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Subject   (new thread)
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comunism flag of poland.png
>> No. 23878 Raoul
2nd September 2016
Friday 4:53 pm
23878 spacer
that buthurt about russian you need eat fish and chips lad to calm down xD
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>> No. 23879 Britfag
3rd September 2016
Saturday 10:16 am
23879 spacer

What else would we eat, as proud Brits? None of your Pickled gherkin muck, that's for sure.
>> No. 23880 Britfag
3rd September 2016
Saturday 9:03 pm
23880 spacer

Stupid American shit like MuckDonalds.

Must be difficult getting a decent curry in Russkiland though.

>> No. 23876 Gasthief
31st August 2016
Wednesday 7:59 am
23876 spacer

>> No. 23872 Gasthief
29th August 2016
Monday 10:58 pm
23872 spacer

White. Agnostic. Nuclear.
All non-whites deported. Russians are not white.
All religions banned. Northern/slavic paganism stayed like culture legacy, not religion.
Nuclear weapon to dominate the world. Not expansion, but strongly white domination.
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>> No. 23873 Cockernay
29th August 2016
Monday 11:55 pm
23873 spacer
um ok
>> No. 23875 Gazza
30th August 2016
Tuesday 2:09 am
23875 spacer


Semitic. Monotheistic. Green.
All polytheists deported. Ancient Egyptians are not monotheistic.
All nuclear weapons banned. Islamic like culture legacy, not religion.
The word of god to dominate the world. Not expansion, but strongly monotheistic domination.

>> No. 23867 Britfag
23rd August 2016
Tuesday 10:40 pm
23867 German people to be told to be prepared
>Germany may reintroduce a form of national service for civilians to help the army deal with a future disaster. The role of civilians is part of a new civil defence strategy to be discussed by the government on Wednesday. Since the strategy was leaked to the media there has been intense debate about stockpiling food and water.

>The government said a national disaster was "unlikely" but preparations were needed in case of a future terror attack or "hybrid" conflict involving cyber warfare, which could damage key infrastructure.

>The new civil defence plan includes advice for citizens to store enough food to last 10 days, because emergency services might be fully stretched dealing with a major disaster. On drinking water, the advice is to stockpile five days' supply - two litres (3.5 pints) per person daily.

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>> No. 23868 Boyo
23rd August 2016
Tuesday 11:52 pm
23868 spacer
>10 days

>> No. 23862 Gasthief
17th August 2016
Wednesday 12:59 pm
23862 spacer
russia must be divided on 30-40 independent states. or we will have nuclear war in 10 years
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>> No. 23863 Britfag
17th August 2016
Wednesday 3:32 pm
23863 spacer

Why do you say that? I always thought World War III would start by ISIS getting the Nukes the US have in Turkey, or Turkey ending up becoming a Shia caliphate and stealing them.

>> No. 23772 AnonFromKG
26th July 2016
Tuesday 7:06 pm
23772 spacer
I have a hard time making out what people with British accents say 70% of the time. I can't help it. I can perfectly understand the thickest Southern American accent, but when I hear a Brit speak my brain goes "What? Say again? You did what?". I'm talking about movies/tv shows here, British ones being the only ones I watch with subtitles. I'm really afraid of embarrassing myself in a real life conversation with a British person.
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>> No. 23846 Britfag
13th August 2016
Saturday 7:53 pm
23846 spacer
It's like reading white noise.

I quite like it.
>> No. 23849 Raoul
13th August 2016
Saturday 8:20 pm
23849 spacer
It reminds me of a divination shell script I made that chopped up IRC logs to make predictions.
>> No. 23850 Gasthief
13th August 2016
Saturday 9:27 pm
23850 spacer

...all I can say.
>> No. 23851 Cockernay
13th August 2016
Saturday 10:15 pm
23851 spacer

>>23846 >>23849 >>23850

OH MARVELS a Briton what does the haughty sneerings. Whatever next? GAH AWN LAD do us proud. Accuse me of masturbation, for example. No, wait, I know.. medieval archery bantz? Hmm, bit rich. Ah. Now. Feel like a proper
for coming on here, reading what little you could make out, then.. having an opinion.
Feel better now? Glad to help. And now go have a good hard thinkie about why pages like this work, how snide, clumsy mannerisms like that make you the Mister Bean of Europe (no, wait..) and probably got you ginger fanny beaten up in school.

