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>> No. 5096 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 2:40 pm
5096 Losing hair
Need a bit of advice guys.

I'm 23 (24 in a couple of months) and my hair is becoming noticeably thinner. It has receded a little at the front but nothing major. The crown of my head is the issue, you can't see bare scalp, but it is visible.

From the front and the sides, it looks okay but if you look at the top and the back if I am looking up it is noticeable.

Does anyone here have experience going bald at a young age? It wouldn't bother me so much if I was in my thirties, but I'm not. When is the point you should buzz it? I thought about having it progressively shorter and shorter before shaving it all to make it less of a dramatic transition.

Any tips of making it thicker or at least looking somewhat decent bald? I have pretty good facial structure, but I'm only 5' 8" so I don't have height on my side. If I grow a beard and hit the gym does it just look like I'm overcompensating?
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>> No. 5098 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 3:01 pm
5098 spacer
Here's seven minutes of a band taking the piss out of one of their freinds for being bald.


I don't have any experience with going bald, but have a mate who went bald at about your age. Consensus is, as soon as it gets to the point where it's quite noticeable, your only option is to shave it. I suppose there are outliers, but we can't really comment without seeing a picture of your dome. Any way you could upload one and blur out the face?
>> No. 5099 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 3:14 pm
5099 spacer

As >>5098 says we'd have to see to comment. I started thinning massively when I was about 21-22 and thought that within about three years I'd be in full on spamhead territory and needing to buzz down to the roots. Ten years later and while I'm definitely still thinning, as long as I don't let it grow too long I can get away a normal 'full head of hair' look (unless I'm in a lift, hotel bathroom or somewhere else with strong light shining right down on to the top of my bonce). In other words don't panic; your mates will let you know when you're starting to look like a lemon and you've probably got years left until buzzing is necessary.
>> No. 5100 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 3:15 pm
5100 spacer
Oh for fuck's sake. I already deleted and remade this post once due to a mistake, I can't be fucked doing it again and having to find that youtube video for a second time. Have mercy mods.
>> No. 5101 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 4:24 pm
5101 spacer
Baldness doesn't bother me half as much as the giant indentation in that guys head, it's super off putting.

Thread hidden in disgust.
>> No. 5102 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 4:31 pm
5102 spacer
Just accept it and shave what remains off. Life is much easier with no hair.
>> No. 5103 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 4:36 pm
5103 spacer
That's no excuse, if they make an exception for you they'd have to make an exception for everybody. Can you imagine the exodus of posters from this site if it appeared as though the mods make it up as they go along?
>> No. 5104 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 5:11 pm
5104 spacer
Hair transplant.
>> No. 5105 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 5:45 pm
5105 spacer

Just shave it, mate. It doesn't hurt and it looks smart. Don't go full slap head, just get a 1 gauge. When it becomes obvious your hair will already be short so it's be harder to notice for other people and easier to transition to a 0 gauge.
>> No. 5109 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:31 pm
5109 spacer

>When is the point you should buzz it?
>I have pretty good facial structure
>I'm only 5' 8"
>If I grow a beard and hit the gym does it just look like I'm overcompensating?

I understand the anxiety but your overall appearance really isn't about just stats or individual features, it's about how they come together. Take Statham here, if I remember right he's 5'9" or 5'10", athletic and traditionally masculine looking, so he dresses/grooms to play up to this and his overall look comes together really nicely.

Be Statham, my son.

Or, failing that, pick out people you do like the look of and note why you like them. You find the more you develop your taste, the more comfortable you'll feel in your own skin.
>> No. 5110 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 5:54 am
5110 spacer

Mate I started losing my hair at 16 it's nothing. Just shave it off and run with it. Going to the gym is always better so you should start doing that anyway plus a thicker neck makes a bald head look better and you less like a sick idiot.

Don't try comb overs or balding men haircuts like faux hawks cause you'll just look like a cunt.


Also according to this being bald might make you appear taller.

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