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>> No. 22549 Kraut
31st July 2014
Thursday 8:39 pm
22549 To the British posters:
What are your opinions on Hitler?
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>> No. 22578 Fairy
1st August 2014
Friday 6:37 pm
22578 spacer
Yes, but are you born to feel things about that in particular?
>> No. 22581 Kraut
1st August 2014
Friday 6:51 pm
22581 spacer
I am.
>> No. 22585 Fairy
1st August 2014
Friday 7:28 pm
22585 spacer
Then you have my sympathies. Yours is an obscure and unusual burden.
>> No. 23040 Fairy
10th November 2014
Monday 11:00 pm
23040 spacer
He had the right general idea about most things but was little more than a charismatic orator, moderately intelligent, but far from an intellectual. The exact type of man who appeals to the masses. If he was alive today he would probably have a popular youtube channel.
>> No. 23041 Fairy
11th November 2014
Tuesday 2:02 am
23041 spacer
1/10, and not worth resurrecting a three-month-old thread for.

Screenshot 2014-11-07 13.05.58.png
>> No. 23012 Britfag
7th November 2014
Friday 1:08 pm
23012 spacer
Yes, Americans are this stupid.
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>> No. 23013 Britfag
7th November 2014
Friday 1:24 pm
23013 spacer
No, lawyers are this stupid.
>> No. 23014 Porridgewog
7th November 2014
Friday 1:40 pm
23014 spacer
For those who have no idea what's going on in this thread, like I originally did, please see this video:

>> No. 23015 Cockernay
7th November 2014
Friday 4:41 pm
23015 spacer
Or a particularly clever piece of marketing.
>> No. 23017 Wastelander
7th November 2014
Friday 4:46 pm
23017 spacer

My car could do this
>> No. 23018 Cockernay
7th November 2014
Friday 4:51 pm
23018 spacer
Audi have done a similar one too.

"Do not attempt. Dramatization using a specifically prepared vehicle."

It's less to do with a fear that people might actually try it, and more to do with the fact that they would be leaving themselves open to claims of false advertising. It's the same as video games adverts which say "not actual footage"

>> No. 22932 Kraut
7th October 2014
Tuesday 4:38 pm
22932 Halp
Dear lads,
I am ill and also rangebanned on KC (but it wasn't me, I swears).
Please make some cheerings up.

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>> No. 22952 Fairy
9th October 2014
Thursday 12:26 am
22952 spacer

So you don't consider Yorkshire to be part of Britain?
>> No. 22960 Wastelander
9th October 2014
Thursday 12:46 pm
22960 spacer
You can have more than one county be renowned for diddling kids, you berk.
>> No. 22974 Raoul
10th October 2014
Friday 12:27 pm
22974 spacer
They can compete for the title in an annual kid-diddling county championship.
>> No. 22975 Britfag
10th October 2014
Friday 12:54 pm
22975 spacer
Given Yorkshire had Jimmy Savile and Rotherham MBC in their first XI surely there's no contest.
>> No. 22991 Fairy
12th October 2014
Sunday 9:07 pm
22991 spacer

And the recent Sheffield scandal

>> No. 22938 Kraut
8th October 2014
Wednesday 12:34 pm
22938 spacer
How can Germany become stronger?
Any ideas?
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>> No. 22956 Angela
9th October 2014
Thursday 11:04 am
22956 spacer

>Maybe if Germany was nicer to the people coming in.

>> No. 22958 Britfag
9th October 2014
Thursday 11:49 am
22958 spacer
Turn away from the decadence of modern religions, and embrace the heathen traditions of your antiquity.

Also, do not allow any communist or dual citizen to hold positions in education, the media, government or banking.
>> No. 22961 Kraut
9th October 2014
Thursday 2:59 pm
22961 spacer
>Turn away from the decadence of modern religions, and embrace the heathen traditions of your antiquity.


>Also, do not allow any communist or dual citizen to hold positions in education, the media, government or banking.

Well, that's gonna be difficult...
>> No. 22964 AnonFromEU
9th October 2014
Thursday 3:58 pm
22964 spacer
It happened once, it can happen again.

