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>> No. 4742 Anonymous
26th May 2013
Sunday 9:19 am
4742 spacer
I want to follow boxing like I used to long ago, but it seems most fights are bought up by SkySports and a number of other channels I don't have.

Any creative ways that I can still watch? Failing that, what's the best magazine/website to get into the habit of going to?
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>> No. 4743 Anonymous
26th May 2013
Sunday 9:36 am
4743 spacer

You can watch most fights online, but the streams are always a bit dodgy and the websites come and go. Google "free live sports streaming". You can get a lot of sports coverage free-to-air on European satellite - a basic kit starts at about £50 and is easy to install. There are various ways of pirating Sky Sports and other premium channels for a small fee, google "cardsharing" to find out how.
>> No. 4744 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 9:41 am
4744 spacer

If you don't mind watching everything slightly delayed, worldboxingvideoarchive.com has high quality torrents of every fight there is, and they are usually up pretty sharpish after a fight.
>> No. 4745 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 10:00 am
4745 spacer
firstrowsports.eu is really good for footy. Might be good for boxing too.
>> No. 4746 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 3:08 pm
4746 spacer
Thank you for your replies, but >>4744 has nailed it. That seems exactly like what I'm looking for.
>> No. 4747 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 3:34 pm
4747 spacer
Go down the pub and watch it there?
>> No. 4748 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 3:41 pm
4748 spacer
I get intimidated by the sort that generally watches boxing.
>> No. 4749 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 3:45 pm
4749 spacer

They physically square up to you just because they watch boxing?
>> No. 4750 Anonymous
27th May 2013
Monday 3:52 pm
4750 spacer

As far as I know, my locals rarely put it on.
>> No. 5454 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 10:45 am
5454 spacer

Manny Pacquiao is fighting a young American, Tim Bradley, on 12 April. Pacquiao's fights have always been entertaining, and I regard the guy as one of the main reasons to watch boxing. He's practically a national hero in the Philippines. Trains hard, talent for KOs, graceful in public, smart, gives to charitable causes, etc.

Anyway, this fight is meant to be him getting back to his more aggressive style of boxing after a year of training and playing it safe. He suffered a couple of heavy losses, one controversially by points and another by a big knockout from a longtime rival, Juan Manuel Marquez. I'll be watching because I've followed his career for a long time now, and a win over Bradley would set him up to fight Marquez for a fifth time, meaning the two have been competing for over ten years.

Also, Bob Dylan seems to like him as well.
>> No. 5583 Anonymous
17th April 2014
Thursday 10:50 am
5583 spacer
For those of you that missed the fight but might be interested in seeing it (I forgot to bump this page with the bloody stream, sorry lads), WBA have the fight up here:

>> No. 5586 Anonymous
21st April 2014
Monday 12:10 pm
5586 spacer

I'm just going to keep posting in this thread until someone gets interested, because I'm beginning to pick up the sport again. Again a big thank you to >>4744, it's a very good place to rekindle the interest.

Another interesting fighter right now is the Mexican 'Canelo' Alvarez (his nickname means 'cinnamon'), who had an awesome fight back in March with Alfredo Angulo. Canelo is on the heavier end for his class and hits very hard, but Angulo just shows such immense fortitude in this fight that he's won my respect. If any of you like to see people engaged in a battle of willpower, this is the fight for you. It ends in some controversy, too, but I agree with the decision all the way.

WBVA keeps tabs on ratios, but some 'free' torrents are offered where you can just leech after signing up. If anyone is looking for somewhere to get back into it, here's the first match to really capture me in a while. It's one of those 'free' torrents:


The fight also opens up interesting possibilities between Pacquaio facing Canelo, which again might lead on to another Marquez match. There's also been speculation for years about setting up Pacquaio versus Floyd Mayweather. Canelo lost to Mayweather, who admittedly is in the top two or three of his class, but has a toxic approach to the sport. What makes a Pac and Mayweather fight so interesting is that they're more or less the two best pound-for-pound fighters right now. Everything big in boxing seems to be happening at the welterweight and light-middleweight divisions.
>> No. 6239 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 1:08 am
6239 spacer
Regular boxing is for ladies in case they break a painted toenail. But what are some of the big upcoming fights? I basically lost interest after I realised the judging was basically rigged.
>> No. 6312 Anonymous
12th October 2014
Sunday 9:35 am
6312 spacer

>Regular boxing is for ladies in case they break a painted toenail.

Depends who you're watching. If heavy hitters are what you're about then take a look at the fights of Gennady Golovkin. He's fighting on the 18th.

I'm really only following Pacquiao at the moment, because I find him interesting all around as a public figure. On 22nd November he's fighting Algieri, a self-promoted American who really shouldn't pose much of a threat. Still, every fight he has is another step to either Marquez or Mayweather.
>> No. 6348 Anonymous
18th October 2014
Saturday 6:52 pm
6348 spacer

Here's a stream link, but the fight will be at 10pm ET (or 3am BST).

