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>> No. 23686 Monkey
20th May 2016
Friday 11:51 am
23686 spacer
HI britifa.gs. i have again problem i want sand
complaint for my colleg becouse people Eastern Europe
They are treated in the registration as people of inferior category
not once seen as people from other country are treated on a par with the Europeans and everyone is helpful for them witch benefit or give detalis abaout interview many times happened with the deadlines for interview were not sent a registration talked with were sent many times I have seen how people who were not from Eastern Europe got no problem deadline for interview

First question where i can sand this complaint what i need to do where,when,who
Secound qestion is any chance for that receive any answer

sorrry for my English
I'm still learning in esol course
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>> No. 23701 Raoul
22nd May 2016
Sunday 8:42 pm
23701 spacer
Well we would need to know which college as >>23690 says. Maybe we could track down the application deadline for you as well.

I doubt there is any urgency on a college application. I'm surprised you even need to do an interview so it might be the case that you haven't been given a deadline because there is not one.
>> No. 23702 Boyo
22nd May 2016
Sunday 8:45 pm
23702 spacer
There are plenty of decent kebab shops in most towns. They can even wrap it up for you to take away so you can remove it from the premises.
>> No. 23703 Fairy
22nd May 2016
Sunday 9:16 pm
23703 spacer
I like that gif.
>> No. 23704 Wastelander
3rd June 2016
Friday 1:12 pm
23704 spacer
>We don`t drink vodka every day.

Citation needed.
>> No. 23705 Terrorist
3rd June 2016
Friday 2:23 pm
23705 spacer
The bump was not needed.

>> No. 23679 Britfag
18th May 2016
Wednesday 12:04 pm
23679 spacer
Hi, britifa.gs. I'm from Poland. I have a question, because I want to join the British Army and I'm aware that I need to be a British citizen or a citizen of one of the countries of The Commonwealth to join. Where/what is the easiest way to do this?

Are there any ways I can become a citizen of one of these countries quickly? I do not want to wait very long.
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>> No. 23681 Britfag
18th May 2016
Wednesday 12:20 pm
23681 spacer
As I said in the other thread, there is no chance of you joining unless you're a British citizen. The only time I've seen a European in the British Army was a pair of Germans born in Paderborn who had a British parent. You're much better off joining the Polish army (who are a lot more competent than stereotypes allow for) or the FFL.
>> No. 23682 Cockernay
18th May 2016
Wednesday 12:23 pm
23682 spacer
Join the FFL instead. There's tonnes of your fellow Pawels and Jans there and you get French citizenship after 5 years of service or immediately after you get injured in combat. IIRC they call it "French citizenship through spilled blood".
>> No. 23683 Buddha
18th May 2016
Wednesday 3:20 pm
23683 spacer

No. French by spilt blood happens if you are injured in combat, your citizenship is then fast tracked.

Trying to join FFL unless you have good level infantry experience is not likely to be successful despite the basic physical criteria not being that difficult. I was going to join after the army and could beat beat them by a very comfortable margin.

FFL isn't really a thing you do to get citizenship, it's more something for anyone who wants to be a professional soldier long term. It's also quite cult like in ways you don't find in other units.
>> No. 23684 Gazza
18th May 2016
Wednesday 8:34 pm
23684 spacer
You seem like a good guy, are you hoping to join the British Army for citizenship? If so you can just come over and find a job. British people have gotten used to Poles and we're happy to give you advice on settling in so you don't end up getting taken advantage of. As >>23680 has said citizenship is an arduous process but if you settle in you can get permanent residence and eventually become a citizen.

If you feel you should earn citizenship then the police force is open to EU citizens. There will be a written test but if you come to live in the UK and use English speaking imageboards regularly you can pass this. It will take awhile (my military application process took a year) so you have plenty of time to get adjusted.

