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>> No. 1859 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 11:16 pm
1859 spacer
A bit of coving's coming away from the wall in my nan's house. What would be the best adhesive to stick it back up with?
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>> No. 1860 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 11:31 pm
1860 spacer
I had to just google coving and it turns out I had some when I moved in and a pulled it down without ever knowing what it was called. Mine seemed to be polystyrene and was light as a feather and I bet some UHU could have held that up effortlessly.

>> No. 1854 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:13 am
1854 Solar Panels
I've wanted to get solar panels for ages, but they're still fucking expensive and seem like a hassle to get installed.

I'm sure that they should be cheaper than what the installation companies are charging for them, I saw some graph of per unit cost and it looked as though it was tanking. I've heard that they're being manufactured in China and that you can buy them wholesale for relatively little.

Has anyone had them installed, and does anyone have any horror stories or companies that they can recommend? There are a lot of websites out there that will install solar panels, but they all seem vaguely dodgy to me.

Has anyone purchased their own solar cell arrays, and hooked them up themself? I'd give this a crack, but I've no idea how hook it up to grid or to sell electricity back to the grid. Presumeably you'd need some special unit?

As a side, is it cost effective to just buy some land and plaster it with solar panels, to sell the electricity to the grid?
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>> No. 1855 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:22 am
1855 spacer
All I shall say is that they were a much better prospect before the feed-in tariff was halved, at which point the typical setup had a payback of around ten years. Bear on mind that sticking twice as many in will generate twice as much power but will cost twice as much money, so you won't recoup the cost any quicker.
>> No. 1856 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 6:48 pm
1856 spacer
If you want to mess about with solar panels on the cheaper side of things, you can actually still use broken solar panels. Some people will sell the pieces for cheap, or you can go out and find them on your own. I believe there's some interesting guides on instructables.com for this. Also, apparently the book "Build Your Own Solar Panel" by Phillip Hurley is supposed to be very good.
>> No. 1857 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 7:04 pm
1857 spacer
I would advise you to review other methods of getting more energy efficient first, especially through insulation and power-efficient appliances, before you think about solar panels.

I'm at a construction firm what uses solar thermal for heating water on sites, it does work pretty well and lowers running costs. I think may have much better energy efficiency returns on your bills than trying to capture photovoltaic power.

Be very wary of cowboys.

Food for thought; http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/how-to-buy-solar-pv/ ; http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/solar-water-heating-installation/ ; www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/how-to-buy-solar-panels/solar-water-heating-explained/
>> No. 1858 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:11 pm
1858 spacer

This chap has solar power sorted.

>> No. 1841 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 12:21 am
1841 spacer
Tell me about the design features of plugs, please.
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>> No. 1849 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:25 am
1849 spacer
Yes. Because it was part of the GCSE syllabus.
>> No. 1850 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:34 am
1850 spacer
Like eggs and cats, they always land the same way up. Like eggs and cats, stepping on one probably isn't a good idea.
>> No. 1851 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 1:39 am
1851 spacer
I remember attaching a plug to a TV I found by the roadside when I was about 11. That TV always smelled like tomato soup when it was on, I never figured out why.
>> No. 1852 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 2:10 am
1852 spacer
>> No. 1853 Anonymous
17th April 2015
Friday 7:05 am
1853 spacer


>> No. 1830 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 9:36 pm
1830 spacer
How difficult is it to put double glazing windows in yourself?
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>> No. 1836 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:35 am
1836 spacer

So are cheap PVC doors. All that holds the panels in is a thin strip of plastic along the edge.


Some doors and windows are much better than others though.
>> No. 1837 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 10:32 am
1837 spacer
Some "professional" installers are terrible cowboys and leave you with windows which are draughty, make howling noises whenever it's windy and are perpetually "settling". I mean a gap appears, you use sealant, it shifts some more, more sealant... and this is over a year after they were installed.

Here is their banshee impression.


I'd guess it's difficult if "professionals" can screw it up so badly.
>> No. 1838 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 7:53 pm
1838 spacer

Windows are a special case when it comes to cowboy builders.

Somehow it's grown into an incredibly competitive market. They're marketed more aggressively than any other form of home improvement.
Can you think of any other circumstance where you are making a large purchase of several thousand pounds, and you being tempted with buy one get one free offers? It's a market where there there is very little room for professionalism, if you're buying your windows from a shouty man on the television, they're going to squeeze every last penny out of their margins. I expect their installers will be paid per job, not per hour, which means everything will be done as fast as possible so they can get back into the van and onto the next house.
>> No. 1839 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:12 pm
1839 spacer

So if I take my time I should be all right?
>> No. 1840 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:52 pm
1840 spacer

I honestly think my squishy mammalian think-lump would piss itself right out of my ears if that noise woke me up in the middle of the night.

