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Johan Vansummeren 2011 Paris Roubaix Cycle oCvgoET.jpg
>> No. 3294 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 11:27 am
3294 spacer
Anyone watching the cycling?
Expand all images.
>> No. 3295 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 12:44 pm
3295 spacer

I wish I'd been able to. I'm hoping to catch a bit more of it as it continues. The only stage I had set aside time to watch was stage 4, anticipating a Cav/Petacchi showdown, but obviously it was neutralised after what happened to Weylandt.
>> No. 3296 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 1:08 pm
3296 spacer
No but I have just been cycling.

I watch the cycling sometimes when my dad is though.
>> No. 3297 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 2:14 pm
3297 spacer
Did you see the UCI list leaked by L'Equipe ranking last years Tour de France riders on suspicion of doping from 0-10? Absolute shambles that it's got out, as if there aren't enough actual doping scandals around we need to throw some presumed ones into the mix too.
>> No. 3298 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 3:42 pm
3298 spacer

Bad luck! The Weylandt accident was horrific, felt my heart in my throat when they showed paramedics giving him CPR.
At least they gave him a a respectful send off, even if it wasn't entertaining to watch.
If you're having trouble catching the stages live, there's always www.cyclingtorrents.nl/ .

I hadn't until now. Drama, drama, where would the sport be without it? Still, it's no good for the riders. I'm sure we'll see a few sackings to appease the mob peloton!

brb - getting a few laps in.
>> No. 3307 Anonymous
15th May 2011
Sunday 9:34 pm
3307 spacer
Maybe he doped, maybe he didn't, but damn if Contador doesn't have the most beautiful climbing style in the world. When he gets out of the saddle and puts the hammer down he looks like he's floating up the mountain. I might slap some money on him winning the hat-trick right now.
>> No. 3344 Anonymous
25th May 2011
Wednesday 2:49 pm
3344 spacer

Just watched Stage 9 (slowly catching up), Contador was incredible! Such a strong rider, even attacking at the front of a break away he hardly seems to break a sweat as he flies off.
As you said, doping or not, it's superb to see.
>> No. 3345 Anonymous
25th May 2011
Wednesday 7:08 pm
3345 spacer
I enjoyed watching the stage finishing on Monte Zoncolan - even Contador was pedalling squares for bit there! The Italians love their insane mountains.

It's also somewhat pleasing to see Lance Armstrong's name being dragged through the mud right now. After years of it being painfully obvious that US Postal/Discovery were involved in systematic doping (remember when Hincapie used to be able to burn off real climbers in the Alps without even breaking a sweat? Lol.) and all the fanboys screaming that we were just jealous Europeans who couldn't handle American success, it's nice to get some vindication.
>> No. 3414 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 11:34 pm
3414 spacer
>> No. 3415 Anonymous
7th July 2011
Thursday 12:12 am
3415 spacer

I did find the indignation caused by this chap hilarious. On every other forum there were calls to "LYNCH THE CUNT".
Anyway, it's been a good Tour so far, lots of excitement and pile ups, glad to see Contador isn't dominating again like in the Giro.
I'm loving this tour!
>> No. 3416 Anonymous
7th July 2011
Thursday 12:40 am
3416 spacer
>> No. 3418 Anonymous
7th July 2011
Thursday 11:28 pm
3418 spacer
I'd put my house on Cav for green in Paris. His form looks unbeatable.
>> No. 3420 Anonymous
10th July 2011
Sunday 4:54 pm
3420 spacer
>> No. 3421 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 12:10 am
3421 spacer

I couldn't believe that Hoogerland was able to get up and ride on. What the fuck was the driver thinking? This coming just days after Sorensen got taken out by the motorbike, to boot.
>> No. 3423 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 12:15 am
3423 spacer

He was swerving to avoid the tree, but fuck knows why he was accelerating.
>> No. 3424 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 1:22 am
3424 spacer
Hard bastards! That's one thing appreciate about tour racing, there's no tears and whining you get in football (aside from Cavendish), unless they've broken something, every rider will try to get back on his bike and back to the peloton.
>> No. 3425 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 1:44 am
3425 spacer

To be fair to Cav, when he crashes I think that most of the whining is from everybody else demanding he be sentenced to death for moving off his line or something.

>unless they've broken something

George Hincapie broke his collarbone, then just got back on his bike and finished the stage anyway. Then for good measure he rode the rest of the tour too without telling anybody that it was broken in case they made him abandon. Cyclists are all crazy, really. Their entire job is to put themselves in unbearable pain.
>> No. 3426 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 4:39 pm
3426 spacer

george hicapie's leg.jpg
Fair enough about Cav, there's a lot of pressure, yet he does come off as a big smug/moany after his races sometimes.
Good to see a Brit on the podium though!

>George Hincapie
While I hadn't heard about that, it doesn't surprise me. Read stories of riders tying their hands to the bars with inner tubes after breaking an arm. Crazy sods.
It doesn't make up for his fucking pasta leg though, urgh!
>> No. 3427 Anonymous
12th July 2011
Tuesday 5:56 pm
3427 spacer

Cav surprised me today, thought those hills would have him reeling off the back, yet he managed to stick with the best and missed out on another win by a wheel length.
>> No. 3428 Anonymous
13th July 2011
Wednesday 5:40 pm
3428 spacer
Cav put Greipel back in his box today with that one, I think. Trademark absolute and unblinking dismissiveness towards every single one of his rivals in the post race interview too.
>> No. 3429 Anonymous
13th July 2011
Wednesday 8:16 pm
3429 spacer
Thank god for the Mountains. Can't stand the Cavendish hype, will be nice to see him struggling at the back. The less I have to hear of the 'Manx Missile' the better.
>> No. 3431 Anonymous
13th July 2011
Wednesday 10:02 pm
3431 spacer

Is it hype when he's the best in the world by miles at what he does, though? It's not like he's some no-hoper who gets a few lucky wins every now and then, he is well on his way to winning more stages of this race than anybody in history.

If you just don't like sprinting I can understand that, but levelling the hate at one man just because he's the best at it seems a bit weird.
>> No. 3432 Anonymous
14th July 2011
Thursday 9:52 pm
3432 spacer
>but levelling the hate at one man just because he's the best at it seems a bit weird.

I think he'd get a better reception if he grew a 'tache and smoked a pipe in his post race interviews, eyebrow cocked and delivering witty one liners about that foreign lot.
Maybe that's just me.
>> No. 3433 Anonymous
14th July 2011
Thursday 10:10 pm
3433 spacer

>I think he'd get a better reception if he grew a 'tache and smoked a pipe in his post race interviews, eyebrow cocked

I'm afraid I couldn't think of any witty one liners at short notice.
>> No. 3434 Anonymous
15th July 2011
Friday 12:27 pm
3434 spacer

Luigi Ganna 1st Giro Winner 1909.jpg
Wonderful all the same. From this image alone my esteem for Cavvy has risen considerably!
>> No. 3437 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 9:19 am
3437 spacer
Sick of the ITV4 coverage, does any have a link to foreign streams, preferably Belgian or French commentary?
>> No. 3438 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 12:52 pm
3438 spacer

Sean Kelly.jpg
Scroll down a bit, has links to every channel under the sun.
Eurosport with Sean Kelly commentating is a little easier on the ears.
>> No. 3439 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 4:38 pm
3439 spacer

Starting to wish I actually had done this now.
>> No. 3440 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 4:40 pm
3440 spacer
After the ease with which he made it through the Pyranees, is anybody else starting to think that Voeckler is the favourite for this? Andy Schleck, as ever, doesn't seem to have the kick to distance people in the hills. Contador looks out of sorts, and even if he comes back into form in the alps he has 4 minutes to make up. I bet the Frogs are getting excited.
>> No. 3441 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 9:52 pm
3441 spacer
Contador looks like he gave too much in the Giro and seems rather pooped, doesn't mean he won't give it his all. I hope both the Schlecks can pick up their pace and confuse the other riders by constantly changing places with each other to create a state of perpetual Schleck-motion.

Would be nice to see a frog win it, let Contador have the Vuelta next month
>> No. 3442 Anonymous
18th July 2011
Monday 12:54 am
3442 spacer

It seems like everybody who raced in the Giro is paying the price. I was expecting something from John Gadret after that stage win in Italy (was planning on having a sneaky tenner on him on Bastille day, in fact), and he had to pull out with exhaustion before they even hit the mountains. Kreuziger has looked shot too, and I'm not sure the crash can be entirely to blame.
>> No. 3448 Anonymous
21st July 2011
Thursday 8:42 pm
3448 spacer
Now that is what I call a race! It looks like Voeckler has lost all his puff now - this is Cadel Evan's race to lose now. Kudos to Schleck though, just a shame he will falter in the TT.
>> No. 3450 Anonymous
23rd July 2011
Saturday 5:32 pm
3450 spacer

fully cadel.jpg

What would happen if someone challenged him in Paris and beat him, would they be vilified and lynched? Even if it was Voeckler?
>> No. 4198 Anonymous
30th June 2012
Saturday 4:37 pm
4198 spacer

are wiggo.jpg
You lads think ARE WIGGO has a chance this year?
>> No. 4199 Anonymous
30th June 2012
Saturday 6:24 pm
4199 spacer
My cycling chum thinks he has a great chance, but I know very little of cycling. Apparently it's because there's more time trialling this year, Cadel Evans is out of shape, Contador's drugs ban and Andy Schleck's injury.
>> No. 4200 Anonymous
30th June 2012
Saturday 8:13 pm
4200 spacer

I got on him at 3/1 a while back, and very happy with it to boot. He is a genuine favourite.