If you want to get citizenship in another country through military service the American military may be a better bet. The pay is worse but they take care of you and American soldiers are decent people outside of the marines.
>> No. 23685 Gazza
18th May 2016
Wednesday 9:29 pm
23685 spacer

I have 22 years old and i must waiting for that 5 years and dont want to by older for army and i heve painful in my heart when i see english citizen who have 17 years old and join to army and his guy he hes more
experience in war then my when i heve been this 27 years old

this is not stereotypes in polsih army is hard to join and second reason is you cant advance in amry when you dont heve birbe
Its good idea for my thank you for advice
Poles too do not trust Americans
anyway i dont heve any selection

>> No. 23656 Yankee
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:42 am
23656 spacer
I'm awake at 4 in the fucking noting for work. I want to come to the UK and scrounge benefits and knock up a 14 year old slutty schoolgirl and say things like "got er up the duff then idn't I lads". Send help.
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>> No. 23657 Dubya
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:44 am
23657 spacer

The morning, rather.

I've been on gs for over 5 years and as a child I watched Bend It Like Beckham on pay per view nearly 20 times to help me daydream about becoming a chat and fucking Keira Knightley. Do I qualify?
>> No. 23658 Cockernay
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:55 am
23658 spacer
>> No. 23659 Pornstar
11th February 2016
Thursday 10:05 am
23659 spacer

What if I told you I've also got chronic depression and poor social skills?
>> No. 23660 Monkey
11th February 2016
Thursday 10:49 am
23660 spacer
Lads, I think we should ban all the yanks from coming over here until we can figure out what's going on.
>> No. 23661 Britfag
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:00 pm
23661 spacer

*incoherent hollering*

>> No. 23572 Fairy
11th December 2015
Friday 8:10 pm
23572 spacer
Has anyone here ever lived abroad before or worked abroad on a work visa/working holiday visa?

I'm specifically interested in Canada, but would love to hear about other countries as well. How accepting were people? How easy was it to find work/accommodation and what jobs were available?

Also, does anybody have thoughts on BUNAC?
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>> No. 23648 Fairy
19th January 2016
Tuesday 8:56 pm
23648 spacer
I feel both of you are right. There isn't a one size fits all, so there will be rudderless people who lack purpose and need something to get up for, and there will be people who have their time eaten up by work, when they could be doing better things.

I was extremely depressed and almost a shut-in when I was a dolescum. I would have suicidal thoughts at my wasteful existence and kept thinking about the whole purpose for my existence.

I found a low-level admin job where I put files in a folder for seven hours a day, five days a week. Although I felt better, and became more outgoing, I was still clinically depressed. I still felt I lacked purpose, and I still do feel that way many times a day. My mental health started to get better when I started trying new hobbies. Obsessing over fixing my bike, and trying to fix broken TVs, remote controllers, phones that I buy off ebay for a little amount made me feel better for some reason.

So maybe, some people would prefer chopping wood, taking a break and socialising, then chopping some again and then going to bed.
>> No. 23650 Terrorist
19th January 2016
Tuesday 9:25 pm
23650 spacer
>There isn't a one size fits all, so there will be rudderless people who lack purpose and need something to get up for, and there will be people who have their time eaten up by work, when they could be doing better things.
The key benefit to having a rudder is that you are in charge of and can direct it. In that respect, someone compelled by circumstance to get up and work to subsist is still very much rudderless.

Bertrand Russell wrote with characteristic incisiveness on leisure and work, in case anyone is interested: http://harpers.org/archive/1932/10/in-praise-of-idleness/1/
>> No. 23651 Aki
19th January 2016
Tuesday 10:50 pm
23651 spacer

Is it really like that in the remote areas? I assumed it was huge and dangerous construction projects and the harsh weather conditions that were incentivized.
>> No. 23653 Britfag
20th January 2016
Wednesday 2:25 am
23653 spacer

You need rudder to maintain a constant bearing.
>> No. 23654 Britfag
20th January 2016
Wednesday 2:38 am
23654 spacer

You're confusing capitalism with an ideology that rewards innovation. Money creates the illusion of scarcity and that illusion is vital to the economy which is a Sacred Cow. We manufacture scarcity, It is created by built-to-fail components that could be made to last decades, but aren't to keep selling products cheap and in many other ways besides.

Congratulations, you've just became a political activist.

>> No. 23598 Fairy
18th January 2016
Monday 6:34 pm
23598 spacer
I don't want to sound weird or anything, but why are white people so rude? I got a job at an IT firm, and have been working there for a couple of weeks now. Today, I saw a second co-worker in the tube, and she looked me right in the eyes and ignored me.

