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>> No. 2605 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 1:14 pm
/uhu/2605 spacer
The bleed valve on my radiator is leaking very slightly, about 1 drop a day. I was thinking of taking it out, quickly wrapping it with some PTFE tape and putting it back in.

Is this advisable?
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>> No. 2606 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 2:38 pm
2606 spacer
You'll stop the leak, but you'll also lose the ability to easily bleed the radiator. You can buy a replacement bleed valve for about £2. They're not hard to fit.
>> No. 2607 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 3:28 pm
2607 spacer
Stop using your central heating to save the climate.
>> No. 2608 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:39 pm
2608 spacer

Why? Do you want the climate to fall apart? Central heating is the only thing that can save us.
>> No. 2609 Anonymous
22nd September 2019
Sunday 9:43 am
2609 spacer
Odds on, it's just a bit of grot stuck in the valve. Arm yourself with a couple of cotton buds and a bit of kitchen roll - whip the screw out, scrub its pointy end with the kitchen roll. Wipe the mating surface inside the rad with a cotton bud.
You may want to depressurise the system first if you don't have a stinky water fetish,
>> No. 2610 Anonymous
24th September 2019
Tuesday 11:19 pm
2610 OP
I done it and it's stopped leaking. Up yours to all those who doubted me.


>> No. 7049 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 4:08 pm
/lit/7049 Everyday writing
How to hit the sweet spot between being too terse and milling the wind with unnecessary embellishments?

I can't help but notice that I'm lacking in clear expression of my thoughts sometimes. Add the perception that the texts I write and my speech seem somewhat... torn. Like a mosaic assembled from shite glass pieces instead of being fluid like water, perhaps covering area a bit excessively yet getting where it should get.

I cut the bullshit and it's the aforementioned mosaic. I add a bit of fluff and it's a load of bollocks.
Help lads. Some folks write really bloody well, I could read their posts all night. What's the trick?

Immediate sage for crass autism. Also not sure if this should go here or in /uni/.
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>> No. 7050 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 5:23 pm
7050 spacer
What immediately stands out about your post is that you don't seem to understand how paragraphs work, or what they're for. It's not just breaking sentences up for easy reading; the sentences are placed together in a paragraph to carry a through-line thought or idea from beginning to end. What you've got there is two paragraphs split into four, with the ideas only just about in order.
>> No. 7051 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 6:38 pm
7051 spacer
Despite his rather lacklustre ability to knock out flaccid suburbanite horror on an annual basis, Stephen King's "On Writing" is a cracking read for anybody looking for a bit of guidance on how to tackle the ennui that clings to writers just like you, '80s drug binge notwithstanding.

Give it a look.
>> No. 7052 Anonymous
24th September 2019
Tuesday 11:14 am
7052 spacer
> with the ideas only just about in order.
The irony innit? This stuff is one of the reasons I posted this request.
I'm not a writer in a sense that I don't write books. That's why the 'Everyday writing' post title.
I'm looking for a method to improve my shitpostingwriting overall as well as fleshing out what's on my mind better.
Would that book still be of use?
>> No. 7053 Anonymous
24th September 2019
Tuesday 11:33 am
7053 spacer
I think you'd be better off learning about speech and rhetoric. Have a look on here for some lecture series that appeal to you then go to piratebay and download them.


>> No. 19550 Anonymous
21st June 2019
Friday 6:23 am
/news/19550 spacer
Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

President Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing an American surveillance drone, but pulled back from launching them on Thursday night after a day of escalating tensions.

As late as 7 p.m., military and diplomatic officials were expecting a strike, after intense discussions and debate at the White House among the president’s top national security officials and congressional leaders, according to multiple senior administration officials involved in or briefed on the deliberations.