Contador not being there is the open door for everybody. He'd have smashed it last year if he didn't ride the Giro, I'm certain. Schleck never stood a chance because his time-trialling is cripple-tier and that's going to dominate this year. The only people who are better than Wiggo in a TT are Tony Martin and Fabian Cancellara, neither of whom will be in GC contention because they are too big to get over the climbs with the top guys.

I don't believe that Evans will beat Wiggo in a Time Trial. The effort he put in last year in the final TT was immense, and he's not bad at them, but with it all on the line I would back Wiggins every time. He has slaughtered Evans in the Dauphine TT two years running (which was the same route at the one Evans won in the Tour last year, incidentally), and none of the other GC contenders will even be close.

If he's going to lose it (apart from via a crash), it would be in the mountains, but while there are strong climbers in the race still, there aren't really too many who have that destructive acceleration which really breaks people. You've got somebody like Nibali, who just sets a good pace and stays with it, same with Franck Schleck. I guess Scarponi would be my man to watch in terms of flying off the front on an ascent, but we'll see. Evans and Wiggins are pretty similar on the climbs, in my book. Both strong riders who will just look to cling on to the out-and-out climbers, which Evans was able to do reasonably comfortably last year, and which Wiggins also managed quite well the year he came fourth.

tl;dr, I'm excited as fuck. We may never have a better chance to see a British rider in Yellow in Paris.
>> No. 4201 Anonymous
30th June 2012
Saturday 9:08 pm
4201 spacer
I wouldn't be suprised to see Cav partly sidelined this year in the place of Wiggo, and in return Wiggo to work his heart out for Cav in the Olypmic road race.

As >>4200 says, this has to be one of our greatest chances for a British yellow.
>> No. 4202 Anonymous
30th June 2012
Saturday 10:20 pm
4202 spacer

Cav has definitely compromised his sprint this season in preparation for the Olympic route, too. I don't think that Sky will do much for him except perhaps have Eisel shepherd him towards the line if a sprint happens to be coming.

I'm sure he'll still win a couple, because he was winning them by so much before that even throwing some speed away shouldn't leave him lagging behind, but I would be surprised to see him as involved in the race this year as in years past.
>> No. 4205 Anonymous
2nd July 2012
Monday 5:44 am
4205 spacer

Boy, this is tempting.
>> No. 4207 Anonymous
2nd July 2012
Monday 4:38 pm
4207 spacer
Easiest E/W of my life. No idea why his odds were so stupid.
>> No. 4208 Anonymous
4th July 2012
Wednesday 1:02 am
4208 spacer

Fancy keeping us updated on any more tips you find, eh?

Pleased to see Cavvy can survive on his own in that intermediate sprint, amazing how he just breezed past the lot.
I'm not too clued up on the ins and outs, why did he go to Sky in the first place? He was the golden boy in HTC, getting brilliant lead outs in every race while Sky either can't put a train together (that I've seen) or they're focusing all their attention on Wiggo.

Also, this Sagan fella is terrifying.
>> No. 4211 Anonymous
4th July 2012
Wednesday 2:42 am
4211 spacer
>Fancy keeping us updated on any more tips you find, eh?

I shall now sound wise after the fact and say that on any stage which has no huge mountains but a notably uphill finish, such as yesterday's, back Sagan and lay Gilbert. Sagan has won anything that fits that profile all year, whereas Gilbert is being priced second favourite in most places, despite the fact he's been nowhere near his best form all season. Last year he was winning these as easily as Sagan is now, and people look to be paying more heed to that than they should in my book.

As for today, they seem to have wised up to Goss, because he's half those odds now. I think Farrar (40/1 in a few places) is value E/W, but with less confidence than I had for Goss. He is patchy as hell, but definitely has the speed on his day and a team who will work for him, with a proper leadout man. He's beaten Cav and Greipel in sprints before, he just doesn't do it consistently. I've got a couple of quid on him, just in case he decides to turn up.

I'm sort of tempted by Greipel for the win at 4/1 but betting on somebody to outright beat Cav in a sprint is a mug's game, even if he's dropped some speed and has no team support.

>why did he go to Sky in the first place?

Combination of reasons, I think. He openly stated that he felt he was underpaid at HTC and felt disrespected because of it. Sky were never going to set themselves up for him lile HTC did, but the team principal (Dave Brailsford) worked with Cav when he was a kid, and is one of the few people he seems to respect. Also, with Sky being a British team with a lot of British people involved, he has ridden with a lot of them through the junior ranks.

I also suspect he wanted to show people he was going to be winning these stages with or without support.
>> No. 4216 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 9:49 pm
4216 spacer
Temper temper

>> No. 4217 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 11:13 pm
4217 spacer
Diddums! It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't his own fault.
Plus most cyclists are skinny as fuck, so when they do fight it's HILARIOUS

Glad, Cavvy got a lead out though he didn't seem able to break out all the same. At the same time, he seems to do okay riding other teams coat tails and I don't want to see Team Sky exhaust their mountain riders at the expense of Wiggo.
With Cav under weight and without HTC and Contador probably eating steak and getting blow jobs in the Caribbean, every stage seems wide open so far.
>> No. 4231 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 3:09 pm
4231 spacer

At first I....

...Then I...
>> No. 4232 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 3:09 pm
4232 spacer

>> No. 4233 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 4:34 pm
4233 spacer
Holy fuck, did you see Chris Froome destroy that last ramp? Unbelievable. That was Contador-esque.
>> No. 4234 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 5:02 pm
4234 spacer
Amazing performance. Thought he'd fall back and let Wiggs have a shot, instead he blasted past Evans even after doing all the work to the top.
>> No. 4235 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 5:34 pm
4235 spacer

Good on the spearchucker, hope he keeps this up through the Jura.

Such a shame to see the dominant force that is Schleck come in so far back, I hope he picks his form up.

Also, I didn't realise ARE WIGGO had such a foul mouth.
>Kameramannen var på vei i motsatt retning for å følge Peter Sagan. I et uoppmerksomt øyeblikk traff han Wiggins
>You fucking wiped me with your camera you stupid cunt, sa en frustrert Wiggins.
>> No. 4236 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 6:11 pm
4236 spacer

>> No. 4237 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 9:21 pm
4237 spacer
>fucking wiped me out with the camera, the stupid cunt

>> No. 4250 Anonymous
8th July 2012
Sunday 4:17 pm
4250 spacer
Awww yeah, I love it when a underdog gets away and grabs a stage.
>> No. 4251 Anonymous
8th July 2012
Sunday 4:40 pm
4251 spacer

How funny was Marc Madiot in the team car? I think he enjoyed that.

Good effort by Wiggo to stay with Nibali and Cuddles on the descent without any problems. Hopefully he can dish out some punishment in the ITT tomorrow.
>> No. 4255 Anonymous
8th July 2012
Sunday 10:05 pm
4255 spacer

Le Homme du Marmite.jpg
That was pretty good, made it all the more tense until he got in sight of the line. Nobody wants to see someone, especially a young domestique do the ride of their lives then get swallowed up at the last minute by the peloton.
Saying that, nothing beats the sight of the now corpulent and aged Eddy Merckx leaning out of the sunroof of the directors car, furiously shouting at anyone putting in a particularly heroic display.
I wonder if he's hanging about this year?

Wiggo looked pretty comfortable there, for Evans he's like the Terminator, no matter how much he tries to get away, Wiggs is there methodically keeping pace.
Froome did well during the first half too, looked like he was dragging the whole peloton up those mountains himself, until Liquigas took over.
>> No. 4256 Anonymous
8th July 2012
Sunday 10:07 pm
4256 spacer
Tony Martin is 7/1 for the time trial tomorrow. I know he's got a broken wrist, but that still seems generous to me.
>> No. 4257 Anonymous
9th July 2012
Monday 12:28 pm
4257 spacer
It's Cancellara's to lose. Might put a bet down because I can see him decimating the field.
>> No. 4258 Anonymous
9th July 2012
Monday 1:20 pm
4258 spacer
I'm extremely interested to see how Chris Froome goes in this one. I think he might be looking to take this race on in his own right come next year - I'm seeing shades of Deutsche Telekom in 1996/7 with Ullrich first working for Riis then the other way around.
>> No. 4260 Anonymous
9th July 2012
Monday 3:56 pm
4260 spacer
Holy shit, Wiggins is fucking brutalising Evans so far. I hope he can keep this up.
>> No. 4261 Anonymous
9th July 2012
Monday 4:37 pm
4261 spacer

I don't think sky would ever do such a thing, but I imagine a lot of the teams would like to have Froome's bloodwork double checked after the past 3 days.
>> No. 4262 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 1:16 pm
4262 spacer

Ditto, Sky have way too much to loose with a doping scandal but Froome and Wiggins are incredible this season.
A minute ahead of Cancellara! What the fucks going on!?
Loved this;
>The Tour de France leader, Bradley Wiggins, stormed out of a press conference in a fury yesterday after being asked what his reaction was to anonymous members of the Twittersphere who claimed it was impossible to win the race without being doped.