Never forget.
>> No. 22990 Fairy
12th October 2014
Sunday 5:56 pm
22990 spacer
>>22938 You see, it was the Jews all along.
Therefor after hours of discussion and debate we've decided that the Jews are to blame for everything.

Problem sorted.

>> No. 22987 Britfag
11th October 2014
Saturday 5:42 pm
22987 Animals At The Zoo
With the Great Wall of China Purpz up, this place serves little purpose.

Instead, let us post our favourite animals from the zoo, in /zoo/.

I've always really liked penguins.

I'm not sure what the one on the left in the water is. Kind of looks like an otter disguised as a penguin. Who knows.
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>> No. 22988 Boyo
11th October 2014
Saturday 6:01 pm
22988 spacer
This video isn't from a zoo, exactly, but it is one of my favourites.

>> No. 22989 Cockernay
11th October 2014
Saturday 6:43 pm
22989 spacer


>> No. 22985 Bernd
11th October 2014
Saturday 4:33 pm
22985 Humour thread
"Please cancel this! That is way too little notice!"

"Haha, I said, the team of Joachim Löw will wipe out Poland tomorrow*!"

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>> No. 22986 Aki
11th October 2014
Saturday 4:56 pm
22986 spacer
Firstly, learn to use quotation marks. Secondly, u wot lad? Is it a humourous reference to the start of WW2?

on handys.png
>> No. 22980 Kraut
11th October 2014
Saturday 3:04 pm
22980 The ingenious German mind
Did you know that Germans use the term "handy" for the invention more properly called a portable distance communication apparatus?
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>> No. 22981 Cockernay
11th October 2014
Saturday 3:11 pm
22981 spacer
You're talking about a mobile hand set?
>> No. 22982 Britfag
11th October 2014
Saturday 3:20 pm
22982 spacer
It's called a phone, m8.
>> No. 22983 Aki
11th October 2014
Saturday 4:03 pm
22983 spacer
I think everyone knows this.
>> No. 22984 Aki
11th October 2014
Saturday 4:11 pm
22984 spacer
That's silly. As ne fule no, a handy is a ting on de end of your harmy.

>> No. 22976 Kraut
11th October 2014
Saturday 11:00 am
22976 spacer

tell me about English people.
What is their cuisine like?
Their drinks?
Their customs?

Curious pigs
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>> No. 22977 Monkey
11th October 2014
Saturday 11:11 am
22977 spacer
Good thread.
>> No. 22978 Porridgewog
11th October 2014
Saturday 11:22 am
22978 spacer

/zoo/ gets a by, for the most part. Threads like this are why it exisits, I think.

Cuisine: Chips
Drinks: White cider
Customs: Eating chips/being nonced by radio DJs

>> No. 22902 Kraut
30th September 2014
Tuesday 1:48 pm
22902 German Industry Representative
Dear lads,

as the representative of the German industry on this board, it is both my suty and my pleasure to present you with the finest works of the German economy. Today, I would like to introduce you to a Bergfahrrad of the German bike manufacturer Focus.
The bike is called "Black Forest" and it is engineered by some of the finest engineers in all of Germany.
Make sure to buy it next time you go shopping.

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>> No. 22923 Cockernay
1st October 2014
Wednesday 12:52 am
22923 spacer
The engineering still happens in Germany, it's "just" the assembly that happens in Taiwan. There's a lot of skill and ingenuity in making these high end bikes at scale, but the design is ultimately foreign. I.e. it's a German bike made (possible) in Taiwan.
>> No. 22924 Britfag
1st October 2014
Wednesday 6:36 am
22924 spacer

I ride a 1992 Galaxy (replete with Brooks and Carradice), and even I think you're a codger.
>> No. 22925 Cockernay
1st October 2014
Wednesday 9:51 am
22925 spacer

Regarding the groupset, there is no choice nowadays anyway, you buy a bike with SRAM or with Shimano depending on your personal preference (or campagnolo too if it's a road bike). If the groupset is made by anyone else you don't even touch it.
There are good parts made in Europe/US for other components though, like carbon frames and wheels, in particular there are many Western manufacturers of smaller components like handlebars, bearings, brakes, saddles etc. You just need to start spending over £1000 to get a bike with these rather than Asian parts, and I believe at this price point you hit the law of diminishing returns. Yes it would be nice to have a shiny pair of Hope disc brakes, but no one's going to notice any difference between those and a pair of Malaysian built Shimanos unless they're heading to the downhill tracks in Wales.