Slow night, yeah?
>> No. 23852 Cockernay
14th August 2016
Sunday 11:34 am
23852 spacer
Ah mate. I like you. I wish I could unleash this sort of madness online still, brain doesn't seem to wanna have it though, all fuckered up and slowed down by the years of abuse and chemicals. Can't do the loose highly associative stuff like I used too, reminds me of older internet haunts.

Keep it up you mad cunt.

>> No. 23836 Gasthief
11th August 2016
Thursday 9:27 pm
23836 spacer
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>> No. 23837 Cockernay
11th August 2016
Thursday 9:30 pm
23837 spacer
Your Half Life symbol is upside downski.

>> No. 23825 Trotsky
8th August 2016
Monday 9:22 am
23825 spacer
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>> No. 23827 Boyo
8th August 2016
Monday 4:29 pm
23827 spacer
>> No. 23828 Raoul
8th August 2016
Monday 4:53 pm
23828 spacer

I liked it better the second time.
>> No. 23831 Raoul
9th August 2016
Tuesday 12:53 pm
23831 spacer
Christ Russia is a depressing and desolate place.
>> No. 23835 Gasthief
10th August 2016
Wednesday 9:53 pm
23835 spacer


>> No. 23805 Gasthief
4th August 2016
Thursday 10:04 pm
23805 spacer
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>> No. 23814 Gazza
5th August 2016
Friday 6:41 am
23814 spacer
I like it. What the hell is it about?
>> No. 23817 Gasthief
5th August 2016
Friday 1:45 pm
23817 spacer
>> No. 23826 Gasthief
8th August 2016
Monday 10:18 am
23826 spacer
>> No. 23834 Gasthief
10th August 2016
Wednesday 9:53 pm
23834 spacer


>> No. 23807 Gasthief
4th August 2016
Thursday 10:06 pm
23807 spacer
Kiedy rosyjska powrotu polski Królewiec?
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>> No. 23811 Gasthief
4th August 2016
Thursday 10:10 pm
23811 spacer


>> No. 23813 Aki
4th August 2016
Thursday 10:36 pm
23813 spacer
Fuck me mate you mangled that properly.

Wypierdalaj dupku...
>> No. 23818 Gasthief
5th August 2016
Friday 11:38 pm
23818 spacer


>> No. 23819 Gasthief
5th August 2016
Friday 11:39 pm
23819 spacer


>> No. 23833 Gasthief
10th August 2016
Wednesday 4:24 pm
23833 spacer
russians must return this city to Poland

>> No. 23830 Monkey
9th August 2016
Tuesday 3:01 am
23830 Jan Paweł Druggie
"Jan Paweł drugi zajebał mi szlugi"
Meaning the pope stole my fags, or so goes a famous Polish saying.
I've always taken it as a joke, a tool to fill my repertoire against the self-claimed True Polish Patriots on the Internets, who tend to get butthurt about those kind of things.
However, last semester I found out it was never meant to be a joke.
Me and my friend were getting a takeaway. It was in the UK and on a uni campus, and that per se should make it a relatively safe activity.
However, as we entered the store my friend began to frantically search his pockets. He asked me if I, by any chance, haven't seen his fags. He said he's only smoked one out of the pack so he couldn't possibly have just thrown them away.
That's when it hit me.
Had I not turned around and saw the pope and had I not swung a stool at him with all the might my body could physically exert, we might have not had returned home that day.
The pope cried out with a sound so alien and terrifying both of us froze in place. That's when he saw his opening and rushed to the exit. As he stood in the doorway he took out a fag from the stolen pack, looked directly in my friend's eyes and took a puff. Slowly, he turned around and walked outside, vanishing in the thick night mist.
There were no other customers and the staff was in the back room at the time so we were the only ones who witnessed it.
Since then another similar incident had happened, but that's a story for another time...
This cannot go on. The monster has to be stopped.
Send help.
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>> No. 23832 Gasthief
10th August 2016
Wednesday 11:12 am
23832 spacer
good story dude !!!

>> No. 23799 Stalin
29th July 2016
Friday 6:59 pm
23799 spacer
What are the benefits from the British? How much money you need at least a month of life?

