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>> No. 16120 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:55 pm
/news/16120 spacer
Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for abusing vulnerable girls

Twenty members of a “vile and wicked” grooming gang have been convicted of trafficking, drugging and raping vulnerable girls in a harrowing campaign of abuse across West Yorkshire. It can now be reported that the ringleader of the group, 35-year-old Amere Singh Dhaliwal, was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of 54 offences, including countless rapes of children.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the crimes against 15 girls far exceeded anything he had previously seen. The gang’s “persistent and prolonged” offending, he said, was “at the top of the scale” of severity.

Details of the case, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution, can be disclosed after a judge agreed to lift reporting restrictions on Friday, following a legal challenge by media groups including the Guardian. One of the trials had previously almost collapsed when the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson filmed defendants in a live Facebook video outside Leeds crown court.

Jurors in the three trials heard how the men, mostly from Huddersfield, plied girls as young as 11 with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them in car parks, hotels, takeaways, snooker halls, on moors and by reservoirs across the region.

Fifteen severely vulnerable girls fell victim to the gang between 2004 and 2011. One girl, aged 11 or 12 at the time, was abducted from a care home and supplied ecstasy before being made to perform sex acts, Leeds crown court heard. Many of the victims described how they were plied with drink and drugs at house parties then raped “one by one” by the men, who used plastic bags as condoms.

Dhaliwal was at the heart of the group, who referred to each other using nicknames including “Dracula,” “Beastie” and “Chiller” in monikers that were used in the three trials.

The girls were deliberately targeted for their vulnerabilities. All had troubled home lives, including one whose mother was unable to care for her due to drink and drug addictions.
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>> No. 20816 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 1:51 pm
20816 spacer

While it would probably be perfectly legal for me as a late 30s bloke to shag a 16 year old, albeit massively morally questionable, honestly I don't think I would if I had the chance. I'm not sure what exactly a 16 year old would be able to give me in bed. It was bad enough the first time around when I was 16 years old myself and had to deal with all the adolescent teenlass drama of trying to get someone like that in bed. I don't think it's something I'd want to go through again. Also, a 16 year old will not have had her cherry popped that long ago, so the amount of sexual experience she will have will be fairly limited. I think you have to be at least borderline paedo if that kind of thing is something you actively pursue. At my age anyway.
>> No. 20819 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 3:52 pm
20819 spacer
I dunno, if the opportunity arose I might, just because I didn't get any as a teenager and want to see what it's like to do it at that age.
>> No. 20820 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 4:21 pm
20820 spacer
>I didn't get any as a teenager and want to see what it's like to do it at that age.

You can shoot your muck and be ready to go for round two about ten minutes later. When you're older you have a much longer refractory period so you only get one shot to give a good performance.
>> No. 20821 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 4:32 pm
20821 spacer

On the other hand, I think I remember reading something that women reach the height of their horniness around age 24 or thereabouts. Which I think I can kind of confirm. The 16- or 17-year-olds I had sex with as a teenlad seemed to "need it" significantly less than some women I dated years later who were in their mid-20s.

Maybe 20something women are just more secure in themselves and have an easier time just letting themselves go during sex, but I think one factor is also that a woman's estrogen levels are at their highest some time around age 18 to 20. Estrogen tends to dampen sexual desire also in women. And then when you throw hormonal contraceptives into the mix, it's plausible that as a general rule, the best sex you will have with a woman will not be when she's 17, but when she's in her mid-20s. Also, by that time, they will be more experienced, which means they won't give you a handjob that will feel like they're sanding down a chair leg.
>> No. 20823 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 6:07 pm
20823 spacer

>Our band was an emo (post hard-core really but whatever)

Well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt in that case, if your were in on that scene in the mid 2000s you were sat on top of the proverbial well. I was in a metal band around that time, albeit the kind of Trivium/A7X type shite lasses still listened to, but they were hardly throwing themselves at us.

I'm surprised nobody has ever accused Oli Sykes of being a pedo. I met him once and he was a right bellend. He definitely seemed like the type.

