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>> No. 3845 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 7:15 pm
3845 spacer
You have an unlimited amount of money to buy an outfit, you have to wear this outfit for the rest of your life, not the same exact clothes but same look every day forever. What do you buy?

I choose a woman's bunny outfit and a jhonny. Always ready to go m8.

I'll search for a proper outfit later, I have to work now.
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>> No. 3846 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 7:35 pm
3846 spacer
Plain black t-shirt, plain black zipped hoodie, plain black jogging bottoms, plain black skate shoes. More or less what I wear most says. My look is what I call 'council metal'.
>> No. 3847 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 7:46 pm
3847 spacer
I'd become a Buddhist monk and wear one of those fetching colourful robes.
>> No. 3848 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 7:50 pm
3848 spacer
A dark, comfortable, tailored, lightweight suit and tie.
>> No. 3849 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 8:22 pm
3849 spacer
Can you calculate the probability that all three poofs will be wearing the same dress at the party and how many times can 3846's dress change before it overheats?
>> No. 3851 Anonymous
26th May 2012
Saturday 1:18 pm
3851 spacer

Your party is cancelled m8.

and the only answer is invisibility cloak.
>> No. 3853 Anonymous
26th May 2012
Saturday 1:29 pm
3853 spacer
What >>3848 said. It'd be nice to go mental on shoes for variation, though.

Also, what if we have to wear a uniform for work?
>> No. 3854 Anonymous
26th May 2012
Saturday 9:55 pm
3854 spacer
I'm the same a black linen suit, which you could change up with different shirts and ties.
>> No. 3855 Anonymous
26th May 2012
Saturday 9:58 pm
3855 spacer
>> No. 3856 Anonymous
26th May 2012
Saturday 11:08 pm
3856 spacer

You'd have to wear it on top of what you've chosen?
>> No. 3857 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 2:50 am
3857 spacer
Unless you're Johnny Cash or an undertaker, black is not a colour of suit you ought to be wearing on most occasions. Charcoal.
>> No. 3858 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:20 am
3858 spacer

Well that's not very fair.


Someone told me this years ago too but I ignored them, and I'm glad I did, it's my black suit that gets me the most compliments, I'm always told I look very sharp, compared to my lighter hued suits.

For whatever reason the quality of the suit seems even more important with solid black, though. You can tell an £80 M&S "you can put this one in the washing machine!" suit a mile off if it's black, not so for the pinstripe and charcoal models.
>> No. 3859 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:23 am
3859 spacer
Aye. If you're going for a black suit, at least go for pinstripe.
>> No. 3861 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 2:07 pm
3861 spacer


In that case, you've got a quality suit. Be glad of that. But if it were me I'd change up some other colours (a non-white shirt, for example), otherwise you are in danger of looking like the sharpest funeral attendee. Or a Tarantino gangster.

On the other hand, most people don't actually know their arse from their elbow when it comes to mens formal wear, so most people apart from internet critics, tailors, and the especially tedious will just see a guy wearing a nice suit.
>> No. 3862 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 2:23 pm
3862 spacer

>> No. 3863 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:03 pm
3863 spacer
Let's hope it fits you better than that model.

Since this has basically become a suit thread, I went to visit a tailor on Saturday. Bought an offer on LivingSocial for £399 that offered a "bespoke suit from a Savile Row tailor" and they were taking measurements in a hotel in town on Thursday. Turns out I was the only one that bought the offer so they said they'd just come round my house to save booking a hotel room. That fell through, as they rang mid-afternoon to say "We need to sort something out, don't we?" in a broad Yorkshire accent. He asked me if I could go to him and said their might be a free shirt in it for me if I do, and said that they were based in Dewsbury.
I forewarned him on the phone that I am twenty-one years of age and I'm a mod, so the suit that I want is to be trim-fitting and high-fastening and that I'm highly aware of the turbulent history between mods and tailors, so I didn't want to waste his time and my petrol by driving to Dewsbury for him to tell me he wouldn't make my suit how I wanted it. His response was that they'd have to forgo my free shirt in order to make my suit bespoke rather than made-to-measure if I was to want a mod suit.

So my £399 spent on a £999 "bepoke Savile Row suit" quite quickly became £399 plus petrol to and from West Yorkshire (not London) for a made-to-measure suit.

When I got there, the bloke from the phone wasn't there and instead I was greeted by a lad maybe a few years older than myself and shown two material booklets, I asked if there were any more but he said the offer only covered those two. The booklets were full of various different businessman-like fabrics, all blacks, charcoals and pin-stripes and not at all what I'm after, and I asked if he had any mohair, to which I was told it would be another £250 to have my suit made of mohair. Alright, it's expensive stuff. I would have considered putting the difference towards but he said "Isn't yours meant to be bespoke because it's in a certain style?" I looked at the sheet he had out for me and it already had all the patterns he intended to use drawn out, he was just going to fill in the measurements. It became quite evident that I was taking a bit of a gamble so I told him I'd just get my voucher refunded and left.

tl;dr If you want a mod suit, go to a mod tailor. Modculture's website have a list for anyone interested. Buy your own material.
>> No. 3864 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:09 pm
3864 spacer
>I forewarned him on the phone that I am twenty-one years of age and I'm a mod

This seems like an odd thing to say, but considering it now I kind of understand it. They were probably expecting someone twice your age and waistline to show up for the offer. Bad tale, chap. Sorry it didn't pan out.

I was actually intending to be a suit for a round of interviews coming up soon. I've only got an awful black one from my mid-teens worn for weddings and funerals (I know), and desperately need to make this next one a solid choice. Can anyone comment of the quality of common suit shops? A Moss Bros. recently opened up in my town...
>> No. 3865 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:42 pm
3865 spacer

I've had mates before go to see tailors and they've refused to do certain things with suits. I've also been treat like a right little toerag by a tailor before just because I wanted some trousers tapering. It's the deliberately undersized clothing that they have a problem with, but I've more or less grown out of that - physically and mentally. I have quite a collection of suits and blazers, all bought when I was eighteen and a 38" chest right through to bring twenty and fully convinced I was still a 38" chest even after hitting the gym quite hard.

I have two more suits but they're in bags and I can't be bothered to unzip them. These are all the ones that don't fit, sadly enough. The two in the cupboard and a recently purchased and altered Ben Sherman (I was shocked to find something worth buying) blazer are all that fit. Sage because I had to stand on my tip-toes to get all of these into the picture and nobody gives a fuck, this is just masturbation for me.

In answer to the OP, <--- that's my chosen look.
>> No. 3866 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 3:47 pm
3866 spacer
>> No. 3867 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:11 pm
3867 spacer

Actually, I give a fuck. I'm a 38" chest and I may well be in that same boat trying to find a nice suit for myself. And that's a rather nice collection, there. If you found someone your size you'd make a packet on that.
>> No. 3868 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:33 pm
3868 spacer
Bit old man at the seaside, no?
>> No. 3869 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:54 pm
3869 spacer
If I was being practical it would have to be a well tailored, fairly boring dark suit.

If I was being 'an individual', chequered button shirt of varying bright colours, straight fit jeans, trainers for training, and likely a baseball cap.


I found that quite interesting. There's something charming about the world of suits.
>> No. 3871 Anonymous
2nd June 2012
Saturday 11:14 am
3871 spacer

mods are old men at the seaside.
>> No. 5016 Anonymous
1st October 2014
Wednesday 12:04 am
5016 spacer

I think I know exactly where that 180 nid is going....

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