Officials said the president had initially approved attacks on a handful of Iranian targets, like radar and missile batteries. The operation was underway in its early stages when it was called off, a senior administration official said. Planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down, the official said.
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>> No. 20202 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 5:55 pm
20202 spacer
Ha. Just waiting for the folks responsible for 9/11 to tell us who to bomb. The world's weird.
>> No. 20203 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
20203 spacer
>waiting on the Kingdom as to... what terms we would procede
He just copped to letting the House of fucking Saud set his military and diplomatic stance, incredible.
>> No. 20207 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 8:06 pm
20207 spacer
It's just good customer service.
>> No. 20315 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 10:01 am
20315 spacer
Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US to send troops to Saudi Arabia

The US has announced plans to send forces to Saudi Arabia in the wake of attacks against the country's oil infrastructure. Secretary of Defence Mark Esper told reporters the deployment would be "defensive in nature". Total troop numbers have not yet been decided.
>> No. 20327 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 9:52 pm
20327 spacer



>> No. 6056 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:12 pm
/poof/6056 Safety Razor
I can't seem to find any impartial comparisons of safety razors versus more modern multi-blade razors. I've been using a Gillette Mach 5 I got a couple's of Christmases ago and changing the blades once every couple of weeks, but I'm not particularly satisfied with it - it doesn't seem to shave particularly closely, and I often find myself with razor burn.

So, I'm looking to change razor. Every site that seems to have comparisons seems be called like, "The Victorian Hipster Gentleman's Male Quality Grooming Goods Emporium" and extolls the virtues of safety razors like they do this week's artisan craft beer.

Are they really better? I do like the slight environmental advantage - not chucking plastic every couple of weeks, but seems like they can be somewhat snake-oily to actually buy the razor holder; some being 3 figures.
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>> No. 6057 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:29 pm
6057 spacer
It works out a hell of a lot cheaper, you can get a better shave, but there is a learning curve. A multi-blade cartridge razor is designed to give you a decent shave even if you're completely cack-handed, but it takes a bit of practice to shave well with a safety razor. You don't need to spend a fortune - this kit costs less than £15 and is perfectly good to try out DE shaving. There are loads of decent tutorials on YouTube.
>> No. 6058 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 1:10 pm
6058 spacer
> Are they really better?
The razors are cheaper than cartridges, sometimes drastically.
Using a straight razor requires slightly more agility than the multi-blade thingy - it's easier to nick yourself.
I find that it shaves cleaner than the multi-blade, I don't have to make several passes over most areas of my bony face.

Sage because I usually don't faff with it, electric shaver does the job even if it's not quite perfect.


>> No. 64109 Ambulancelad
23rd September 2019
Monday 1:30 am
/iq/64109 ARE Aki
Just found this on Wiki:

In 2016, police began investigating an allegation against the BBC of incitement to racial hatred after Arobieke complained that the 2016 documentary, The Man Who Squeezes Muscles: Searching for marple Aki, was racist. In the film he is referred to as a “big black” man three times, and it is said that “everyone has seen him or been chased by him” and “everyone thinks they have spotted him and felt a shiver”. One alleged victim says “He is just marple and huge.”[41]

In 2017, Solita Bar and Grill apologised for naming a burger ‘marple Teriyaki’, in reference to Arobieke's nickname, after complaints that the name could be construed as racist. The restaurant had posted the name on Twitter with a photo of a sign which included an arm squeezing a bicep.[42]


>> No. 20228 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 6:31 am
/news/20228 spacer
Couple reveal they are hiding the gender of their 17-month-old baby to protect them from 'unconscious bias' and didn't even tell the child's grandparents for nearly a year

A couple are refusing to reveal the sex of their 17-month-old baby to their close family because they want to protect them from 'unconscious gender bias'.

Hobbit Humphrey, 38, and Jake England-Johns, 35, who live on a houseboat in Keynsham, near Bath, said they are currently dressing 17-month-old Anoush in both boys and girls clothes.

The married couple, both members of the Extinction Rebellion climate action group, are also asking friends and family to address the toddler using the gender-neutral pronouns, 'they' and 'them'. One of the child's grandparents said they only found out the baby's gender after 11 months, when changing a nappy.

Ms Humphrey and Mr England-Johns appeared on BBC One's Inside Out last night to explain their decision was the only way to stop people treating their child differently based on gender. They said the baby, whose name was changed to Charlie in the programme, will be allowed to decide at a later age on its gender and preferred pronoun.

This is like a Daily Mail wet dream. A couple of middle class Extinction Rebellion crusties with names like Hobbit living on a houseboat deciding to name their child Ankush and raise it gender neutral. It's borderline parody; if someone said this article had been created by a machine where you input a bunch of nonsensical buzzwords and it churns out something semi-coherent then I'd believe you.