Most of my shagging since then has been achieved by having long hair and a profile picture of me playing a gig, though. Thankfully you can check people's age on Tinder and the like, but even then, I've literally had birds saying things like "I'm really 17 but I lied so I could sign up". In a lot of cases, I think being with an older bloke is desirable to them- Obviously they'll regret it horribly later in life, and it's any bloke's duty to leave well alone, but nevertheless.

Honestly though I don't think there's any kind of age to shaggability correlation. If my experience has taught me one thing, it's that slightly chubby (but not outright fat) ones are always the best. The ones who know they've got a cracking arse, but just enough of a muffin top to feel insecure about it, are the sweet spot. It's like the horseshoe theory.


>> No. 20439 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 7:19 am
/news/20439 spacer
Remembrance Day will now honour civilians and victims of terror after the Royal British Legion announces the red poppy isn't just for fallen soldiers

Watch out, lads. Big Poppy is getting bigger. The Cookie Monster wasn't enough for them.
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>> No. 20804 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 11:36 pm
20804 spacer

People are collecting Celebrations tub lids for next year's poppy displays.
>> No. 20807 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 12:28 am
20807 spacer
Do you work for Big Mars?
>> No. 20809 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 2:14 am
20809 spacer
This is not a normal way to behave.
>> No. 20810 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 8:36 am
20810 spacer
Why do you hate Are Brave Boys?
>> No. 20818 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 2:46 pm
20818 spacer
Oh that is upsetting.


>> No. 20752 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 1:29 pm
/news/20752 Another bad day for Boeing
Starliner launched this morning, at last. But the orbital insertion went wrong as the spacecraft was pointing the wrong way - they had better pray it wasn't an angle-of-attack sensor problem...

It's not until you see other people try and fail to do this stuff, that you really appreciate how far ahead SpaceX are, and how we'll they're doing. Boeing were charging NASA 50% more than them for this mission.
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>> No. 20791 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 5:09 pm
20791 spacer

They should have fired him in March then.
>> No. 20792 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 5:34 pm
20792 spacer
I mean, it's definitely about the 737 - but this hasn't helped.
>> No. 20793 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 8:14 pm
20793 spacer

Exactly all eyes are on them that they aren't potentially lethal fuck wits and they just went and confirmed they are.
>> No. 20794 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 8:20 pm
20794 spacer
I read something that said most of the issues with Boeing recently were inherited from the previous CEO and he was slowly starting to get them back on track. Apparently his successor isn't going to try to change the poor managerial culture they have and will instead make the problems worse through cost cutting and laying people off.
>> No. 20817 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 2:33 pm
20817 spacer
If you're interested in the 737 MAX story, this presentation is brilliant - it recreates in the simulator how hard it was to recover from runaway MCAS failure.


>> No. 64493 Anonymous
18th December 2019
Wednesday 7:38 am
/iq/64493 spacer
Phwoar. I'd aim for her bullseye, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 64524 Auntiefucker
23rd December 2019
Monday 9:02 am
64524 spacer
I refuse to buy it because in the Steam summer sale there was a misprice where they had the game with the bigfoot and pebberley Island dlcs for just over a tenner before realising their error after a day or so and putting it back to £20. Because I missed out I'm not getting it until the bundle price drops that low again.
>> No. 64525 Crabkiller
23rd December 2019
Monday 11:07 am
64525 spacer

How interesting that you would phrase that as if it was a moral position. If you don't think it is worth what they are charging that's fine, but you phrase it as if it were out of principle and protest rather than being thrifty.

You talk about it like they owe you something like they hurt you personally. Does it upset you that you have to pay that much for entertainment? Or are you upset by the idea that people got a better deal than you?
>> No. 64526 Crabkiller
23rd December 2019
Monday 11:16 am
64526 spacer
I just think stupidly.
>> No. 64551 Are Moaty
29th December 2019
Sunday 11:13 pm
64551 spacer

What's that on her tooth?
>> No. 64552 Ambulancelad
29th December 2019
Sunday 11:58 pm
64552 spacer
What am I, a dentist?


>> No. 64420 Anonymous
2nd December 2019
Monday 7:54 am
/iq/64420 spacer
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>> No. 64431 Ambulancelad
3rd December 2019
Tuesday 8:26 pm
64431 spacer

I actually wouldn't mind getting the whole thing without the BoJo voiceover.
>> No. 64433 R4GE
4th December 2019
Wednesday 8:20 am
64433 spacer
These two NZ chaps who the Tories hired for their election campaign are really smashing it out of the park.