>"I'd say they are just f***ing w***ers," was Wiggins' impassioned response. "I can't be dealing with people like that, it justifies their own bone idleness. Rather than getting off their a***s and doing something with their lives it's easier for them to sit underneath a pseudonym on Twitter and write that sort of s**t..." Wiggins then got up and walked out, bringing an abrupt end to proceedings.
>> No. 4263 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 4:19 pm
4263 spacer

I should clarify that I wasn't trying to suggest that Froome or Wiggins were doped a la Ullrich and Riis, simply that the situation is potentially similar to that where Ullrich could probably have beaten Riis, but instead worked to get him the win and led the team to victory himself the next year.

I think the key man in all of this is Dave Brailsford. I have no idea what this man's training methods are, but he just turns out phenomenal cyclists constantly. Given that none of his riders have ever been implicated in a doping scandal as far as I am aware, I firmly believe he is just a genius with a better grasp on sports science than everybody else, and now road cycling is so much cleaner than it used to be, it's showing through in fine style.
>> No. 4264 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 6:32 pm
4264 spacer

Yeah, theres no huge suprise that Sky are doing well. Its a very well financed team, with world class riders and the best coaching/training of any team - so they should be doing well.

But still, having the same little known rider dominate hill stages and time trials seems really dodgy. I'd best a sizable amount that sky weren't doping, they have too much commercial value to lose (the Sky/Sky Sports brand) and there are no shady characters involved - yet it's sort of unbelievable how dominant they have seemed given no precedent being set in previous seasons.
>> No. 4265 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 9:30 pm
4265 spacer

I think this article (about Froome's second place in the Vuelta last year, equalling the best ever grand tour performance by a British rider) is illuminating.


Basic tl;dr is that Brailsford was surprised at Froome's previous under-performance and inconsistency given his numbers in the gym, and Froome credited Wiggins and Sky with helping him pace himself through a race better rather than blowing his wad on crazy attacks and the like. I find it a creditable explanation of how proper training and mentoring could drag these performances out of a young rider.

The cynics will of course point to any surge in performance after joining a new team as being down to doping, but he was still a kid when they signed him, in cycling terms. Not many serious GC riders come to the fore in their early twenties.
>> No. 4266 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 10:41 pm
4266 spacer
Cheers, that was a pretty good article and sets Froome in a better context. Until this tour I hadn't even noticed him.
>> No. 4267 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 1:29 am
4267 spacer
Did you not watch the Vuelta last year? Froome was on fire.
>> No. 4268 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 1:39 am
4268 spacer
Cycling is funnier when someone lets rip with a big wet shit while in the saddle. Golden.
>> No. 4271 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 10:07 am
4271 spacer

I'll watch a few tours and a few classics per year but unless you really make an effort to keep up, it's so under reported here that I find it slips me by.
>> No. 4272 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 4:03 pm
4272 spacer

Oh Jens :3
>> No. 4273 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 6:25 pm
4273 spacer

He's sold out.
>> No. 4274 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 9:46 pm
4274 spacer

I'm not sure that's possible.
>> No. 4275 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 11:56 pm
4275 spacer
Vincenzo Nibali currently making his run for Most Bumsore Man in the World.


A bit rich to accuse a guy of not showing you due respect when you've repeatedly called him shit in the press for the last week.
>> No. 4276 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 12:37 am
4276 spacer
Continentals hate it, absolutely loathe it when we do well in something they see as "theirs". ARE WIGGO and Sky are doing a bang tidy job in keeping them arse aggrieved and I for one love it.
>> No. 4277 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 12:38 am
4277 spacer

>> No. 4278 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 12:41 am
4278 spacer
What a fathead wanker.
That descent was pretty nice today but he's not as hot shit as he thinks he is.
I'm sure Wiggins will have a good chuckle at getting under Nibali's skin.

I always find time to play with that thing.
>> No. 4281 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 5:22 pm
4281 spacer
After that unpleasantness, nice to see Nibali and Wiggins warmly congratulating each other as they crossed the line.

I note that it was Wiggo that offered the respect first, though. Just more classy Brits taking the high road, nothing to see here.
>> No. 4282 Anonymous
13th July 2012
Friday 9:50 am
4282 spacer
There was a bit of a grimace on his face as he reached out. Swallowing a bit of his pride I guess.
Sad for Cuddles, he looks gutted to fall so far back.
>> No. 4283 Anonymous
13th July 2012
Friday 3:51 pm
4283 spacer
All of this British domination. 1-2 in the GC, 4 different stage winners.

>> No. 4284 Anonymous
13th July 2012
Friday 10:31 pm
4284 spacer

That was such a beautiful finish for Miller, perfectly played.
As you say, unprecedented.
>> No. 4287 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 4:49 pm
4287 spacer
>Tac attack

Welp, that was a waste of my afternoon and a perfect stage for some attacking and defending from the GC leaders.
>> No. 4288 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 5:23 pm
4288 spacer
I never expected much to happen to the leaderboard today because of how long the run-in was after the descent, but it's still a shame to see it neutralised like that. I hope whichever prick thought it was a great idea to puncture the tyres of guys who are about to be going downhill at 60MPH is delighted with their edgy selves.
>> No. 4290 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 8:26 pm
4290 spacer

I bet it was Contador. What about Rolland? Was he in the right to try and nick back some time, or just a cunt?

In other news, I wish I had seen this.
>> No. 4291 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 8:49 pm
4291 spacer
30 bicycle tyres, +1 motorcycle.
Welp indeed.
>> No. 4292 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 9:18 pm
4292 spacer

An argument could be made in defence of Rolland that riders shouldn't have bothered slowing down for Evans - the general thinking has been never to attack the yellow jersey in those circumstances with everybody else being fair game - but once the whole bunch did slow, Rolland was just being a cunt to fly off like that. When leading riders effectively neutralise a stage, you accept it and go along whether you like it or not.

Still, looks like his team did finally order him to stop embarrassing them and allow himself to get caught, so all's well that ends well.
>> No. 4293 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 9:33 pm
4293 spacer
I only caught the highlights, one of the Tour directors said one rider ended up with a broken collar-bone because of the tac attack, but I can't find anything about it in the articles I've read.
>> No. 4296 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 10:10 pm
4296 spacer

>> No. 4300 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 8:38 pm
4300 spacer
Frank Schleck has tested positive for a diuretic.

For fuck's sake.
>> No. 4301 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 9:12 pm
4301 spacer
Wow, he's one of the last I'd expect to be done. Kind of a shame to see a big respectable name go down like that, especially after Wiggo and Jens saying it was a clean peloton just a few days ago.
>> No. 4302 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 9:59 pm
4302 spacer

Yeah, but what is he 'being done' for? I've read a few reports on BBC/Sky but for someone only into cycling for a few years I wasn't really around for any big busts. I didn't really understand the Contador thing either.

Basically - he has proven positive for a substance that isn't illegal, but is used in dodgy circumstances and has no explicable use that isn't illicit?

Does it basically mean that he has been doping, but they can't detect it? The actions of his team (kicking him from the tour when a suspension isnt mandatory) would suggest that to me at least.
>> No. 4303 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 10:17 pm
4303 spacer
There are plenty of legitimate medical uses for diuretics. Namely the ones they're designed for.
>> No. 4305 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 10:47 pm
4305 spacer

So whats the problem? How come he is off the tour? Surely he just needs to bring forward the documentation/medical certificate that justifies his use of the legal chemical and he is clear of all accusations - therefore the problem is that he hasn't done that and so it must be cheating?
>> No. 4306 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 10:49 pm
4306 spacer

It's not necessarily a performance booster (although it will help you shed weight, so could offer a tiny improvement in the mountains), but it can be used to mask the use of other drugs, and as such it is forbidden.

Naturally it is, then, not possible to say for certain that he was cheating, but every rider knows that they can't use these substances even if they aren't using them as masking agents. There is no tolerance whatsoever for innocent mistakes, so riders and teams are hyper-vigilant about what they take, with team doctors completely in control of the supplements/medicines that are used. There's no way anybody is going to believe that Saxobank made a stupid mistake in accidentally administering a banned substance, so naturally the suspicion will be that this was a deliberate attempt to mask the use of other substances.

