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>> No. 19947 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 11:47 pm
19947 spacer

So what did you think, lads?
At least Lol's still got a nice arse
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>> No. 19948 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 12:00 am
19948 spacer
No she doesn't.

Why does my Adobe Flash plugin keep crashing.
>> No. 19949 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 12:01 am
19949 spacer
Just love this series so much. Besides the drama and characters, it's such a superb insight into that era and culture, without it being pretentious or overtly self-aware that it's doing so.

Glad it's going to be the last one, as a never ending series always turns bad.
>> No. 19950 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 1:39 am
19950 spacer
Like >>19949 I have some pretty strong appreciation for the film and past series, but I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by the first episode. The dialogue and interaction between the characters doesn't feel as natural and understated as it has in the past series, which for me was one of the most winning attributes of Meadows' direction. Hopefully this lukewarm episode is just because it's the first act to get us refamiliarised with the gang and geared up for the oncoming Shane Meadows Emotional Mangletm. Eagerly awaiting the rest to see where their story ends.
>> No. 19951 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 6:51 am
19951 spacer
>Eagerly awaiting the rest to see where their story ends.

At a guess, someone gets raped, someone overdoses, someone dies, someone has a fight and Stephen Graham shows up for 5 minutes.
>> No. 19952 Anonymous
15th September 2015
Tuesday 8:01 am
19952 spacer
>geared up for the oncoming Shane Meadows Emotional Mangletm

No doubt, prepare to have your emotions molested and have a box of kleenex ready.

>> No. 19921 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 10:58 pm
19921 spacer
Freddy Flintoff is a fucking awful presenter, and the middle class posho liberal twat dropped out within half an hour.
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>> No. 19925 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 4:40 pm
19925 spacer

Lists need commas, thicko!


To be fair to the semi-literate OP, I don't think he was trying to keep it a secret.
>> No. 19926 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 5:11 pm
19926 spacer
Well, you knew didn't you?
>> No. 19927 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 5:18 pm
19927 spacer
After trawling extensively Google and subsequently Twitter, yes, I was able to find out.

I think he did. I bet he wanted to roleplay with all the other wannabe secret agent / action man types.
>> No. 19928 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 5:41 pm
19928 spacer
Whatever gave you that impression?

Why on earth is everyone here such awful people?
>> No. 19930 Anonymous
3rd September 2015
Thursday 12:14 am
19930 spacer
If you want to roleplay as someone having a teary in response to my BANTER, that's your choice, but it's not particularly relevant to the OP.

>> No. 19916 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 5:50 am
19916 Very British Car Crashes


Also, does anyone know what the intro music is?
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>> No. 19917 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 8:34 am
19917 spacer

>> No. 19918 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 11:35 am
19918 spacer
I never realised that lorry drivers had such a hard time. I'll try to be less cuntish to them.
>> No. 19919 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 1:59 pm
19919 spacer
Thanks mate.

>> No. 19624 Anonymous
7th June 2015
Sunday 9:52 pm
19624 Mr Robot

This might appeal to some of you. It appeals to me.
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>> No. 19911 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 12:35 pm
19911 spacer
They can't pull a Fight Club now, they just fucking can't! None of this makes sense! FUCK!
>> No. 19912 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 12:56 pm
19912 spacer
I had to quit this show after episode 5. This autistic edgy hacker just doesn't click with me. Things that also don't click with me: forced symbolism, ultra-cliched Swedish bloke, all other characters that I can't even remember by name. No one is fleshed out to any capacity, apart from maybe Slater, but his not-Anonymous not-Guy Fawkes monologues are complete drivel, too.
>> No. 19913 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 5:10 pm
19913 spacer
You missed the best shite then mate. He teams up with the Swedish bloke and they go on a rampage at ECorp killing so many people like the Columbine kids. It was so awesome.
>> No. 19914 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 7:31 pm
19914 spacer

I very much doubt he missed much.
>> No. 19915 Anonymous
22nd August 2015
Saturday 2:01 am
19915 spacer
Urrrrrggghhhh capitalism is eeeevvviiiiill.

Horrendous. But I enjoyed it for the telly.

>> No. 19874 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 2:14 pm
19874 spacer


Why can't we have militias or just private training like this in England? It is annoying because to do these things I would have to go America or eastern Europe.
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>> No. 19895 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 9:18 pm
19895 spacer
You what? Look mate, stop shitting up my thread.
>> No. 19899 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 9:38 pm
19899 spacer

Once you post it, it's no longer yours; it belongs to the Zeitgeist of the site. Such is the nature of imageboards.

You posted this in /v/, when the topic of national militias is more of a political one and you're moaning people aren't taking your thread seriously after you've already exhausted any and all avenues of discussion about this topic in the first 10 posts and dismissed them offhandedly.

