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>> No. 21588 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:25 am
21588 spacer
'Sup lads. Been in the Middle Kingdom for about a week now. If anyone is interested I can fill you in on the joy of life in Le Chinois, as I believe the natives call it, and provide pics and answer questions. Let me know.
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>> No. 21589 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:40 am
21589 spacer

Do you have pictures of naked ladies?
>> No. 21590 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:47 am
21590 spacer

I have Motherless. I am not sure what to make of that. Of all the porn sites to leave unblocked it seems a strange one to choose.
>> No. 21591 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:52 am
21591 spacer

They're trying to tell you something, perhaps. A secret nod of the head.
>> No. 21592 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:52 am
21592 spacer
What's the censorship like there then? What about the political propaganda?
>> No. 21593 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 2:53 am
21593 spacer

You are going to have to expand on those questions, I am afraid.
>> No. 21594 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:04 am
21594 spacer
On an aside I have just realised I am eating breakfast with chopsticks, and it does not feel strange. A week ago I could not use them for love nor money...
>> No. 21595 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:38 am
21595 spacer

Must be tricky to catch the rice crispies and scoop up the milk.
>> No. 21596 Fairy
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:42 am
21596 spacer
Get any use out of that map yet?

How are you enjoying the Chinese Tobacco Monopoly fags?

Tried sending a letter yet?

Bought any snide DVDs? Seen any VCDs for sale?

Have you been stared at by children or called a lao-wai?
>> No. 21597 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:43 am
21597 spacer

The Great Internet Wall, media, TV availability, etc.

Also what's the brainwashing and spoonfeeding of loving Mother China like?

Work with me here, Chinklad. I am curious.
>> No. 21599 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:47 am
21599 spacer
Oooooh. Make sure to buy up all the knock-off tat you can find. Knock-off toys, consoles, iphones, etc. It is both hilarious and sometimes oddly collectible.
>> No. 21600 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 4:08 am
21600 spacer

Cheerios m7. ;)


I haven't yet had use for a map that covers the entire of China, but will eventually. One that covers the city I live in would be fucking useful though...

I'm having to smoke Chinese straights at the mo due to running out of rolling baccy. Will be off to Guangzhou in the near future to stock up. No letters sent as yet.

What is a "snide DVD", or indeed a "VCD"?

you get stared at by children, but mainly just before they run up to you to try and say "hello". A *lot* of gorgeous young girls also like to come up and introduce themselves as well. And no, they are not Ladies of the Night. Almost got dragged to a hotel room my a seriously fuckable MILF the other night. The chicks here love the Western cock.

I was about to say that I have yet to be referred to as a foreign devil, then I remembered I have been. The Chinese lads are TOP BANTZ m7. Called me a foreign devil while providing lashings of beer. TRUE LADS, CHINALADS.


Great Internet Wall is not very great. Or indeed wall-like. I believe you will have more difficulty accessing websites in the UK at the moment than China. Most video porn blocked (I checked, purely for research purposes, you understand - as I don't need porn in China, see above Re: Chinese chicks). Motherless isn't. Youtube, Fakkybuk and Shitter also blocked, along with the NYT. No skin off my nose...

VPNs aplenty should I really need to see one of these sites, but to be honest I can't really see why I would. Accessing Gmail's webclient can be a bit of a chore, but Thunderbird accesses it fine.

Brainwashing and spoonfeeding? Not seen any mate. People here are happy, friendly and cheerful. Lovely people they are, but I was warned in advance to to talk politics - mainly because people don't understand why they should have any opinions on the matter, rather than being scared of doing so.
>> No. 21601 Terrorist
28th December 2013
Saturday 5:08 am
21601 spacer

>the entire of China

That would make a great slogan for the Chinese tourist board..

>Have you explored the entire of China? No?..
>Good! Keep it that way!
>> No. 21602 Bernd
28th December 2013
Saturday 3:05 pm
21602 spacer
What's it look like from your window?
>> No. 21603 Chink
28th December 2013
Saturday 4:00 pm
21603 spacer

Happy to take pics tomorrow.
>> No. 21604 Fairy
28th December 2013
Saturday 4:30 pm
21604 spacer

Aha, I had people staring in wonder as I rolled my own fags. Pirating DVDs is big in China. VCDs are mpegs embedded onto CD instead of DVD. They never really took off over here, but you could find them when I was last in China.