At best, he's an idiot. At worst, he's a cheat. It doesn't really matter which one because it's still doing yet more damage to the sport.
>> No. 4307 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 10:52 pm
4307 spacer

Radioshack, of course. My mistake.
>> No. 4308 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 10:58 pm
4308 spacer
>but it can be used to mask the use of other drugs, and as such it is forbidden.
D'oh, silly me. Diuretics. Yes, I see why that would be a problem now.
>> No. 4309 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 11:14 pm
4309 spacer

Easy mistake to make.
>> No. 4310 Anonymous
18th July 2012
Wednesday 4:10 pm
4310 spacer
One more day for WIggins to get through in the mountains, then it's game over. 2min+ lead on Nibali with a long TT to come, unless he cracks something horrific, this is done and dusted.
>> No. 4311 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 4:37 pm
4311 spacer
Game over. We finally have a British tour winner.
>> No. 4312 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 4:49 pm
4312 spacer

>> No. 4313 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 6:43 pm
4313 spacer
Chris Froome
>> No. 4314 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 7:43 pm
4314 spacer
I do think the dynamic between Wiggo and Froomey is one of the more interesting aspects of this tour, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw them going head to head on different teams once their contracts run out (in 2014 I believe).
>> No. 4315 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 8:09 pm
4315 spacer
One possible outcome for the next Tour is a situation similar to that of Astana when Armstrong butted in to Contador's team and they had two leaders. If that did happen, I think the most likely outcome would be that they race to see if one of them could open up a lead at the top, and then the other would step down and protect that lead.

More likely, I am firmly convinced that Froome will lead Team Sky next time around. This Tour could have been designed for Wiggins with two long time trials, barely any monstrous climbs and hardly a summit finish in sight. It was a no-brainer to work for him on this one, even if Froome has shown surprising strength. Next year, for the hundredth anniversary, I have no doubt they will hit all the famous summits, and probably as finishes too. No way Wiggins can live with Contador and Schleck on a race to the top of Ventoux or Alpe d'Huez, but Froome has shown enough to suggest he might be able to. Wiggo has already stated quite publicly that he will happily support Froome in the future, so I don't think he would be put out if the team rallied behind the purer climber in a Tour with a tougher profile in the mountains.

Really, Wiggins would be the perfect domestique for the mountains. He doesn't have the pure acceleration that true climbers have, but he can sit on the front and tap out a brutal rhythm all day.
>> No. 4316 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 3:17 pm
4316 spacer

I want to see somebody tell me they don't rate Mark Cavendish right now. He's always got people knocking him, but nobody else can do that. Not even close.
>> No. 4317 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 3:27 pm
4317 spacer

Fucking beautiful! Wiggins leading the train then Cavendish blasting out like he's got a rocket up his arse.
With all the crashes it's been easy to forget just how fast he is, came out from 30 bike lengths back at twice the speed of the next fastest rider.
Another British win.
Happy tears.
>> No. 4318 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 3:49 pm
4318 spacer
Too true. Brilliant.
>> No. 4319 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 4:23 pm
4319 spacer
Just heard Cav saying he went from 600m out there. I'll mention this stage the next time some ignorant wee fuck starts telling me all about he's only good for 100m with somebody holding his hand.
>> No. 4321 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 4:57 pm
4321 spacer

Go on, Lad. Looking forward to seeing you pretend to drink Champagne on the run in to Paris tomorrow.
>> No. 4322 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 5:04 pm
4322 spacer

>> No. 4323 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 6:09 pm
4323 spacer
Bookies are waiting until after tomorrow to pay out, the little scamps. I already had my money in hand for Contador two years ago!
>> No. 4324 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 6:39 pm
4324 spacer
Understandable. ARE WIGGO still needs a stage finish tomorrow to officially claim the win.
>> No. 4325 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 6:48 pm
4325 spacer
Just be grateful they didn't ask for the cash back once he had his win revoked!
>> No. 4326 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 7:10 pm
4326 spacer
Understandable. ARE WIGGO still needs a stage finish tomorrow to officially claim the win.
>> No. 4327 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 10:02 pm
4327 spacer
He was fucking brilliant today, loved every minute of it. Destroyed them.
>> No. 4329 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 4:21 pm
4329 spacer
I can barely watch the last couple of km. COME ON CAV.
>> No. 4330 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 4:23 pm
4330 spacer
Perfection. Fucking perfection. Awesome to watch.
>> No. 4331 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 4:29 pm
4331 spacer

anarchy on the champs elysees.jpg
>> No. 4332 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 5:12 pm
4332 spacer
Cav as untouchable as ever at the end of a Grand Tour. He just wins by more and more as they go on.

Wiggo, Froome...speechless. What a day. Five British riders start the race, and between them they took 1/3 of the stages and the top two spots on the podium. Magnificent doesn't even cover it.
>> No. 4333 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 5:26 pm
4333 spacer
So, bikeskimos, how many cycling medals can we expect to win at the Limpets?
>> No. 4334 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 5:42 pm
4334 spacer

I'm honestly not sure what's happening on the track. Since they cut the individual pursuit, I've kind of drifted away from it in disgust.

On the road, Cav will start favourite for the road race, but it's a very long course and he'll only have 4 guys with him to control the race. They are strong riders, though, so they should have a shot at keeping it together for a bunch sprint at the end, probably with help from Australia and Germany. If it ends up that way, I'd put the house on Cavendish for gold. Wiggins is looking good to medal in the time trial, but I would back Cancellara to win it after the nice rest he's had.

Not sure about the ladies. Anybody else got a clue?
>> No. 4335 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 6:19 pm
4335 spacer

I'm guessing Pendleton is going to make a massive go at it, seeing as it's her last professional tournament and she's been on top form recently. If it goes anything like last time round, the whole team will be in for a good lot of medals in the velodrome events.
Though I can't claim to really follow women's cycling and in typical chauvinistic style I tend to rate them on how cute they are.
>> No. 4336 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 7:35 pm
4336 spacer
Could someone explain to me why it was said that wiggins had won the tour after stage 19, barring injury?
>> No. 4337 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 7:55 pm
4337 spacer

The last stage into Paris is largely seen as a victory parade in the race for the overall win. It is essentially the custom of the riders now not to attack the yellow jersey on the final stage as a show of respect.

I'm sure if riders were within a couple of seconds of the lead they would make it clear that they were going to attack and everybody would understand, but on a flat stage as this always is, there's no chance of taking much time out of the leader anyway, so it's become the tradition to just pat him on the back and let the sprinters race for the stage win amongst themselves.
>> No. 4338 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 7:56 pm
4338 spacer

To add to that - the only way to take significant time out of Wiggins on a stage like this would be if he had a mechanical problem or if he crashed. Wider Tour etiquette dictates that you don't attack the leader in those circumstances anyway, so the others would ease their pace and let him get his bike sorted/dust himself off and catch up to them. Thus the only way he could lose would be if he were physically incapable of riding to the finish.
>> No. 4339 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 8:11 pm
4339 spacer
thanks a lot, this is one of the reasons I am starting to love cycling
>> No. 4340 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 8:15 pm
4340 spacer
Not sure if it's just some inherent racism in me, but I was truely expecting a frenchman to try sabotage are Wiggo. Just to stop a Brit winning their glorious race.

After the tack attack and previous Alpe D'Huez's/Climbs it reminded me of the fear I have of races getting spoiled by the crowds. If a nutter honestly wanted to ruin Wiggo's race (and Tour) it would be a piece of cake.
>> No. 4341 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 8:36 pm
4341 spacer

A Frenchie hasn't won for years, in fact this has probably been their best Tour in regards to stage wins (and having their man Voeckler, in the King of the Mountains polka dot jersey) for quite a while. Wiggo was so far ahead (3 minutes ahead of his team mate Froome and 6 ahead of the third man Nibali), only a serious injury would have jeopardised his chances.

Plus the French have a brotherly love/hate relationship with us, as opposed to real animosity. We see them as effete but ultimately suave gits while they see us as uncultured rock n roll cool Anglais. So I couldn't really see that happening.
I think the tack business was just a bunch of prats mucking about, the French don't really have a Yellow Jersey contender at the moment, though quite a few of their young riders are showing a lot of promise.
>> No. 4343 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 10:10 pm
4343 spacer

Outside of a photoshoot, I've never seen Pendletoon looking anything special.

I haven't watched much of the Tour, but my friends say Froome would have torn Wiggins a new arsehole if he was let off his leash.
>> No. 4345 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 10:30 pm
4345 spacer

I always preferred Trott anyway, for her chavvy, kinda ugly but also kinda cute-ness.
As for the Team Sky business, I'm not so sure. While Froome looked stronger on some of the mountain stages, Wiggins dominated the time trials and is always consistent. One of Froome's biggest problems was not being able to pace himself which almost cost him his team contract. He probably could have done better on a few stages if it wasn't for Wiggins but I think overall he's not quite as strong, yet.
>> No. 4346 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 10:39 pm
4346 spacer

>my friends say Froome would have torn Wiggins a new arsehole if he was let off his leash.