No. Have a word with yourself. Simon is a state of mind.
>> No. 19903 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 12:33 am
19903 spacer
Offhandedly? Mate I don't want to get deployed and I don't want to shoot clay pigeons. So far, the only thing I can do is probably join the TA and quit after my training before I get deployed. It's a fucking hassle.
>> No. 19904 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 1:09 am
19904 spacer

You could join a War Games club and shoot Airsoft rifles with other like minded people. I hear it is even a lot of fun.
>> No. 19905 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 10:13 am
19905 spacer

After a friend and I had gone paint balling for his 16th birthday, we talked about getting into airsoft, but the prices for weapons were just insane. It's probably for the best as I would only have wound up punching a guy for dressing like a Nazi anyway.

>> No. 19887 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 7:15 pm
19887 Bojack Horseman
I wasn't expecting it to be good at all, but this is a really good show.

It's like watching David Duchovny's biography.
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>> No. 19900 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 9:41 pm
19900 spacer

I'd never even heard of BPD until it was mentioned in the Bojack subreddit. But a lot of it is strikingly similar to how I am. I guess if I do go and get diagnosed with it then I'll have a lot to thank a cartoon horse for.
>> No. 19937 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 1:09 pm
19937 spacer
Now why did the series have to go and end like that?

I hate running, I've always hated running. There's no chance I'm going to keep doing it every day. Does this mean I'm stuck in my Bojack-esque life forever? In a (pair of) series that grasped me by the hand in feeling not quite so alone in my crippling emotional isolation this moment left me feeling more alone and isolated than ever.
>> No. 19938 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 1:31 pm
19938 spacer
>Emotionally unstable sub-type.
I hope you're female, because if you are that's pretty much the average woman and you have nothing to worry about.
>> No. 19940 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 3:16 pm
19940 spacer
Of course she is a lass. Men aren't diagnosed with BPD, they are diagnosed with PTSD. I don't know why.
>> No. 19941 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 3:31 pm
19941 spacer

There is a difference between unstable hormones and a personality disorder, though granted the line is hard to make out to the untrained eye.

Dad's Army.jpg
>> No. 19870 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 8:45 pm
19870 Heaven preserve us, lads.
>Dad's Army (February 5, 2016).
Directed by Oliver Parker.

During World War II, a group of men too inept to join the armed forces volunteer to form the Home Guard and protect the small town of Walmington-on-Sea in the British countryside. When the MI6 intercept a transmission indicating there is a Nazi spy in the vicinity, the bumbling platoon members are finally awarded a chance to prove themselves.

>Toby Jones as Captain George Mainwaring.
>Bill Nighy as Sergeant Arthur Wilson.
>Tom Courtenay as Lance Corporal Jack Jones,
>Michael Gambon as Private Charles Godfrey.
>Daniel Mays as Private Joe Walker.
>Blake Harrison as Private Frank Pike.
>Bill Patterson as James Frazer.
>Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rose Winters, an attractive reporter sent to report on the Home Guard's activities.

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>> No. 19871 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 8:47 pm
19871 spacer
Pretty decent cast.
>> No. 19872 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 8:57 pm
19872 spacer
The trailer was quite dull, but it looks like Gambon has nailed Godfrey.
>> No. 19873 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 9:05 pm
19873 spacer
I might be the only one, but I think the humour in Dad's Army is badly out ofdate, and by the looks of the trailer they haven't exactly done much to update it. It might have a great cast but it will fall flat on its arse without the pacing and laughter track.

>> No. 17697 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 9:40 pm
17697 Terminator: Genisys
Are you excited about the new Terminator film(s)?

The word on the street is that this new film, or potential trilogy, will disregard T3 and TS and just take into account the first two films. Which is more than fine by me.

I will deliberately have expectations set to low but by fuck if it's actually good I will marry Megan Ellison.
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>> No. 19824 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 3:04 pm
19824 spacer

I think I didn't mind it so much because I went in with such low expectations. It wasn't actually a bad film in the end. Obviously beyond terrible casting choices and some dumb as fuck parts to the story but it is by far the best of the non-canon fanfic films made after T2.
>> No. 19825 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 4:47 pm
19825 spacer
My issue with Jai Courtney is that he seems to shoehorn himself into every beloved franchise, yet I still see him as Varro from Spartacus Blood & Sand.
>> No. 19827 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 6:35 pm
19827 spacer
He has a shit name.
>> No. 19868 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 1:33 pm
19868 spacer
Got around to watching this.

It's shit. Probably edges out T3 as the better movie, but not by much.
>> No. 19869 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 2:18 pm
19869 spacer

All I really had to say about it after I watched it was "Well, it was better than Lost World." as me and my friends made a day of it and watched the two of them back to back.

Tangentially, they closed the bar down in my local Cinema and it's now a Starbucks. This annoys me, for reasons I can't fully articulate. The best I've come up with is "Ugh!"