Are there lots of 7-11s nearby?
>> No. 21605 Cockernay
28th December 2013
Saturday 6:39 pm
21605 spacer

> VCDs are mpegs embedded onto CD instead of DVD.

I used to buy these in South America. I don't think they ever really took off there either.
>> No. 21606 Terrorist
28th December 2013
Saturday 8:16 pm
21606 spacer

>Are there lots of 7-11s nearby?

Oh really! Does every thread on this board have to descend into noncery?
>> No. 21607 Cockernay
28th December 2013
Saturday 8:19 pm
21607 spacer
What are you doing out there work wise?
I'm going to assume teaching but secretly suspect you're doing reconnaissance for GCHQ and installing backdoors in lots of Chinese hardwareIYKWIM.
>> No. 21608 Britfag
28th December 2013
Saturday 9:10 pm
21608 spacer

>> A *lot* of gorgeous young girls also like to come up and introduce themselves as well.

>> No. 21609 Fairy
28th December 2013
Saturday 9:44 pm
21609 spacer
Has people trying to speak English to you got irritating yet? Apparently they go 'Hello how are you' and then that's it, they've used up their stock phrases.
>> No. 21610 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 10:38 pm
21610 spacer
VCDs were available in the West in the pirate market, before this became obsolete as a business model (despite the government and MPAA/international equivalents around the world) in the past few years.

You could still see them in the PSX era. When DVD players became cheap and common then that was obviously the end of the tiny market for dodgy VCDs.
>> No. 21611 Porridgewog
28th December 2013
Saturday 10:58 pm
21611 spacer
Obviously the idea of people paying for pirate software discs in the age of broadband is mostly already alien to the newer users online who can expect to stream or download virtually anything. Kind of similar to what happened to porn beforehand and the shock many would have at the idea of paying for that.
>> No. 21612 Dubya
28th December 2013
Saturday 11:43 pm
21612 spacer

The discs are just based on demand. No internet so it's Mr Wong at the back of his cabbage shed with copies of netvideomodels. It's what all our dads did 30 years ago on a different format. There's loads of junior Wongs inviting their m8s round to watch the DVD they found on top of dad's wardrobe. And remembering to note the counter number on the DVD so they can rewind it to the bit when dad shot hid custard.
>> No. 21614 Chink
29th December 2013
Sunday 3:35 am
21614 spacer

Aha...my first experience of online pirating was the first LOTR on a VCD then.

And no, only seen one 7-11, thank fuck.


Well played lad, well played.
>> No. 21615 Chink
29th December 2013
Sunday 3:38 am
21615 spacer

Nope. I often miss it though when people are doing it while walking past, as I am not tuned into listening in English anymore.

But if I can refer you to:

>A *lot* of gorgeous young girls also like to come up and introduce themselves

I wonder if this will ever get boring...especially when the blush when you respond.
>> No. 21616 Chink
29th December 2013
Sunday 3:48 am
21616 spacer

>> No. 21617 Cockernay
29th December 2013
Sunday 11:27 am
21617 spacer

I think millions of years of evolution has done its best to make sure that it never gets boring.

Until you become a bummer like most on .gs. Then I rather suppose all bets are off.
>> No. 21618 Gazza
30th December 2013
Monday 3:21 pm
21618 spacer
Were you fluent, or even intermediate in Cantonese (they speak it in Shenzhen so I assume it's the same where you are) before you arrived? If not, how quickly are you picking it up?
>> No. 21619 Chink
30th December 2013
Monday 3:36 pm
21619 spacer

Not a word lad. Nor Mandarin, either. Aiming for the Mandarin. Spoken is progressing pretty quickly despite me doing fuck all to actually try and learn - that comes in a week or two once I have a base and can pronounce the syllables.
>> No. 21620 Raoul
30th December 2013
Monday 5:34 pm
21620 spacer
Mandarin's "tones" are mind-boggling. Just a heads up.
>> No. 21622 Raoul
30th December 2013
Monday 7:24 pm
21622 spacer
Wait until you try Cantonese. You thought getting four tones down was bad? Try squeezing another two in there.
>> No. 21623 Fairy
30th December 2013
Monday 7:38 pm
21623 spacer
Oh fuck the fuck off.
>> No. 21624 Monkey
30th December 2013
Monday 8:07 pm
21624 spacer

They're not so bad if you're musical. If you're tone deaf (no pun intended) then you haven't a fucking hope.
>> No. 21625 Chink
31st December 2013
Tuesday 4:52 am
21625 spacer

I've picked 'em all up quite fine to be honest. No trouble at all. >>21624 Has it pretty much on the head.