I'm surprised this has become as widely accepted as it has. All we really know is that on two occasions, Froome wanted to attack and was told not to. There's no particular reason to believe he definitely could have taken three minutes plus out of Wiggins if he had been allowed to try.

First thing it's important to note is their different climbing styles. Froome is a more natural climber and can put in sharp bursts of acceleration, whereas Wiggins is an endurance guy who holds a steady pace which he is able to hold for a long time. It's no big deal, then, for Froome to put in an attack and gap Wiggins. Evans did it, Van den Broeke did it, Nibali did it repeatedly. It can look dramatic but actually be completely ineffective because Wiggins doesn't respond immediately, he lets them go and ups his pace slowly to reel them back in gradually.

It takes a very, very special climber to sustain a vicious attack. I don't believe we've seen serious evidence that Froome is that rider yet, and in fact his history tells us that he is a man who puts in bursts of brilliance and then dies on his arse, either later in the stage or the next day. Riding within himself to team orders might even be the only reason he was able to stay in a podium position, not the reason he didn't win.

The second thing is that Team Sky have the data on these guys, and it is serious data. They know every single detail about the way their bodies handle sustained effort at altitude, and everything coming out of the team (including from Froome) says that Wiggins is about as strong as Froome in mountains which aren't brutally steep - such as the ones largely populating the Tour this year. If they put their money on Wiggins, they did it for the reason that he was the best rider, plain and simple.

I guess people always want a story, and the ease with which Sky shut down their competition made this the most enticing, but I don't really buy it myself.
>> No. 4347 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 9:46 am
4347 spacer

wiggins n froome.jpg
>> No. 4348 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 10:40 pm
4348 spacer


I think they are just sharing a moment of consolation over how silly they are going to look during the Olympic Time Trial.
>> No. 4349 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 10:52 pm
4349 spacer
Non biker here, what does that mean
>> No. 4350 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 11:55 pm
4350 spacer
I think he means that Stella McCartney has made him a very mad looking outfit and he wonders whether she was on drugs when designing it.
>> No. 4351 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 12:13 am
4351 spacer
I got the lucy in the sky bit.

kk cheers
>> No. 4352 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 12:16 am
4352 spacer

Speaking of Olympics, anyone going down to watch the road race? Trying to find a good spot to watch.
>> No. 4353 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 12:29 am
4353 spacer
Some inconsiderate cunt decided to get married that day, so I'll be surreptitiously watching the stream on my phone and pretending to be paying attention to all the nuptials.
>> No. 4354 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 12:39 am
4354 spacer

Commiserations. Though to be honest, you'll probably get a better view of it even if I find a way to cycle about and see the race from a few different locations as it loops back.
>> No. 4355 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 5:49 am
4355 spacer

I've got mine already.
>> No. 4357 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 10:20 am
4357 spacer
Fuck sakes, slept in and got a massive hangover. Got my own race to ride down to Richmond Park and catch it now.
>> No. 4358 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 12:16 pm
4358 spacer
Fuck's sake. This is a total shambles. Hugh Porter appears to have given up completely, since it seems nobody can get any timing information and nobody can make out any numbers. Now, for no apparent reason, the director has inserted a gratuitous 30s slo-mo replay.
>> No. 4359 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 1:08 pm
4359 spacer
and now the BBC can't make up their mind where they're putting it. 1 to 3 over to the Red Button and now it's been chucked back onto 3.
>> No. 4360 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 1:57 pm
4360 spacer

Straight off the back of 3 weeks glorious TdF this is pretty grim. Just looking at the pictures there isnt a single bit of additional information - no times, distances, names. Which is frankly retarded, given that the team colours arent familiar, logical or few in number.
>> No. 4361 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 3:50 pm
4361 spacer
So now Cav's got to wait another four years. Hugh and Chris were saying through the later stages that the breakaways were too big, and that if they combined they'd get away with it. They did, and so they did.
>> No. 4362 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 4:05 pm
4362 spacer
>. Just looking at the pictures there isnt a single bit of additional information - no times, distances, names. Which is frankly retarded, given that the team colours arent familiar, logical or few in number.
It's likely to be a technical issue, they can't have planned for no information.

What the fuck happened??
>> No. 4363 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 7:09 pm
4363 spacer
Handful broke away early on, got about 5 minutes in front. Gap came down to about 2 minutes on the laps at Box Hill, but then another dozen broke away. From what I can gather, the big chase group caught the leaders, and kept the peloton a good minute behind them all the way back to London, before Uran and Vinokourov broke off the lead group within the last few km. GB were pretty much doing all the work for the peloton through the laps of Box Hill and all the way back, and apparently nobody else chipped in, apart from a brief stint where the Belgian riders tried to put a second head on the peloton.
>> No. 4364 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 7:55 pm
4364 spacer

Yeah, a couple of other things compounded it too (in my mind at least).

1) They let enough class acts get away in successive breaks. With Nibali, Sanchez, Chabanel, Gilbert and Cancellara ahead of the peloton you suddenly lose the help of the majority of european nations who actually have a decent number of riders capable of chasing down a break.

2) Sagan, Goss and Greipel didn't have enough support with them to help chase, and their style is to sprint it out anyway.

3) Lack of radios meant that real time updates about gaps, tactics and who was actually ahead hampered coordination in the chase.

Bit frustrating really, I would have been really sad on Cav's behalf if he had been out-sprinted (unlikely), but not to see a sprint at all was just dissapointing. Especially with such a flat finish being clearly designed for that.
>> No. 4365 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 8:11 pm
4365 spacer

Froome blasting back into town
>> No. 4366 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 8:21 pm
4366 spacer


Good video interview with Cav too - didn't expect him to be so mature about it!


How was it to spectate? I adore the cycling crowds, but never been out there for a major event myself.
>> No. 4367 Anonymous
28th July 2012
Saturday 8:41 pm
4367 spacer

It was pretty sweet, good mix of fans with their bikes and families just out for the spectacle.
Just a nice atmosphere with the sun with a few drinks, everyone cheering as the police motorcyclists drove up and down, some speeding past the barriers giving everyone hi-fives and taking their hands off the steering bars.
There's a bit of tension as you hear on someone's radio they're coming in, then woosh, 70 blokes go past your field of vision in 10 seconds.
Definitely want to get over to Benelux next spring for the classics.

Nice interview too, Cav's seemed to chill so much over the past year.
>> No. 4370 Anonymous
29th July 2012
Sunday 8:32 am
4370 spacer
Completely impossible to control a 250km race with 4 guys, even if those guys are Wiggo, Froome, Millar and Stannard. I'd figured we would get some help from somebody but it just wasn't to be.

If I were Matt Goss or Andre Greipel I would be feeling about two inches tall right now, though. The whole race was basically an admission from them that they cannot beat Cavendish, which really surprised me. I know how good he is, but when you have sprinters like that you simply have to put them in the mix. No way Australia stood a better chance of a medal with O'Grady in the break than they would have done by bringing it back together. Baffling tactics, in my opinion.

Perhaps I've misunderstood what happened. I was getting snippets of the race throughout the day with the complete lack of information provided by the IOC, so it was tough to follow.
>> No. 4371 Anonymous
29th July 2012
Sunday 2:43 pm
4371 spacer

While watching the women's road race (fnar) it does seem the lack of on screen information is just either the beeb or the olympic organizers being lazy, which is pretty disappointing.
>> No. 4372 Anonymous
29th July 2012
Sunday 2:50 pm
4372 spacer
The pictures you see and the on screen information is controlled by the Olympic Broadcasting Services, the BBC is not responsible.
>> No. 4375 Anonymous
29th July 2012
Sunday 11:13 pm
4375 spacer

BBC certainly aren't happy about it.
>> No. 4382 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 9:58 pm
4382 spacer


>> No. 4384 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 10:12 pm
4384 spacer
I caught the end of it after they finished, it was absolutely dire. It was almost silent for ages, with just very quiet crowd noises in the background, every now and then they cut to journalists starting to interview people but then cut away again exactly at the moment the cyclists were starting to talk.
I wouldn't be surprised if their broadcasting team is just a team of monkeys pressing buttons.
>> No. 4386 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 11:02 pm
4386 spacer

Frankly bizarre. Both the article and THOSE LEGS.

It wasn't much better. Nobody really seemed to accurately know the times between the break, you could hear the commentators clicking stop watches to do it themselves. Plus the break didn't get any time updates by motorbike until the last couple of KM when one of the riders had to ride alongside them and shout the time gap.
Gah, I miss the proper races when you get a nice easy to read panel on the top with the KM to go and the time gap and on the bottom telling you which riders you're looking at. Is that too much to ask?