Nearly half a million views on the kind of channel that gets a few thousand at best.
>> No. 64548 Billbob
29th December 2019
Sunday 7:09 pm
64548 spacer
>> No. 64549 Crabkiller
29th December 2019
Sunday 7:55 pm
64549 spacer
Christmas festivities over, I cannot be fucked to pack to go home, nevermind go back to work.

Absolutely no idea how these politicians who have every hour accounted for for months do it. I would be absolutely knackered.
>> No. 64550 Searchfag
29th December 2019
Sunday 8:12 pm
64550 spacer

I think they turn their brains off and become rhetoric boxes, just saying what will make whichever group in front of them cheer. The system and the voters themselves operate in a way that weeds out any critical thinking. No one wants politicians that own their mistake, they want ones that don't make them, or at least never admit it.


>> ID: 02bce9 No. 11260 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm

ID: 02bce9
/shed/11260 spacer
May we have the maximum image size on /spo/ increased so we can have a .gif thread, please?
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>> ID: 42a734 No. 15163 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 10:48 am

ID: 42a734
15163 spacer


>> ID: 42a734 No. 15164 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 10:49 am

ID: 42a734
15164 spacer


>> ID: 42a734 No. 15166 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 10:51 am

ID: 42a734
15166 spacer

giphy (1).gif

>> ID: 42a734 No. 15167 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 11:00 am

ID: 42a734
15167 spacer

giphy (2).gif

>> ID: 42a734 No. 15168 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 11:01 am

ID: 42a734
15168 spacer

giphy (3).gif


>> No. 64538 Moralfag
26th December 2019
Thursday 8:49 pm
/iq/64538 spacer
well that's xmas ruined
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>> No. 64541 Billbob
26th December 2019
Thursday 9:34 pm
64541 spacer
He's good in Britannia and Detectorists.
>> No. 64544 Searchfag
26th December 2019
Thursday 11:36 pm
64544 spacer
Was it bad?
>> No. 64545 YubYub
26th December 2019
Thursday 11:51 pm
64545 spacer
>> No. 64546 YubYub
27th December 2019
Friday 12:02 am
64546 spacer
>> No. 64547 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 10:05 pm
64547 spacer


>> No. 5772 Anonymous
20th March 2011
Sunday 6:01 pm
/nom/5772 spacer
What is the king of confectionery boxes?

I used to think it was Cadbury Roses, but I had some lately and they've greatly reduced the variety and quality of chocolates available. I've heard Cadbury have also done the same with Miniature Heroes; taking out Crunchie, Picnic, Time Out and Caramel with a nut in it (can't remember the proper name for this).

Quality Street? Celebrations?
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>> No. 13158 Anonymous
27th December 2019
Friday 6:26 pm
13158 spacer
I have decided that Cadbury Heroes are the winner of confectionery box 2019.
>> No. 13159 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:42 am
13159 spacer
I absolutely loved those as a kid. I'm tempted to see if I can get them imported.
>> No. 13160 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 7:48 pm
13160 spacer

How come none of them have a special projects division, with a (shit, inevitably) webpage where you can choose to have a tin stuffed with your choice and ratio. All it needs is a webform, a decent markup and a couple of Latvian lasses with boxes of the individual sweets.
Fuck it, no real need to interfere with the existing production lines - make them strip and sort regular boxes, and send the unpopular ones that nobody ever chooses to orphans or summat.
>> No. 13162 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 8:18 pm
13162 spacer

>> No. 13163 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 9:09 pm
13163 spacer

Because the only reason these boxes exist at all is for the companies to shift the shit ones nobody likes by mixing them with the good ones people do like.

Don't fall for Big Chocolate and their schemes lad.


>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
/v/15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 22952 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:18 am
22952 spacer

I did, because I have! I was suprised to find out there are cameos from a few real news readers in the film. I get a suspicion they didn't see the full script beforehand.
>> No. 22953 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 2:09 pm
22953 spacer
I tried watching this last night and realised half way through I'd seen it before but forgotten because of how boring it was. May as well just read the plot summary.
>> No. 22995 Anonymous
14th December 2019
Saturday 10:31 am
22995 spacer
Lads, I'm trying to track down a film I saw one night on Channel 4 years ago.

