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>> No. 4733 Anonymous
11th May 2013
Saturday 7:50 pm
4733 Wigan Athletic win the FA Cup
Fair play to them. Giant killing at its best.

Man City were woeful.
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>> No. 4737 Anonymous
11th May 2013
Saturday 10:39 pm
4737 spacer
So, Martinez confirmed for Everton and Mancini confirmed for Monday morning at the JCP?
>> No. 4738 Anonymous
11th May 2013
Saturday 11:15 pm
4738 spacer

Neil Lennon has been linked with the Everton job, after what he's done at Celtic with shit all money I think they wouldn't go far wrong with the man.

Has Martinez actually got the job?
>> No. 4739 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 12:38 am
4739 spacer

Lennon's done fuck all. He won a few European games this season by parking the bus, but meanwhile Celtic have been abysmal in the SPL despite no competition. Their domestic cup performances in particular have been dire, frequently getting knocked out early on by teams with a fraction of Lennon's budget.
>> No. 4740 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 10:10 am
4740 spacer

I'm assuming you didn't actually watch their European games, because that is what I was referring to. They held their own as far as I could see against teams far superior, they earned my respect. They played better against Barca than Chelsea did last year who truly did park the bus for 180 mins.

Not having seen 95% of the SPL I couldn't comment, but I think you are being quite patronising. The teams that beat them deserve plaudits, especially if they were lower league in the context of the cup, why are you so annoyed?

You sound like you have a bag of spuds, lad.
>> No. 4741 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 10:13 am
4741 spacer

> You sound like you have a bag of spuds, lad.

Ohohoho, purple you old soak.

>> No. 4526 Anonymous
30th September 2012
Sunday 11:40 pm
4526 spacer
Sir Alex Ferguson: Amount of injury time an insult

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said the four minutes of injury time added to his team's defeat by Tottenham was an "insult". Clint Dempsey's decider helped Spurs win 3-2 to triumph at Old Trafford for the first time in 23 years.

Ferguson said: "It was disappointing because the record has been fantastic. They gave us four minutes [injury time], that's an insult to the game. It denies you a proper chance to win a football match."

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>> No. 4727 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 6:01 pm
4727 Manure lose.
>> No. 4729 Anonymous
8th May 2013
Wednesday 10:20 am
4729 Ferguson retires at the end of the season

I can hear the cheers from Merseyside.
>> No. 4730 Anonymous
8th May 2013
Wednesday 9:14 pm
4730 spacer
Which of course means he'll still be there come October. Fergie time, innit.
>> No. 4731 Anonymous
9th May 2013
Thursday 4:57 pm
4731 spacer
Moyes over possibly Jose
Terrible mistake or a potentially decent long term successor?
>> No. 4732 Anonymous
9th May 2013
Thursday 6:24 pm
4732 spacer
United and Real will be kicking themselves if neither of them end up hiring Fat Sam.

More cuntery from Rooney:-

>Wayne Rooney has removed the term "Manchester United player" from his Twitter page and replaced it with "NikeUK athlete" following his demand to Sir Alex Ferguson a fortnight ago to leave the club this summer.


>> No. 4725 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 3:37 pm
4725 Wolves relegated to League One
Any Wolves fans willing to offer their views?
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>> No. 4728 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 7:55 pm
4728 Dean Saunders sacked

>> No. 4719 Anonymous
2nd May 2013
Thursday 2:58 pm
4719 Ban ETA 3 minutes
Thoughts? Personally I'd love him back in English football, such a character.
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>> No. 4720 Anonymous
2nd May 2013
Thursday 3:14 pm
4720 spacer
I love him. Would love to see him back, but it would be more fun if it were somewhere other than Chelski.
>> No. 4721 Anonymous
2nd May 2013
Thursday 11:11 pm
4721 spacer

Man Shitty perhaps?
>> No. 4722 Anonymous
3rd May 2013
Friday 12:01 am
4722 spacer
It's going to be Chelsea, City or PSG, and I'd put money on it not being the latter two.
>> No. 4723 Anonymous
3rd May 2013
Friday 3:52 am
4723 spacer
I do like Mou, I'd like him here for a chance at a bit more parity in the league. Honestly I can't stand that red nosed cunt winning it.

>> No. 4716 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 7:15 pm
4716 Snowdon Rhyd Ddu/Ranger Horseshoe
This is the perfect alternative to the official Snowdon Horseshoe for those who are not ready for it yet.

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>> No. 4717 Anonymous
26th April 2013
Friday 3:19 pm
4717 spacer
let me embed that for you lad
>> No. 4718 Anonymous
26th April 2013
Friday 3:22 pm
4718 spacer
Watched this when you posted it originally, foudn it quite impressive.

Took me three weeks to reply, never mind.

>> No. 4710 Anonymous
26th March 2013
Tuesday 6:02 pm
4710 spacer
A MICKEY-taking Burnley fan who applied for the manager’s job at arch-rivals Blackburn Rovers has been shortlisted.

James McDonagh got an email promising an interview even though his CV cheekily vowed to achieve “back-to-back relegation”. James, 30, a customer services manager for a business consultants, made his joke application after the Championship strugglers sacked Michael Appleton, the third manager this season.