>> No. 4389 Anonymous
31st July 2012
Tuesday 11:05 pm
4389 spacer
OBS' graphics in general have been shit. For instance, when showing match scores in football and hockey, they seem to have taken inspiration from two sources and come up with the worst of both worlds. Fuck, I have no idea what "information design" even is and I could have done a better job.
>> No. 4394 Anonymous
4th August 2012
Saturday 6:59 pm
4394 spacer
Lads, I'm turning to you in my hour of need.

For some completely inexplicable reason I've agreed to go on a 'team building' 35 mile cycle ride with work, which will be less than 2 weeks away. I haven't been on a bike in over 14 years and I wasn't very good at it back then. What are some basic tips I need to know? I'm assuming I'll need to bring lots of water and arse padding.
>> No. 4395 Anonymous
4th August 2012
Saturday 8:39 pm
4395 spacer

Ha! Do you have any mates you can borrow a bike off? I'd suggest putting in a couple of hours in the saddle, just to warm up your legs and arse, or you will suffer a bit.
Water is a good shout and for god sakes, don't put your saddle too low! I'm guessing you're renting the bikes or something, listen to people who know what they're talking about, or ask for advice about the saddle height. So many new riders have it too low so they can put their foot on the ground while sitting or because they're scared of falling off, it just makes it harder to balance and SO much more work to peddle.
Other than that, it's a breeze!
>> No. 4399 Anonymous
5th August 2012
Sunday 1:43 pm
4399 spacer

Vaseline to prevent chafing
>> No. 4400 Anonymous
5th August 2012
Sunday 4:01 pm
4400 spacer
I think you mean talcum powder.
>> No. 4405 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 8:40 am
4405 spacer
>I'm guessing you're renting the bikes or something

Half of the office are serious bikers (one goes for a 90 minute ride before work every morning) and one of them is lending me a bike. When I said I'm not very good at bike riding I'm not overstating it; I failed my cycling proficiency test in primary school and I failed it again when they made me take it the following year with the year below. My local park opens at 7:30am, so I might go for a quick bike ride tomorrow/wednesday morning.
>> No. 4407 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 6:53 pm
4407 spacer
We are just far too good at cycling. It's hilarious hearing the French bitterly cry about us peaking so hard at the Olympics because they can't beat us. Jason Kenny absolutely pulled Bauge's pants down in that sprint final. Pendleton is looking unbeatable (I walked past Anna Meares' parents in the Olympic Park on the day of the Keirin and they looked glummer than glum, I can tell you), and I fancy her to absolutely smash the Sprint to sign off in style - I think it would make her the first ever British woman to win three Olympic golds.

Anybody betting against Hoy, Pendleton and Trott taking down the last three Golds tomorrow?
>> No. 4409 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 8:36 pm
4409 spacer

P n T.jpg
Kenny was STRONG today, despite sprinting in front for a whole lap, Bauge couldn't even pull level on the final straight.
I thought Hoy was just riding the team pursuit this year? They're all doing fantastic regardless, it seems whenever Pendleton or Trott show their form, the other riders just sigh and give up, I'd be very surprised if either didn't took gold.
>> No. 4411 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 8:59 pm
4411 spacer

Hoy goes in the Keirin tomorrow, heats in the morning, final rounds in the afternoon/early evening.
>> No. 4412 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 9:31 pm
4412 spacer
Spiffy, I'll be rooting for him as well, then.
>> No. 4413 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 9:39 pm
4413 spacer

Hearing some more now that the French have continued their snide bitching post-race (comments that made me make that post were from a coach this morning). In the press conference, Bauge interrupted journalists and started asking Kenny a series of highly leading questions about how GB have managed to be so much more dominant at the Olympics than in other events, barely stopping short of accusing us of mass doping.

Cry more, France. Or get a better training regime. Either or both, really.

For what it's worth, our cycling performance analysts are about as advanced as anybody in sport. The whole program is fine-grained to the point of obsession, and in track cycling it is all geared towards peaking for five days at the Olympics, with everything else incidental. Pendleton's coaches, for example, had her in heavy training all through the last World Championships because they didn't deem them important enough to interrupt their preparation for these games even a little bit. This is why we win all the golds.
>> No. 4414 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 12:50 pm
4414 spacer
Hoy comfortably won his Keirin this morning but his time wasn't that great compared to the other heat winners, so it's not a done deal. Hopefully he's just giving enough and has plenty more in the tank.

Trott did a nice pursuit, came in second, so the scratch race and TT will be nail biters.
>> No. 4415 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 2:40 pm
4415 spacer

Hoy and the Kiwi got such a massive gap on the others, I doubt he was going full gas once it was established. I'm sure he's got plenty in the tank.

I'm feeling good about Trott. She's shown she's got a clear edge on Hammer in the sprints, so she should be able to just sit on her wheel all the way through the Scratch and burst past at the end to level it up. After that, assuming she can recover well enough, she should definitely have the edge in the 500m TT to finish. No room for mistakes, though, and she must be pretty knackered by now.
>> No. 4416 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 4:27 pm
4416 spacer
Fuuuuuck. She had that tied up with a little bow on it with 4 laps to go, just lost her concentration. Come on Trotty, need to win the TT now, and hope a couple of other step up to beat the yank.
>> No. 4417 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 4:44 pm
4417 spacer

On the other hand, that round 2 Keirin from Hoy was absolutely vicious. Nobody can beat him if he can ride like that again.
>> No. 4418 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 5:22 pm
4418 spacer
Ahhhh! Just catching up now, I was sure she'd get ahead on the final corner but that Canary got in her line.
>> No. 4419 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 5:38 pm
4419 spacer
These commissaires, man. What the fuck? Make some allowance for them to race, you cunts.
>> No. 4420 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 5:59 pm
4420 spacer
Shit, I feel so bad for Pendleton. If you're going to let them bump, you have to make allowances for them sliding out of their line as a result. Absolute fucking shocker.
>> No. 4421 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 6:09 pm
4421 spacer

Death to Australia, the cheating, elbowing scumbags. The entire nation should be put to the sword for this outrage
>> No. 4422 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 6:31 pm
4422 spacer
I'm consoling myself about Meares taking that Gold off Pendleton by reminding myself that GB still won more Golds today than Australia have won in this Olympics.
>> No. 4426 Anonymous
8th August 2012
Wednesday 6:46 pm
4426 spacer

Yorkshire has more golds than Australia.

I'm from Lincolnshire and even I take comfort in this.
>> No. 4427 Anonymous
9th August 2012
Thursday 1:58 pm
4427 spacer
Chris Froome on his upcoming ride in the Vuelta:

> "I'll be going into the race as team leader but that's not to say we don't have other guys who can be right up there on the GC.

>"I'll be riding for the GC, but if one of my team-mates shows that they're in a better place to win the race then I'll happily work for them."

I think he's still mad about the Tour.
>> No. 4465 Anonymous
24th August 2012
Friday 1:42 pm
4465 spacer
SHOCKING news about Armstrong. I'm sure none of us saw this coming.
>> No. 4466 Anonymous
24th August 2012
Friday 2:12 pm
4466 spacer
If I was in his position and I was innocent, I think I would do the same thing, him refusing to fight isn't really an admission of guilt in my opinion, although I think chances are he is probably guilty anyway.
>> No. 4467 Anonymous
24th August 2012
Friday 2:46 pm
4467 spacer

He's fought tooth and nail in the press, campaigned tirelessly on his innocence, and then as soon as it is determined that he will actually have to face charges he just quits?

He may as well just tattoo guilty on his face as far as I'm concerned, although I credit his PR skills for giving people a chance to kid themselves that he's innocent rather than actually facing the music like a man.
>> No. 4468 Anonymous
24th August 2012
Friday 7:44 pm
4468 spacer

As we all know, doping is part of the proud tradition of the sport. He should have just pulled an Anquetil.
>> No. 4469 Anonymous
24th August 2012
Friday 8:27 pm
4469 spacer
Move to a quiet farm, never ride his bike again and die of stomach cancer?
>> No. 4470 Anonymous
26th August 2012
Sunday 12:27 am
4470 spacer
I don't follow cycling but this seems a pretty big deal to me. Has he ever actually tested positive? If so, surely that leaves little room for doubt. If not, how have they nailed him?
>> No. 4471 Anonymous
26th August 2012
Sunday 1:09 am
4471 spacer

As Armstrong will tell you, he has never officially failed a test.

He has actually failed two, but received medical exemption for both. In one case, he made a seven figure donation to a hospital, one of whose doctors then came out and said he'd given Armstrong whatever drug is was he tested positive for as part of his treatment. The payment may well be unrelated, but it doesn't look great. In the other case, he tested positive for corticosteroids, but produced a belated doctor's note saying it was for saddle sores after the fact. The problem was that he was on record in a press conference saying that he had not been prescribed any controlled substance, and one of the team soigneurs has stated that the whole saddle sores story was an excuse cooked up by the team after they learned he'd failed a test.

