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>> No. 22465 Fairy
18th July 2014
Friday 11:03 am
22465 spacer
How do Spanish football fans like their coffee?

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>> No. 22507 Cowboy
24th July 2014
Thursday 2:30 pm
22507 spacer
>> No. 22508 Aki
24th July 2014
Thursday 2:30 pm
22508 spacer

>> No. 22500 Raoul
20th July 2014
Sunday 4:04 pm
22500 spacer
Running in front of a bull in a bright red top = perfectly fine, in fact it's encouraged.

Running in front of a bull in a bright red top while talking a selfie = outrageous, dangerous, stupid and illegal.


I don't understand greasy Spaniards.
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>> No. 22501 Bernd
20th July 2014
Sunday 6:07 pm
22501 spacer
The guardian truly has fascinating articles:

>> No. 22502 Raoul
21st July 2014
Monday 12:03 am
22502 spacer
Aren't bulls colour blind? So why would the colour matter?
>> No. 22503 Raoul
21st July 2014
Monday 12:19 am
22503 spacer
Exactly, it's the movement that attracts them.
>> No. 22504 Raoul
21st July 2014
Monday 12:31 am
22504 spacer
You could say exactly the same about the difference between wearing and not wearing a thin plastic belt while sitting in a steel box on wheels that's travelling at eighty miles per hour.
>> No. 22505 Raoul
21st July 2014
Monday 12:53 am
22505 spacer

Yeah, you'll be fine.

cozy moneycounter.jpg
>> No. 22480 Angela
18th July 2014
Friday 10:08 pm
22480 spacer
Should Volkswagen really buy Chrysler from Fiat?
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>> No. 22489 Wastelander
19th July 2014
Saturday 12:56 pm
22489 spacer
Not British owned, no. These things increasingly matter less and less though. The only real value having it owned by the British is that they're more likely to establish operations here. Not a lot more to be honest.

Aston Martin is still predominantly British, as is McLaren, Bentley and Rolls Royce motors are now German. Lotus is Malaysian.
>> No. 22496 Raoul
19th July 2014
Saturday 4:59 pm
22496 spacer
>These things increasingly matter less and less though.

>> No. 22497 Fairy
19th July 2014
Saturday 5:01 pm
22497 spacer
That didn't happen because it wasn't owned by the British though. It happened because they realised they could extract more money by doing that, something Cadbury failed to do.
>> No. 22498 Cockernay
19th July 2014
Saturday 5:04 pm
22498 spacer

A fairly large part of the cost of any car is the up-front cost of design and of setting up a production line. Launching a new family car can cost the best part of £500m before you've even built a single production vehicle. Platform sharing (using the same basic design for many different models) is vital in the modern motor industry, by spreading that up-front cost across more vehicles sold. You also make big gains in terms of distribution and servicing, because the same spare parts can be used across many different cars.

For example, (excluding the i series) BMW only really make four cars, they just dress them up differently - one Mini platform, a small car (1/X1/2/3 series) a large car (4/5/6/7 series and Rolls Royce) and their crossover SUVs. The only real difference between the cars in each group are the bodyshells, interior trim and some minor component changes to adjust ride height, with the mechanicals underneath being essentially identical. They plan to consolidate that to just two platforms by 2017. BMW have many technology-sharing deals with other companies - selling engine packages to smaller manufacturers, swapping engine and electronics technology with Mercedes and so on.

VAG's big plan is to move to a single mega-platform for the majority of their cars. The MQB platform will provide the underpinnings for the next models of Polo, Beetle, Golf, Scirocco, Jetta, Tiguan, Touran, Sharan and Passat, all Skodas and Seats, and all front-wheel-drive Audis. They have figured out some very clever tricks to allow them to build cars of different wheelbase and track on the same production line.

Three other platforms will cover the rest of the range - NSF for very small city cars, MLB for front-engined Audis, Porsches and Bentleys, and MSB for mid- and rear-engined Porsches and Lamborghinis (and the Audi R8). Within the next five years, all VAG cars except the XL1 and the Veyron should be based on those four platforms. This is the main reason why buying up lots of brands would make sense for them - they could launch a completely new range for a brand at minimal cost, thanks to the flexibility of their platforms.
>> No. 22499 Fairy
19th July 2014
Saturday 5:11 pm
22499 spacer
Very interesting. Manufacturing logistics are fascinating, ever possible step taken to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Polish husslers.jpg
>> No. 22039 Fairy
15th May 2014
Thursday 8:50 pm
22039 spacer
What is your thoughts on Poland and Polish people?
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>> No. 22407 Monkey
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:15 pm
22407 spacer
There's this article on Cracked.com called something like '6 National Stereotypes That Are Utter Bullshit'.