He said: “They’re a bit of a joke club at the minute and I thought I could probably do better than their last few appointments. I wasn’t expecting to get shortlisted but Blackburn’s owners are known for their barmy decisions.”

James’s CV said he was qualified for the job because he once coached a Sunday league side — and is an avid fan of the Football Manager computer game. His reply came from Shebby Singh, “global adviser” of Blackburn’s Indian owners Venky’s. It said: “Having checked your application and your credentials from your CV, we would like to shortlist you for the vacancy. We formally invite you to interview.”


I'm half-expecting Blackburn to end up in non-league football.
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>> No. 4711 Anonymous
26th March 2013
Tuesday 6:06 pm
4711 spacer
Assuming it's even real in the first place (remember, this is The Sun we're talking about here), it's more than likely to meet some transparency quota which they were in danger of missing because absolutely fucking nobody wants to take it on.

>> No. 4701 Anonymous
16th March 2013
Saturday 7:05 pm
4701 spacer
We did good, boyos.
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>> No. 4704 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 1:15 am
4704 spacer
True, but as long as we beat the English ...
>> No. 4705 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 6:44 am
4705 spacer
Fair play, lads. We got our shit pushed in there.


Surely you can't still be satisfied with just that? I can imagine it's nice to beat us, but there's a whole world out there.
>> No. 4706 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 11:14 am
4706 spacer

Suddenly this image is hilarious.
>> No. 4708 Anonymous
19th March 2013
Tuesday 7:21 am
4708 spacer
I didn't watch much of the tournament, but the quality seemed to be a lot poorer than in previous years.
>> No. 4709 Anonymous
19th March 2013
Tuesday 9:56 am
4709 spacer

International rugby has been pretty weak for a number of years now, save the All Blacks. This was especially bad, though.

Very few teams seem to have any creativity in attack any more.

>> No. 4568 Anonymous
21st November 2012
Wednesday 7:48 pm
4568 spacer
Chelsea Football Club can confirm Rafael Benitez has been appointed interim first-team manager until the end of the season.

The owner and the Board believe that in Benitez we have a manager with significant experience at the highest level of football, who can come in and immediately help deliver our objectives. The 52-year-old Spaniard is due to meet the players at the training ground in Cobham tomorrow.

The two-time UEFA Manager of the Year comes with outstanding pedigree. He began his managerial career in his homeland, most notably at Valencia where he built a reputation as one of Europe's top coaches by winning the Spanish League twice and the UEFA Cup. He then spent six years at Liverpool and led them to their fifth European Cup and an FA Cup.

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>> No. 4650 Anonymous
28th January 2013
Monday 1:44 pm
4650 spacer


>> No. 4668 Anonymous
28th February 2013
Thursday 12:15 am
4668 spacer
Benitez has said he's definitely off in May and that Chelsea fans are a bunch of cunts. Everything is now set for John Terry, player/manager.
>> No. 4671 Anonymous
2nd March 2013
Saturday 9:44 pm
4671 spacer
Rafa was trolled hard the other day. By himself. By actually RESPONDING to the banners about him, which any sensible manager would never do.

Also, I heard he's into rimming
>> No. 4675 Anonymous
4th March 2013
Monday 5:26 pm
4675 spacer

QPR lad here not looking forward to possibly facing the bees nest season :/
>> No. 4688 Anonymous
7th March 2013
Thursday 12:33 am
4688 spacer

>>Chelsea fans are a bunch of cunts

Always hide the truth in a lie...

hansa-boro love.png
>> No. 4676 Anonymous
5th March 2013
Tuesday 4:38 pm
4676 spacer
Have you got a "second team". Personally, I have a big liking for Hansa Rostock
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>> No. 4677 Anonymous
5th March 2013
Tuesday 5:29 pm
4677 spacer
I've always been reserving the place of second team for the local team wherever I end up moving. I like to see the other local clubs do well as they're covered by our local Beeb station so I ended up half-following them as well but I wouldn't class them as "second" teams.
>> No. 4678 Anonymous
5th March 2013
Tuesday 6:06 pm
4678 spacer
Thanks to the likes of Football Manager I have soft spots for Braga, FC Nordsjaelland, Nuneaton and Dorchester. I also like Feyenoord because I went on a school exchange trip to Rotterdam in Year 5.
>> No. 4679 Anonymous
5th March 2013
Tuesday 9:52 pm
4679 spacer


Crewe Alex are my second team, I've even been to watch a few of their games.

>> No. 4672 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 11:32 am
4672 Decent GRADE 1 Scrambles in UK
I've recently started Mountaineering and was wondering if anyone has any UK Mountains they could recommend?

Just climbed Helvellyn via Striding Edge with a POV camera.
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>> No. 4673 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 1:53 pm
4673 spacer
By mountaineering/scrambles I guess you mean strenuous and occasionally scary fellwalking rather than anything requiring specialist climbing equipment.

There is apparently a way to climb Jack's Rake up Pavey Ark in the Langdales which is supposed to be exhilarating but the look of it is a bit too much for me.

