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>> No. 4060 Anonymous
27th August 2012
Monday 7:03 pm
4060 Suit recommendations
I am getting a suit tailored soon. Give me recommendations for materials, colours and all sort of other poofish details. I know that due to my build single breasted always works best.

I am getting it mostly for social type events as I've not had to wear one for work for over six years.

I don't want to look like a corporate type as I did that before and I also don't want to look too eastend gangster either, although that might happen irrespective of the suit. Vaguely Victorian gent or Imperial adventurer without getting into historical re-enactment territory is more the look I want.
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>> No. 4062 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 2:45 pm
4062 spacer
Material all depends how much money you've got, really. I dream of having a mohair suit one day but I think that's probably going to remain a dream for quite some time.

If you're getting it tailored then I think the best advice anyone can possibly give is to talk to your tailor as much as you can. If you explain to him that you don't want your suit to look too businessman then he'll probably understand what you mean and show you the right swatches. I've only really perused mod tailoring circles online but the advice they all give is that it's your suit and your money so if there's any doubt in your mind over it or if your tailor's a bit of a cock then just go somewhere else.

Just don't get linen, for fuck's sake.
>> No. 4063 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 3:12 pm
4063 spacer
That image fucks with my eyes. I don't know why.
>> No. 4064 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 5:05 pm
4064 spacer
Because he's the best dressed Bennett in town.
>> No. 4065 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 5:42 pm
4065 spacer
That is his MI5 mind control stare used to hypnotise and hence neutralise troublesome patriots. Look more closely and you just may see the wood for the trees.
>> No. 4066 Anonymous
31st August 2012
Friday 3:30 pm
4066 spacer

I thought he was ex-SAS, not MI5?
>> No. 5124 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 5:00 pm
5124 spacer
Bumping for ARE SIMON.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 5125 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:00 pm
5125 spacer
>31st August 2012
>> No. 5126 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:21 pm
5126 spacer
He wouldn't have had to bump it otherwise.

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