It's a mountain bike, not a city bike, none of what you have said is the slightest bit relevant. You may as well be complaining that a pair of pliers is no good for hammering nails.

I sort of agree with this, but I sort of don't.
The thing about modern bicycles is that they're so incredibly standardised that there is very little engineering that can be put into the design of the bike, the majority of the work in designing a new bike is in choosing the combination of off-the-shelf components. A manufacturer will design their own frame (within a large number of constraints). But while there are good frames and bad frames it will often fall down to personal preference, one guy might love a frame made by one company, another guy prefers the frame from another. A lot of it will fall down to the fact that people are different shapes, even two people exactly the same height can have different sized limbs, so a certain frame will suit each person more than others.
That said, I do prefer German brands over others as I said further up, with any European bike, especially for German brands, you get the most bang-for-your-buck.
>> No. 22926 Fairy
1st October 2014
Wednesday 10:25 am
22926 spacer
While we're talking about bikes, I'd just like to register my complaint about how manufacturers furnish their frames to sell as complete bikes. I see a staggering number of bikes advertised as having, say, Shimano 105, with 105 in the name of the bike, yet the derailleur and STi are Tiagra and the crank is FSA. I understand wanting to hit a certain price point but even on much higher end bikes I've seen them scrimp on certain things. If you're not willing to sell your frame to me to build up, you shouldn't be offering me a mismatched build.

Thank christ for Ribble is all I can say.
>> No. 22927 Britfag
1st October 2014
Wednesday 11:15 am
22927 spacer

In fairness, the mongrel groupsets tend to be better value than a 'pure' groupset. It's not so much scrimping as it is spending the money where it matters. I'd much rather have a rear mech that shifts more crisply than a front mech that is a few grams lighter, for instance. Even the ProTour teams do it - pretty much every team in the peloton uses Ultegra/Force/Chorus level chains and cassettes.

>> No. 22811 Clog
8th September 2014
Monday 10:02 pm
22811 spacer
After the succes of leasing out empty prison cells to the Belgians, the Dutch government is now going to house hundreds of Norwegian inmates who serve sentences >2 years.

source: http://www.nu.nl/politiek/3872578/honderden-noorse-criminelen-nederlandse-cellen.html
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>> No. 22812 Monkey
8th September 2014
Monday 10:05 pm
22812 spacer
Um, okay.
>> No. 22813 Clog
8th September 2014
Monday 10:12 pm
22813 spacer
>> No. 22901 AnonFromTG
21st September 2014
Sunday 11:06 pm
22901 spacer
This is what happens when you let a country listen to death metal.

>> No. 22886 Kraut
18th September 2014
Thursday 12:28 pm
22886 German Tourism Representative
Dear lads,

today I would like to draw your attention to a German festival that does not get the attention´it deserves due to the overshadowing effect of the Bavarian tourist trap Oktoberfest: The Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart.
Basically, it is like the Oktoberfest just with less Italians and Australians and with more actual Germans and more fun.
Also, the prices are not quite as ridiculous as in the OF.
This year the Cannstatter Wasen will be held for the 169th time and it will take place from the 26th of September until the 12th of October, in Stuttgart .
I will, of course, go there as well and I am looking forward to seeing you there.
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>> No. 22891 Wastelander
18th September 2014
Thursday 3:25 pm
22891 spacer

Also, you mean "fewer", not "less".
>> No. 22892 Kraut
18th September 2014
Thursday 3:55 pm
22892 spacer
We do.

That's pretty much an eternal equation.