Last week, I saw another one, and after waving at him, he looked at me for a moment and just ignored me. I asked a mate why they do these things, but he told me that people are just like that in this country. It seems very rude and very sad. Back home, if I met a workmate, we would have a chat and maybe even invite each other to our houses. But here, it is so depressing. It is so cold and weird. White people don't have a sense of community and comradery. I don't understand why.
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>> No. 23631 Britfag
19th January 2016
Tuesday 12:51 pm
23631 spacer
In the emergency pie pocket in one's jacket, obviously.
>> No. 23632 Boyo
19th January 2016
Tuesday 2:43 pm
23632 spacer
The other lad pointing out that it is in fact a sign of courtesy is on point, it's how people cope. But it is worth taking this a step further and pointing out that people generally take on the manner of the environment they are exposed to. It's not so much that Londoners, Westerners or white people are innately colder than other groups, rather we have crafted a terrible environment for ourselves wherein we have very little personal space.

Adam Smith wrote that the division of labour causes people to become 'as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become', just by virtue of having to repeat the same actions every day to earn a living. Similarly I think the increasing, unpredictable demands on our time, less accessible living space, as well as the monetisation of everything we can stick a value on, will make us as asocial, selfish and defensive as it is possible to be.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a racial or class thing, but you will notice that people of any background are forced to adopt this manner after living a certain length of time in that environment. Not because they want to, or because it's their character, but rather just to cope. There are exceptions among groups who retain a sense of community, but this is usually in spite of UK culture rather than because of it.

The building block of our society is supposed to be the family, but even these bonds are breaking down due to precarious work patterns (where working class women in particular suffer). I can't speak for everyone here, but anecdotally there's more competition between family than cooperation. I haven't even met all of my cousins, let alone built any meaningful relationships with extended family; immediate family is made to be difficult enough.
>> No. 23638 Fairy
19th January 2016
Tuesday 4:47 pm
23638 spacer

Well put.

Guess I need to find myself a decent prozzie.
>> No. 23649 Fairy
19th January 2016
Tuesday 9:15 pm
23649 spacer
I do apologise for calling it a white people issue. You guys have educated me. It must be a cultural thing.

I went into work today and I met the co-worker who ignored me, and she was friendly and cordial. I can't fault her for her behaviour, although I do find her insincere now.

I told a good friend about what had happened and he laughed at me. "Welcome to London," he said. He advised me to get really drunk with them the next time we go out or something. The thought of needing alcohol to become sincere and friendly is weird to me. In any event, I guess I leant my lesson. In Britain, work people are work people, and they should not cross over into your non-work-related life. I guess I understand why people in this country would need posters telling them about how bad loneliness is.
>> No. 23652 Wastelander
20th January 2016
Wednesday 12:18 am
23652 spacer
>The thought of needing alcohol to become sincere and friendly is weird to me.

Why else would we waste so much time and money down the boozer for?

>> No. 23529 Raoul
6th October 2015
Tuesday 9:38 am
23529 你会说中文吗?
Bit of a long shot but here goes.

Any of you fine lads speak Mandarin? I'm relearning it again and am at the most basic stages but am starting to get the swing of it.

I was wondering if anybody wanted to swap (presumably a spam or junk) email addresses and perhaps converse once or twice every few days?

I did try signing up for a few sites like interpals but if you don't respond for 13 hours a day nobody is interested and it can be frustrating. Nothing too intense, just casual messages to practice writing and reading some basic stuff.
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>> No. 23555 Britfag
16th October 2015
Friday 4:06 pm
23555 spacer
>> No. 23556 Nutfag
12th November 2015
Thursday 5:50 am
23556 spacer
>> No. 23557 Raoul
13th November 2015
Friday 2:09 pm
23557 spacer
Hello mate.

Care to speak some lingo?
>> No. 23559 Britfag
23rd November 2015
Monday 7:47 pm
23559 spacer
>No idea why I typed all this as nobody gives a fuck

Quite the contrary, lad. I thoroughly enjoyed your post!
>> No. 23560 Britfag
23rd November 2015
Monday 7:48 pm
23560 spacer
Has anyone done the Open University course in basic Chinese Mandarin? I'm interested in taking it.

