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charisma man japan.jpg
>> No. 21252 Cockernay
11th August 2013
Sunday 1:00 pm
21252 spacer
Is it true that average-looking autismal 20-something virgins living in the West can easily get laid if they travel to East Asia?
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>> No. 21253 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 1:31 pm
21253 spacer
Foreigners travelling to foreign lands seem a bit more attractive to local women. Happens everywhere.
>> No. 21254 Monkey
11th August 2013
Sunday 1:38 pm
21254 spacer
Sadly even then some have to resort to prostitutes.
>> No. 21255 Cockernay
11th August 2013
Sunday 1:49 pm
21255 spacer
Did you post this on kc earlier?
>> No. 21256 Cockernay
11th August 2013
Sunday 2:04 pm
21256 spacer
Not if you travel to a xenophobic place.
>> No. 21257 Redneck
11th August 2013
Sunday 2:08 pm
21257 spacer
How is "segue" pronounced?
>> No. 21258 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 2:13 pm
21258 spacer
>> No. 21266 Raoul
11th August 2013
Sunday 10:09 pm
21266 spacer
I've never heard this one before.
>> No. 21267 Britfag
12th August 2013
Monday 12:49 am
21267 spacer
I accidentally purchased the services of a prostitute in Hong Kong when I was a cadet. It ended up costing me... well, a mishmash of the various currencies I happened to have in my pocket at the time. It wasn't much in real money. Like... fifty quid or something? Five hunded HK dollars? I don't even think I had quite enough.

Worth it. She was gorgeous and tender.
>> No. 21268 Britfag
12th August 2013
Monday 6:11 pm
21268 spacer

>> No. 21269 Raoul
12th August 2013
Monday 8:32 pm
21269 spacer

These strips are quite good.
>> No. 21270 Porridgewog
12th August 2013
Monday 9:56 pm
21270 spacer

He was just walking down the street and he tripped - before he knew it he bumped right into her, his cock slipped into her and the money fell out of his pocket just as he sprayed her vag with ectoplasm.
>> No. 21271 Fairy
12th August 2013
Monday 10:21 pm
21271 spacer
We've all done it.
>> No. 21272 Gazza
12th August 2013
Monday 11:14 pm
21272 spacer
My boss told me he used to go out to Thailand and surrounding areas to shag prozzies, until he realised it was just as easy to shag the women there for free. "Wear a tailored shirt and look as white as possible" was his advice. However this is a man who maintains that if I had an escort to visit a couple of times a month I'd be a better worker and manager. He's picked one out he thought I'd like and everything.
>> No. 21273 Cockernay
12th August 2013
Monday 11:20 pm
21273 spacer
My m8's girlfriend's m8 was interning as some kind of assistant to some nobby cunt in London and apparently had to fit his visits to escorts into his filofax.
>> No. 21274 Raoul
13th August 2013
Tuesday 12:13 am
21274 spacer
To be honest, he sounds like an alright bloke.
>> No. 21275 Raoul
13th August 2013
Tuesday 12:15 am
21275 spacer

I've heard it happens to a great deal of businessmen. They work like dogs for twenty years, manage to set up a company or two that reach a point where they no longer have to work at them, or make any decisions - they're paying someone else to do all that.

So herds of 50 year old men find themselves with nothing much to do but hang out in their restaurants and bother their waitresses, or shop for Ferraris. Once the GM has told them to please sod off and they've ran out of garage space, the next logical step is to collect whores.

I can only pray my future business is never stable enough that I can leave the process entirely up to others. Because even on my days off now I get fidgety and end up going to work. If they don't need me there, then Lexxi, 23, £200 an hour, starts to seem like a good idea.

That's fucking expensive though, isn't it? I get metaphorically fucked in the arse and shat on by fat middle aged men all day and I only get £20 an hour.
>> No. 21276 Gazza
13th August 2013
Tuesday 12:16 am
21276 spacer

He's pretty great. Half of my job seems to be entertaining him though.
>> No. 21277 Buddha
20th August 2013
Tuesday 10:57 am
21277 spacer

Careful with that.
>> No. 21278 Raoul
20th August 2013
Tuesday 11:18 am
21278 spacer
>look as white as possible

That gets funnier the more I think about it.
>> No. 21279 Britfag
20th August 2013
Tuesday 12:55 pm
21279 spacer

I was wandering the streets if Hong Kong at 3am looking for a copy of Doom III, when some middle-aged women beckoned me into their establishment with promises of a 'sexy massage'. My back was killing me at the time, and there was no sign of an open electronics shop, so I caved. It wasn't until she took all her kit off and guided me into the shower that the ball completely dropped. I was young and naïve at the time, lads, but significantly less naïve shortly afterwards.
>> No. 21280 Britfag
20th August 2013
Tuesday 1:10 pm
21280 spacer

Yes, looking for "a copy of Doom III", haven't heard that one before...
>> No. 21281 Buddha
20th August 2013
Tuesday 5:39 pm
21281 spacer

Was it worth it though? A friend of mine told me both the massage and sex was shit when he went to something like that. If I am going to pay for something, I want it to be good or I will go without.
>> No. 21291 Raoul
20th August 2013
Tuesday 10:23 pm
21291 spacer

>> No. 21294 Fairy
20th August 2013
Tuesday 11:16 pm
21294 spacer
The fuck is this?
>> No. 21295 Monkey
21st August 2013
Wednesday 12:49 am
21295 spacer
The fuck was that?
>> No. 21296 Raoul
21st August 2013
Wednesday 10:07 am
21296 spacer
The fuck will it be?
>> No. 21297 Cockernay
21st August 2013
Wednesday 11:28 pm
21297 spacer

Fuckin' stellar, but this was Hong Kong. I did a hooker in Amsterdam and it were shit.

