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Johan Vansummeren 2011 Paris Roubaix Cycle oCvgoET.jpg
>> No. 3294 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 11:27 am
3294 spacer
Anyone watching the cycling?
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>> No. 4472 Anonymous
26th August 2012
Sunday 11:08 am
4472 spacer

I've just read the USADA's letter to the defendants laying out the reasons for bringing charges, and they state clearly that they have interviewed the director of the lab in Lausanne which analysed his samples from the Tour de Suisse, and he has confirmed that Armstrong's sample was indicative of EPO use. That, allied with Hamilton, Landis and presumably others alleging a cover-up would be enough on its own.

I think the real question is what happens to the UCI now? If there is legitimate reason to believe they have been complicit in a cover-up (or a series of cover-ups, as many believe) how can they keep running the sport? Armstrong is finished now, whatever his weirdly fact-blind defenders think. I suspect we have some bigger fish to fry.
>> No. 4473 Anonymous
30th August 2012
Thursday 3:14 am
4473 spacer

Any remaining shred of credibility that the UCI might have had is now gone completely. My own suspicion is that they decided not to pursue the Armstrong case to protect the image of cycling in the US.

The really stark fact is this: Except for Sastre, every TdF winner between 1991 and 2010 is now known to be dirty: Indurain, Riis, Ulrich, Pantani, Armstrong, Contador and Schleck.

Personally, I think it's make-or-break. We seem to have had two clean tour winners. You never know, but this might be the impetus the peloton needs to finally abandon the wall of silence and stop protecting dopers from within. If that doesn't happen, we might be better off just accepting doping - have the doctors check that riders are fit to race, but otherwise ignore what's in their bloodstream. The alternative might be another two decades where races don't really have winners, just some guy on the podium who hasn't been caught yet.
>> No. 4563 Anonymous
8th November 2012
Thursday 12:48 am
4563 spacer
Arrrr Wiggo got hit by a van.

>> No. 4564 Anonymous
8th November 2012
Thursday 12:57 am
4564 spacer

Going too fast. Not looking where he was going. Fucking cycls. Wish it was my van he hit. Cunt.
>> No. 4907 Anonymous
10th July 2013
Wednesday 10:02 pm
4907 spacer

>> No. 4908 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 10:04 am
4908 spacer

Funny how quick everybody is to leap on Cavendish at the slightest sign that he might have made a mistake. And how quick they all are to dismiss everything Sky do.

People really do just fucking hate the Brits, don't they?
>> No. 4909 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 12:31 pm
4909 spacer
They're envious of our domination.
>> No. 4910 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 12:56 pm
4910 spacer
Maybe he just really wanted Cav to wear a yellow jersey.
>> No. 4911 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 3:35 pm
4911 spacer

Cav has been taking the piss for years, getting a faceful sprayed at him was inevitable. He has a long history of argy-bargy at the finish and has caused more crashes after the flamme rouge than anyone else. The peloton respect his incredible sprinting ability, but also think that he's too competitive for his own good and a bit of a menace. The ASO and other race organisers have been very lenient against Cav, because he brings so much Anglophone attention to their events. On several occasions he's got away with a small fine when he really should have been DQed.

I don't think that the Veelers crash was necessarily malicious, but it was definitely reckless. The peloton and the fans are sick of seeing Cav take people down and get away with it. It doesn't help Cav's case that in the post-race interview he stole a reporter's dictaphone in a fit of pique.

>> No. 4914 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 10:01 pm
4914 spacer
Dubstep and electronic fireworks. Dear oh dear.
>> No. 4915 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 10:12 pm
4915 spacer
Well done froomey
>> No. 4916 Anonymous
25th July 2013
Thursday 6:32 pm
4916 spacer
Good to read this from the Secret Pro, who isn't shy about calling out doping when he sees it (as the rest of the article shows)

>It seems that the media theme of this year’s Tour was all the commotion about the performance calculations and analysis of the top riders and the climbs. The whole thing about performance analysis and Froome not being clean was only a media driven story. I haven’t heard one guy in the peloton say a negative thing about Froome, and I haven’t heard a single person in the peloton suggest Froome isn’t clean. From the interactions I’ve had with him over the years he’s been a complete gentleman and his performances certainly haven’t come from nowhere.