>> No. 23466 Cockernay
21st September 2015
Monday 6:09 pm
23466 4chan Sold To Founder Of 2chan
>"Today I'm pleased to announce that Hiroyuki Nishimura, best known as the founder of 2channel, has taken my place as the owner of 4chan." - Moot

This has got a lot of brows raised over at The Other Place. Apparently this Japanese fellow was driven out of 2chan for being caught selling users data behind the scenes. I know a lot of us either used to or still sometimes visit 4chan, so do you think this will amount to much or will it be business as usual?

My worry is refugees, especially Indians. They'll want a designated shitting board and I don't think that'll work.
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>> No. 23524 Monkey
4th October 2015
Sunday 12:10 am
23524 spacer
>videogame journalism
Or, as it's otherwise known, journalism.
>> No. 23525 Fairy
4th October 2015
Sunday 2:39 pm
23525 spacer
I don't know mate, I used to get OPM and none of those lads exactly struck me as Woodward and/or Bernstein.
>> No. 23526 Aki
4th October 2015
Sunday 3:10 pm
23526 spacer
The full back at my local rugby club doesn't exactly strike me as a Brown or Halfpenny either.
>> No. 23527 Fairy
4th October 2015
Sunday 4:52 pm
23527 spacer
But they are at least playing the same game.
>> No. 23528 Monkey
4th October 2015
Sunday 4:57 pm
23528 spacer
You've not seen him play.

>> No. 23508 Moose
26th September 2015
Saturday 10:29 pm
23508 Murders
Recreating various outside crisis situations or not results in invisibility and speed,alters you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).They're hungrily pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world.They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning people and using the clones.Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,suffocations,draining energy,which year and world are you from?Being pulled towards the future or the past along with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with or surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked,getting into accidents or sending messages.Mind control and connected minds communicating,sensing peoples thoughts,influencing,scolding,interruptions,interference,turning people into traitorous sex fiends or idiots by getting them to look at and/or sniff something or by injecting them with something,preparing them for what's happening now and after (animalism),your suspicious,nature's,etc examples,stuck in this nest.They're waking people up again and again and people are waking up in this place and they're causing other sleeping problems and deaths,picking,poking,prodding,digging people with medical instruments,sometimes reviving people and bringing them out to court.The TV creeps and others are accusing people of being criminals and others in a past life,threatening,insulting and bothering people about what they are doing,saying and their thoughts,maybe they´ll reach through the screen and your reality show from this world,concluding the experiments and cleaning the cages.
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>> No. 23509 Porridgewog
26th September 2015
Saturday 10:30 pm
23509 spacer
Paragraphs and spaces after punctuation, please.
>> No. 23510 Boyo
26th September 2015
Saturday 10:32 pm
23510 spacer

what the fuck am i reading.jpg

>> No. 23511 Wastelander
27th September 2015
Sunday 12:00 am
23511 spacer
Hello Emily, how are you?

>> No. 23331 Bulba
26th June 2015
Friday 6:34 pm
23331 The voice of /zoo/
Thought it was time to revive the old reading thread.

Pick up your mics, lads! Choose whatever you want in any language and record yourself reading it (or singing, if you're so inclined).

To start things off, here's my attempt at dramatic reading of a NY Times article from a while back.

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>> No. 23332 Britfag
26th June 2015
Friday 7:38 pm
23332 spacer
I'm loving the chief on the radio.
>> No. 23333 Britfag
26th June 2015
Friday 7:43 pm
23333 spacer
Finished now. That whole thing was great.
>> No. 23334 Cockernay
27th June 2015
Saturday 12:17 am
23334 spacer
What's all this bitcoin nonsense.
>> No. 23335 Bulba
27th June 2015
Saturday 10:52 am
23335 spacer
Don't mind that, just something I like to take the piss out of from time to time.
I'm moving flats right now, but promise to record something exclusive for the thread when things settle.
>> No. 23465 Bulba
19th September 2015
Saturday 5:47 pm
23465 spacer
Meant to post it a month ago, but something must have gone wrong with mp3 uploading here.


My reading of Burns' To a Mouse in a horrendous Scottish accent.