Alongside Brits and bad teeth, it includes one about Poles being stupid. I hadn't heard of that. Is that a stereotype? Where? Since when?
>> No. 22408 Cockernay
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:16 pm
22408 spacer
> Is that a stereotype?

I think so, but it isn't very often mentioned anymore. Apparently trying to play Russian roulette with an automatic pistol is called 'Polish roulette' but I think that's bullshit.
>> No. 22410 Britfag
7th July 2014
Monday 12:28 am
22410 spacer
American WASP inferiority complex?
>> No. 22411 Raoul
7th July 2014
Monday 1:28 am
22411 spacer
I think it's pretty old fashioned, but a lot of old school American comedians told Polack jokes, I suppose the equivalent of our Irish jokes.
>> No. 22449 Fairy
14th July 2014
Monday 7:45 pm
22449 spacer

Are you Polish?

>> No. 22441 Redneck
13th July 2014
Sunday 3:28 am
22441 International Train Thread
Choo choo, mutha fucka!
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>> No. 22445 Raoul
13th July 2014
Sunday 1:33 pm
22445 spacer
We stopped using steam in England many years ago.
>> No. 22446 Cockernay
13th July 2014
Sunday 2:42 pm
22446 spacer

Then how come you're so full of hot air!

>> No. 22448 Britfag
13th July 2014
Sunday 11:41 pm
22448 spacer

We drink tea, and then it boils in our stomachs from our suppressed seething rage.

>> No. 22369 Boyo
27th June 2014
Friday 2:21 pm
22369 spacer
Hey Poland, why so many different types of mayonnaise? What are they all? I have been trying to find out but pages in English are hard to find.
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>> No. 22371 Raoul
27th June 2014
Friday 3:49 pm
22371 spacer
Lol he's right.

The types of mustard vary from region to region. As for mayonnaise, each region has their speciality which has become popular. They're all pretty agreeable, reminds me of being a wee lad and sitting in my grans tiny kitchen being fed various deliciousness.
>> No. 22372 Boyo
27th June 2014
Friday 5:09 pm
22372 spacer
Oh. No wonder google couldn't help me, then. How embarrassing.

>As for mayonnaise, each region has their speciality which has become popular.
Have you got any recommendations? I've tried searching again but can't really find much on the topic.
>> No. 22379 Britfag
27th June 2014
Friday 7:21 pm
22379 spacer
Not really, Polish mayo is like English salad cream, too tangy for some. Pick whatever off the shelf and have a go - the bigger Tescos usually stock the "best" brand of every product.

As far as Polish products go, I really like our sausages and bread. A dollop of good mustard, and you're set.
>> No. 22380 Fairy
27th June 2014
Friday 7:24 pm
22380 spacer
Since both of my parents worked, my brother and I were raised by an assortment of foreign (EU) au pairs, from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and some others. One of the upshots was getting to have some foreign cuisine (perogi, goulash, etc) and better insight into other cultures.

Sage for not being strictly relevant to this thread.
>> No. 22447 Gazza
13th July 2014
Sunday 6:55 pm
22447 spacer
Were you introduced to the delights of bigos by any chance? Gorgeous stuff.

>> No. 22417 Kraut
12th July 2014
Saturday 1:26 pm
22417 spacer
What are your opinions on the following countries?
Don't forget to explain your opinion.

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>> No. 22439 Fairy
13th July 2014
Sunday 1:49 am
22439 spacer
-Fit birds
-Kinky birds
-Hairy birds
-Birds that won't shag me
>> No. 22440 Cockernay
13th July 2014
Sunday 1:58 am
22440 spacer

- Birds I've not shagged
- Birds I've not shagged
- Birds I've not shagged
- Birds who make up 75% (roughly, almost exactly) of birds I've shagged
>> No. 22442 Britfag
13th July 2014
Sunday 4:23 am
22442 spacer
them biscuit type things you get in a big bag from tesco for like a pound that last fucking forever. theyre like pocky without the chocolate. got salt on them.