Seriously, lads. Try to create a premise that plausibly crams as many Daily Mail boogeymen into it as this.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 20311 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 9:13 pm
20311 spacer

It is, I'm the otherlad.
>> No. 20312 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 11:07 pm
20312 spacer


I kind of feel like someone should formulate a Godwin-like law for people bringing up Breitbart in online conversations.
>> No. 20313 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 1:44 am
20313 spacer
Agreed. Should probably be a wordfilter and instant ban.
>> No. 20314 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 9:24 am
20314 spacer
I know, but the otherlad might be anotherlad also.
>> No. 20316 Anonymous
22nd September 2019
Sunday 10:48 am
20316 spacer

How about "Braveheart" as a word filter for it.


>> No. 28958 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 6:04 pm
/emo/28958 spacer
Why is it always me calling my friends for a chat or to come and visit them? Why do they never contact me first? Fell like the relationship is quite one-sided and they don't value it.
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>> No. 28964 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:18 pm
28964 spacer

Someone always says this, but get a sociable hobby. I think that blokes are just a bit crap at being friends, so we inevitably start to drift apart with age. That's massively magnified if you're not a big drinker, because it's just a bit odd for a few blokes in their thirties to meet up for coffee or go shopping or whatever it is that women do of a weekend. We need a reason to actually arse ourselves to go out and see people, whether that's a five-a-side team or a heavy metal band or a model railway club.
>> No. 28965 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:43 pm
28965 spacer


I used to be in a couple of bands, and I only really realised once they both packed in that it was really the only social life I had. I tried to get them out for drinks or whatever a few times afterwards and they usually can't even be arsed to make that effort. I go for the occasional pint with my work colleagues now and that's pretty much it; they're a good set of folks so it could be worse, but I think this is a pretty inevitable part of aging for blokes.

I had to drop one mate pretty much entirely because he'd always flake out and cancel, he tried getting me on a few online games but I wasn't really interested spending my time on his terms if he can't be arsed returning the favour. Doesn't feel good to do though.

I just do things with my other half instead. It's easier and as a bonus I get to fuck her afterwards as well. Hos before bros.
>> No. 28966 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 9:21 pm
28966 spacer
I stopped talking to my mates because I was too ashamed of what a loser I was/am.
>> No. 28967 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 9:38 pm
28967 spacer
As >>28962 says
I have nothing new to tell them or want to share with them.
>> No. 28968 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 10:08 pm
28968 spacer
Well same here, I don't even like talking about myself, but I still message them to see how they're doing because I genuinely care about them.


>> No. 64097 Are Moaty
21st September 2019
Saturday 3:21 am
/iq/64097 spacer
I think I might have solved the energy crisis. Whenever someone dies, bury them between magnets, and fit them with coils of wire. That way, whenever they turn in their grave, we can literally power the country with outrage.
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>> No. 64104 Searchfag
21st September 2019
Saturday 7:20 pm
64104 spacer
You're right, that would be much easier. What was I thinking? The undertakers already take a lot of care in preparing the body, so lining the magnets up the right way will just be another thing to check when they're dressing the deceased.
>> No. 64105 Billbob
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:25 pm
64105 spacer
Transport would become tricky, unless you make the coffin the outer housing and keep it magnetically shielded.
Otherwise, you'll be prying the stiffs off the roof lining of the hearse, which probably isn't that dignified.
>> No. 64106 Samefag
21st September 2019
Saturday 9:31 pm
64106 spacer
They're dead, they're not going to care.
>> No. 64107 Moralfag
21st September 2019
Saturday 9:50 pm
64107 spacer
>>64106 We've established they're undead. They may care.
>> No. 64108 Moralfag
21st September 2019
Saturday 10:01 pm
64108 spacer
It might cause outrage, which just means more turning and therefore more electricity.


>> No. 64090 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 1:11 am
/iq/64090 spacer

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>> No. 64093 Crabkiller
18th September 2019
Wednesday 4:36 pm
64093 spacer
3:20 - what is it with weirdo bike "inventors" and Spinergy Rev-X wheels? They weren't actually very good, they chopped off Michele Bartolini's kneecap and they nearly amputated Paolo Bettini's hand.
>> No. 64094 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 8:26 pm
64094 spacer

I'm more amused by the 'leverage' demonstration. Imagine when they discover the concept of 'gears'.
>> No. 64095 YubYub
18th September 2019
Wednesday 9:22 pm
64095 spacer

People think they're cool, I don't understand it. I think fixed gear riders like them for the same reason they ride without hand brakes - they want people to see they're dicing with death.
>> No. 64096 R4GE
18th September 2019
Wednesday 10:07 pm
64096 spacer
And not a hubless wheel in sight.
>> No. 64103 Billbob
21st September 2019
Saturday 4:38 pm
64103 spacer

That's not a bike, fuck the fuck off and take your shitty clickbait with you.