The gist of it is a guy pretending to be a photographer scams his way across Italy. Is joined by a woman running away from a convent. Then after conning a mafia funeral he ends up jailed.

I know it wasn't a fever dream.
>> No. 22996 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 7:50 pm
22996 spacer

I always want something I've never gotten elsewhere when I watch a film, and Colassal certainly delivers. 100% recommended watch on my part.
>> No. 22997 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 8:33 pm
22997 spacer
try tipofmytounge on reddit


>> No. 432333 Anonymous
1st December 2019
Sunday 12:00 am
/b/432333 Christmas 2019
It's the first of December. It's that time of year again.

Open your advent calendar chocolates, listen to Andrew, put up your tree, put off the present shopping for at least a fortnight, surviving the Christmas party at work, watching shit on telly.

You know the drill by now, lads.
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>> No. 433065 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 1:06 am
433065 spacer
Just got home from a full house at the parents, think I had about a bottle of port and half a red and enough food for for a week alone. Had a lovely drive home, bit foggy. Evaded a .gs IP ban, now having a few beers and watching YT.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 433090 Anonymous
27th December 2019
Friday 3:17 pm
433090 spacer
I've got £40 of vouchers to spend in establishments such as Harvester. How large a black pudding tower do you think I could acquire with this?
>> No. 433091 Anonymous
27th December 2019
Friday 4:42 pm
433091 spacer
Well, assuming a fixed cost per portion of black pudding, with no discounts for large volume orders, then one can calculate this quite easily.
>> No. 433104 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 5:30 pm
433104 spacer
Saw creme eggs and mini eggs for sale in Sainsburys, with a big display for Easter.
>> No. 433108 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 6:06 pm
433108 spacer
only 105 sleeps!


>> No. 4624 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:18 am
/lab/4624 spacer

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>> No. 4625 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:42 am
4625 spacer
This is not about climate change is it?


>> No. 432774 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 1:04 am
Christopher Hitchens
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>> No. 433039 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 11:04 pm
433039 spacer

Sadly, mate, I think this just means you looked like an unhygienic weirdo before. Any measured improvement is only relative to the starting point.
>> No. 433041 Anonymous
25th December 2019
Wednesday 12:07 am
433041 spacer

If you want to argue the semantics then sure me not looking like I've just been styled is 'less hygienic' and me having a picture doing a not cool hobby but one I enjoy could be weird. But all that is really saying is that you are just the vain metrosexual I am pretending to be.
>> No. 433043 Anonymous
25th December 2019
Wednesday 12:26 am
433043 spacer

When my post becomes /poof

Romans 13 New International Version (NIV)
Submission to Governing Authorities
13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

>> No. 433067 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 8:41 am
433067 spacer

While I still maintain you need confidence past the initial match, there's nothing better than a good couple of pictures of you at a wedding to bait the fanny in. You in your best suit, preferably standing next to various attractive women. You don't need to wear a fucking boater hat.
>> No. 433071 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 12:50 pm
433071 spacer

> there's nothing better than a good couple of pictures of you at a wedding to bait the fanny in.

Alternatively, just go to a wedding in the first place and look for that one friend of the bride who's fit looking but is having a shit day because her friend is getting married and it made her realise that she's all alone and her clock is ticking.

What I hate though is when they assign you a seat next to somebody just because she's single and they think they need to fix her up with you. One time, I was kind of really miffed at the hosts that they had made it so obvious, and just as a matter of principle, I refused to talk to her at all and gradually moved to a free seat at another table. Also, she was a bit of a munter, so there was really no incentive on my part to play along.


>> No. 20734 Anonymous
4th December 2019
Wednesday 6:47 am
/news/20734 spacer
Elon Musk: pedo guy insult was 'not classy' but not meant literally

...Musk’s primary defense, which he reiterated numerous times, was that he did not intend to call Unsworth a pedophile, but instead was using “pedo guy” to mean “creepy old guy”.