extreme facials - ggg

bloody steaks and some island they're mad for

big fucking asses, as well as small black children with guns
>> No. 22443 Fairy
13th July 2014
Sunday 9:58 am
22443 spacer
- pope lovers
- master race
- irrelevant
- huehuehue
>> No. 22444 Raoul
13th July 2014
Sunday 12:29 pm
22444 spacer
- motherland
- awesome sluts
- beef
- corruption

>> No. 22387 Dubya
1st July 2014
Tuesday 4:45 am
22387 spacer
le krautchan army reporting in x-D
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>> No. 22403 Porridgewog
1st July 2014
Tuesday 9:34 pm
22403 spacer

>> No. 22416 AnonFromRO
12th July 2014
Saturday 12:59 pm
22416 spacer

larv oh larv

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 22420 Cockernay
12th July 2014
Saturday 1:58 pm
22420 spacer

I don't quite follow.
>> No. 22422 Garlicfag
12th July 2014
Saturday 3:26 pm
22422 spacer

He's set up a new site and is posting a few pictures here to advertise.

Wouldn't mind the service aside from the fact he only accepts payment via SecondLife or something called Giftrocket (US only).

Seriously, SecondLife? What happened to cryptocurrencies?
>> No. 22424 Gazza
12th July 2014
Saturday 3:44 pm
22424 spacer

>> No. 22373 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 5:52 pm
22373 spacer
How do our fellow Europeans feel about are Dave's dramatic stand against Juncker? Is he making us a national laughing stock as the other world leaders seem to be making out in our media? Do you lot want Juncker yourselves? As I understand it the latest euro elections went very hard right so I just don't understand why everyone is supporting a federalist.
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>> No. 22374 Britfag
27th June 2014
Friday 6:05 pm
22374 spacer
Because whilst there was a reasonable swing against federalism, the vast majority still voted for parties that are very pro Eu. One of the things Dave has said, and rightly so, is that it'd be wrong to empower a hardliners federalist in the wake of the way the political wind is blowing.

Dave hasn't embarrassed himself so much, but he has driven himself into a stupid corner since he's no longer in the EPP and so doesn't really have a leg to stand on regarding who the EPP puts in place. Leaving the EPP was a short term domestic policy move, one that hasn't paid off in the wake of european politics as a whole.
>> No. 22375 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 6:12 pm
22375 spacer

You seem to be quite well up on the subject, I only get my information from the daily politics and the beeb. One of the things that I don't understand is why there seemed to be so much support for the anti Juncker movement last week but it all evaporated when Germany changed its mind. The cynic in me thinks Cameron never actually had that much support and it was all a bit of spin.
>> No. 22376 Fairy
27th June 2014
Friday 6:18 pm
22376 spacer
Why did Britball have a hat with yellow trim at the start and one with purple trim at the end?
>> No. 22377 Porridgewog
27th June 2014
Friday 6:24 pm
22377 spacer
I'd say the end is blue.

Someone with a better knowledge of political history can probably answer better but I assume it represents the incumbent governments at the time, yellow being liberal and blue being conservative.
>> No. 22378 Britfag
27th June 2014
Friday 6:25 pm
22378 spacer
Germany has the most influence in the Eu by far, certainly far more than Cameron, especially considering he's in a minor party in the EU parliament now and we've always been distant from eu politics.

The likely answer is that we're the only country that takes the anti eu sentiment halfway seriously, hence the big switch in favour of Juncker.

epic satw.png
>> No. 22321 Gasthief
17th June 2014
Tuesday 7:59 pm
22321 spacer
satw thread, post everything u got
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>> No. 22354 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:14 am
22354 spacer
I don't see why it's a bad thing, mainly because there's no such thing as 'all money'.
>> No. 22355 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:15 am
22355 spacer
I don't see how.
>> No. 22356 Raoul
20th June 2014
Friday 12:18 am
22356 spacer
Develop your thoughts please.
>> No. 22357 Raoul
20th June 2014
Friday 12:20 am
22357 spacer
Do you think the correlation of income equality with greater happiness and decreased crime rates etc. is a massive coincidence or what?
>> No. 22358 Fairy
20th June 2014
Friday 12:27 am
22358 spacer
Not necessarily. You could elaborate as to why that is the case, and back up your claims though.