>> No. 2601 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 12:44 pm
/uhu/2601 CFLs
Right then. The ceiling lights above me are these weird fittings for expensive lamps. I want to replace them with LED lamps. I'm familiar with the socket from butterfly CFLs (like you'd fit in the ceiling of a toilet) but haven't seen them like this before, and half the lamps I find online are for horizontal fittings rather than vertical (so light coming out of the side rather than beaming down). I've drawn a blank on plug-and-play LED replacements, but that'd save me a lot of hassle if they exist - it's a G24q-2, I'm after 8W actual or so at around 3000K.

Failing that, is the ballast for these contained in the fitting shown in the image, or is it really going to be sealed in the ceiling? I've had the ceiling rose off to check and there's nothing accessible.

Cheers sparklads.
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>> No. 2602 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 1:52 pm
2602 spacer
It's really easy to change the ceiling fittings to a more normal type if you can't find the bulbs. The ceiling fittings themselves are about 3 quid and are piss easy to fit/replace. Might be a better option for you.
>> No. 2603 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 2:42 pm
2603 spacer
If there are inaccessible ballasts in the ceiling then the sockets aren't really the issue.
>> No. 2604 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 10:03 pm
2604 spacer
If there are only two wires in that cable from the rose to the holder, the ballast's in the holder and you just need to replace it with something simple.


giphy (2).gif
>> No. 7729 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 12:41 pm
/£$€¥/7729 spacer
I recently applied for a freelance job, and was asked whether I'd like to contract myself as a limited company or via an umbrella company.

I understand the differences in a very basic sense, and as this is a six month contract, I'm leaning towards umbrella for simplicity's sake. At the same time, I'm not sure I'm fully comfortable with someone taking my cash for doing a bit of paperwork.

On the other hand, I don't know everything involved in setting up a limited company, what additional costs and benefits there are to doing so. It might also be a nice opportunity to learn about the process.

Can anyone break it down in straightforward, non-jargon terms?
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>> No. 7735 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 10:18 pm
7735 spacer
Umbrella company, until you start getting long term contracts and get the hang of the paperwork.
>> No. 7736 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 11:31 pm
7736 spacer
Seconding this bit about HMRC, they are not known for their sense of humour or their laid back approach to life. For the first year you might want to get your accounts dealt with by a professional who can set you up with proper spreadsheets etc. and advise you on potential hazards and gotchas.
>> No. 7737 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 8:46 am
7737 spacer

Thanks, I read about this. I'm still not sure how the HMRC distinguish between being contracted for a full-time service and being employed, exactly. What puts you in one category or the other?
>> No. 7738 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 10:08 am
7738 spacer

There's an assessment tool at the link below; the questions asked should give you some idea of what criteria HMRC will apply. The fundamental question is whether you're providing a service for a client or supplying labour. Are you expected to keep particular hours? Could you send someone else equally qualified in your place? If you bugger something up, would you be expected to fix it at your own cost?
>> No. 7739 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 11:08 am
7739 spacer

Took the questionnaire and it seems IR35 doesn't apply to me, but there's always the chance HMRC would disagree with my answers.

Appreciate the advice on this one, both, I think I'll see how these six months go with an umbrella company. If I like the work and I get an extension or another contract, I'll register myself as a limited company.


>> No. 29001 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 1:28 am
/101/29001 Shit neighbours
Fuck me, the dolescum that live in the "affordable housing" block (see: corporate slumlords) next to me insist on being as loud and obnoxious as possible next to an open window that then reverbs around the close well into the early hours of the morning. It wouldn't be an issue if this wasn't the fourth night this week they'd done it and the countless of several weeks on the trot.

They've had the police called on them for noise disturbances to no avail and doubtlessly have been reported to the housing association (£££) more than once but is there anything that I, personally, can do to stop it? I've asked them nicely countless times (through my window with the blinds closed at night, naturally) only to be met with profanity and increased noise disturbance. I may have snapped at a particularly bad day today and screamed for them to shut the fuck up but it didn't seem to do much except likely irk my neighbours further. And yes, my intended recipients definitely heard.