>> No. 1825 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:11 pm
1825 spacer
I need to replace my mains stopcock and I can't find an outside stopcock to stop the water coming in my house.

Would a pipe freezer be able to hold back mains pressure and do they ever split the pipe?
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>> No. 1826 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:14 pm
1826 spacer
I just came.
>> No. 1827 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:37 pm
1827 spacer
There is an outside stopcock, you just can't find it.
Ask your areas water supplier, they will be able to tell you. One thing to bear in mind, sometimes the mains stopcock outside may also control the supply to a few of your neighbours.

As for your question about pipe freezer, yes they can work. But they're not particularly reliable and very dependent on being used exactly the right way. Just take a look at some reviews of it to see for yourself http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Pipe-Freezing-Kit/p/424921?pageNumber=0&sort=NO_ORDER#tab-reviews_content

Even if it works perfectly, remember you've only got a limited amount of time to do the work. What's going to happen if you take the old one out and then you find that the pipe is corroded or damaged meaning that the new stopcock wont seal.
Pipe freeze is useful in emergencies but not really worth it when you have any other alternative.

I am however assuming that you're talking about the pipe freeze which is just a £10 can and a length of insulation, and that you're not thinking of spending over a hundred pound on a professional kit like the one in your picture.
>> No. 1828 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 9:05 pm
1828 spacer
The mains stopcock you speak of ...where is that? Under the sink? In an older house, your "outside" stopcock may be under the floorboards near the front door or the hallway etc. Lift up any carpet and look for an ominous looking short bit of floorboard, and you should be able to just pry it up - it probably won't be nailed.
>> No. 1829 Anonymous
25th February 2015
Wednesday 11:47 am
1829 spacer

Got a plumber round to do it. He had to turn off the water for the whole terrace because there's only one outside stopcock.

JB Weld.poplet.jpg
>> No. 1819 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:11 pm
1819 spacer
Why is this place still called UHU when JB Weld exists?
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>> No. 1820 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:16 pm
1820 spacer
Because /jb/ is too easy to confuse with /job/
>> No. 1821 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:29 pm
1821 spacer

Why call it JB Weld when Sticks Like Shit exists?
>> No. 1822 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 6:51 pm
1822 spacer
... and also /cp/.
>> No. 1823 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:09 pm
1823 spacer

>> No. 1824 Anonymous
21st January 2015
Wednesday 1:00 am
1824 spacer
Sometimes I think you people just want to anger the gods.

>> No. 1796 Anonymous
30th November 2014
Sunday 10:32 pm
1796 Washing clothes
For some reason I feel like this is a /DIY/ thread.

I'll be honest, I ignore most of the symbols and throw everything in on a 40 degree quick wash. Do colours really need to be separated from lights, or is this just another chore that is mostly made up by/for the obsessively houseproud like hoovering the stairs?
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>> No. 1814 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 7:48 pm
1814 spacer
I hope you're not seriously suggesting you've not known a domestic freezer get below -6C, because the expected temperature for storing frozen food is -18C.
>> No. 1815 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 7:56 pm
1815 spacer

Is that... is that a real newspaper? I'm aware the Express is real, but that's surely not a genuine front page, is it? I'm simply aghast if that's anything more than uncanny satire.
>> No. 1816 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 7:57 pm
1816 spacer
It wouldn't be the Express without Diana, m8.
>> No. 1817 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 8:01 pm
1817 spacer
>Daily Express

Ah yes, the last bastion of the English language. Back to the dole queue with you! Begone!
>> No. 1818 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 9:01 pm
1818 spacer
>I have never encountered this in all my 21st century education
Falling standards under Nuleba, innit.

>> No. 1786 Anonymous
23rd November 2014
Sunday 4:11 pm
1786 I lost the key to my attic
the keyhole looks like this, these are pretty standard locks you get around the place. Is there a name for them? Can I just get a replacement?
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>> No. 1791 Anonymous
23rd November 2014
Sunday 6:29 pm
1791 spacer
It would be a pretty useless lock if every key was exactly the same.

The keys work by every notch around the base of the key being a slightly different height. It's hard to make out properly on a picture as they're fairly small.

It shouldn't be too hard to replace the entire lock on your attic. The locks are fairly standard, the body of the locks are usually the same size, and the locking mechanism is just a metal tab on the back.
If you can get the old lock out, take a look on ebay for cam locks, try and find one that looks about the right length, and has the right shaped metal tab.