>> No. 19865 Anonymous
16th August 2015
Sunday 11:19 pm
19865 spacer
Accidentally ran into this on youtube


What other good documentaries about UK politics do you know of? US politics is ok too.
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>> No. 19866 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 1:37 am
19866 spacer
The bit on the Iraq war is very interesting, about an hour in.

>> No. 19716 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 2:42 am
19716 Ghostbusters Reboot thread
With a sub-debate on whether or not Melissa McCarthy is actually funny. The masses seem to think so but I can't fucking stand her...
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>> No. 19838 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 9:25 am
19838 spacer

YEAH! More remakes and reboots and remakes and reboots and remakes! Yay!
>> No. 19839 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 9:54 am
19839 spacer
Surely the logical next step would be an all-trans or at least all-LGBQTWTF cast (you hetero scum).
>> No. 19840 Anonymous
10th August 2015
Monday 10:25 am
19840 spacer

Kill yourself with fire.
>> No. 19841 Anonymous
11th August 2015
Tuesday 9:04 am
19841 spacer

what if people just made new ideas?
>> No. 19842 Anonymous
11th August 2015
Tuesday 9:46 am
19842 spacer
Don't be silly. There's no money in that.

>> No. 19762 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 4:26 pm
19762 spacer
I saw Bottom on Netflix, the slapstick comedy just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

What is happening to me am I finally growing up?
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>> No. 19781 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 3:41 pm
19781 spacer
I've just been reading an article about how eating a McDonald's is good for you. Not bad, like you would have thought. How ironic is that. Very ironic, aaaah.
>> No. 19782 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 11:16 pm
19782 spacer
I've always thought that Bottom was a very British programme. Something about Richie especially. It offers a good look into aspects of British mannerisms/culture, but through a sort of mocking lense. When watching it I'm always wondering whether it looks dated because it is, or because they were meant to be living in relative squalor anyway. Love the intro music. That, is undoubtedly dated.
>> No. 19783 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:27 pm
19783 spacer
I always fancied a time travel escapade where Eddie & Richie go back to being Rick & Vyvian using a time traveling Austin Maestro.
>> No. 19784 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 1:12 pm
19784 spacer
> I've always thought that Bottom was a very British programme.
I think you've hit on something there, especially in Richie's personality. A lot of his main neuroses, his sexual hang ups, seem to hark back to an almost 1970s "Carry On" bawdiness. The man is obviously stuck in a very British past, left stealing glimpses of dirty photos under fridges while around him Lad and Ladette culture, getting your tits out and helicoptering your todger on the strip, blossom and bloom around him.


Or a clapped out but somehow convertible fire-apple red Reliant Robin. That'd be brilliant.
>> No. 19790 Anonymous
27th July 2015
Monday 2:29 pm
19790 spacer

I don't think it's necessarily Britishness per se, but a certain aspect of British culture that Richie's character puts focus on. Richie seems to be a fish out of water middle-class twat, who has made a mess of life by being an idiot, and consequently finds it hard to fit in around people of a less sophisticated upbringing. Matters are not helped by the fact he tries to constantly posture himself as of a higher status than he is, despite the futility of such vanity in any case.

It's cringeworthy to watch, but you probably all knew someone like this at one point in time. I still know one as an adult. Did you ever have that one posh knobhead kid at school who made a tit of themselves whenever they tried to fit in with the rest of the proles? Where people would be giving them sideward glances and they remained somehow oblivious of how much they were embarrassing themselves?

Richie's like that, with a dose of psychosis for good measure.

>> No. 19786 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 9:58 pm
19786 spacer
No Humans thread? That's a shame! This series has been pretty good so far.

The advert they ran on the Channel 4 family channels were great, just seeing an advert for cyborg butlers with no mention of any TV show was a bit of a nice move.


Anyone else watching it?
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>> No. 19787 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 10:03 pm
19787 spacer
I watched a bit of an episode, I didn't like it.
>> No. 19788 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 11:48 pm
19788 spacer
I thought about making a thread for it a few weeks ago but couldn't be bothered.

I'm not sure how I feel about the change in pacing from the start of the series to the most recent episodes. It feels a little like they expended the first 3-4 episodes on gradually building some mystery and intrigue with the Elsters trying to find each other and the adoption of Anita into the Hawkins family, but are now desperately trying to follow a handful of different subplots and cram as much exposition in as possible before the series finale. The "tech talk" at this stage is also making me cringe, but that's what you get with any series where the technology is only a minor mechanism to explore the ethics of robots/stem cells/rockets etc. You have to route to a new filepath around the holes in his root code in his synthcortex and they have blue blood and oh no he got a virus in his mainframe his brain is dying aaaaaaa
>> No. 19789 Anonymous
27th July 2015
Monday 1:30 am
19789 spacer
I'm a few episodes in and it doesn't seem bad. I am surprised we didn't get the original over here though, as we usually get that sort of stuff instead of the remakes, so I guess I'm going to have to watch that one at some point too.