There are other instances. He has been widely accused of testing positive for EPO during the 2001 Tour de Suisse. Several of his team mates have stated under oath that he confirmed that he had paid off the UCI to cover the test up. There were allegations of this at the time, as the lab director was making noise about a positive test, but the UCI and Armstrong denied they had met to discuss anything. It later came to light that they had in fact met and he had paid them $25,000, which was said to be a charitable donation. He also donated $100,000 to them several years later, accompanied by denials and eventual admittance.

Furthermore, there are the samples from his 1999 Tour de France win. There was no test for EPO in 1999, but samples are stored for 6 (8?) years, and a researcher decided he wanted to analyse a selection of the samples (he had no way of knowing who the samples belonged to, I should say, he was just performing tests on random samples from that year's Tour). Out of the 80 or so he tested, 13 contained EPO. 6 of those belonged to Lance Armstrong, as was discovered by a French journalist who cross-referenced the ID number of the samples with the data held on record by the UCI. WADA demanded an investigation, and the UCI basically appointed a patsy to say that the tests weren't legit and everything was hunky dory, despite leading experts confirming independently that the lab had performed its job accurately and there was no reason to doubt the results. WADA asked for the samples to be released to another lab for a separate testing, and Armstong refused to allow it, so that was the end of that.

How they've caught him is basically every single one of his team finally admitting that there was a team-wide doping regimen that Armstrong was instrumental in implementing. They have more than a dozen witness whose stories corroborate each other, along with all the other circumstantial evidence which exists, and that's that. Armstrong could have contested it in an independent tribunal, but instead chose to play the "I'm so tired of this witch hunt, I'm not even going to defend myself" card, so the USADA examined the case unchallenged and found an overwhelming preponderance of evidence to suggest systemic doping, trafficking and various other offences.
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
26th August 2012
Sunday 11:08 am
4472 spacer

I've just read the USADA's letter to the defendants laying out the reasons for bringing charges, and they state clearly that they have interviewed the director of the lab in Lausanne which analysed his samples from the Tour de Suisse, and he has confirmed that Armstrong's sample was indicative of EPO use. That, allied with Hamilton, Landis and presumably others alleging a cover-up would be enough on its own.

I think the real question is what happens to the UCI now? If there is legitimate reason to believe they have been complicit in a cover-up (or a series of cover-ups, as many believe) how can they keep running the sport? Armstrong is finished now, whatever his weirdly fact-blind defenders think. I suspect we have some bigger fish to fry.
>> No. 4473 Anonymous
30th August 2012
Thursday 3:14 am
4473 spacer

Any remaining shred of credibility that the UCI might have had is now gone completely. My own suspicion is that they decided not to pursue the Armstrong case to protect the image of cycling in the US.

The really stark fact is this: Except for Sastre, every TdF winner between 1991 and 2010 is now known to be dirty: Indurain, Riis, Ulrich, Pantani, Armstrong, Contador and Schleck.

Personally, I think it's make-or-break. We seem to have had two clean tour winners. You never know, but this might be the impetus the peloton needs to finally abandon the wall of silence and stop protecting dopers from within. If that doesn't happen, we might be better off just accepting doping - have the doctors check that riders are fit to race, but otherwise ignore what's in their bloodstream. The alternative might be another two decades where races don't really have winners, just some guy on the podium who hasn't been caught yet.
>> No. 4563 Anonymous
8th November 2012
Thursday 12:48 am
4563 spacer
Arrrr Wiggo got hit by a van.

>> No. 4564 Anonymous
8th November 2012
Thursday 12:57 am
4564 spacer

Going too fast. Not looking where he was going. Fucking cycls. Wish it was my van he hit. Cunt.
>> No. 4907 Anonymous
10th July 2013
Wednesday 10:02 pm
4907 spacer

>> No. 4908 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 10:04 am
4908 spacer

Funny how quick everybody is to leap on Cavendish at the slightest sign that he might have made a mistake. And how quick they all are to dismiss everything Sky do.

People really do just fucking hate the Brits, don't they?
>> No. 4909 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 12:31 pm
4909 spacer
They're envious of our domination.
>> No. 4910 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 12:56 pm
4910 spacer
Maybe he just really wanted Cav to wear a yellow jersey.
>> No. 4911 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 3:35 pm
4911 spacer

Cav has been taking the piss for years, getting a faceful sprayed at him was inevitable. He has a long history of argy-bargy at the finish and has caused more crashes after the flamme rouge than anyone else. The peloton respect his incredible sprinting ability, but also think that he's too competitive for his own good and a bit of a menace. The ASO and other race organisers have been very lenient against Cav, because he brings so much Anglophone attention to their events. On several occasions he's got away with a small fine when he really should have been DQed.

I don't think that the Veelers crash was necessarily malicious, but it was definitely reckless. The peloton and the fans are sick of seeing Cav take people down and get away with it. It doesn't help Cav's case that in the post-race interview he stole a reporter's dictaphone in a fit of pique.

>> No. 4914 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 10:01 pm
4914 spacer
Dubstep and electronic fireworks. Dear oh dear.
>> No. 4915 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 10:12 pm
4915 spacer
Well done froomey
>> No. 4916 Anonymous
25th July 2013
Thursday 6:32 pm
4916 spacer
Good to read this from the Secret Pro, who isn't shy about calling out doping when he sees it (as the rest of the article shows)

>It seems that the media theme of this year’s Tour was all the commotion about the performance calculations and analysis of the top riders and the climbs. The whole thing about performance analysis and Froome not being clean was only a media driven story. I haven’t heard one guy in the peloton say a negative thing about Froome, and I haven’t heard a single person in the peloton suggest Froome isn’t clean. From the interactions I’ve had with him over the years he’s been a complete gentleman and his performances certainly haven’t come from nowhere.


It's Simon Gerrans
>> No. 5452 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 3:20 pm
5452 spacer

Thought I'd resurrect this thread now that the classics are creeping up.

Anyone making the pilgrimage to watch the Grand Depart this year? I will because it's happening right outside my house, but I think it'll be a fun weekend. I've ridden most of the Stage 1 roads and I do wonder if they're going to be doing a hefty amount of road resurfacing, because at the moment there's stretches that shake your bones worse than pave.

And in general how do we feel about ARE LADS this season?
>> No. 5453 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:05 pm
5453 spacer

I'll try and get up there, but apparently people will be charging hundreds of pounds a night for camping. I might just go old-school and bivi in a ditch.

The track worlds have been a massive disappointment and Brailsford's role has been brought into sharp focus. He's clearly the best man for the job, but it appears that he is spread too thin in trying to run both Sky and Team GB. I think that the national track team will have a new Performance Director by the end of the year, but it will take a remarkable candidate to fill Brailsford's shoes.

Sky are looking in excellent form and should pick up some impressive palmares this year. I'm rather surprised to hear that Wiggo is planning a serious attempt at Paris-Roubaix - conventional wisdom would suggest that he just doesn't have the muscle on him to stand a decent chance. Froome is obviously clear favourite for the TdF given the course, his level of fitness and having Wiggo riding as his lieutenant.

I'm most excited to see what Cancellara has up his sleeve. I've always been admired him as an old-fashioned brawler in the manner of Merckx, so an hour record would just be icing on the cake. Apparently Specialized are throwing money at the attempt. It'd be lovely to see the record taken off that dirty bastard Sosenka.
>> No. 5512 Anonymous
30th March 2014
Sunday 10:04 pm
5512 spacer
>I'll try and get up there, but apparently people will be charging hundreds of pounds a night for camping. I might just go old-school and bivi in a ditch.

Calderdalelad here. Need any help with somewhere to kip / travel logistics / good boozers cyclistlad?
>> No. 5563 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 5:01 am
5563 spacer

DB is ex PD at BC.

The question now is whether Shane Sutton can fill his shoes.

>> No. 5580 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 8:54 pm
5580 spacer
I live about 6 miles North East of Huddersfield, so I'm looking into it. I'm not going considering Holme because the nearest car park - 40 minutes walk away from it http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/events/tourDeFrance/pdf/LeTourMapHolmeMoss.pdf - is on the other side of the A6024 and the roads will have closed by 8am and won't re-open until ~3 hours after the riders have passed. I don't think there's anywhere else I fancy between Ainley Top and Holmfirth, so I think I'll have a drive of the route between Ripponden and Elland and see if anywhere looks alright.
>> No. 5998 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 8:18 pm
5998 spacer
Presentation highlights on ITV4 at the moment. This French guy's "he speaks very good English" thing is getting old quickly.
>> No. 6001 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 8:38 am
6001 spacer


What the fuck Yorkshire? You're being invaded by fucking Frogs and are trying to make them welcome? Even allowing them in your pubs? Fuck you, "last bastion of England". Turncoats, the fucking lot of you.

Well done Cambridge. That is an English response.
>> No. 6002 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 12:11 pm
6002 spacer
It's just that the wheel is still regarded as a pretty nifty invention (or possibly the devil's work) in Yorkshire. Down here, every fucker cycles, it's transport, and about as easy to get aroused about as buses.
Also, those Northern bastards get scenery.
>> No. 6003 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 2:57 pm
6003 spacer
"At Appleton’s butchers in the market town of Ripon, the elite athletes will be welcomed with a life-size bicycle made from pies"

I've just got back from Ripon, it all looks enthusiastically unhinged in a very un-Yorkshire way.

