
Saturday 2:31 pm
22081 spacer
A quick look at a map will show you that none of them are German :)
>> No. 22082 Fairy
17th May 2014
Saturday 2:38 pm
22082 spacer
British manufactories armed Brazil, building warships and ironclads. It also opened up Paraguay to external capital and trade rather than their previous internal, self sufficient economy, though that is a considerably lesser effect. Many British merchants made a lot of money from Brazil and Argentina.
>> No. 22083 Britfag
17th May 2014
Saturday 4:47 pm
22083 spacer

battle of Avaí.jpg
I was about to say just that, I'm amazed I've come across someone who knows about that remarkable war.
>> No. 22084 Kraut
17th May 2014
Saturday 6:09 pm
22084 spacer
Currently, no.
But they are at least as German as Northern Ireland belongs to the UK.
>> No. 22085 Fairy
17th May 2014
Saturday 6:17 pm
22085 spacer
Northern Ireland is part of the UK and will remain so. Alsace-Lorraine, the Sudetenland, etc. are not part of Germany and will also remain so.

I don't know what deluded dreams you harbour but you can be sure none will come to fruition, Adolf.
>> No. 22086 Raoul
17th May 2014
Saturday 7:33 pm
22086 spacer
Not even remotely. NI is actually part of the UK, isn't claimed by any other country, and a majority of the population wish to remain a part of the UK. As of a few years ago, even a majority of Catholics now express a desire to remain part of the UK. I say this as a Sinn Féin voting fenian from Derry.
>> No. 22087 Fairy
17th May 2014
Saturday 7:36 pm
22087 spacer
You mean Northern Ireland is part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Hold the front page.
>> No. 22094 Britfag
17th May 2014
Saturday 11:32 pm
22094 spacer
Not him but posters like you are a plague on this board.
>> No. 22095 Fairy
17th May 2014
Saturday 11:35 pm
22095 spacer
How's that?
>> No. 22096 Yankee
18th May 2014
Sunday 12:25 am
22096 spacer

Not out. Ball pitched wide off stump.
>> No. 22115 Kraut
19th May 2014
Monday 8:49 pm
22115 spacer

Guess to what country the Austrians, the Danzigers and the people from the Sudentenland wanted to belong.
>> No. 22116 Gazza
19th May 2014
Monday 8:50 pm
22116 spacer
Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia respectively?
>> No. 22117 Kraut
19th May 2014
Monday 8:52 pm
22117 spacer
I think you should get your facts straight, m8.
>> No. 22119 Gazza
19th May 2014
Monday 8:54 pm
22119 spacer
You invaded Poland, m8.
>> No. 22120 Kraut
19th May 2014
Monday 8:55 pm
22120 spacer

And you the rest of the world, m8.
>> No. 22121 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 8:55 pm
22121 spacer
It's their fault now?
>> No. 22124 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 8:57 pm
22124 spacer

The difference: we won the war.
>> No. 22125 Bernd
19th May 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
22125 spacer

By "we" do you mean the Americans and the Soviets, m8?
>> No. 22126 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 8:59 pm
22126 spacer
No, I don't.
>> No. 22127 Bernd
19th May 2014
Monday 9:00 pm
22127 spacer

Ah, the suble British humour, I am assuming!
>> No. 22128 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 9:01 pm
22128 spacer
I'd stop assuming m8, you're not very good at it.
>> No. 22129 Kraut
19th May 2014
Monday 9:04 pm
22129 spacer

No wonder you lost all of your colonies with that kind of attitude, m8.
>> No. 22130 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 9:07 pm
22130 spacer
I don't even understand what you're saying.
>> No. 22131 Kraut
19th May 2014
Monday 9:08 pm
22131 spacer

harmonie-orientierte katze.jpg
What I am saying is: Never give up, m8.
>> No. 22132 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 9:22 pm
22132 spacer
>> No. 22133 Cockernay
19th May 2014
Monday 9:34 pm
22133 spacer


>Germans talking about lost colonies

n1 one, 'tater.
>> No. 22137 Fairy
19th May 2014
Monday 10:50 pm
22137 spacer

German thats borringgg.jpg

Germany has never won a war
Israel has never lost a war
>> No. 22138 Britfag
20th May 2014
Tuesday 1:34 am
22138 spacer
This thread proves that my online compatriots are fucking idiots who won't admit to anything.
>> No. 22139 Fairy
20th May 2014
Tuesday 1:46 am
22139 spacer
>> No. 22140 Cockernay
20th May 2014
Tuesday 2:07 am
22140 spacer

You got me, I was the what killed all those Sepoys.

I really should just time travel to the racist periods of history from now on.
>> No. 22142 Cockernay
20th May 2014
Tuesday 7:59 am
22142 spacer
When did this place turn into /int/?

Sage for shit thread.
>> No. 22145 Britfag
20th May 2014
Tuesday 9:45 am
22145 spacer
/zoo/ has never really recovered from when the block on Johnny Foreigners was in place.

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