>> No. 23444 Gasthief
3rd September 2015
Thursday 11:21 am
23444 Doomed
>TFW it's easier to become an illegal immigrant and claim welfare than to get a student visa to study STEM
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>> No. 23458 Cockernay
4th September 2015
Friday 11:26 pm
23458 spacer

If any post needed a wooosh, it was this one.
>> No. 23460 Cockernay
5th September 2015
Saturday 9:33 am
23460 spacer
Give the poor lad a break. He's obviously only capable of thinking in green text.
>> No. 23461 Raoul
5th September 2015
Saturday 1:57 pm
23461 spacer
The state of that flag. It needed burning
>> No. 23462 AnonFromHK
6th September 2015
Sunday 9:55 am
23462 spacer

Into a canal?
>> No. 23463 Raoul
6th September 2015
Sunday 1:05 pm
23463 spacer
Seriously. Did they paint that themselves? A for enthusiasm, I suppose but a C- at best for accuracy.

>> No. 23436 Buddha
22nd August 2015
Saturday 7:46 pm
23436 Asian hip-hop.

1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 23439 Aki
22nd August 2015
Saturday 8:29 pm
23439 spacer
Yes, it will put you on YouTube's list of people who listened to what I presume to be reasonably decent Asian hip-hop.
>> No. 23440 Porridgewog
22nd August 2015
Saturday 8:34 pm
23440 spacer
yesss bruv
>> No. 23441 Wastelander
22nd August 2015
Saturday 8:55 pm
23441 spacer

The guy in the thumbnail is a Sikh, you fanny.
>> No. 23442 Britfag
22nd August 2015
Saturday 9:56 pm
23442 spacer
The black okay is okay, but I don't know what the hairy one.
>> No. 23443 Britfag
22nd August 2015
Saturday 9:57 pm
23443 spacer
Like there's a difference.

>> No. 23430 Britfag
19th August 2015
Wednesday 5:52 am
23430 spacer
Someone translate this. Also the bear shits himself @ 1:14 or something.

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>> No. 23432 Vodkafag
19th August 2015
Wednesday 12:22 pm
23432 spacer

Hunters drive over bear at night, ostensibly by mistake. Could happen to anyone. They then eloquently ponder whether or not to cut it's throat with a knife, finish it off by smashing their car into it, or whether to stick something up it's ass. As the bear escapes they repeatedly scream 'what the fuck' and the woman cries 'mother'.

What a country.
>> No. 23433 Cockernay
19th August 2015
Wednesday 1:38 pm
23433 spacer
What an animal. They hit with a car and it just tries to eat the damn thing.
>> No. 23434 Bulba
19th August 2015
Wednesday 2:48 pm
23434 spacer
They've probably hit the bear on the road and then tried to put it out of misery with their car several times to no awail. One of the blokes insists on killing the bear and asks for a knife to complete the job. Others try to talk him out of it because it's dangerous. Nothing particularly funny.
>> No. 23435 Britfag
19th August 2015
Wednesday 9:39 pm
23435 spacer
Not funny? I locked my jaw laughing and had to go A&E.

>> No. 23315 Fairy
22nd June 2015
Monday 6:40 pm
23315 spacer
Not sure if this is /iq/ or /zoo/ related but here's a satirical guide on the history of Germany. Please enjoy

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>> No. 23389 Fairy
2nd July 2015
Thursday 1:00 am
23389 spacer
Do we still get German posters around these parts or are they banned from here?
>> No. 23390 Britfag
2nd July 2015
Thursday 1:06 am
23390 spacer
They've recently been allowed back in.
>> No. 23428 Kraut
18th August 2015
Tuesday 6:43 pm
23428 spacer

And I thought britfa.gs had just died.
>> No. 23429 Fairy
18th August 2015
Tuesday 9:53 pm
23429 spacer
We really ought to get some decent error documents.

George R. R. Martin on the set of Game of Thrones .jpg
>> No. 23307 Fairy
20th June 2015
Saturday 10:43 pm
23307 spacer
What country do you think has the most interesting folklore or myths?
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>> No. 23391 AnonFromRO
8th July 2015
Wednesday 1:37 pm
23391 spacer
Japan. Celtic mythology also is interesting.
>> No. 23392 Buddha
8th July 2015
Wednesday 1:45 pm
23392 spacer
>> No. 23393 Bulba
9th July 2015
Thursday 3:49 pm
23393 spacer
The US. Simply because of how young their urban mythology is.
>> No. 23417 Wastelander
1st August 2015
Saturday 9:58 pm
23417 spacer

Kalevala. Is all.
>> No. 23421 AnonFromFI
6th August 2015
Thursday 8:38 pm
23421 spacer

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