An excellent long walk with some scrambles is Scafell Pike from the Langdales. Some of the final ridges while not as dramatic as Striding Edge are the kind of thing you will find yourself on all fours on at times. And the views are incredible. Setting off from Dungeon Ghyll it's a seven or eight hour walk at least so may be best done in summer.
>> No. 4674 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 1:59 pm
4674 spacer
There are lots of nice scrambles around Edale, wouldn't know the grading though - there is a site somewhere that lists them all.

>> No. 3903 Anonymous
9th May 2012
Wednesday 8:32 pm
3903 spacer
Cardiff City Dragons?

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>> No. 3906 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 6:38 am
3906 spacer

Well it's not like there's another football club in Wales that plays in red and calls itself the Dragons, right?
>> No. 4064 Anonymous
6th June 2012
Wednesday 6:01 pm
4064 spacer

They've done it. Crackers.

>> No. 4065 Anonymous
7th June 2012
Thursday 2:50 am
4065 spacer

The insulting bluebird tacked on to the crest is my favourite.
>> No. 4066 Anonymous
7th June 2012
Thursday 3:09 am
4066 spacer
fucking hell
>> No. 4669 Anonymous
28th February 2013
Thursday 8:34 am
4669 spacer
Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has said that promotion to the Premier League could trigger further "rebranding" and did not rule out changing the club's name to Cardiff Dragons. The Malaysian billionaire has already insisted upon a colour change from blue to red, as well as a new club crest.

In an interview with BBC Wales' Sport Wales programme, he justified the "controversial decision" of the club's colours, and stressed he is prepared to and intends to make more changes. A few were upset but like in any business if we get 80% or 75% of the customers happy, with 20-25% not happy, that's fine," he said. "If they don't want to come to support our business, that's fine. We need the majority."

He added: "I believe the change is for the better. And if you put in a lot of money, surely you have the right to make a call on some things you believe will make it better. If you don't have a say, why the hell do you want to put in so much money?"



>> No. 4665 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 1:35 am
4665 spacer
Wondering if anyone knew much about American Football? Went to see my mate play for our university team yesterday, seemed like it'd be good fun (yes I did understand what's going on, I have a basic understanding of the game) and I was thinking of perhaps giving it a go next year. Anyone know which position might favour a shortish but bulky top half, average sprint speed sort of guy? I doubt it matters HUGEly given the level play of am. football here in the UK, of course it'll have some bearing. My mate's of fairly similar build (albeit more muscular, I'm working on that) and he plays cornerback. Wide receiver looks pretty fun.
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>> No. 4666 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 2:15 am
4666 spacer
After some consultation with some random americans I found, they thought running back would be best for me. Time to do some research...
>> No. 4667 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 10:44 am
4667 spacer
There is quite a large youth movement for American Football in the UK. It's hard to keep them interested beyond High School age, but if there are any lads there that have done it since they were kids they will have had really good training by real Americans from a young age so don't underestimate them.

>> No. 4654 Anonymous
12th February 2013
Tuesday 10:10 pm
4654 spacer

And you Brits have the gall to complain about us eastern Europeans. Painting us all as skinheads. How does this make you feel?

It will be nice to watch Tottenham play those racist Serbs or whatever soon.
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>> No. 4659 Anonymous
17th February 2013
Sunday 4:30 pm
4659 spacer
shitskin maybe?
>> No. 4660 Anonymous
17th February 2013
Sunday 4:36 pm
4660 spacer

>> No. 4661 Anonymous
18th February 2013
Monday 5:32 pm
4661 spacer

>> No. 4662 Anonymous
19th February 2013
Tuesday 1:34 am
4662 spacer

>And you Brits have the gall to complain about us eastern Europeans
We're at the point where we are all shocked and outraged when high sensitivity microphones shoved under the mouths of THE closest thing we have to hooligan-esque fans pick up some racist words.

You Slavpigs are just happy when a mass stabbing doesn't go down in the stands, racist language is neither here nor there.
>> No. 4663 Anonymous
24th February 2013
Sunday 2:04 am
4663 spacer
'Always look out for Turks carrying knives', hahaha legend

>> No. 4643 Anonymous
7th January 2013
Monday 4:05 pm
4643 Rugby League
Any Rugby league fans about?
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>> No. 4644 Anonymous
7th January 2013
Monday 4:38 pm
4644 spacer
I do casual security at an RFU stadium and much as didn't care much about rugby when I started I'm beginning to get into it.

Don't know if this is relevant but the Harlequins vs. London Irish game was terribly boring, the best London Irish ever seemed to do was match Harlequins for a short while before they were loosing again. Barely saw any of their supporters at the stadium so that might have been why.
>> No. 4645 Anonymous
7th January 2013
Monday 9:30 pm
4645 spacer
>Rugby league
Is that the dumbed-down rugby for people who can't string together a full team?
>> No. 4646 Anonymous
8th January 2013
Tuesday 7:06 am
4646 spacer
Wrong code m'laddo.

I keep an eye out for Hull KR's results, but it's not something I'd go out of my way to watch.
>> No. 4648 Anonymous
22nd January 2013
Tuesday 5:27 pm
4648 spacer
Wakefield Wildcats reporting

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