>> No. 19742 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 6:21 pm
19742 spacer
Oscar for Mr Schwarzenegger please.
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>> No. 19756 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 9:10 pm
19756 spacer
It's like rewinding a tape of Warm Bodies.
>> No. 19757 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 6:50 pm
19757 spacer
I think AHNULD has a masterpiece performance in him somewhere, this is good, but it isn't it.
>> No. 19758 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 7:43 pm
19758 spacer

You're probably far from the only ones; however I would suggest that neither of you actively dislike zombies, rather you are both in fact suffering from advanced symptoms of "I Liked It Before It Was Cool/Popular/Everybody Else".

Zombies have a unique, universal appeal as a form of social reflection, something that the original Romero zombie flicks were great at (with varying degrees of subtlety); everyone can get invested in the setting and concept of a zombie apocalypse. Things have become tedious, however, ever since they were hijacked as a guilt-free villain for American gun-fetishists and the sort of arsehole who watches Doomsday Preppers.

When did Arnie start acting again anyway? Sad to say but he was already past it by the time of Terminator 3.
>> No. 19759 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 9:18 pm
19759 spacer
>When did Arnie start acting again anyway?
Not very long after leaving office, as I recall.
>> No. 19760 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 10:12 pm
19760 spacer
Perhaps to distinguish them from modern zombies who rather than hunger for flesh are just really angry cf. 28 Days, Left 4 Dead.

So does Arnie again do his own accent in this, or is he American like Sergeant Candy?


>> No. 19730 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 6:09 pm
19730 Not reboots, not sequels, not necessarily good
Hope you're ha/v/ing a nice weekend, lads.

The other weekend, I happened to catch John Carter on the telly. It's a delightful tale of a man who is fighting in the American Civil War and then finds himself on Mars in the middle of a surprisingly similar civil war.

I have since been made to feel bad for genuinely enjoying this movie, but after some time spent mulling, I have decided that I don't feel bad at all. Nowadays it seems as though you're only really allowed to boast about liking AAAAAAAA blockbuster Hollywood films that are invariably remakes, sequels, prequels, homages or re-imagings of well-established film franchises, or arty-farty movies if you want to feel smarter than the Hollywood crowd.

I don't think the people behind John Carter were under any kind of illusion that their movie would become the next Star Wars and become imprinted into people's lives as a household name, I think they just wanted to make a sci-fi movie, and I don't think there's anything at all wrong with that.

What I'm asking, lads, is for recommendations of (preferably recent, because I'm well aware there's mountains of vintage cheese) trashy movies. Sci-fi, fantasy, whatever you like.
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>> No. 19735 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 11:18 pm
19735 spacer

>the potential loss of $50m+

John Carter is one of the biggest flops of all time, losing an estimated $121m. That's a fuckton of money, however you slice it. I can't blame a studio for looking at that and thinking "sod it, we'll make a sequel".


>if you have a properly famous lead, a huge budget that makes headlines, and aren't making a comedy, your film will be a guaranteed success.

I'm not sure how you define a huge budget or a properly famous lead, but 47 Ronin lost $149m despite a $225m production budget and Keanu Reeves on the posters. Awful films like Pearl Harbor can make a shitload of money off the "big budget, big star" formula, but it is still possible to lose money on a blockbuster.

Saw and Mad Max are interesting examples to bring up - they both cost in the region of $1m to produce, but grossed over $100m. It is possible to make a massive hit on a relatively small budget, but there's no formula for it.

A major studio could fund 100 films at $1m rather than one blockbuster at $100m, but the traditional infrastructure of promotion and distribution can't scale up to handle so many releases. A lot of really good low-budget films sink without trace because nobody heard about them. I think Netflix might be changing things, because they cut cinemas out of the equation and can do very targeted promotion at low cost.
>> No. 19736 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 11:32 pm
19736 spacer
>That's a fuckton of money, however you slice it.
It doesn't really matter though, as the studios never see those losses. It's the investors and the underwriters who have to deal with them. The studios have the whole thing structured so they're guaranteed to make money no matter what.
>> No. 19737 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 11:55 pm
19737 spacer
They still need to market to investors and underwriters and show how it'll be successful.
>> No. 19738 Anonymous
12th July 2015
Sunday 1:21 am
19738 spacer
The underwriters are in the business of taking the hit, and the investors ... well, Barnum had a little something to say about that.
>> No. 19739 Anonymous
12th July 2015
Sunday 7:35 am
19739 spacer

I think his point was more to do with the fact that a studio will find it hard to get investment for new films if they have a bad track record.

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