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>> No. 1918 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 10:11 pm
1918 spacer
Is a crack like this anything to worry about?
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>> No. 1926 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:50 am
1926 spacer

What's stopping you from knocking on their door?
>> No. 1927 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:51 am
1927 spacer

I don't talk to neighbours only internet people.
>> No. 1928 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:52 am
1928 spacer
You'd better print out a copy of this thread and post it through their door.
>> No. 1929 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:54 am
1929 spacer

If you call in a surveyor you'll have to speak to and pay them.
>> No. 1930 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 1:00 am
1930 spacer
Not if I wait for the Uber of Surveying to arrive first I won't.

filter box.jpg
>> No. 1896 Anonymous
13th June 2015
Saturday 4:02 pm
1896 spacer
How to cover up my pond filter box?

I tried growing ivy over it but that was a disaster. What else could I try?
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>> No. 1911 Anonymous
14th June 2015
Sunday 10:21 pm
1911 spacer
>> No. 1914 Anonymous
14th June 2015
Sunday 11:08 pm
1914 spacer
What is that? A shed for ants?
>> No. 1915 Anonymous
14th June 2015
Sunday 11:52 pm
1915 spacer

It's scaled down to make the pond look larger from the house. Forced perspective innit?
>> No. 1916 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 12:20 am
1916 spacer

I'd be disappointed if there weren't some midgets hanging out in there.
>> No. 1917 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 12:57 am
1917 spacer


>> No. 1892 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 6:27 am
1892 spacer
If I had identified a way to derive smokeless propellant (modern gunpowder) from common antique plastics, would I be liable to prosecution if I ground them into a powder?
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>> No. 1893 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 12:35 pm
1893 spacer


Nah, but you might lose a hand or two.
>> No. 1894 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 9:31 pm
1894 spacer

Fi-fi-fo-fum - I smell the ground up plastic of a nascent extremist plot.
>> No. 1895 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 11:29 pm
1895 spacer

She looked better with a fringe. Not 'good', but 'better'.

>> No. 1871 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 10:28 am
1871 spacer

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>> No. 1875 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 2:06 pm
1875 spacer
Even if they got the reference, or looked it up on Wikipedia, they might still wonder what this is doing in /uhu, a board for people with DIY-related questions.
>> No. 1876 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 2:17 pm
1876 spacer

I'm not sure you get it...
>> No. 1877 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 3:11 pm
1877 spacer
... which is probably because you posted it on the wrong board.
>> No. 1889 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 6:41 pm
1889 spacer
Does some cunt fancy explaining the joke, then?
>> No. 1890 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 8:19 pm
1890 spacer

I think it's that the OP's song is the theme tune to "The Secret Life of Machines", which was a TV show explaining how machines work.

>>1875 is complaining that modern household machines are mass-produced and have no place on a board about DIY.

bike shed.jpg
>> No. 1883 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 8:37 pm
1883 spacer
How difficult and expensive would it be to build a bike shed like this?
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>> No. 1884 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 8:51 pm
1884 spacer
It could cost anywhere from £0 to £500 depending on the quality of wood you require and where you source it from. You could build something using leftover planks by skip-diving and taking a trip to your local tip. Or you could buy nice fresh packs of timber from B&Q, but doing it that way you could probably buy a whole shed for less.

Difficulty would depend on your experience and tools available, but since you had to ask the question I'm going to say it would take you at least a few weekends to finish it (assuming you're aiming for something as well-built as the one in the picture).
>> No. 1885 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 9:50 pm
1885 spacer
If you're willing to cheat you can buy one roughly the same for approx £130 - £150 from http://www.shedsworld.co.uk/c/All_Bike_Sheds.htm
>> No. 1886 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 3:19 pm
1886 spacer
Seems really impractical to have a shed where you stack bikes sideways, you'd need to take out a lot to get to the one at the back.
>> No. 1887 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 3:33 pm
1887 spacer
Not if you store them vertically.
>> No. 1888 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 3:42 pm
1888 spacer
Yeah, but from the picture, it appears you can't do that.

mr bambozzle internet.png
>> No. 1874 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 12:26 pm
1874 Should I put primer on top of a top coat?
I want to paint a door a different colour but I don't want to strip off all the current paint. I was thinking about giving it a light sanding and putting on a layer of primer before putting the new paint on. Will it be necessary to use primer?
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>> No. 1878 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 4:09 pm
1878 spacer
Two threads in one day? /uhu/!!
>> No. 1879 Anonymous
11th May 2015
Monday 7:30 pm
1879 spacer
Yeah just giving it a sand should be fine as long as it doesn't look like shit (peeling etc), you might get away with no primer but I'd put a coat on at least just to give a nicer finish and a base of white to put the new top coat on.
>> No. 1880 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 10:50 pm
1880 spacer

OK, thanks. I've just sanded and primed it and I'll put the first top coat on tomorrow. I'll post a picture when it's done.
>> No. 1881 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 11:04 pm
1881 spacer
I hope you've given it a teletext colour scheme.
>> No. 1882 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 11:32 pm
1882 spacer

Posing next to it wearing a blue suit, neat side parting and soft-faced smile would complete the picture.