FWIW affordable housing is great but underclasses that are content being underclasses taking up flats more proactive people could use fucks me off to no end.
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>> No. 29002 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 4:36 am
29002 spacer
Tip the police off that the house is being used to sell drugs. Scum like that always have drugs anyway so the rozzers are bound to find something nickable.

Bear in mind that snitches get stitches and now you've screamed at them they'll probably blame you for anything like that. I know it's obvious advice but keep your head down, save what you can and fight tooth and nail for a better job that lets you move far, far away.
>> No. 29003 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 6:29 am
29003 spacer
Is this the first time you've actually had to encounter the great unwashed? Your options are either to join in with them or do what everyone else in the country does by getting as far away from them as possible. You will not change their behaviour.
>> No. 29004 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 9:36 am
29004 spacer
I find I'm okay with it if I just think of it as an ongoing drama that I catch snippets of.


>> No. 28995 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 1:47 pm
/101/28995 Bluetooth
Did you know that bluetooth is named after King Harald 'Bluetooth' of Denmark. Supposedly because he succeeded in getting the tribes of Denmark to communicate with each other and unite with each other? This in spite of the fact that a meaningful modern "kingdom" as we would understand the term didn't really emerge until another 50 years or so after his death and in fact he simply consolidated the Jutland peninsula? When I try to make my computer and my speakers communicate with each other I can tell.

Also he was ovethrown and forced into exile by his own son for being so crap. The son, Sveyn Forkbeard, would later go on to conquer, and become king of, England (which actually was a real kingdom already). Bluetooth has been giving me shit for over a thousand years.
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>> No. 28996 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 3:47 pm
28996 spacer
Just plug stuff in, lol.


>> No. 12164 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 11:34 pm
/beat/12164 spacer
Can we have a nerdcore thread please?
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>> No. 12173 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:11 am
12173 spacer
>> No. 12174 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:15 am
12174 spacer
I'm unshakable, I'm on the right road.
My goal? Writing the unbreakable code.
>> No. 12175 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:21 am
12175 spacer
Up up down down lef tright left right

Then B A Start - the screen goes white

It's the cracker, the YTCracker, the game genie

8 bits with the 8 inch weenie
>> No. 12176 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:24 am
12176 spacer
This is for all the DnB headz. Some real culture.
>> No. 12177 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 2:35 am
12177 spacer

DnB is the pinnacle of musical expression and nobody can convince me otherwise.


>> No. 20195 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 1:25 pm
/news/20195 spacer
This is just sounded so incredible I had to post it. According to this the NHS defines a 'never event' as mistakes "so serious they should never happen".

They happened 621 times in the past year.

I know the NHS is being failed, but fucking hell.
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>> No. 20238 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 11:59 am
20238 spacer
> We have some sort of IT system for midwives called Badgernet.
Prolly a reference to an old joke about a pregnancy test.
>> No. 20242 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 5:17 pm
20242 spacer
BadgerNet is software named and written by a private sector company.
>> No. 20243 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 7:58 pm
20243 spacer
>The goal is that they never happen.
Unlike all those other, lesser mistakes that they are perfectly OK to let happen?
>> No. 20246 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 8:18 pm
20246 spacer
Let's hope they don't make a mistake while removing that stick from your arse, eh lad?
>> No. 20248 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 8:39 pm
20248 spacer

How do you still not understand this?

Have you not ever had a job with a company big enough to have HR and safety reporting?


>> No. 64088 R4GE
17th September 2019
Tuesday 12:23 pm
/iq/64088 spacer
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>> No. 64089 YubYub
17th September 2019
Tuesday 2:51 pm
64089 spacer
N1 m8 bare advice


>> No. 20099 Anonymous
11th September 2019
Wednesday 2:18 pm
/news/20099 spacer
Fireman Sam axed by fire chiefs for being 'outdated' and not 'inclusive' enough

Fire chiefs have axed much-loved children’s TV character Fireman Sam for being “outdated” and not “inclusive” enough.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service dropped the 32-year-old character, who is white and male, from promotional material after residents complained he “doesn’t reflect the fire service today.” Fireman Sam will be replaced by three new characters created in-house: fire extinguisher shaped Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

Les Britzman, the service's Chief Fire Officer, told Good Morning Britain he was trying to increase female recruitment to the service.

