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>> No. 20571 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 6:42 am
20571 spacer


Having seen the brilliance which was the Lego Movie, this is easily my most anticipated film of the next n years. I think if I go to the cinema twice in the next 18 months, one will be this and the other will be the star wars spin off.
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>> No. 20574 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 2:55 pm
20574 spacer
I haven't seen the first one yet, but that certainly does seem entertaining.
>> No. 20575 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 4:14 pm
20575 spacer
Have we got a release date? Thanks for bringing this to my attention OP.
>> No. 20576 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 4:59 pm
20576 spacer
Not until 2017.

There's another trailer if you're interested but it's not as good.


It was probably the most intense film I've ever seen. I really liked all the little bits in that film, using the flame lego block for flames when they could've just done shitty CGI fire as movies like this tend to. I see they've made water actual water in this trailer when it was blue blocks in the original, don't know if that's a full scale design change or just a partial one.

Do so.
>> No. 20577 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 5:37 pm
20577 spacer
I enjoyed the Lego Movie, but it's no A Town Called Panic.
>> No. 20578 Anonymous
2nd April 2016
Saturday 4:34 am
20578 spacer

They dubbed some of the TV show, the voice acting is disappointing, steven doesn't yell nearly enough.

>> No. 20371 Anonymous
12th February 2016
Friday 7:23 pm
20371 Engineering/Corporate Videos
I'm quite interested in watching promotional videos of manufacturing companies, mainly for education/general interest, but I occasionally stumble across gems which are somehow just hilariously bad.

Please share anything you have which falls into any of these categories, either interesting or comical.

This is one of my favourites, mainly due to the exciting script and expert narration.

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>> No. 20553 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 7:42 pm
20553 spacer
This has become my new favourite thread.
>> No. 20556 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 2:06 am
20556 spacer
This British Leyland film on "quality" has a certain tragicomic charm.

>> No. 20559 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 7:29 pm
20559 spacer

George A Cooper 1.jpg

I thought I recognised him somewhere.
>> No. 20564 Anonymous
25th March 2016
Friday 12:20 am
20564 spacer

Your embed didn't work.
>> No. 20565 Anonymous
25th March 2016
Friday 12:25 am
20565 spacer
Bloody awful.
I blame the wine


>> No. 20520 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 8:39 pm
20520 spacer
>Indiana Jones will return to the big screen on July 19, 2019, for a fifth epic adventure in the blockbuster series. Steven Spielberg, who directed all four previous films, will helm the as-yet-untitled project with star Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role.

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>> No. 20538 Anonymous
16th March 2016
Wednesday 10:23 pm
20538 spacer

On a related note, the rest of this movie might be terrible but this is one of my favorite lines in cinema.

>> No. 20540 Anonymous
17th March 2016
Thursday 1:55 pm
20540 spacer
Yet another adaptation that made me wonder why it was so thoroughly mediocre. Granted it wasn't has horrible as Max Payne, which came out around the same time and really was unwatchable shite. Both of them seem like they should be easy given the source material, though - one's Aladdin and the other's a gritty detective noir, it's not like this is unexplored territory for Hollywood. I wasn't expecting that much, but they failed anyway, and that's just slightly pathetic, somehow.

I have a soft spot for the first Mortal Kombat, it wasn't that great as kung fu movies go but I've watched plenty worse.

All good points. It's a bit like the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, in that both films would likewise be doomed to failure, but I'd still be curious to see what Abrams would do with either, with a decent budget.
>> No. 20541 Anonymous
17th March 2016
Thursday 2:06 pm
20541 spacer
Never mind the line. Raul Julia's Bison is the most ridiculously megalomaniacal character in cinema. I love him.
>> No. 20560 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 10:46 am
20560 spacer

>If you look at Half Life and it's storyline out of context, it's total schlock. Military base gets invaded by aliens, unassuming everyman turned action badass saves the day, while a mysterious and intriguing interloper looks on... It's far from groundbreaking originality, right? It's just a big soup of 90s sci-fi and pop-conspiracy tropes.

You've just removed everything special about it and said 'Look, it's not special'.
>> No. 20561 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 12:20 pm
20561 spacer

What made half life special was it's storytelling, and not being afraid to slow right the fuck down for the odd puzzle.

Storytelling isn't groundbreaking in film, and you don't have the interactive quality to do puzzles.

What else is it that you think makes it 'special'?

>> No. 20422 Anonymous
3rd March 2016
Thursday 4:15 pm
20422 I ain't afraid of no ghost
New Ghostbusters trailer

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>> No. 20463 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 1:40 pm
20463 spacer
I guess the only way to minimise the damage is to buy a ticket but not actually sit through it.
>> No. 20464 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 3:58 pm
20464 spacer
What has me confused about all of this is what the hell Sony thinks it is doing. It wasn't even a year ago that they did Fantastic Four and well...remember this:


The film bombed and so will Ghostbusters. Next one to bomb is looking like a reboot and sequel of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo without Daniel Craig and allegedly without Rooney Mara either (if another spiderman movie doesn't get released first: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/spider-man-spinoff-venom-revived-872844).

