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>> No. 5127 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 5:47 am
5127 Backpacks
This is probably the right place, right?

So I was about to go on Amazon to buy the cheapest backpack I could find as it turns out all my flatmates use theirs to carry the shopping back meanwhile I use a bag for life that cuts into my fingers on the journey back making my arms sore when I return with enough tinned food to feed several impoverish African villages or Vanessa Feltz .

Then I had a horrid reminder into my school days where your backpack determined your worth and if you chose poorly you'd tell all the other kids that you're a spastic joey.

So what's a good backpack?
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>> No. 5128 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 6:58 am
5128 spacer
Depends entirely on what you're using it for. I have a Jansport one that I've had for a decade that's still going strong, although it rarely gets used these days.
>> No. 5129 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:02 am
5129 spacer
Don't over think. Assuming you're in university, people aren't quite as bad as you mention. You can get away with anything vaguely outdoorsy. Go to one of those camping shops and get something that's comfortable and will hold as much as you need.

If you're looking for something a bit more fashionable, Jansport bags are a heritage brand of good value and increasing popularity.
>> No. 5130 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 8:25 am
5130 spacer
Don't spend too much if you're not looking to go hiking or whatever. I got a cheap puma bag from sports direct in first year for a tenner and it hasn't broken yet (third year and I load it way more than I should).
>> No. 5131 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 8:33 am
5131 spacer

I think in the adult world, the backpack is recognised as a necessary, practical piece of equipment, so I'd say getting something no-nonsense is pretty smart. The MOLLE packs they sell on Amazon are probably the best example for cheap, though it depends if you like the whole military thing.

If you still fear the bigger boys laughing at you, one of the well-known adventure brands is better, like a North Face or Osprey or Jack Wolfskin. But you'll have to pay more for that, just like in school. Now you know how your parents felt when they found out the bag you wanted to carry your shitty textbooks around in was eighty quid.
>> No. 5132 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 9:09 am
5132 spacer


I got this one a few days ago as a matter of fact.

I needed something smaller than my 40L, so this 24L one is perfect.

A few tips would be to avoid zips in the main compartment. They tend to break after some time and get shit caught in them. This one has a draw-string deal with a flap over it. So far it's been a joy to use.

However, the catch as you'd expect is that it cost me £57, but I know it'll last me forever.
>> No. 5133 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 11:56 am
5133 spacer
>avoid zips in the main compartment.
That's probably solid advice. I've had the same Quicksilver bag for 15 years now, the zip is still just about there, but I'm prepared to call it a freak of nature given how many zips I've had fail elsewhere in life.
>> No. 5134 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 12:01 pm
5134 spacer
I had this life-venture backpack for 8 years, and one of the annoyances with zips is that you seldom can fit something bigger than the intended volume. With draw-strings it's a question of loosening it a bit and you can fit all you want within reason.
>> No. 5135 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 3:26 pm
5135 spacer
Seconding military type bags. Pop into a military surplus store and you can get a cheap but well built one that'll last for ages. Very good value for money.
>> No. 5136 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 4:08 pm
5136 spacer
Get a car, or get your shopping delivered.
>> No. 5137 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 4:39 pm
5137 spacer

Oh, teenlad.
>> No. 5138 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:34 pm
5138 spacer
thirding the military surplus idea I had a rucksack that could fit 24 cans of beer easily. It was only when the stitching on the straps just gave up the ghost after nearly 10 years of service that I got rid of it. Never mind the fact that it wasva bit sad for a man in his mid thirties using a bag covered in heavy metal band patches covering it.
>> No. 5139 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:39 pm
5139 spacer
Paying £57 for a bag?
>> No. 5140 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:52 pm
5140 spacer
Yeah? And?
>> No. 5141 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 8:03 pm
5141 spacer
Wait until he finds out how much Gucci charge for theirs.
>> No. 5142 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 10:19 pm
5142 spacer
buy a car, OP

(A good day to you Sir!)

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