It's Simon Gerrans
>> No. 5452 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 3:20 pm
5452 spacer

Thought I'd resurrect this thread now that the classics are creeping up.

Anyone making the pilgrimage to watch the Grand Depart this year? I will because it's happening right outside my house, but I think it'll be a fun weekend. I've ridden most of the Stage 1 roads and I do wonder if they're going to be doing a hefty amount of road resurfacing, because at the moment there's stretches that shake your bones worse than pave.

And in general how do we feel about ARE LADS this season?
>> No. 5453 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 4:05 pm
5453 spacer

I'll try and get up there, but apparently people will be charging hundreds of pounds a night for camping. I might just go old-school and bivi in a ditch.

The track worlds have been a massive disappointment and Brailsford's role has been brought into sharp focus. He's clearly the best man for the job, but it appears that he is spread too thin in trying to run both Sky and Team GB. I think that the national track team will have a new Performance Director by the end of the year, but it will take a remarkable candidate to fill Brailsford's shoes.

Sky are looking in excellent form and should pick up some impressive palmares this year. I'm rather surprised to hear that Wiggo is planning a serious attempt at Paris-Roubaix - conventional wisdom would suggest that he just doesn't have the muscle on him to stand a decent chance. Froome is obviously clear favourite for the TdF given the course, his level of fitness and having Wiggo riding as his lieutenant.

I'm most excited to see what Cancellara has up his sleeve. I've always been admired him as an old-fashioned brawler in the manner of Merckx, so an hour record would just be icing on the cake. Apparently Specialized are throwing money at the attempt. It'd be lovely to see the record taken off that dirty bastard Sosenka.
>> No. 5512 Anonymous
30th March 2014
Sunday 10:04 pm
5512 spacer
>I'll try and get up there, but apparently people will be charging hundreds of pounds a night for camping. I might just go old-school and bivi in a ditch.

Calderdalelad here. Need any help with somewhere to kip / travel logistics / good boozers cyclistlad?
>> No. 5563 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 5:01 am
5563 spacer

DB is ex PD at BC.

The question now is whether Shane Sutton can fill his shoes.

>> No. 5580 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 8:54 pm
5580 spacer
I live about 6 miles North East of Huddersfield, so I'm looking into it. I'm not going considering Holme because the nearest car park - 40 minutes walk away from it http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/events/tourDeFrance/pdf/LeTourMapHolmeMoss.pdf - is on the other side of the A6024 and the roads will have closed by 8am and won't re-open until ~3 hours after the riders have passed. I don't think there's anywhere else I fancy between Ainley Top and Holmfirth, so I think I'll have a drive of the route between Ripponden and Elland and see if anywhere looks alright.
>> No. 5998 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 8:18 pm
5998 spacer
Presentation highlights on ITV4 at the moment. This French guy's "he speaks very good English" thing is getting old quickly.
>> No. 6001 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 8:38 am
6001 spacer


What the fuck Yorkshire? You're being invaded by fucking Frogs and are trying to make them welcome? Even allowing them in your pubs? Fuck you, "last bastion of England". Turncoats, the fucking lot of you.

Well done Cambridge. That is an English response.
>> No. 6002 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 12:11 pm
6002 spacer
It's just that the wheel is still regarded as a pretty nifty invention (or possibly the devil's work) in Yorkshire. Down here, every fucker cycles, it's transport, and about as easy to get aroused about as buses.
Also, those Northern bastards get scenery.
>> No. 6003 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 2:57 pm
6003 spacer
"At Appleton’s butchers in the market town of Ripon, the elite athletes will be welcomed with a life-size bicycle made from pies"

I've just got back from Ripon, it all looks enthusiastically unhinged in a very un-Yorkshire way.