>> No. 21626 AnonFromQA
4th January 2014
Saturday 3:33 am
21626 spacer
Any plans of going to Yunnan?
>> No. 21627 Raoul
4th January 2014
Saturday 3:49 am
21627 spacer
What's my nan got to do with it?
>> No. 21628 AnonFromQA
4th January 2014
Saturday 3:55 am
21628 spacer

>> No. 21629 Chink
4th January 2014
Saturday 7:55 am
21629 spacer

Any reason why lad, I recognise the name but woke up at 3pm drunk...I also have stories, but far too pissed to type long posts.
>> No. 21634 Chink
8th January 2014
Wednesday 4:26 pm
21634 spacer

And so it seems I am moving to HK.


This is apparently very common.
>> No. 21635 AnonFromHK
8th January 2014
Wednesday 7:13 pm
21635 spacer

You bet it is, did the same thing myself not 5 months ago.
>> No. 21636 AnonFromHK
8th January 2014
Wednesday 7:22 pm
21636 spacer

How long are you looking to stay? If you're staying anywhere over a couple of months I can hook you up with a teaching job as well, experience preferred but not required.

As is the way in HK, your best tool for an easy life is social media and networking.

Sage for double post, sorry it's late here.
>> No. 21644 Chink
9th January 2014
Thursday 5:19 am
21644 spacer

Actually I was making reference to the Gothie ladies.

I'll be there for a while, although in and out of China with work.

Thanks for letting me know there is the possibility of teaching as a fall back, but hopefully am going to wrangle a fucking serious professional job. Fingers crossed...got an interview with the boss of bosses tomorrow.

Assuming all goes well, fancy meeting up for a pint or six in a week or two?
>> No. 21645 Cockernay
9th January 2014
Thursday 8:57 am
21645 spacer
Won't 6 pints in Hong Kong cost you $6,000,000?
>> No. 21646 Chink
9th January 2014
Thursday 9:12 am
21646 spacer

M7 if you are working in HK that is chicken feed.

>> No. 21648 Chink
11th January 2014
Saturday 8:51 am
21648 spacer

OP here. While I am not out in HK to teach, a mate in Guangzhou mentioned that he is, due to a variety of issues in China. Do you fancy swapping throwaway emails?
>> No. 21652 AnonFromHK
20th January 2014
Monday 9:36 am
21652 spacer

OP here. Bumping to catch >>21636's eye.

Apologies to autists.
>> No. 21654 AnonFromHK
21st January 2014
Tuesday 10:11 am
21654 spacer

And OP again. Well my first date turns out to be with a stunningly beautiful Chines-Filipino lass..who turns out to have a cock.

Also, last night I ended up in bed with two Mongolian prostitutes. Both sisters. 'Bout ten years between them.
>> No. 21655 Buddha
21st January 2014
Tuesday 10:49 am
21655 spacer

Tell me about the Mongol women in detail. I have some experience with women from parts of East Tibet who are generally Mongolian descendants. I never paid for this experience though, at least not in financial/material terms.
>> No. 21656 AnonFromHK
21st January 2014
Tuesday 11:57 am
21656 spacer

If you are "English job in HK" lad, prove yourself and I will divulge.
>> No. 21657 Buddha
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:18 pm
21657 spacer


I'm not sadly, just look at my name.
>> No. 21658 AnonFromSG
23rd January 2014
Thursday 6:54 pm
21658 spacer
Where are the girls? And hi-res?
>> No. 21706 Fairy
16th February 2014
Sunday 9:50 am
21706 spacer
Urr... how's it going out there?
>> No. 21868 AnonFromHK
21st April 2014
Monday 11:08 am
21868 spacer

Soon, sunshine, soon. Tonight, indeed...
>> No. 21871 Monkey
21st April 2014
Monday 6:38 pm
21871 spacer
Can you take a picture of Minas Tirith for me?
>> No. 21872 Cockernay
21st April 2014
Monday 8:09 pm
21872 spacer

Lol. Nice intel gathering, you cheeky Uruk.
>> No. 21916 AnonFromHK
28th April 2014
Monday 7:58 am
21916 spacer
Dear. Merciful. Christ.