Does Sony not like money or is this just a cynical game of keeping the rights to franchises while at the same time changing around parts to address the criticism they got for rebooting Spiderman franchise so soon?
>> No. 20465 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 4:16 pm
20465 spacer
To be fair, the Fantastic Four reboot being shit was due to trying too hard. The writer/director wanted to do a body-horror relatively serious sci-fi movie based on Fantastic Four, making a big deal about the weirdness of going into space and coming back elastic or invisible or capable of bursting into flames or being made of rock. Sony wanted to do a more marketable family movie with the familiar elements of the Fantastic Four, with the jumpsuits and saving New York from Doctor Doom with their wacky powers.

The result was a cast that wasn't close enough to classic FF due to being too young or having slightly different backgrounds, but the action was done in such a way that was too comic book movie-ish to be a gritty sci-fi horror, and the writing was too dry and SFish for a successful comic book blockbuster, but the comic's "Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Woman fight Viktor Von Doom" plot meant it couldn't be taken seriously as a proper work of SF.

Ghostbusters reboot looks bad because of how lazy it is. Cast popular female comic actors whose characters appear to be analogues of the original Ghostbusters crew, and just stick to the established formula the originals had.
>> No. 20466 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 5:38 pm
20466 spacer
>Does Sony not like money

Aren't they the ones who keep making Adam Sandler films?
>> No. 20467 Anonymous
5th March 2016
Saturday 6:22 pm
20467 spacer
How about if I see it but don't pay for a ticket?

>> No. 20271 Anonymous
29th December 2015
Tuesday 10:10 pm
20271 New X-Files series!!!


Less than 4 weeks to go lads. Anyone else excited?
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>> No. 20282 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 2:56 am
20282 spacer
It's looking quite good from the teasers and trailers so far.
>> No. 20448 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 5:44 pm
20448 spacer
So did anyone else watch it? Or just me?
>> No. 20450 Anonymous
4th March 2016
Friday 7:21 pm
20450 spacer
I watched the first two episodes, I remember bits from the first. It had Jeff from Community playing some sort of billionaire version of that angry fat radio DJ.

>> No. 20403 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 8:42 pm
20403 spacer
Posting this in /v/ because I just watched Pro Green's Hidden and Homeless documentary, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any documentaries or any other resources that talk about the homeless experience, particularly in non-anglosphere countries.
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>> No. 20408 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 10:59 pm
20408 spacer


Fair warning: I found this is pretty hard to watch. It follow homeless Romanian street kids, many of whom are addicted to huffing solvents. It gets pretty Lord of the Flies at times.
>> No. 20410 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 11:50 pm
20410 spacer

Here's a more recent film about Romanian street kids. The orphans of Ceausescu have had children of their own and they are even more dysfunctional. Some have taken to living in abandoned tunnels under the streets of Bucharest. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

>> No. 20414 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 7:00 pm
20414 spacer
Cheers. Is there an extended version of that second one?
I found these two series about Japan.


>> No. 20417 Anonymous
16th February 2016
Tuesday 9:46 pm
20417 spacer


>> No. 20398 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 4:46 pm
20398 animals
This show is a lot like Monkey Dust in the way the city feels but it's not quite the same. Totally watchable if you're bored but not worth going out of your way for.

>> No. 20315 Anonymous
30th January 2016
Saturday 11:18 pm
20315 What to Buy and Why
This is pretty good ironing board TV (the TV you stick on while doing the ironing). Basically it's a fruity, grossly unscientific version of Which? magazine with a funky pop backing.

The 'inside tips' from the florists and whatnot are cool though. For example, I now know how to use a nail brush, a pair of rights and some cheap nail varnish to make old shoes look good.


Healy's pretty cute flouncing around too.
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>> No. 20316 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 1:02 am
20316 spacer

Health and safety gone mad.

>> No. 20310 Anonymous
23rd January 2016
Saturday 12:18 pm
20310 spacer
So now that this has been broadcast, how is that ticket tout twat and fag smuggler not arrested?


>> No. 20305 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 12:48 pm
20305 spacer
I'm not normally a man for period dramas but the episode last night had me tearing up like a schoolgirl. Would anyone be able to tell me what song was being played at the end?
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>> No. 20307 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 4:56 pm
20307 spacer
They've really got just how annoying, bumbling and naive Pierre should be down to a tee, which is something I quite like. That 10hr Soviet film version of it featuring Sergei Bondarchuk as Pierre and directing etc. honestly made him come across as a monumental ham.

They've gotten the understated charm and humour of Denisov spot on too.
>> No. 20308 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 5:53 pm
20308 spacer
>I have a distinct feeling that most if not all of the music in this series was composed and recorded for purpose

This is what I have been fearing. You can find the theme on youtube but this might be one of those tracks I'm never going to have.

>What are you thinking of the series so far?