I'm marshalling tomorrow, and I'm feeling giddy.
>> No. 6004 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 3:27 pm
6004 spacer
Large pies is what has made Britain so successful in cycling. It's definitely not drugs
>> No. 6005 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 3:44 pm
6005 spacer


"Where there's muck there's brass"
>> No. 6006 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 4:47 pm
6006 spacer

Those in the north only pay lip service to Englishness. Their true allegiance is to whomever dons most equally absurd accent. They'd flee like the Scotch if we gave them the chance.
>> No. 6007 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 5:29 pm
6007 spacer
Whisky doesn't flee. It only seems like it does sometimes.
>> No. 6009 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 12:41 am
6009 spacer
Well today I've almost been ran over by a Credit Lyonaisse van piloted by a very attractive french woman, bumped into Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting, and catered for some tour officials.

fukken buzzin lads
>> No. 6012 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 8:47 am
6012 spacer
I was flying home to Yorkshire to watch, as my family are all cycling nuts, but had to miss my flight due to illness (fuck easyjet no returns policy).

I've got this utterly depressing sinking feeling in my stomach that I'm missing something truly special and maybe once-in-a-lifetime - as the tour goes within 2km of my front door and I religiously watch it every year.

I was on Alpe D'huez in 2013 and it was one of the most exciting sporting experiences of my life. I imagine seeing the peloton flying down the Aire Valley would be a bit more special for me.

Let us know how it goes lads - I'll be watching the TV, but hearing some personal accounts would add some nice flavour to it.
>> No. 6013 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 9:07 am
6013 spacer
If you're well enough to post on here, you were well enough to get on that plane. Kids today mumble mumble.
>> No. 6014 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 3:36 pm
6014 spacer
Wandered down to watch them go past this morning. They closed a lot of the roads in the village, and the bypass which is normally full of cars was closed. When the bikes went past, it took ages to walk back home as there were hundreds if not thousands of people walking along into the village. It was like the end of the world, where only the bourgeoisie survived.
>> No. 6015 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 6:35 pm
6015 spacer

I t went past the front of my shop, I don't see what all the fuss was about. Folk stood around for hours to see 10 seconds of blokes in lycra flashing past, and that was it.

We sent a guy out front to take some photos with his big fancy camera, and he bloody missed it because of the load time on his SD card. It was over that quickly.

At least I get to say "I was there" I guess, but honestly it's not as though you missed much.
>> No. 6016 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 8:30 pm
6016 spacer

Apparently there was over a million spectators in Leeds. Evidently they watched it through their cameras/phones. I might pop to Ripponden or Elland as they're not too far away and I might as well if it's pretty much on my doorstep.
>> No. 6025 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 12:38 am
6025 spacer
Poor Cav. Poor, poor Cav. Of all the places to fall. The only upside is that if he's somehow able to get on a bike tomorrow he won't have lost any time.
>> No. 6028 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:42 am
6028 spacer

It looked pretty nasty. It was definitely his fault too, which I'm sure makes it all the worse for him. It looked like he went off his line by about half a metre more than he should have and that was that. He probably thought he had more space. That'd be a really, really shitty way to knock yourself out of the GC.

On a lighter note Brian Cookson ate at my restaurant today.
>> No. 6029 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:55 am
6029 spacer

I absolutely love the sport, but I've never really seen the appeal of being roadside for it. Though the atmosphere in Leeds today was fantastic, I'd always prefer to watch the full race play out on TV. People will often compare riding the peloton to playing chess, and in that regard I'd rather watch a full game than the move of a single piece.

Having said all that, if you told me this was the top of Ventoux I might believe you. https://twitter.com/letour/status/485418609519632384/photo/1
>> No. 6030 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:08 am
6030 spacer
He was quite clear from the outset that it was his fault, and this morning it's been confirmed that he's definitely out.
>> No. 6031 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 10:26 am
6031 spacer

BryFRvBCIAE2dNU.jpg large.jpg
A few seconds later ...
>> No. 6032 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:55 pm
6032 spacer
>>6016 here again.

Got to Elland for just after 9, as I was worried it would have been busy but I could have got there at 11 and still found a decent spot (the riders didn't come past until half 2ish). Cracking weather, a fair bit going on in the local area and sat between nice people meant the atmosphere was lovely. The police were clearly loving it, apart from the gendarmerie who were trying to look as unconcerned as possible, and the caravan was the right level of bonkers (apart from trying to hawk gift sets for £20 a pop). The worst thing about the day was the actual race. That was over in no time and quite an anticlimax.
>> No. 6033 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:45 am
6033 spacer


Green Hammerton near York. Amazing scenes - about 15,000 people on an innocuous crossroads on the A59. Me and my 6yo cycled from a nearby village at 9am and got to the side of the road about 9:45 - just in time to see the caravan coming past. Then a 90 minute wait with nothing much going on. About 10 minutes before they came past you could see the helicopters and loads of police bikes came through (French and British).