>> No. 22036 Pornstar
8th May 2014
Thursday 6:24 am
22036 The Angle middle classes, the scourge of the earth
One, this one in particular, would like to know more about the middle classes of Ingerlund. Their fears, their desires, their proclivities. I've come to a place where I encounter them more than I'd care to admit. They travel in packs and are loud, drunk a.d obnoxious is what I've gleaned. I'd like to frighten them and fuck their women, without getting glassed.
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>> No. 22078 AnonFromHK
17th May 2014
Saturday 10:03 am
22078 spacer

Except it isn't though, is it lad?
>> No. 22111 Gazza
19th May 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
22111 spacer
One can surmise that >>22078 believes the UK is being infiltrated by salt and won't even for a second consider that it is being infiltrated by fish.
>> No. 22318 Fairy
15th June 2014
Sunday 3:39 pm
22318 spacer
bump for this.
>> No. 22319 Cockernay
15th June 2014
Sunday 3:54 pm
22319 spacer
>> No. 22320 Raoul
15th June 2014
Sunday 8:30 pm
22320 spacer

>Our masses seem somehow immune to mass psychological tactics


>> No. 22270 Cockernay
11th June 2014
Wednesday 1:00 am
22270 Refugees
SUP brits

Thought of sharing our refugee adventures story for those who are interested, adequate questions welcome as well.
What it's about? Well, claiming asylum, Swiss prisons, hitchhiking, hooliganism in Switzerland, shoplifting, bunkers for asylum-seekers, and other feels and happenings.
Dinnae ken which board to post, if its gets deleted, so be it.
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>> No. 22298 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 4:11 pm
22298 spacer
Tnx for suggestion, brit-anon. Written by a foreigner.
But too busy now indeed. I might agree on editing that specific style in the beginning.

What is done is done.
>> No. 22299 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 4:17 pm
22299 spacer
Anyways, brit-anons, I'll be checking the board for any relevant and adequate questions if there will be any in the future. First I thought of 4chan-ing the story but couldn't find any relevant boards.
>> No. 22300 Fairy
12th June 2014
Thursday 6:21 pm
22300 spacer

Also from the story-Hotel Colosseum, stayed overnight, free of charge, peaceful. Very high fence but manageable. Normally it costs 10 euros during the day. In the morning carabinieri came to throw us out and that's it.
I wish we had a camera.
>> No. 22301 Cockernay
12th June 2014
Thursday 9:04 pm
22301 spacer

>and didn't even phone home at some point
Wrong, just wasn't mentioned probably. We were sending cards+photoes from Nyon. I think I even managed to call while inside, they sell cards there too.
>> No. 22506 Wastelander
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 11:37 pm
22506 spacer
Moved it to wordpress, fuck google accounts.


>> No. 22256 Rasputin
5th June 2014
Thursday 11:02 am
22256 WTF
What a shit imageboard!
From Russia with love!
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>> No. 22257 Fairy
5th June 2014
Thursday 11:16 am
22257 spacer

4949415 _adfaa6b05c1b36ee05112adb2166846d[1].jpg
Somewhat hypocritical post there, Ivan.
>> No. 22260 Gasthief
5th June 2014
Thursday 10:32 pm
22260 spacer
What he really wanted to say is that he likes shit.
Also, it is very likely that his name may be Vovan.
>> No. 22271 Boyo
11th June 2014
Wednesday 4:57 am
22271 spacer
It was bratishka, that film called green elephant.
>> No. 22276 Fairy
11th June 2014
Wednesday 5:01 pm
22276 spacer
Britashka you mean?

>> No. 22262 Kraut
8th June 2014
Sunday 8:13 am
22262 spacer
So what do britla.ds think about this new mene originating from Poland?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22264 Monkey
8th June 2014
Sunday 11:59 am
22264 spacer
The Aventures of Professors in Auschwitz
Herr Bartozewski, please go to bed.
Just a moment, please.
6 hours later...
Herr Bartozewski, you have not slept. Take a rest day.
>> No. 22265 Raoul
8th June 2014
Sunday 12:00 pm
22265 spacer
I think 'you have not slept' is actually 'you are very sleepy' or similar. You get the idea though.
>> No. 22266 Bernd
9th June 2014
Monday 11:04 pm
22266 spacer
It's shit like any other Polish meme.
>> No. 22267 Britfag
9th June 2014
Monday 11:22 pm
22267 spacer
Being a 1st generation immigrant from the late 80's, Polish culture is fairly alien to me. I get some stuff, but shit like this flies well over my head.

Polish, they're a mixed bunch if I'm honest.
>> No. 22268 Monkey
10th June 2014
Tuesday 4:03 pm
22268 spacer
I really, really don't get it.

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