>> No. 1865 Anonymous
9th May 2015
Saturday 12:23 pm
1865 spacer
Does high VOC paint still give of fumes when it's dry?
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>> No. 1866 Anonymous
9th May 2015
Saturday 12:34 pm
1866 spacer
When completely dry, no. Takes a while though.
>> No. 1867 Anonymous
9th May 2015
Saturday 5:32 pm
1867 spacer

How long to completely dry? Days or months?
>> No. 1868 Anonymous
9th May 2015
Saturday 5:43 pm
1868 spacer
Depends on humidity, temperature and amount of sunlight entering the room.
>> No. 1869 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 12:15 am
1869 spacer
Sniff it in a shed, it's like ayuahusca
>> No. 1870 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 12:31 am
1870 spacer

Lies. Only DMT with an monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) would produce an ayahuasca-like experience.

>> No. 1862 Anonymous
24th April 2015
Friday 7:34 pm
1862 DIY Noob
I want to build my own green screen photography box. So it's basically a cube with a panel missing, I'm shit at DIY and would like any advice with planning it. I presume it'd have to be matt paint so avoid any shine. Would wood do the trick?
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>> No. 1863 Anonymous
24th April 2015
Friday 8:36 pm
1863 spacer
The material is a felt or something isn't it?
>> No. 1864 Anonymous
24th April 2015
Friday 9:13 pm
1864 spacer
Wood might cause trouble if it has excessively visible grain, driving up costs for paint and effort required. Cloth or felt stretched across the surfaces is probably a better alternative since they, too, avoid specular highlights and cover up whatever base material you choose. A thick enough bit of cloth could even be stretched across a frame without any backing. The light box in your picture would make a good starting point if you clad it in self-adhesive green felt especially since they allow diffused lighting from the remaining sides. Snap-open light boxes should be avoided since they'll wrinkle and tear any added material in no time, but any model with a tent-like set up would be suitable. If portability is not an issue and you're looking for a more permanent set up, you could even look as far as a cheap grow tent; you'd be far from the first to "abuse" one as a photography stage. They do have a serious downside in that they are light proof so lighting them up evenly is difficult to do out of shot, something you should keep in mind whichever way you go.

Building a wooden frame doesn't require much skill or practice and only a few tools: saw, set square, metal angles, screws and a suitable driver (ideally an electric drill) but does require careful attention to detail unless you want a wonky result. If you lack these tools, then make sure you do some careful cost calculations to see whether going full-on DIY actually works out cheaper.

>> No. 1859 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 11:16 pm
1859 spacer
A bit of coving's coming away from the wall in my nan's house. What would be the best adhesive to stick it back up with?
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>> No. 1860 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 11:31 pm
1860 spacer
I had to just google coving and it turns out I had some when I moved in and a pulled it down without ever knowing what it was called. Mine seemed to be polystyrene and was light as a feather and I bet some UHU could have held that up effortlessly.

>> No. 1854 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:13 am
1854 Solar Panels
I've wanted to get solar panels for ages, but they're still fucking expensive and seem like a hassle to get installed.

I'm sure that they should be cheaper than what the installation companies are charging for them, I saw some graph of per unit cost and it looked as though it was tanking. I've heard that they're being manufactured in China and that you can buy them wholesale for relatively little.

Has anyone had them installed, and does anyone have any horror stories or companies that they can recommend? There are a lot of websites out there that will install solar panels, but they all seem vaguely dodgy to me.

Has anyone purchased their own solar cell arrays, and hooked them up themself? I'd give this a crack, but I've no idea how hook it up to grid or to sell electricity back to the grid. Presumeably you'd need some special unit?

As a side, is it cost effective to just buy some land and plaster it with solar panels, to sell the electricity to the grid?
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>> No. 1855 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:22 am
1855 spacer
All I shall say is that they were a much better prospect before the feed-in tariff was halved, at which point the typical setup had a payback of around ten years. Bear on mind that sticking twice as many in will generate twice as much power but will cost twice as much money, so you won't recoup the cost any quicker.
>> No. 1856 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 6:48 pm
1856 spacer
If you want to mess about with solar panels on the cheaper side of things, you can actually still use broken solar panels. Some people will sell the pieces for cheap, or you can go out and find them on your own. I believe there's some interesting guides on instructables.com for this. Also, apparently the book "Build Your Own Solar Panel" by Phillip Hurley is supposed to be very good.
>> No. 1857 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 7:04 pm
1857 spacer
I would advise you to review other methods of getting more energy efficient first, especially through insulation and power-efficient appliances, before you think about solar panels.

I'm at a construction firm what uses solar thermal for heating water on sites, it does work pretty well and lowers running costs. I think may have much better energy efficiency returns on your bills than trying to capture photovoltaic power.