I'm marshalling tomorrow, and I'm feeling giddy.
>> No. 6004 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 3:27 pm
6004 spacer
Large pies is what has made Britain so successful in cycling. It's definitely not drugs
>> No. 6005 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 3:44 pm
6005 spacer


"Where there's muck there's brass"
>> No. 6006 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 4:47 pm
6006 spacer

Those in the north only pay lip service to Englishness. Their true allegiance is to whomever dons most equally absurd accent. They'd flee like the Scotch if we gave them the chance.
>> No. 6007 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 5:29 pm
6007 spacer
Whisky doesn't flee. It only seems like it does sometimes.
>> No. 6009 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 12:41 am
6009 spacer
Well today I've almost been ran over by a Credit Lyonaisse van piloted by a very attractive french woman, bumped into Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting, and catered for some tour officials.

fukken buzzin lads
>> No. 6012 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 8:47 am
6012 spacer
I was flying home to Yorkshire to watch, as my family are all cycling nuts, but had to miss my flight due to illness (fuck easyjet no returns policy).

I've got this utterly depressing sinking feeling in my stomach that I'm missing something truly special and maybe once-in-a-lifetime - as the tour goes within 2km of my front door and I religiously watch it every year.

I was on Alpe D'huez in 2013 and it was one of the most exciting sporting experiences of my life. I imagine seeing the peloton flying down the Aire Valley would be a bit more special for me.

Let us know how it goes lads - I'll be watching the TV, but hearing some personal accounts would add some nice flavour to it.
>> No. 6013 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 9:07 am
6013 spacer
If you're well enough to post on here, you were well enough to get on that plane. Kids today mumble mumble.
>> No. 6014 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 3:36 pm
6014 spacer
Wandered down to watch them go past this morning. They closed a lot of the roads in the village, and the bypass which is normally full of cars was closed. When the bikes went past, it took ages to walk back home as there were hundreds if not thousands of people walking along into the village. It was like the end of the world, where only the bourgeoisie survived.
>> No. 6015 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 6:35 pm
6015 spacer

I t went past the front of my shop, I don't see what all the fuss was about. Folk stood around for hours to see 10 seconds of blokes in lycra flashing past, and that was it.

We sent a guy out front to take some photos with his big fancy camera, and he bloody missed it because of the load time on his SD card. It was over that quickly.

At least I get to say "I was there" I guess, but honestly it's not as though you missed much.
>> No. 6016 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 8:30 pm
6016 spacer

Apparently there was over a million spectators in Leeds. Evidently they watched it through their cameras/phones. I might pop to Ripponden or Elland as they're not too far away and I might as well if it's pretty much on my doorstep.
>> No. 6025 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 12:38 am
6025 spacer
Poor Cav. Poor, poor Cav. Of all the places to fall. The only upside is that if he's somehow able to get on a bike tomorrow he won't have lost any time.
>> No. 6028 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:42 am
6028 spacer

It looked pretty nasty. It was definitely his fault too, which I'm sure makes it all the worse for him. It looked like he went off his line by about half a metre more than he should have and that was that. He probably thought he had more space. That'd be a really, really shitty way to knock yourself out of the GC.

On a lighter note Brian Cookson ate at my restaurant today.
>> No. 6029 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:55 am
6029 spacer

I absolutely love the sport, but I've never really seen the appeal of being roadside for it. Though the atmosphere in Leeds today was fantastic, I'd always prefer to watch the full race play out on TV. People will often compare riding the peloton to playing chess, and in that regard I'd rather watch a full game than the move of a single piece.

Having said all that, if you told me this was the top of Ventoux I might believe you. https://twitter.com/letour/status/485418609519632384/photo/1
>> No. 6030 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:08 am
6030 spacer
He was quite clear from the outset that it was his fault, and this morning it's been confirmed that he's definitely out.
>> No. 6031 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:26 am
6031 spacer

BryFRvBCIAE2dNU.jpg large.jpg
A few seconds later ...
>> No. 6032 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:55 pm
6032 spacer
>>6016 here again.

Got to Elland for just after 9, as I was worried it would have been busy but I could have got there at 11 and still found a decent spot (the riders didn't come past until half 2ish). Cracking weather, a fair bit going on in the local area and sat between nice people meant the atmosphere was lovely. The police were clearly loving it, apart from the gendarmerie who were trying to look as unconcerned as possible, and the caravan was the right level of bonkers (apart from trying to hawk gift sets for £20 a pop). The worst thing about the day was the actual race. That was over in no time and quite an anticlimax.
>> No. 6033 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:45 am
6033 spacer


Green Hammerton near York. Amazing scenes - about 15,000 people on an innocuous crossroads on the A59. Me and my 6yo cycled from a nearby village at 9am and got to the side of the road about 9:45 - just in time to see the caravan coming past. Then a 90 minute wait with nothing much going on. About 10 minutes before they came past you could see the helicopters and loads of police bikes came through (French and British).

You could then see the helicopter right over the road and hear the crowds further over start to cheer. The atmosphere was awesome when they went through - properly like a football crowd. Then it was time to leave.

I think we enjoyed it. It was a good morning out and I doubt we'll ever see the like again. the boy got one of those little cycling caps and I got a box of limited edition "Yorkshire THE" as souvenirs.

On the way home some cunt in a Range Rover trying to barge through the crowd of cyclists and pedestrians ran over my £400 bike (which I was pushing at the time not riding), bent both wheels and the front fork. Then said it was my fault. Which put somewhat of a dampener on proceedings.

But yeah. I enjoyed it and so did the little one. Pic related.
>> No. 6034 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 2:16 pm
6034 spacer
I popped in to see it in Cambridge, but it was so crowded all I saw were a few helmets hammering past, then some upside down bikes flying past, which I choose to assume were on top of support cars. Fair enough, I half-arsed it and turned up at the last minute. (It's only a 3 minute walk from work, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered)
However - there were some big screens parked, helpfully saying 'viewing point ahead is full'. Proper TdF screens, not just some council thing. And they kept saying this message, rather than showing some cycling, even as they came past. Seems somewhat fuckwitted to me - they had a satellite dish on the side, that looked like a standard residential $ky dish, and it was pointing the right direction into clear sky. Seems like you could make the back of the crowd a lot happier very easily. Not that there was any real griumbling, it was all very good natured - a lot of offices had evidently emptied out for a lunchtime gawp.
>> No. 6035 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 8:42 pm
6035 spacer
Fucking tour de france meant I had to get up at five half four this morning because of all the closed roads. Fucking a505.
>> No. 6036 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:36 pm
6036 spacer

Looks like the Manx team will be leaving Glasgow with 0 medals again.
>> No. 6037 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:38 pm
6037 spacer
>five half four

Crikey. That is early.
>> No. 6038 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 10:33 pm
6038 spacer


I'm still optimistic. We've got a couple of decent riders, though that Kennaugh & Cavendish team would've been real fuckin nice.
>> No. 6076 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 12:17 am
6076 spacer
Well just fuck this shit.

>> No. 8800 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 12:51 pm
8800 spacer
‘I had a huge swelling’: why my life as a female cyclist led to vulva surgery


This is why hockey lasses are better than bike lasses. Both have nice beefy thighs but hockey lasses don't end up with a busted mingepiece.
>> No. 8801 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 2:34 pm
8801 spacer
Oh, yeah, I can't think of a single way in which a woman could get her fanny smashed in a hockey match, not a one.
>> No. 8802 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:04 pm
8802 spacer
Hockey lasses don't spend hours bashing their sticks against their tuppence.
>> No. 8803 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:59 pm
8803 spacer

I'm good friends with a yank cyclist woman who recently had fanny surgery to reduce the size of her flaps. They were causing serious problems for her racing and training on the bike, it sounded awful.

I had always thought that was exactly why women's saddles often have a huge cutaway in them, but apparently that only helps so much. I can't really imagine the saddle that solves this issue, though, I don't think it can really exist, due to the way pro riders are positioned on their bikes.
>> No. 8804 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:06 pm
8804 spacer


It depends on the size of your flaps. Most women get on just fine with an ISM Adamo or a Bontrager Hilo, even in a hyper-aggressive TT position. Most male cyclists use a saddle with a fairly substantial cutaway or dip these days, because it takes the pressure off your taint and eliminates the risk of numb cock.

If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off. There's only so much you can do to avoid friction if the inside of your bibshorts look like a butcher's bin.
>> No. 8805 Anonymous
27th March 2019
Wednesday 12:04 am
8805 spacer

>If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off.

That was her issue, she was quite candid about her meaty flaps.

My missus is a cyclist too and her much neater fadge has no issue at all, she doesn't even have a cutout, it's just a solid Fizik jobbie.

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