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>> No. 8301 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 10:44 pm
8301 spacer
Agent Ramos, return to base.

Mission accomplished.
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>> No. 8302 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 10:47 pm
8302 spacer
He really is a magnificent bastard.
>> No. 8303 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 11:27 pm
8303 spacer
Just the most miserable footballer, him and Marcelo are shit to watch, I don’t get why Ronald gets so much hate with those sods in the team. Liverpool’s inability to manage the midfield is what lost them the game though.

I look forward to the retrospective punishment for the preventable dislocation of an opponent’s arm though...
>> No. 8304 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 12:24 am
8304 spacer
"He took a pay off from the Russians to make their group easier." Is more likely than him being punished for winning a fair challenge, and I've seen Slipperpool fans suggesting both. Egyptians have all but declared jihad on Ramos, Russia might get violent if they're in the same city as Spain at any point.

One theory has it that Allah punished Salah for breaking his fast, as Benzema and Zidane didn't and Benzema scored first.

All we know is that Ramos is an unapologetic, shit-stirring bastard.
>> No. 8306 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:38 am
8306 spacer

>I don’t get why Ronald gets so much hate with those sods in the team.

It's because Ramos is an absolute bastard but it's expected of him. When it comes to cynical football and the dark arts he's the very best at it. If it was anyone else tangling with Salah they'd have been given the benefit of the doubt but that'd never happen with Ramos.

People don't like Ronaldo because he's selfish and petulant. I really wish he'd scored at the end, only for it to be chalked off because of that pitch invader. His head would have exploded.
>> No. 8307 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 11:28 am
8307 spacer
Found a video here: https://deadspin.com/reports-dislocated-shoulder-could-knock-mohamed-salah-1826350694

Seems cardable to me. Has Ramos developed such a reputation for being a cunt that he's no longer held responsible for being a cunt?
>> No. 8308 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 11:50 am
8308 spacer

In real time it just looked like two people coming together. It's only when it's replayed from every angle in slow motion and the incident is analysed frame by frame it looks more sinister.

It was a cynical foul, but people are more reacting to the injury than anything. If we start judging fouls by how hurt someone ends up then we're heading into arsebackwards territory. Ramos almost certainly tried to hurt Salah, but he will not have set out to try and dislocate his shoulders.

This is what defenders have always done. It isn't uncommon early in a match for a defender to launch a crunching, but fair, tackle on an attacker to let him know he's there and that if he's on the ball near him then he's going to get hurt and won't have it easy to try and unsettle them.
>> No. 8309 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:06 pm
8309 spacer

>I really wish he'd scored at the end, only for it to be chalked off because of that pitch invader. His head would have exploded.

Did you post exactly that on the Guardian or am I losing my nut?
>> No. 8310 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:24 pm
8310 spacer
Being interested in football must be fucking exhausting for you lads. It's like following politics except none of it actually matters.
>> No. 8311 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:40 pm
8311 spacer
Not really, because the team I actually support is a mid-table League 2 side, which is about as unimportant as it gets outside of "jumpers for goalposts" tier. I'd imagine being a Sunderland or Liverpool fan right now is pretty taxing mind you, and my Arsenal supporting dad has been working through some heavy emotions with Wenger leaving.

It's basically like politics that does sort of matter, but you're only really invested in what your local MEP is doing.
>> No. 8312 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:54 pm
8312 spacer
You say you only know what your own team is up to, and then you go on to say you know what a load of other teams are up to. I think you're being disingenuous. I know what 'supporting a football team' and it isn't what I'm talking about.
>> No. 8313 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 3:40 pm
8313 spacer

I never said I only know what my team is up to, I said I only care about what my team is up to.
>> No. 8314 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 4:44 pm
8314 spacer
Nope. I shitpost on the Grauniad, but rarely on the football pages.
>> No. 8315 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:35 pm
8315 spacer
If you want to know why people don't like Ronaldo then watch his reaction to Bale's second goal. He's visibly annoyed the ball didn't rebound out so he could tap it in and that Bale would be the one grabbing all the headlines.
>> No. 8316 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:33 pm
8316 spacer


People who are very severely depressed tend not to kill themselves, because they just don't have the energy. The most dangerous time is when they've just started to recover. They still feel that life isn't worth living, but now they've got the will to actually do something about it.

That's what being a Sunderland supporter is like. I can take the despair - it's the hope I can't stand.

Stewart Donald had better not fuck it up.
>> No. 8317 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 5:30 pm
8317 spacer
Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
>> No. 8318 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 5:36 pm
8318 spacer
Thing about port vale is, they just try to walk it in.
>> No. 8319 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 5:51 pm
8319 spacer
What was Zidane thinking, bringing Bale on that early?
>> No. 8326 Anonymous
4th June 2018
Monday 9:37 pm
8326 spacer

>Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius was suffering from concussion when he made two terrible errors in the Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid after he was hit by an elbow from Sergio Ramos.

>Karius was ordered to go for scan while on holiday in America last week as Liverpool’s medical staff were concerned about his wellbeing, where it was discovered he had indeed been concussed.

>Karius was caught in the head following a collision with Real defender Ramos in the minutes before inexplicably throwing the ball straight to Karim Benzema, who opened the scoring for the Spanish side.

>Ramos was not punished for the incident, in which he collided with the unprotected goalkeeper, although television pictures did show Karius sitting on the floor, holding his head in the aftermath of the clash, indicating to match officials that he had been elbowed in the face.

>It has since emerged that Liverpool’s medical staff were so concerned about what happened afterwards, that they feared he had taken a blow that was hard enough for him to suffer a concussion and a hospital in the USA have confirmed that was the case.

>> No. 8668 Anonymous
31st August 2018
Friday 8:49 am
8668 spacer


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