Right lads, a pro-tip for thee. Should one find oneself living on a beach in a tent for three months, and four weeks before you are due to move in to your apartment, and some cunt removes the equipment you are suing to wash your clothes, do *not*, I repeat, *not*, think "Oh fuck it, I've got enough to last me a month."

Ignore the ounces of sand coming out of the fabric. Ignore the smell of mildew from that time that you left your washing out in the rain.

Having just thrown a load in the sink the water went black almost immediately. Having let it soak for half an hour, rinsed it and gone to re-wash with significantly more washing powder, the water went black. Almost. Immediately.

Dear. Merciful. Christ.
>> No. 21937 Britfag
28th April 2014
Monday 11:37 pm
21937 spacer

Sounds like you're having a tough time, pal
>> No. 21938 Cockernay
28th April 2014
Monday 11:46 pm
21938 spacer

The homelessness levels on .gs are really quite worrying.

I'm thinking Purps ought to build a centre or something.
>> No. 21939 Grockle
28th April 2014
Monday 11:48 pm
21939 spacer
.gs shed-sit initiative?
>> No. 21945 AnonFromHK
29th April 2014
Tuesday 6:57 am
21945 spacer

Actually I really liked camping on the beach. Sand is remarkably comfortable. Oh, and I can now say that I have camped through a Cat. 5 monsoon, in what, due to the donated tents all lacking various rather crucial parts, was effectively a bivoauc, without anything breaking over the 5 days of gale force winds, concentrated on the beach, and with nothing getting wet bar the clothes I wore when leaving my tent.

Those sunsets mate, those sunsets. If I had web access I would still be there now, sitting pretty.

Also, my new flat is fucking banging...
>> No. 21946 Yankee
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:06 am
21946 spacer

>Sand is remarkably comfortable.

It tends to drain the warmth from your body.
>> No. 21947 AnonFromHK
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:18 am
21947 spacer

Fair point. 20 degrees Celcius is far too cold.

Lad, I haven't bothered with a sleeping bag for the last 6 weeks. Aircon has been a blessing.
>> No. 21948 AnonFromHK
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:24 am
21948 spacer

Having been browsing this site for far too many years, am I the only one who has noticed an increase in them? I am assuming this is to do with the dismantling of the welfare state, but as I haven't lived in the UK for years I am only guessing.
>> No. 21949 Fairy
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:45 am
21949 spacer
>> No. 21950 AnonFromHK
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:47 am
21950 spacer

u wot m7
>> No. 21954 Raoul
29th April 2014
Tuesday 7:40 pm
21954 spacer
'AnonFromHK'? Hah that rhymes.
>> No. 21969 AnonFromHK
1st May 2014
Thursday 6:02 am
21969 spacer
Well, this is interesting. I had a knock on the door last night, odd in and of itself because only two people know where I live. 'Twas the Phillipino lady from next door, in a bit of a state, after having been beaten up by her soon-to-be-ex husband. Now, she had mentioned that she was leaving him and moving out after I asked why she was living under a tarpaulin on the roof with her kids. So, not completely out of the blue, and given the weather warnings I had been trying to work out where she was to re-offer my room while the rains kicked in.

Now, having made her a coffee, calmed her down and treated her wounds, she tells me that her husband is a meth addict, and she started smoking meth three weeks ago, during this process she lost 3 stone. Queue alarm bells ringing faintly...

She has free run of my place, under strict rules, and mainly only because she was honest, and had spent the last 36 hours going cold turkey, alone, on the beach, before she dared speak to me - for junkies this is a good thing.