I don't give a fuck about 'PC gawn mad' or the hypocrisy of replacing one white male fireman mascot with another. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that the new mascot is PURE FUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL.
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>> No. 20218 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 10:55 pm
20218 spacer

I've heard some bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in my time, but the idea that the Jews have been plotting to replace a cartoon Welsh carpet-bagger with a boggle-eyed fire extinguisher takes the cake.
>> No. 20219 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:00 pm
20219 spacer
Next time don't wait a whole day for me to bait the motherfucker out.
>> No. 20221 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:16 pm
20221 spacer

It's almost as if that was the point.


Well, sorry, but you got the wrong guy. Don't pat yourself on the back so soon.

I fully expected a ban for a post like that, but steady on modlads. Can't you tell blatant facetiousness any more?
>> No. 20222 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:45 pm
20222 spacer
1) A "permanent" ban is the easiest thing to click thanks to the mod UI, I asked about changing this a few times over the years but nothing came of it.
2) You got around it in minutes so who cares?
>> No. 20225 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 12:54 am
20225 spacer

>A "permanent" ban is the easiest thing to click thanks to the mod UI

That feels intentional.


>> No. 64069 Billbob
13th September 2019
Friday 12:59 pm
/iq/64069 spacer
Don't forget to oil your shredder.
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>> No. 64080 Moralfag
15th September 2019
Sunday 1:38 pm
64080 spacer

Sorry Redditlad, should I have ended my post with an /s?
>> No. 64081 Auntiefucker
15th September 2019
Sunday 1:49 pm
64081 spacer
>> No. 64083 Are Moaty
15th September 2019
Sunday 8:49 pm
64083 spacer

your mum has a stinky shredder slot.
>> No. 64084 Crabkiller
16th September 2019
Monday 1:58 am
64084 spacer
>> No. 64085 R4GE
16th September 2019
Monday 10:26 am
64085 spacer

no m8 you should have been funnier


>> No. 6963 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 7:43 pm
/lit/6963 Books by women
It's dawned on me that, other than a novel written by a former work colleague, I haven't read a book written by a woman in over a decade. This hasn't been a conscious decision, it's just that the books I've tended to gravitate towards happen to have been written by men. However I feel I should make a conscious effort to read some, even if it's just to gain a different perspective on things.

Where should I start? Virginia Woolf? Jane Austen? Fleur Jaeggy? Dorothy Parker? Arundhati Roy? Olga Tokarczuk? Stella Gibbons?
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>> No. 7027 Anonymous
7th August 2019
Wednesday 10:01 pm
7027 spacer

I've finally finished my first book written by a woman since starting this thread, if a collection of short stories counts.

I don't think terse gothic horror is for me. I will report back when I get around to reading something else.
>> No. 7045 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 3:16 am
7045 spacer
Alice Munro is a favorite of mine.
>> No. 7046 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:07 pm
7046 spacer
Pride and Prejudice is an easy, thoroughly enjoyable read.
>> No. 7047 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 11:27 pm
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Just read books you indoctrinated wallop
>> No. 7048 Anonymous
15th September 2019
Sunday 10:07 am
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>> No. 7726 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 8:14 pm
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I received an email from my letting agency on Friday asking if I would like to renew my rental agreement for another year. I'm happy to do this and having looked around this place is still the best deal for me. My flat is a real gem and I was lucky to stumble across it.

Now, correct me if I'm overthinking this, but there's something on my mind following this sentence:
>If you would like to renew, please confirm to us in writing and we will discuss with your Landlord the terms under which they would also be happy to have you extend.

I'd like to continue paying what I am now because I'm a civil servant and our wages don't exactly follow inflation. The problem is that the flat on the ground-floor is currently advertised at a roughly 7% higher rent than what I'm paying and therefore getting close to my unaffordable mark.

How much groveling should I do in my response to try and get the landlord to agree to another year on the same rent? I've never lived in a place for longer than a year before so forgive the stupid question. I'm a good boy who always pays his rent on time and is never a bother to anyone so it could be justified on top of cutting out the faff.
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>> No. 7727 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 8:55 pm
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Unless you can point out something the landlord does not already know, then I don't see what difference any grovelling will make.
>> No. 7728 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:30 pm
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It's a dance. You say you want to renew, they come back with a mostly reasonable figure and you go from there - it isn't usually a hassle.


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