“Just as I thought it was obvious that he did not mean to physically sodomize me with a submarine, I thought it was obvious that I didn’t mean he was a pedophile,” Musk said. He argued that he did not retract his statement when he initially apologized to Unsworth because that “would have been worse”. “If you call someone a motherf’er, I think it would actually seem sarcastic to say, ‘I didn’t mean that he committed incest’,” Musk explained. “That would have seemed disingenuous.”
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>> No. 20746 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 11:25 am
20746 spacer

elon yuo are genious.gif
Seems even more appropriate after the Cybertruck reveal.
>> No. 20747 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 11:58 am
20747 spacer
Looks like Brian got a contact high.
>> No. 20767 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 9:12 am
20767 spacer
I've only just learned this was actually based on real life.
>> No. 20795 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 8:46 pm
20795 spacer

Lots of the boondocks is like that
>> No. 20796 Anonymous
25th December 2019
Wednesday 10:30 pm
20796 spacer


>Lock-Up_ RAW Booty Warrior FLEECE JOHNSON

One of Samuel L. Jackson's illegitimate children?


>> No. 7814 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 11:30 am
/£$€¥/7814 spacer
Do you lads include your pension contributions when you calculate your savings?

I'm including them now, as at the moment I don't actually fucking have savings it simplifies my spreadsheet.
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>> No. 7815 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:17 pm
7815 spacer
When calculating my monthly budget, definitely.
>> No. 7816 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:54 pm
7816 spacer
No, you're supposed to be saving money on-top of your pension because ours won't ever be enough and it's not money you can redirect to other things. I don't see why it would simplify the process unless it's not coming direct out of your payslip.

Good to see the measly 3k I've managed to squirrel away this year still makes me the 1%

I second YNAB but would recommend trying to find an old version back when it was just a one-time fee. Paying 15.99 a month to use budget software seems a bit ironic.
>> No. 7817 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 1:45 pm
7817 spacer
Yeah - good advice. I have a savings category in YNAB, and in there are my extra pension payments, ISA, kids ISAs, holiday/emergency fund etc.

I pay about $80/year for the subscription for YNAB - it's a little pricier than it used to be, but its just terrific and has really helped me over the past three years.
>> No. 7818 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 2:17 pm
7818 spacer
Thanks for the recommendation lads but I've used Google sheets for the past five years, and it's linked into a lot of other aspects of my future plans.

I've made a note to separate out pensions, though. My next goal, of course, will be to actually create some savings, which will certainly happen in 2020.


>> No. 64532 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:02 pm
/iq/64532 spacer
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>> No. 64533 YubYub
24th December 2019
Tuesday 1:46 pm
64533 spacer
The Cunk format is great for this kind of thing - that Prince Andrew section is brilliant.


marty feldman.jpg
>> No. 4620 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:03 am
/lab/4620 spacer
f = f(x, y)

df = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y)
= f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y + dy) + f(x, y + dy)- f(x, y)
= f_x.dx + f_y.dy

because evaluating the partial derivative at y+dy instead of y doesn't make any difference, right?
Expand all images.
>> No. 4621 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:41 am
4621 spacer
Starting to think we need a LaTeX mode.
>> No. 4622 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:58 am
4622 spacer
f = f(x, y) df = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y) = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y + dy) + f(x, y + dy)- f(x, y) = (∂f/∂x)dx + (∂f/∂y)dy

>> No. 4623 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 10:30 am
4623 spacer
dy goes to zero so it makes no difference, yes.


>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
/beat/8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.

Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 12240 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 9:18 pm
12240 spacer
You said it better than I could. There are some gems among their playlist.
>> No. 12241 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 9:58 pm
12241 spacer
Embarrassed to admit Weird Al looks pretty cute in this video.
>> No. 12242 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 10:04 pm
12242 spacer

Can't tell if this is an example of a gem or a shite one but the arrangement is really rather bad.
>> No. 12243 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 10:34 pm
12243 spacer

That cover is dog shit.

It does nothing new to the song creatively. It just sounds like a crapper version.