A locksmith should be able to decode the lock for you and make you a new key, but it probably wouldn't be worth the price.
>> No. 1792 Anonymous
23rd November 2014
Sunday 6:38 pm
1792 spacer
>The keys work by every notch around the base of the key being a slightly different height.
Then how does a pen open them?
>> No. 1793 Anonymous
23rd November 2014
Sunday 7:30 pm
1793 spacer

It bounces the pins around at the same time as applying turning force to the lock. It bounces the pins into place one by one just through sheer chance.
>> No. 1794 Anonymous
24th November 2014
Monday 12:58 am
1794 spacer

Not quite. That's how bump keying works. A biro opens a tubular lock because there's quite a lot of resistance in the mechanism. The plastic of the pen barrel deforms when you wiggle it about, so it takes on the shape of a correctly bitted key.

If the biro technique doesn't work, then you can just drill the lock barrel. Most tubular locks are made of fairly cheap and soft metal, so they're not difficult to drill. Once you've drilled out the plug, stick a flat head screwdriver in the hole and it should open quite easily with a bit of wiggling.
>> No. 1795 Anonymous
24th November 2014
Monday 1:12 am
1795 spacer
This post is correct.

Sorry I fell asleep at 6 by accident and just woke up.

>> No. 1772 Anonymous
6th October 2014
Monday 3:21 pm
1772 Shower Hose
I am trying to replace my shower hose as the old one is grotty and breaking apart.

The connector on the new one does not quite meet the end of the male bit on the shower as shown. It's also leaking a little water; not lots but there are some drips.

Is the connector on the hose not long enough for this shower? And does it need tightening or loosening to stop it leaking? The O-rings in the screwy bit may be slightly old. I only have my hands and don't own any big pliers.

Thank you.
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>> No. 1773 Anonymous
6th October 2014
Monday 3:26 pm
1773 spacer
Dunno, maybe try a bit of PTFE tape.
>> No. 1774 Anonymous
6th October 2014
Monday 3:30 pm
1774 spacer

A bit of PTFE tape might help.

>> No. 1775 Anonymous
9th October 2014
Thursday 7:01 pm
1775 spacer


When you buy a new hose, they will nearly always come with a rubber washer already inserted inside.
It looks like what has happened is that you left the old washer stuck to the white threaded but on the shower, and the new washer inside the chrome hose, this would be why it's not screwing on all the way.
Take it off, take out the old washer and check the new one is there. Your assembly should like this image, one black washer which gets sandwiched between the white plastic thread and the flat surface inside the hose. You don't need to have it any tighter than you can do by hand, if you need to use pliers then there is something wrong with it.

PTFE will fix it for certain, but it is still a bodge and if you have a rubber washer in good condition there's no real reason why you should have to go down that route.
>> No. 1776 Anonymous
9th October 2014
Thursday 11:43 pm
1776 spacer
Thanks for this, I'll take a look at it in the morning and report back. You're an angel.
>> No. 1777 Anonymous
12th October 2014
Sunday 7:45 pm
1777 spacer

You fixed it. There were two washers in the new hose; I took one of them out and the leaking has stopped. The water pressure in my shower is still shit, but then it always has been.

Thank you very much for your help.

>> No. 1690 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 1:08 pm
1690 spacer
I want to insulate in between the roof rafters in my loft. To do it polystyrene sheets would cost about £400 so I was thinking of using the stuff in the picture and using chicken wire to hold it in place. Would this be ok?
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>> No. 1692 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 1:24 pm
1692 spacer

Maybe. I might not qualify because the floor of the loft is already insulated but I'll look into it.
>> No. 1697 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:03 pm
1697 spacer
Works great!
>> No. 1698 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 4:18 pm
1698 spacer

Not sure if sarcastic...
>> No. 1768 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 1:34 pm
1768 spacer
with GB climate it would be fine, it holds quite good even in russia's southern parts (-30C winter, +40C summer)
if you're going to DIY the whole way, be careful, for all i know it contains some glass or something like that, wear protective goggles and respirator (med mask should be fine)
>> No. 1769 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 1:44 pm
1769 spacer

Roof warming thingie.jpg
P.S. oh yeah, i almost forgot. you'll need to do the whole thing like this: picrelated
1. Film (some polyethylene membrane, there are some cheap hydroblocking films, we used one)
2. That material on OP (it's glass-wool, if i remember correctly)
3. it's your ceiling (that would be floor of the attic, well you get the idea)
as for the glass-wool thickness, i think it's sold in reels (rolls) and you should be fine with one layer, but if your wallet allows it, then do two layers.

