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>> No. 4578 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 5:24 am
4578 spacer
I'm growing my hair to nirp length. Don't ask why, it's just something I have to do.

Regardless, what should I be doing to it before it gets that long in relation to cutting/trimming it? It's on just really spilling out of my collar now, but it's very "bottom heavy" and I'm looking to avoid a pseudo-Osmond-do if possible.
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>> No. 4579 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 5:45 am
4579 spacer

>I'm growing my hair to nirp length.

>> No. 4580 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 11:21 am
4580 spacer

[I]It's just something I have to do.[I]
>> No. 4582 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 11:54 am
4582 spacer
We have a hair growing thread over here >>2783, but since no one but me has posted there in a while and /poof/ is sometimes a bit of a graveyard, I'll forgive your eagerness (and your Fabio picture).

If you were just starting, I'd say crop the back and sides as much as possible, it tends to look much nicer growing out if you let the top get long before letting everything else sprout. Since you're already over the collar now, though, all I can say is persevere. You probably won't look how you want to look for a very long time. My advice would be to find someone with similar length/texture/colour hair to you and style it in a similar way as it grows. Also, believe it or not there are some ways for men to tie their hair that look alright, if you ever find that it's getting to be a pain.

I started visiting a website called The Long Hair Community that has a discussion forum full of oddballs and fetishists and people who dry their hair with old t-shirts. If you can get past their eccentricities, the people there have valuable advice to offer on nirp-length hair (which they revealingly call 'bra-strap length' regardless of gender). Which reminds me, it's worth mentioning that facial hair helps and generally compliments grown out hair. If you can grow it nicely, I recommend it.

Good luck, adventurer.
>> No. 4583 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 1:53 pm
4583 spacer

I'm intrigued now. Are you an actor? Nah, they've got wigs for that. An undercover policeman? A spy? Or are you just doing it for a girl?
>> No. 4584 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 2:06 pm
4584 spacer
Maybe the girl is himself. Maybe that's why he's growing his hair like a girl. For the girl inside him.
>> No. 4587 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 3:39 pm
4587 spacer
Why not cover it up with a fedora during these early stages?
>> No. 4588 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 5:53 pm
4588 spacer

Well thank you very much, the one guy that answered my question.

I jest, charming thread as always.
>> No. 4757 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 1:33 am
4757 spacer
Are you still around, OP? Curious how your experiment is going.
>> No. 4758 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 5:19 am
4758 God damn it I hate windows, I typed out a whole reply and then it crashed.

It's going well enough. The hair's not looking too goofy. However, it does sort of "fan out" when I walk.

Still, if it's horrible by the new year then I can still just lop some of it off, get it bleached and go around making shit pop-art.

My first reply was so much funnier, man you don't even know there were semi-colons and everything.
>> No. 4762 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 6:17 pm
4762 spacer
>My first reply was so much funnier, man you don't even know there were semi-colons and everything.

I am familiar with these sentiments, my brother.
>> No. 4766 Anonymous
26th December 2013
Thursday 10:13 pm
4766 spacer
Getting compliments and comments all around this Christmas season, very pleased. Even an interviewer mentioned how different I looked with short hair when checking my ID. I can actually see this being my new thing, lads. I'm leaving it for at least another six months after this.

What about OP and others? Everyone brings up this sort of thing when families get together.
>> No. 4859 Anonymous
22nd February 2014
Saturday 1:32 pm
4859 spacer

New tip, lads: remember to brush your hair back before you go at your face with an electric razor. Just shaved some of my bastard fringe off.

>Or are you just doing it for a girl?

One very late comment on this. It may seem a bit stereotypical, something everyone says, but I've definitely found it to be true: long hair on lads polarises opinions a lot, especially around young lasses. The upside is the ones that do like it tend to like it very much.

More importantly I like it, but y'know, I'm a /poof/.
>> No. 4955 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 12:28 pm
4955 spacer

Thinning shears are essential. That is all.
>> No. 4956 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 1:11 pm
4956 spacer

I'm just about to cut my hair from nirp length to flea length, don't ask why, it's just something I hav-It's because of this fucking sweltering heat
>> No. 4957 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 2:05 pm
4957 spacer

Don't do it! Father tells me England's already out of the World Cup, so you've not even got anything to look thuggish for anyway.
>> No. 4958 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 2:11 pm
4958 spacer

>I, for one, do not even own a football

m8 I don't know how posh you really are but if that was a parody 10/10
>> No. 4959 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 4:44 pm
4959 spacer

It was a satire of the effete ponciness generally ascribed to those with long hair. In my case, that's not totally incorrect.

Also, yesterday I was misgendered by a 5 year old, which was fun.
>> No. 4960 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 7:57 pm
4960 spacer
Sounds like the makings of an excellent tumblr post.
>> No. 4961 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 8:46 pm
4961 spacer


Ha, nice try NWO, very nice indeed.
>> No. 4962 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:20 pm
4962 spacer

I've avoided this problem by keeping face hair and generally being a muscle Mary. Although it is still quite cute to get mistaken, in a way.
>> No. 4963 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:39 pm
4963 spacer

It used to happen all the time when I was 17. Now I'm 19 and it's basically never.

Not that I liked it or anything.H-honest.
>> No. 4994 Anonymous
28th July 2014
Monday 9:27 pm
4994 spacer
Lately I've noticed my scalp has been very dry, not to the point where I have flakes in my hair, but it's nearly there. A bit of teasing and flakes do appear.

Does anyone have any tips for keeping it fresh and moist, like a cucumber or a hippo?
>> No. 4995 Anonymous
28th July 2014
Monday 9:38 pm
4995 spacer
What the hell is a nirp?
>> No. 4996 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 2:24 am
4996 spacer


It is strangely hard to find a normal human nipple.
>> No. 5008 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 4:21 pm
5008 spacer


- Drink lots of water and get some good oils in your diet
- Exercise helps to regulate the distribution of sebum
- Don't roughly towel or blowdry your hair after showering, just tamp it down with something soft
- Consider switching to a less harsh shampoo and conditioner, try different things until you get results you like

There you go, that advice was well worth the wait, right?
>> No. 5122 Anonymous
23rd December 2014
Tuesday 6:42 pm
5122 spacer

Gentler shampoos, and better moisturiser. But not too much or you'll have perpetually greasy hair.
>> No. 5123 Anonymous
27th December 2014
Saturday 1:16 pm
5123 spacer

I like that threads on .GS have such longevity. I'm still growing, and was most recently compared to one of the BBC musketeers. The good looking one, whichever that is.

I liked the comment a bit.
>> No. 5171 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:38 pm
5171 spacer

OP here, it has been two years since I last had a shear, but twice this week I've been inspired to do so again.

First it was a dream in which I had short hair and enjoyed it, and because you should do everything your imagination tells you to my mind was already made up. But just now I started watching Prometheus and remembered that David was the reason for another haircut soon after I first saw the film. That guy's so cool looking.

I'll be handing in my Long Hair Club membership card and club issue Browning 9mm later this week.
>> No. 5172 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:51 pm
5172 spacer

>> No. 5173 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:57 pm
5173 spacer

Okay, that was unfair of me.
>> No. 5174 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 11:10 pm
5174 spacer

I can live with that. Though I have since had it trimmed back.


Godspeed, lad. I think everybody in this thread has probably cut a bit by now. The point is to try new things and see if they look good (or shit). Hope your crop serves you as well as it did in your imagination.

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