So, apparently my lovely new flat is now the local women's refuge and halfway house. Was not expecting that...going fine so far though, and she has accommodation lined up in two weeks, and it turns out I know the landlord, so will be checking on this one. I have also helped two friends clean their lives up, so I am hardly inexperienced.
>> No. 21970 AnonFromHK
1st May 2014
Thursday 6:15 am
21970 spacer

Sorry for typos/errors, she just got back and I am helping get her ready for work...cunt of her husband has locked her uniform away in the hope she will lose her job. Nice one mate, nice one...pity she's not sleeping on the beach though, innit?
>> No. 21972 Cockernay
1st May 2014
Thursday 9:19 am
21972 spacer
Sounds like you're going to get robbed, an STD, then shot.
>> No. 21973 AnonFromHK
1st May 2014
Thursday 2:13 pm
21973 spacer

Unlikely, Teenlad. I have photographs of her passport, ID card and bank details. I have spoken to both her boss (who I know), and her new landlord, (who I know). Later tonight I receive payment of rent upfront, as today is payday, for the next two weeks. No rent? No bed.

I'm not screwing her, and I have had a little chat with various of the more interesting characters around here. We have the protection, he don't. And I do above her, because they respect me for dealing with it myself.

At the end of the day, I am going to be eating like a king. Probably helps that anything that might be chosen to be stolen, of mine, is worth considerably less than two months rent. Oh, and I am the only one with keys.

You know, you could have saved, literally, seconds of your time by reading the last sentence of >>21969.
>> No. 21974 Pornstar
1st May 2014
Thursday 5:37 pm
21974 spacer

It's impossible to go "cold turkey" from meth. You don't withdrawal from meth. What the actual fuck?
>> No. 21975 Cockernay
1st May 2014
Thursday 6:11 pm
21975 spacer
I didn't waste as much time or energy as you did in typing all that out. Well done for trying to help though.
>> No. 21976 Wastelander
1st May 2014
Thursday 7:11 pm
21976 spacer
What are you on about? Meth addiction has withdrawal symptoms.
>> No. 21981 AnonFromHK
2nd May 2014
Friday 5:35 am
21981 spacer

Interesting, "cold turkey" was her term. Call it a brutal fucking comedown then.


Thank you. Anyway, I felt the need to clarify the situation anyway.
>> No. 21982 AnonFromHK
2nd May 2014
Friday 7:27 am
21982 spacer

Well that is nice. Just come back to find the lady in question giving my flat the "polish" after a deep clean. I'm not complaining...
>> No. 22027 AnonFromHK
6th May 2014
Tuesday 10:45 am
22027 spacer
OP here. You lads still want some piccies?
>> No. 22028 Cockernay
6th May 2014
Tuesday 11:09 am
22028 spacer
>> No. 22029 AnonFromHK
6th May 2014
Tuesday 11:13 am
22029 spacer

Okay. Will probably wait until tomorrow so the light levels are a bit better.
>> No. 22255 AnonFromHK
5th June 2014
Thursday 7:51 am
22255 spacer

Still struggling to upload pictures - Symbian no liek .gs.

However, I must say, a month of 30+ heat has been fun. I am dead impressed that my chillies have started to sprout, despite only being in the ground for a week. They appear to like the heat...

Will try and get pics of the old flat up soon. Turned out my flatmate was trying to steal from me, so I promptly left. Last night he posted up the fact that it is now available on his FB account, so I might be moving back there. Heh. What a cunt...
>> No. 22258 Britfag
5th June 2014
Thursday 12:53 pm
22258 spacer

While we wait with baited breath for the pics, tell us what became of the lady from next door.
>> No. 22261 AnonFromHK
6th June 2014
Friday 3:55 am
22261 spacer

I will do, but she's cooking breakfast at the min. Later.
>> No. 22366 AnonFromHK
21st June 2014
Saturday 6:37 pm
22366 spacer

I just want to mention that as I sit hear, thunder echoing from the sky and literally causing the ground to shake, that every clap of it has been perfectly in sync with a drop of the DJ Proteus mix I am listening to. Next level, .gs, next level.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 22404 AnonFromHK
3rd July 2014
Thursday 10:50 am
22404 spacer

I am currently learning Mandarin, Tagalog and Cantonese simultaneously. Please kill me.

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