I feel sad for Weird Al. Weezer can drag themselves through the dirt (in fact I've been lead to believe from their self loathing previous work that they like to) that's fine. But there is no need to take it out on Al, Toto and US, just to try cash in on a meme.
>> No. 12244 Anonymous
23rd December 2019
Monday 12:35 am
12244 spacer

Given that Brian Wilson was arguably the greatest pop arranger of all time, the question is whether anyone should bother covering his work. The main artistic justification for recording a cover is to reveal a new perspective on the original composition, but can anyone credibly claim that they listened to God Only Knows and thought aha, I know what Brian Wilson missed when he arranged and recorded that?


>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
/job/4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 13324 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 3:27 am
13324 spacer
I think I've slipped through the cracks of the Universal credit system. Still got the income but I've not had to go in for a meeting in months and no sanctions. Surprising incompetence really. During the time it's been going on I've landed a full time job in a new city, starting in the new year, not sure if I should contact them and tell them about it now or wait until I start. JC+ did nothing to help me look anyway they just kept tabs on me while I did. Are there any pitfalls of telling them? I mean, I broke the contract by not posting 15 job applications on their journal every week, but I landed a job anyway, so surely that evens us out...
>> No. 13325 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 3:48 am
13325 spacer
Man, they don't give a shit, just tell them. They can mark it up as a win on their system.
>> No. 13336 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 11:29 pm
13336 spacer
Difficult here. They might demand cash back for breaking your contract. I suppose you could just tell them you want to end the claim for personal reasons without informing them of the job, but.. things might get complicated here.
>> No. 13338 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 1:08 am
13338 spacer
That money is earmarked for the poorest in our society. You have a moral duty not to claim it if you're self-sufficient.


Figure 5_ The pay-rise premium for employees who c.png
>> No. 13326 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:12 am
/job/13326 spacer
Remember, lads. If you want a decent pay rise you'll most likely have to change jobs.
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>> No. 13332 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:13 pm
13332 spacer
This strategy worked for me. Did it twice in the past 18 months, and clearly things weren't working. Got 20% going into the first, 10% out of there and into the second, and 25% out of there and into somewhere decent. Throw in the raise I received in the job I had before that, and in two years my pay has gone up 65%.
>> No. 13333 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:39 pm
13333 spacer
That'll learn you for trying to help people.
>> No. 13334 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 9:03 pm
13334 spacer
As someone who worked in the NHS in a very much not frontline area, pay is a perennial problem. Management would wonder why the we were always suffering the same old problems that were getting us constantly slated. The thought that pay points were pathetic compared to the market and therefore the only people suitably qualified that were applying were internal candidates. Anyone that was actually competent was leaving.
>> No. 13335 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 9:18 pm
13335 spacer
Yeah, in our line of work you can easily change jobs every few years without it hurting your CV at all - improving it even. The problem comes as you get older, have families, and don't feel like jumping on the recruitment merry-go-round every two years.
>> No. 13337 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 11:39 pm
13337 spacer
Thanks. Between 2010 and 2015 my pay only went up from £15,000 to £20,000 but since then it has more than doubled. It's amazing what difference a bit of experience and self belief can do.


>> No. 429121 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 1:36 am
/b/429121 spacer
New mid-week thread.

Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the balmy nighttime temperatures, having a few Stellas. Celebrating the fact that I get to do this at 01:30 am on a Wednesday morning at the moment.

Ah, temporary unemployment.

Before you lads lose your shit get all finger pointy at me, my next tenure as an office slave is already as good as secure and will begin in a few weeks' time.
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>> No. 431883 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 12:55 am
431883 spacer

Exactly my point.

I've been considering renting the available space next to us just so I put some wallpaper up and get a sofa or something.
>> No. 431943 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 8:24 pm
431943 spacer
Just missed a call from work. They're either going to be asking me to come in to cover someone, or if I want to take tomorrow's shift off as holiday, as I have fuckloads of accrued and I can't get paid all of it that I don't take.

I'm scared to call back in case it's the former. I won't go in but I'll feel bad for turning down double time pay.
>> No. 431950 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:03 pm
431950 spacer

They won't ask you if you want to take holiday mate.
>> No. 431952 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:08 pm
431952 spacer

They will, and they did. Off tomorrow now.
>> No. 432958 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 5:32 pm
432958 spacer
There was a fella at my old workplace who hadn't taken a single day of holiday off in 2-3 years, so they pretty much forced him to have a couple of weeks off around the end of the year.


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