I am a student of the Russian Federation. My allowance per month 121 USD. And I live for them, I can not find a job.

9 $ - to rent a room in the campus
3 $ - business lunch
0.5 $ - bread
4 $ - a kilo of meat
1 $ - a kilogram of potatoes
4.5 $ - cinema
7.5 $ - vodka
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>> No. 23800 Wastelander
29th July 2016
Friday 7:04 pm
23800 spacer
I just finished being a student. My rent was £420/month, I would spend about £30 per week on food (I'd buy a load of veg, meat, cheese from the market and get carb stuff from the supermarket generally, usually rice and lentils).

I don't know anyone who goes to the cinema here anymore, it's just not worth it - you sit through 20 minutes of adverts to see a film you don't know if you'll enjoy or not and pay £8-10 for the privilege.
>> No. 23801 Rasputin
29th July 2016
Friday 7:16 pm
23801 spacer
Rent an apartment on average in Moscow $ 400 - $ 500
But kapuse much cheaper.

Internet at a speed of 100 Mb/s worth from $ 5 to 10, depending on the tariff.

300 minutes of talk time on a mobile stand 4.5$
>> No. 23802 Raoul
29th July 2016
Friday 7:20 pm
23802 spacer
My net take home pay is in the region of £1,800 per month, which includes pension, private medical, critical illness and student loan.

My mortgage is £680 per month and I've life cover of £10 per month. To be honest I've no idea how much any of the bills are because I leave it to my other half as she's very savvy and our broadband for the past year only cost around £30 in total because of using Top CashBack. All I know is that it's enough to raise three kids (also my other half while she 'takes a year or two out' to spend time with the baby) and have a surplus of around £200 per month without being frugal.

>I don't know anyone who goes to the cinema here anymore, it's just not worth it - you sit through 20 minutes of adverts to see a film you don't know if you'll enjoy or not and pay £8-10 for the privilege.

I only take my kids to the 10am showings on the weekend because they're around £2 a ticket.
>> No. 23803 Wastelander
29th July 2016
Friday 8:11 pm
23803 spacer
So you're running a family of 3 on £900 a month?

I'm the lad in the other thread fretting about my first job and I'll have about £600 to myself after rent, loan repayment (not student finance) and travel expenses and I'm shitting myself. Maybe I'm worrying too much.
>> No. 23804 Raoul
29th July 2016
Friday 8:35 pm
23804 spacer
>So you're running a family of 3 on £900 a month?

Sounds like it. Probably helps that I live in Yorkshire.

>> No. 23706 Cockernay
3rd June 2016
Friday 5:42 pm
23706 spacer

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>> No. 23707 Fairy
4th June 2016
Saturday 1:26 am
23707 spacer
I think they actually started here.
>> No. 23708 Britfag
4th June 2016
Saturday 1:35 am
23708 spacer

Krautchan didn't but /int/ was originally /UK/, a refugee board for posters after the demise of britchan. Who said the Germans are that useless?

Dergeneral is a cunt by the way.
>> No. 23751 Lenin
28th June 2016
Tuesday 1:35 pm
23751 spacer
>after the demise of britchan.
Epic win of mentach:3

>> No. 23710 Kraut
24th June 2016
Friday 11:13 am
23710 spacer
congratulations on the brexit

t. germ
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>> No. 23713 Kraut
25th June 2016
Saturday 6:19 am
23713 spacer

Are you fucking kidding us?
>> No. 23714 Britfag
25th June 2016
Saturday 6:31 am
23714 spacer

But that doesn't tell you actually how many people were searching that term, or who was searching it. It's just the number 2 question on the EU typed into Google, hardly proof that leave voters didn't know their arse from their elbow. Well, no more than most of the electorate anyway.
>> No. 23715 Nutfag
25th June 2016
Saturday 6:44 am
23715 spacer

Sense? On are post-2012 britfa???? Nevaaa
>> No. 23716 Wastelander
25th June 2016
Saturday 9:05 am
23716 spacer
Is it really surprising that that is the top search term?
>> No. 23749 Rasputin
28th June 2016
Tuesday 11:17 am
23749 spacer

just as planned.jpg
I second this

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