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>> No. 5091 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 11:49 pm
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I know this is a relatively common thread but I need footwear advice.

I'm in my late 20s now and I need to stop wearing trainers so often, but I'm a bit lost about the vast spectrum between Adidas Superstars and my work shoes so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 5092 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 12:02 am
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You just can't get away with what the yoot are wearing. A pair of these look smart in jeans and wont have anyone thinking you are mutton.


Shoes wise I recommend these. They go with absolutely anything.

Also, I'd say fuck what ever age you are just wear what feels comfortable. If trainers are it, find trendier/more formal examples to wear outside of events where shoes are a neccessity.
>> No. 5093 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 12:51 am
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Anything other than trainers will be so fucking uncomfortable.
>> No. 5094 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 2:31 am
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A nice pair of brown suede loafers.
>> No. 5106 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:02 pm
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I'm in a similar situation (except in my early 20s). If I spend between £50-£100 on 'smart-casual' leather shoes how long can I reasonably expect them to last?
>> No. 5107 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:09 pm
5107 spacer

Years, mate. Assuming you don't wear them every day and look after them properly, keep them water tight, etc.
>> No. 5108 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:15 pm
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Hate to give such a vague answer but it really does depend on the manufacturer. Some right crappy shoes can find their way into high street shops so it's always a gamble unless you look up the make and a few reviews. Some very average black Oxfords I got from Marks are still going strong after two years or so and only cost £50. I've been told Stacy Adams boots/shoes like the ones pictured are very durable and are floating around online for £60 - £90.

If these are too formal for your tastes, I'm sure you can't really go wrong with Clarks, whether it's their desert boots, Chelsea boots or their various permutations.

I really want to post the Limmy 'smart-casual' video again but think it might be overdone. Mainly because I've been posting it too much.

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