You could then see the helicopter right over the road and hear the crowds further over start to cheer. The atmosphere was awesome when they went through - properly like a football crowd. Then it was time to leave.

I think we enjoyed it. It was a good morning out and I doubt we'll ever see the like again. the boy got one of those little cycling caps and I got a box of limited edition "Yorkshire THE" as souvenirs.

On the way home some cunt in a Range Rover trying to barge through the crowd of cyclists and pedestrians ran over my £400 bike (which I was pushing at the time not riding), bent both wheels and the front fork. Then said it was my fault. Which put somewhat of a dampener on proceedings.

But yeah. I enjoyed it and so did the little one. Pic related.
>> No. 6034 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 2:16 pm
6034 spacer
I popped in to see it in Cambridge, but it was so crowded all I saw were a few helmets hammering past, then some upside down bikes flying past, which I choose to assume were on top of support cars. Fair enough, I half-arsed it and turned up at the last minute. (It's only a 3 minute walk from work, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered)
However - there were some big screens parked, helpfully saying 'viewing point ahead is full'. Proper TdF screens, not just some council thing. And they kept saying this message, rather than showing some cycling, even as they came past. Seems somewhat fuckwitted to me - they had a satellite dish on the side, that looked like a standard residential $ky dish, and it was pointing the right direction into clear sky. Seems like you could make the back of the crowd a lot happier very easily. Not that there was any real griumbling, it was all very good natured - a lot of offices had evidently emptied out for a lunchtime gawp.
>> No. 6035 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 8:42 pm
6035 spacer
Fucking tour de france meant I had to get up at five half four this morning because of all the closed roads. Fucking a505.
>> No. 6036 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:36 pm
6036 spacer

Looks like the Manx team will be leaving Glasgow with 0 medals again.
>> No. 6037 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 9:38 pm
6037 spacer
>five half four

Crikey. That is early.
>> No. 6038 Anonymous
7th July 2014
Monday 10:33 pm
6038 spacer


I'm still optimistic. We've got a couple of decent riders, though that Kennaugh & Cavendish team would've been real fuckin nice.
>> No. 6076 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 12:17 am
6076 spacer
Well just fuck this shit.

>> No. 8800 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 12:51 pm
8800 spacer
‘I had a huge swelling’: why my life as a female cyclist led to vulva surgery


This is why hockey lasses are better than bike lasses. Both have nice beefy thighs but hockey lasses don't end up with a busted mingepiece.
>> No. 8801 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 2:34 pm
8801 spacer
Oh, yeah, I can't think of a single way in which a woman could get her fanny smashed in a hockey match, not a one.
>> No. 8802 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:04 pm
8802 spacer
Hockey lasses don't spend hours bashing their sticks against their tuppence.
>> No. 8803 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:59 pm
8803 spacer

I'm good friends with a yank cyclist woman who recently had fanny surgery to reduce the size of her flaps. They were causing serious problems for her racing and training on the bike, it sounded awful.

I had always thought that was exactly why women's saddles often have a huge cutaway in them, but apparently that only helps so much. I can't really imagine the saddle that solves this issue, though, I don't think it can really exist, due to the way pro riders are positioned on their bikes.
>> No. 8804 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:06 pm
8804 spacer


It depends on the size of your flaps. Most women get on just fine with an ISM Adamo or a Bontrager Hilo, even in a hyper-aggressive TT position. Most male cyclists use a saddle with a fairly substantial cutaway or dip these days, because it takes the pressure off your taint and eliminates the risk of numb cock.

If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off. There's only so much you can do to avoid friction if the inside of your bibshorts look like a butcher's bin.
>> No. 8805 Anonymous
27th March 2019
Wednesday 12:04 am
8805 spacer

>If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off.

That was her issue, she was quite candid about her meaty flaps.

My missus is a cyclist too and her much neater fadge has no issue at all, she doesn't even have a cutout, it's just a solid Fizik jobbie.

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