I see.
>> No. 22893 Fairy
18th September 2014
Thursday 4:05 pm
22893 spacer
At their expense, naturally.
>> No. 22897 Kraut
19th September 2014
Friday 11:02 am
22897 spacer
I will be expecting you trying that here.
>> No. 22898 Cockernay
19th September 2014
Friday 2:21 pm
22898 spacer

I'm not sure the Western USSR would agree.

>> No. 22773 Clog
31st August 2014
Sunday 5:28 pm
22773 spacer
Who shot MH17?
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>> No. 22789 Gazza
3rd September 2014
Wednesday 3:59 pm
22789 spacer
You should start a Twitter.
>> No. 22871 AnonFromBA
17th September 2014
Wednesday 7:09 pm
22871 spacer
Aliens took it away.
>> No. 22894 AnonFromAM
18th September 2014
Thursday 5:53 pm
22894 spacer
You made it up. All of it.
>> No. 22895 Raoul
18th September 2014
Thursday 6:23 pm
22895 spacer
Some Russian I chatted with:

"Russians are not homophobic. Well ok they hate gays, but you gotta understand average Russian hates almost all the things in this world".
>> No. 22896 Porridgewog
18th September 2014
Thursday 11:10 pm
22896 spacer

>"Russians are not homophobic. Well ok they hate gays, but you gotta understand average Russian hates almost all the things in this world".
I can verify this anecdotally. I've only ever met one Russian but he did hate absolutely everything. Even other Russians.

Relative to that part of the world, I met a nice Lithuanian chap once who hated everything but vodka and 8/10+ women. Listening to him talk about "the gays" in the pub loudly after a pint or two (I managed to make him try bitter, he wasn't a fan) was the most cringe worthy moment of my life to date. I felt like David Mitchell's character in Peep Show, unable to speak due to anxiety. Some of you may be wondering why I described him as nice, well, he went very far out of his way to help random people in the street, as long as they weren't gay of course.

>> No. 22872 Kraut
17th September 2014
Wednesday 7:55 pm
22872 Oil Platforms?
I was told to take my question here.
I am a poor german fuck, i learned how to built roads (Geselle), and i am looking for a way to make double in half.
I was aid Oil rigs, but i don't know of them.
Switzerland will be closing down soon.
Don't know about your country.

Any advice?
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>> No. 22881 Angela
18th September 2014
Thursday 2:38 am
22881 spacer


>> No. 22882 Kraut
18th September 2014
Thursday 4:34 am
22882 spacer
>>22881 Another Henrike?
>> No. 22883 Kraut
18th September 2014
Thursday 4:36 am
22883 spacer

>> No. 22884 Cockernay
18th September 2014
Thursday 8:19 am
22884 spacer

Who the fuck is she?
>> No. 22885 Cockernay
18th September 2014
Thursday 8:51 am
22885 spacer
Maybe wait until the Independence vote is in. Rules might change.

>> No. 22814 Cockernay
11th September 2014
Thursday 7:39 am
22814 | | <-{-<
Happy November 9th, my Americans of special relations!
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>> No. 22865 Britfag
12th September 2014
Friday 2:40 pm
22865 spacer

>> No. 22866 Gasthief
12th September 2014
Friday 4:00 pm
22866 spacer
Because you have a shite vibe m9.
> The cunt-off officer

As for 9/11, frankly, I don't remember much about it. But I do remember the Baghdad bombing broadcast on TV.
>> No. 22867 Aki
12th September 2014
Friday 4:12 pm
22867 spacer
Bloody hell. This arsehole should be banned forever and more for insisting our conversations are shitposting yet some half-hearted wankery about September 11th is top bants.
>> No. 22868 Britfag
12th September 2014
Friday 5:47 pm
22868 spacer
Here's something interesting about 9/11. If you flip the digits around, you get 2/11.
>> No. 22869 Fairy
12th September 2014
Friday 10:01 pm
22869 spacer


Cunt Off-icer would have been better



This post HERE: >>22824 was a diversion onto a subject that hadn't even been mentioned. Then a couple of wankers start arguing about their fucking A-Levels without any prompting (or relevance). Is this "top bants" by your definition?

You are a poor example of a human being.

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