Be very wary of cowboys.

Food for thought; http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/how-to-buy-solar-pv/ ; http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/solar-water-heating-installation/ ; www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/solar-water-heating-explained/
>> No. 1858 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:11 pm
1858 spacer

This chap has solar power sorted.

>> No. 1841 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 12:21 am
1841 spacer
Tell me about the design features of plugs, please.
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>> No. 1849 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:25 am
1849 spacer
Yes. Because it was part of the GCSE syllabus.
>> No. 1850 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:34 am
1850 spacer
Like eggs and cats, they always land the same way up. Like eggs and cats, stepping on one probably isn't a good idea.
>> No. 1851 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:39 am
1851 spacer
I remember attaching a plug to a TV I found by the roadside when I was about 11. That TV always smelled like tomato soup when it was on, I never figured out why.
>> No. 1852 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 2:10 am
1852 spacer
>> No. 1853 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 7:05 am
1853 spacer


>> No. 1830 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 9:36 pm
1830 spacer
How difficult is it to put double glazing windows in yourself?
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>> No. 1836 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:35 am
1836 spacer

So are cheap PVC doors. All that holds the panels in is a thin strip of plastic along the edge.


Some doors and windows are much better than others though.
>> No. 1837 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 10:32 am
1837 spacer
Some "professional" installers are terrible cowboys and leave you with windows which are draughty, make howling noises whenever it's windy and are perpetually "settling". I mean a gap appears, you use sealant, it shifts some more, more sealant... and this is over a year after they were installed.

Here is their banshee impression.


I'd guess it's difficult if "professionals" can screw it up so badly.
>> No. 1838 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 7:53 pm
1838 spacer

Windows are a special case when it comes to cowboy builders.

Somehow it's grown into an incredibly competitive market. They're marketed more aggressively than any other form of home improvement.
Can you think of any other circumstance where you are making a large purchase of several thousand pounds, and you being tempted with buy one get one free offers? It's a market where there there is very little room for professionalism, if you're buying your windows from a shouty man on the television, they're going to squeeze every last penny out of their margins. I expect their installers will be paid per job, not per hour, which means everything will be done as fast as possible so they can get back into the van and onto the next house.
>> No. 1839 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:12 pm
1839 spacer

So if I take my time I should be all right?
>> No. 1840 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:52 pm
1840 spacer

I honestly think my squishy mammalian think-lump would piss itself right out of my ears if that noise woke me up in the middle of the night.

>> No. 1825 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:11 pm
1825 spacer
I need to replace my mains stopcock and I can't find an outside stopcock to stop the water coming in my house.

Would a pipe freezer be able to hold back mains pressure and do they ever split the pipe?
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>> No. 1826 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:14 pm
1826 spacer
I just came.
>> No. 1827 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:37 pm
1827 spacer
There is an outside stopcock, you just can't find it.
Ask your areas water supplier, they will be able to tell you. One thing to bear in mind, sometimes the mains stopcock outside may also control the supply to a few of your neighbours.

As for your question about pipe freezer, yes they can work. But they're not particularly reliable and very dependent on being used exactly the right way. Just take a look at some reviews of it to see for yourself http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Pipe-Freezing-Kit/p/424921?pageNumber=0&sort=NO_ORDER#tab-reviews_content

Even if it works perfectly, remember you've only got a limited amount of time to do the work. What's going to happen if you take the old one out and then you find that the pipe is corroded or damaged meaning that the new stopcock wont seal.
Pipe freeze is useful in emergencies but not really worth it when you have any other alternative.

I am however assuming that you're talking about the pipe freeze which is just a £10 can and a length of insulation, and that you're not thinking of spending over a hundred pound on a professional kit like the one in your picture.
>> No. 1828 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 9:05 pm
1828 spacer
The mains stopcock you speak of ...where is that? Under the sink? In an older house, your "outside" stopcock may be under the floorboards near the front door or the hallway etc. Lift up any carpet and look for an ominous looking short bit of floorboard, and you should be able to just pry it up - it probably won't be nailed.
>> No. 1829 Anonymous
25th February 2015
Wednesday 11:47 am
1829 spacer

Got a plumber round to do it. He had to turn off the water for the whole terrace because there's only one outside stopcock.

JB Weld.poplet.jpg
>> No. 1819 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:11 pm
1819 spacer
Why is this place still called UHU when JB Weld exists?
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>> No. 1820 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:16 pm
1820 spacer
Because /jb/ is too easy to confuse with /job/
>> No. 1821 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:29 pm
1821 spacer

Why call it JB Weld when Sticks Like Shit exists?
>> No. 1822 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:51 pm
1822 spacer
... and also /cp/.
>> No. 1823 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:09 pm
1823 spacer

>> No. 1824 Anonymous
21st January 2015
Wednesday 1:00 am
1824 spacer
Sometimes I think you people just want to anger the gods.

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