The one in Amsterdam was deliberate.


Highly informative. What a likeable chap.
>> No. 21298 Cockernay
21st August 2013
Wednesday 11:41 pm
21298 spacer
He's dead m8.

RIP are Horsley.
>> No. 21324 Redneck
4th September 2013
Wednesday 2:18 pm
21324 spacer
I've never been to Asia but I grew up in a number of northern California magnet schools so I've always been a lone Flickinger in a sea of Tengs and Huangs and Hyons and Fujitas.

In my experience, Far Eastern women are very bright, usually thin, well-dressed, and total sweethearts. But they aren't all that much to look at. That's probably a racist thing to say but it's also the God's honest truth.
>> No. 21325 Gazza
4th September 2013
Wednesday 3:15 pm
21325 spacer
Please leave and never come back.
>> No. 21326 Dubya
4th September 2013
Wednesday 10:14 pm
21326 spacer
>> No. 21580 IkeaFag
25th December 2013
Wednesday 10:17 pm
21580 spacer
This is true. Some even fetishise "outsiders". However, I've heard that these are the kind of people you do not want to meet, so be careful that you don't get some crazy stalker coming after you, lad.
>> No. 21581 Redneck
25th December 2013
Wednesday 10:54 pm
21581 spacer

Place a post on Topix.
Headline: Virgin looking for sex. Add your email address.
Result: Ultimate love and cherishfest / DDOS on email client.
>> No. 22663 Raoul
6th August 2014
Wednesday 8:40 pm
22663 spacer

Heh, apparently the same phenomenon doesn't apply to gaijin women.
>> No. 22664 Grockle
6th August 2014
Wednesday 8:48 pm
22664 spacer
>When not even a short skirt or slinky top attracted more than a passing glance and even construction workers, who could usually be counted on for a leer

Maybe our more hardcore fisherpeople should move to Japan, sounds like they'd enjoy it.
>> No. 22665 Aki
6th August 2014
Wednesday 9:58 pm
22665 spacer

So it's a good idea to move there even if you don't have yellow fever, for all the lonely expat women?
>> No. 22666 Raoul
6th August 2014
Wednesday 10:15 pm
22666 spacer
>Maybe our more hardcore fisherpeople should move to Japan, sounds like they'd enjoy it.

That filter is remarkably appropriate.
>> No. 22667 Garlicfag
6th August 2014
Wednesday 10:16 pm
22667 spacer


Poor lass, she just wanted a good arse pissing.
>> No. 22669 Cockernay
7th August 2014
Thursday 11:35 pm
22669 spacer
They've realised white women are too crazy for them.

>> No. 22670 Grockle
7th August 2014
Thursday 11:45 pm
22670 spacer
>> No. 22671 Raoul
8th August 2014
Friday 9:51 am
22671 spacer

>> No. 22687 Wastelander
23rd August 2014
Saturday 5:33 am
22687 spacer
So could Charisma Man save himself in time, or what?
>> No. 22688 Kraut
23rd August 2014
Saturday 8:58 am
22688 spacer

Pretty much.
As I already said on KC, many men these days go abroad and bring home a gf.
>> No. 22689 Lenin
23rd August 2014
Saturday 10:14 am
22689 spacer
It's a perfect match - middle-class Brits have all the cultural and social capital that makes men desirable, foreign women have the good looks and sexuality that many Brit birds lack.

I met my Russian girl at uni in the UK, but I've travelled about enough to know how desirable the averagely intelligent, fairly attractive Brit man is abroad.

I hate the whole points system, but it provides a nice form of analogy. If you are a 6/10 at home, so a fairly smart/fairly handsome/fairly engaging, you will be an 8/10 in Japan and Russia (at least) purely because of your nationality.
>> No. 22690 Raoul
23rd August 2014
Saturday 10:42 am
22690 spacer
No, apparently not.
>> No. 22691 Kraut
23rd August 2014
Saturday 1:58 pm
22691 spacer
>Russian bird

Better get a thai or a jap.
>> No. 22692 Fairy
23rd August 2014
Saturday 2:58 pm
22692 spacer

Not a Thai bird, they all chew their nails.
>> No. 22693 Aki
23rd August 2014
Saturday 4:51 pm
22693 spacer
If she can reach her fingers then you didn't Thai her up properly.
>> No. 22694 Rasputin
23rd August 2014
Saturday 6:59 pm
22694 spacer

You have no idea....
>> No. 22806 Rasputin
7th September 2014
Sunday 11:45 am
22806 spacer
in Thailand there's a high possibility to bump into transsexual guy, check the neck for Adam's apple
in Russia... well, whores are pig disgusting, but you can get yourself a nice girl, although recently there's a bit less really nice girls and a bit more brainless but cute girls. also for some reason a lot of people have very poor english

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