>> No. 1751 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 8:21 pm
1751 spacer
My radiator bleed screw is stuck. Could I drill it out and put a new one in? Do they come in standard sizes?
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>> No. 1763 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 6:30 pm
1763 spacer
Except servicing a radiator isn't difficult. My dad taught me how to bleed a radiator when I was about 13. Maintaining something as simple as a radiator and its bleeding key is a piece of piss.
>> No. 1764 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 6:36 pm
1764 spacer
You might want to have another go at reading the OP.
>> No. 1765 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 6:43 pm
1765 spacer
>"Anything involving plumbing"
>> No. 1766 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 7:06 pm
1766 spacer
>Shit, he's got me. I know, I'll misquote his previous post out of context, that's bound to win it!
>> No. 1767 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 10:17 pm
1767 spacer

I've been thinking about getting one of those easibleed valves. Here's a video of one being pressure tested. Watch what happens.


>> No. 1747 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 2:28 pm
1747 spacer
I've just drained out and refilled my central heating system and now it won't come back on.

I've bled out all the radiators, the pump and a valve above the pump so I don't think it's air. When I turn the system on, the boiler comes on and goes off again a couple of minutes later but no hot water comes out the taps.

Could the pump be fucked?
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>> No. 1748 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 2:41 pm
1748 spacer

Can you hear the pump switching on?

If you can is it making a different noise to usual?

It might be worth opening the pumps electric connection, then switching the system on and probing the contacts with a an indicator screwdriver to see if any power is being applied to the pump.
(I'll make the usual disclaimer that if you're going to fuck around with electric you do so entirely at your own risk, and I am not responsible if any advice I give is incorrect)
>> No. 1749 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 2:48 pm
1749 spacer

I think I can hear a slight noise and feel a bit of vibration but it might be my imagination. I suppose I could take it off and have a look inside, maybe it's jammed with a bit of sludge or something.
>> No. 1750 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 7:53 pm
1750 spacer
Got it working.

I opened up the pump and found it had seized up because it had dried out. I released it, put it back together and its working fine now.

drain off.jpg
>> No. 1724 Anonymous
25th July 2014
Friday 7:20 pm
1724 spacer
I need to fit a new one of these.

How do I take the old one off and put the new one on?
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>> No. 1742 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 12:12 am
1742 spacer
Somewhat related, but more /101/:

Had my landlord get his plumber in no less than 3 times to do a job, and it might've been the fourth if I hadn't done something about it - the thick cunt didn't seemed to test any of his work. So there is a nice puddle underneath the bathroom sink where he "forgot" to tighten the plastic pipe. The overall design of the piping is enough to make a polish plumber cry - the outflow seems to go at an incline towards the drain, causing water to collect at the lowest point and seep into the cheap as shit chipboard.

>> No. 1743 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 12:23 pm
1743 spacer
Plumbing is so easy even a plumber can do it!

I'm an electrician
>> No. 1744 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 3:33 pm
1744 spacer

Don't mind the source.
>> No. 1745 Anonymous
31st July 2014
Thursday 1:11 pm
1745 spacer
Fucking eBay sellers. The valve arrived this morning but they sent me a type B instead of type A. I'll have to get a refund and wait a few more days for the next one to arrive.

>> No. 1746 Anonymous
31st July 2014
Thursday 1:37 pm
1746 spacer
Unlucky. I got mildly excited when I saw this thread has been bumped. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Loft beam 1.jpg
>> No. 1705 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 1:00 pm
1705 spacer
Will my roof fall down if I remove half of this cross beam?
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>> No. 1718 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 5:25 pm
1718 spacer
Do I sense that a little loft gardening is afoot?
>> No. 1719 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 6:00 pm
1719 spacer

Maybe he just has to make another room up to there due to a new baby. Or 8 to 12 babies per 400w.
>> No. 1720 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 6:46 pm
1720 spacer
Maybe not, but if you do and it does, LABC will run a train on your arse and your insurance won't pay out
>> No. 1722 Anonymous
24th July 2014
Thursday 4:50 pm
1722 spacer
These days, real patriots do not obstruct the government from listening to all their phone calls, reading their mail, and being under 24/7 surveillance. Thus he'd be better to install a portable generator there to power up the CCTV cameras he's going to install in his house.
>> No. 1723 Anonymous
24th July 2014
Thursday 5:20 pm
1723 spacer

How did you manage to segue Big Brother pessimism into a thread about removing part of a crossbeam?

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