I'll just wait until tomorrow, I think, and use WBVA to get it.
>> No. 6349 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 3:38 pm
6349 spacer


For what might be the first time in .gs history, here's a spoiler tag that actually hides a spoiler:

Rubio gets knocked down in the second round, and doesn't make a convincing effort to get up in time for the count. Part of me thinks this was all strategy, knowing he couldn't hold it against Golovkin. He didn't make weight for the fight, and he was even smiling after a little bit of theatre over it.

That being said, Golovkin was still impressive. There's genuine power in his punches, and this is his 18th knockout on the trot. Boy is no joke.

>> No. 6350 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 4:01 pm
6350 spacer
I don't know if this question is acceptable for this thread, so I'll spoiler it in case it's a distraction.

Is organised crime still a big deal in British boxing? I get the impression that's how a lot of money laundering is done ('I made this money by selling boxing tickets, m'lud') but I wouldn't know.
>> No. 6375 Anonymous
15th November 2014
Saturday 3:09 pm
6375 spacer
Pacquaio and Algieri are competing in a weeks time. Training videos don't necessarily indicate who'll win a bout but they're fun exhibitions of skill.


>> No. 6376 Anonymous
15th November 2014
Saturday 3:28 pm
6376 spacer
I always love watching Pacquiao. Guy's a machine.
>> No. 6472 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 9:01 pm
6472 spacer
On Pacquiao and Algieri: Pacquiao thoroughly outclassed Algieri, for anyone keeping track. It's worth downloading for anyone wishing to see the difference between a good boxer and a great boxer. Wonderful movement on both sides, but Pacquiao just has the superior speed and technique.

The fight also contained one pretty comical moment in the 9th where the commentators were interviewing Algieri's trainers. Just as he was launching into some script about how Algieri was being 'let out of the cage' and would start being more bold with Manny, Algieri takes a massive left cross and falls back on the canvas. It was brutal but to be expected with the gap in experience between them.

Pacquiao and Mayweather is now actually looking like a possibility sometime mid-2015, including some pretty neurotic clauses in the contract thanks to Mayweather's team, including a guaranteed rematch if Manny wins.
>> No. 6795 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 3:52 pm
6795 spacer


Here we go. May 2nd Pacquiao and Mayweather will be fighting in Vegas. Some would say that the fight is coming years too late, but this still makes for one of the most interesting fights in boxing history.

This is about as big a deal as it gets in terms of the sport.
>> No. 6796 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 3:53 pm
6796 spacer
>> No. 6799 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 5:00 pm
6799 spacer
To give this a bit of British relevance, Ricky Hatton fought both of them and gives his opinion in this (rather funny) interview:

>> No. 8181 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 3:02 am
8181 spacer
Any streams boxinglad?
>> No. 8182 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 3:04 am
8182 spacer


>> No. 8183 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 3:46 am
8183 spacer
Is posting a streaming link a banable offence?
>> No. 8184 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 4:21 am
8184 spacer
Download Aceplayer (its a VLC variant)



Find acestream:/0891209381209e123u120938102j9e9 links on reddit.com/r/soccerstreams, reddit.com/r/boxingstreams

1080p, smooth as fuck.
>> No. 8185 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 5:04 am
8185 spacer
Thanks mate. That was good.

Shame it was a draw. Lost a tenner on it. That one judge scoring it to Alvarez with 118 - 110 is fucking corrupt.
>> No. 8186 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 7:08 am
8186 spacer

Cheers for posting the result in your second line with no spoiler tag, you fucking fanny.
>> No. 8187 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 9:53 am
8187 spacer
I've heard rumours this software is a botnet for bitcoin mining or DDOS attacks or something. Is that bullshit?
>> No. 8188 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 11:47 am
8188 spacer
I have no reason to think that's the case. And the fact you have heard rumours detailing two different things reinforces that view to be honest.
>> No. 8189 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 12:14 pm
8189 spacer
Download carefully, run in a VM.
Wouldn't trust with a bargepole...
>> No. 8191 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 1:05 pm
8191 spacer
>>8189 I've put it on my lodger's laptop as a test so I'll report back if something is amiss.
>> No. 8204 Anonymous
28th October 2017
Saturday 9:40 pm
8204 spacer


>> No. 8205 Anonymous
28th October 2017
Saturday 10:00 pm
8205 spacer
My money's on a massive punch-up at or outside Cardiff Central when people who haven't prepared find out that they can't get home.
>> No. 8206 Anonymous
29th October 2017
Sunday 10:55 am
8206 spacer
It was a Saturday night in Cardiff, there's always a punch up by Central station and chip alley.
>> No. 8712 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 5:57 pm
8712 spacer


I don't follow boxing but this Tyson Fury guy seems like a top bloke.
>> No. 8713 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 6:19 pm
8713 spacer

I actively support any boxer who punches himself in the face, saves time all around.
>> No. 8714 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 6:23 pm
8714 spacer
He is alright, would buy him a pint and a curry, but he is just daft. He gave the mouth foaming mob a stick to beat him with and the other mouth foaming mob a champion of their "values" by equating homosexuality and paedophilia.

He is a great boxer, but any fight that isn't in Las Vegas will be marred by fights in the crowds as other Travellers set up matches of their own for the event.

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