I've not read the book but I'm loving it so far. That Dolokhov is an absolute scoundrel and the cast have all done a great job in my mind which is helped by having so many experienced actors on hand.
>> No. 20309 Anonymous
20th January 2016
Wednesday 7:35 am
20309 spacer

>period dramas

I enjoyed The Scandalous Lady W, which was on over Christmas and should still be on iPlayer, although I've been driving my other half up the wall since because I can't stop saying 'quim' now. I think it's the first time I've heard the word since I was about 14.
>> No. 20347 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:49 pm
20347 spacer
The whole thing was excellent. It's been years since I read it, but from what I remember, everyone seems to have done their research in terms of characters, very accurate portrayals all around.

I was hoping they'd stretch it out longer, to be honest, but I don't suppose the Beeb could justify a 20 odd episode stretch.

Also, I'm fully in love with Lily James. Christ alive.
>> No. 20348 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 10:10 pm
20348 spacer
War and Peace was great. There was a turkey episode (can't remember if it was 3 or 4) that was just Russians flouncing around being spoilt twats, but most of them were very good.

The ending definitely tailed off disappointingly, though. I presume the serialised novel did also, when Tolstoy decided he'd got enough roubles per word.

I just can't stand that woman's face and voice.

>> No. 19843 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 2:33 am
19843 spacer
A lad here once posted a video on how cans for fizzy drinks were made. Since then I have been trying to find good videos on how things are made.

While watching these videos, I realised why I liked them so much. Aside from learning how to make things, they are very therapeutic. So much so that I tested my blood pressure and heart rate many times over. These videos lower my blood pressure and heart rate without fail. I know it sounds stupid and weird, and I don't understand fully why this happens at all.

While on this journey to find things I like, my tastes became more refined. I really enjoy videos showing the whole process (speeding up on tedious areas), with close to zero talking person in the shot, etc.

Have one I watched today;


And if you have good ones like the one above, please share.
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>> No. 20123 Anonymous
12th December 2015
Saturday 5:58 pm
20123 spacer


Can we rename /zoo/ to Dildo factory?
>> No. 20124 Anonymous
12th December 2015
Saturday 6:04 pm
20124 spacer
That was great, I wonder how much he charged for that commission, because that looked like a lot of work. A lot more then you would think without seeing that video.
>> No. 20125 Anonymous
12th December 2015
Saturday 8:59 pm
20125 spacer
This channel, has loads of videos of various fantasy weapons being made, this is one of the more impressive ones due to using completely traditional materials. Down to smelting the iron ore to make steel.

>> No. 20126 Anonymous
13th December 2015
Sunday 7:27 am
20126 spacer
I don't know about that particular sword, but in a Q&A video he mentioned that generally it's somewhere between $1000-$2000.
>> No. 20304 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 12:47 am
20304 spacer


Maybe this might be of interest.

>> No. 20257 Anonymous
29th December 2015
Tuesday 11:59 am
20257 spacer
Who is your role model from television and film?

I've read how boring women will adopt their social expectations on the tv soaps they watch and it certainly explains how anime fans are the way they are. Seeing as how people spend so much time watching television these days its logical to assume that our social expectations are largely provided in this way which seems to me to be harmful as you either have as the main character:

1. The awkward nerdy guy
2. The indie movie social outcast

I'm wondering if there are certain shows that are good for you personality wise -like a guy who works hard and performs well in social situations. Think about it.
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>> No. 20299 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 11:30 am
20299 spacer
>> No. 20300 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 7:49 pm
20300 spacer

How do I get his job? Well, the real life version of the fiction he portrayed.
>> No. 20301 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 8:57 pm
20301 spacer
There's no such thing as Time Lords lad.
>> No. 20302 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 9:46 pm
20302 spacer
French Foreign Legion perhaps?
>> No. 20303 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 9:53 pm
20303 spacer

Join the civil service would be a good start.

the expanse.jpg
>> No. 20128 Anonymous
16th December 2015
Wednesday 10:05 am
20128 The Expanse
Any of you lads watching this? I was cautiously optimistic after watching the pilot, but after watching episodes 2 through 4, it just keeps getting better and better. The atmosphere and the world building are fantastic, the characters are interesting and the cast that's playing them is pretty good, and the story so far has got me hooked.

It's great to finally see some legitimately good sci-fi after all these years.
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>> No. 20129 Anonymous
16th December 2015
Wednesday 10:35 am
20129 spacer
>It's great to finally see some legitimately good sci-fi after all these years.
How badly do you think the new Star Trek is going to suck?

Even though I know it's going to be terrible I'm still looking forward to it.

>> No. 20116 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 2:23 am
20116 spacer

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>> No. 20117 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 2:29 am
20117 spacer

Posting videos without a talking point is borderline spam on /iq/, never mind on /v/. Use your words, m8.
>> No. 20118 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 3:44 am
20118 spacer
Okay mate.

Well it is a short video of Sam Keen (an American philosopher lad who keeps talking about boring things like religion, who we are and understanding our emtions) discussing how we portray enemies, how we portray ourselves, and the steps we take to reach a final decision that killing millions of people is okay because they are rats, etc.

In light of recent events, I think it is a good watch over a late night snack.
>> No. 20119 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 6:19 am
20119 spacer
I value myself and my countrymen much higher than others.

All I need.
>> No. 20120 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 9:48 am
20120 spacer
Seems to be working then.

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