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>> No. 22008 Kraut
4th May 2014
Sunday 6:51 pm
22008 spacer
What is your opion on the Krautreich also known as the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and assorted countries?
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>> No. 22009 Gazza
4th May 2014
Sunday 6:53 pm
22009 spacer
The main problem is of course that it's full of Krauts.
>> No. 22010 Kraut
4th May 2014
Sunday 6:54 pm
22010 spacer

question squirrel.jpg
What would the other problems be then?
>> No. 22011 Porridgewog
4th May 2014
Sunday 7:43 pm
22011 spacer

Playing up to the stereotype of not understanding humour.
>> No. 22012 Fairy
4th May 2014
Sunday 7:46 pm
22012 spacer
I spend a lot of time on krautchan so my opinion is probably a bit tainted.

Anyway the general opinion in these here Isles is amiable to positive, we've no (recent) reason to dislike you, and have imported various bits of germania culture and food, for example Christmas markets, and it's not unusual to see stalls advertising schnitzel and wurst these days.

My personal opinion is somewhat similar, though I dislike some aspects of the German mentality, if krautchan is anything to go by (which it obviously isn't but it opens your eyes to some marginally held opinions) is that you're too willing to blame your faults on others, I see it isn't entirely unusual to be sympathetic with Putin over there, and often amounts itself to saying you're under 'american occupation' when the reality is they're cutting their bases there, and they're there entirely at the whim of the German government. The us even goes so far as to lobby Germany to increase its military power and make itself a proper country again rather than the pacifist, insular country it has become.

I don't much like Germany's attitude to Europe. It keeps the south on life support whilst refusing to pick up the slack where it needs to, notably with regard to it's damagingly large trade surplus and refusal to help combat the effects of deflation.

Anyway, back to the more positives. I'd agree with the US when I think Germany should be more outspoken internationally than it is, you're our largest trading partner (and vice versa) and at least from our perspective having good relations with Germany is fundamental to our future whether in our out of the EU. It surprises me how little our cultures interact, despite having similar roots, but there you go.
>> No. 22013 Fairy
4th May 2014
Sunday 7:48 pm
22013 spacer
Oh, and nobody knows anything about Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland is full of banks and gold, Austria is very pretty and full of child molesters. That's pretty much it.
>> No. 22014 Porridgewog
4th May 2014
Sunday 8:00 pm
22014 spacer


And formerly homeless, now redeemed, single fathers.

Update us on your situation, lad.
>> No. 22015 Hitler
4th May 2014
Sunday 11:28 pm
22015 spacer
Unfortunately we are seperated
>> No. 22016 Cockernay
4th May 2014
Sunday 11:36 pm
22016 spacer


Make my day...
>> No. 22017 Fairy
5th May 2014
Monday 12:18 am
22017 spacer
Well I admire Germanosphere's 'Christian Democratic' political model (and the general consensus model in politics) which seems to combine the best aspects of state welfare provision and a market economy, with none of the bad things.

UK politics is just too adversarial, the left are too infected with cultural marxism, fostering a sense of victimhood and identity politics for me, while the right (aka Tories) just seem to be an interest group for the landed aristocracy, city of London and megacorps.
>> No. 22018 Pornstar
5th May 2014
Monday 1:18 am
22018 spacer
Your tourists don't tip.
>> No. 22019 Raoul
5th May 2014
Monday 3:11 am
22019 spacer

Have you considered that there is more than a general "left" or "right" in politics, silly twat?
>> No. 22020 AnonFromHK
5th May 2014
Monday 5:50 am
22020 spacer

He covered that with:

>child molesters
>> No. 22021 Hitler
5th May 2014
Monday 7:12 am
22021 spacer

Niemals sollst Du Freunde finden, Deine Freude möge vergehen und Übel möge Dich ereilen.

You made me use google you Arsch.

>>22014 Will update the thread in about a week, a lot's been going on here.
>> No. 22023 Kraut
5th May 2014
Monday 2:22 pm
22023 spacer
That's incorrect.
Tipping is expected in Germany, then why would they not tip abroad all of a sudden.
>> No. 22024 Bernd
5th May 2014
Monday 3:41 pm
22024 spacer
You really spent too much time on KC /int/, m8.
These people really aren't your standard Germans.
Even the ones posting under a German flag are mostly foreigners.
>> No. 22025 Cockernay
5th May 2014
Monday 6:18 pm
22025 spacer
>Have you considered that there is more than a general "left" or "right" in politics, silly twat?

yes- but the whole left/right division is still too pronounced. And it's utterly pointless. Left/right dates from after the French Revolution to a unique set of circumstances related to that time. And even just discounting the whole left/right, the fact that the main political division Labour/Tory, is too tribalistic (quite literally with our ingrained class system), as stated I would prefer German style consensus politics.
>> No. 22026 Britfag
5th May 2014
Monday 6:55 pm
22026 spacer

I'm sorry for calling you a twat, I was feeling grouchy.

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