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>> No. 4774 Anonymous
6th January 2014
Monday 10:16 pm
4774 spacer
Why does vanity sizing exist in jeans?

Today I did my biannual shop for jeans and the waist size variance for what is purportedly the same measurement was ridiculous. 34" should be 34". I should be able to pick up a pair of 34R jeans off the rack and take them home without having to try them beforehand on just to make sure I don't need a 32R pair instead.
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>> No. 4779 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 12:26 pm
4779 spacer

I see what you're saying, as technically the waist should be worn at the waist, which is usually different to a hip measurement. However I agree with the OP, a simple waistband measurement in inches would be more useful than any estimates on behalf of the manufacturer.

OP, it's possible they were using Euro sizing, which also often doesn't make much sense.
>> No. 4780 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 5:23 pm
4780 spacer
Inches are different on the mainland?
>> No. 4781 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 5:34 pm
4781 spacer
You think people use inches in Europe?
>> No. 4782 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 6:14 pm
4782 spacer
Just because they use the metric system doesn't mean that they don't know what an inch is and can't have their own definition of it.
>> No. 4783 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 7:23 pm
4783 spacer


It's more that they use a different measurement entirely. I'm not sure what the numbers could mean, as they're not cm, and don't seem right as a leg length/inseam.

Chart is just an example I quickly pulled off Google.

>> No. 4736 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 8:06 pm
4736 Trousers
I am 6 ft and of a normal skinny build but I find that when I buy black trousers for work I always feel that the crotch is way too low and looks weird.

I don't have this problem with jeans.

If you look at the attached picture the trousers in the top row seem strange to me. The bottom left seems a little more acceptable but still slightly too low for my liking.

Does anyone know of a specific brand of trouser or shop that would sell something with a decent crotch level?

Or am I just obsessing too much?
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>> No. 4761 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 4:32 pm
4761 spacer
It seems more reasonable that he'd be suggesting the opposite.
>> No. 4767 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 4:30 am
4767 spacer
That is correct. I'm not him, but I've heard that as you get more rotund, the fatty tissue around the base of the penis can expand to the point where your John Thomas is smaller in practice, if not in theory.

"I've heard".
>> No. 4768 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 5:52 am
4768 spacer
The distance from waistband to crotch is called the rise. Trousers cut to be worn at the waist will have a considerably greater rise than those worn at the hip. If you're after low rise trousers, you want to be shopping somewhere young and trendy - H&M, Topman, Zara et al.

Also, black is a faux pas if you're not a waiter or a funeral director. Unless your work dress code strictly requires black trousers, go for navy or charcoal instead.
>> No. 4769 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 4:54 pm
4769 spacer
Unless you are personal friends with Jordan I doubt the sample size is statistically significant

>n=3, subject was sampled 3 times
>> No. 4770 Anonymous
2nd January 2014
Thursday 9:23 am
4770 spacer

>Also, black is a faux pas if you're not a waiter or a funeral director.

Funny that so many people who work wear black trousers. I do, only because virtually every male I have worked with does. I am trying to branch out though.

>> No. 3611 Anonymous
23rd February 2012
Thursday 8:01 pm
3611 spacer
As a 19 year old male would it be considered suitable (pun not intended) to wear a suit in less formal situations, such as lectures or casual social situations? Or would it just be a case of overdressing?

The reason I ask this is because the only time I've been complemented on my dress sense is when I've suited up. It feels nice to wear suits and increases my confidence.

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>> No. 4731 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 8:00 pm
4731 spacer
Look, I don't really care what people wear, and I haven't attended a uni lecture in years, maybe all the lads are suiting up these days, fucked if I know. I'm just saying that there's a point beyond which you aren't just dressing how you like, you're making a statement, and for me the full suit and tie regalia in an informal context is past that point.

Anyway, we've been around the argument a few times now, apparently long enough for you to say I "can't stop talking" about clothing, which is a fair sign that it's time for me to drop it.
>> No. 4732 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:20 pm
4732 spacer
OP here. I've since realised what a terrible question this was to ask and I am suitably embarrassed. You can all stop trying to convince me how bad an idea this was.
>> No. 4733 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:27 pm
4733 spacer

There's nothing wrong with dressing smart, it just takes a bit of observation to know what's appropriate and what messages certain clothing puts across. Don't beat yourself up lad.

If you are wanting to look a bit smarter for lectures, then focus on getting casual clothes that fit well. A button-up shirt goes a long way, too.
>> No. 4734 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:56 pm
4734 spacer
>suitably embarrassed
Wry smile, you wag.
>> No. 4735 Anonymous
21st November 2013
Thursday 8:08 am
4735 spacer

I've actually since graduated university. Cheers anyway.

>> No. 4620 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 1:53 pm
4620 spacer
What clothing websites are there? I need new clothes and I've totally drawn a blank. Asos, ARK...?
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>> No. 4665 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:20 am
4665 spacer
New technologies like fracking, gasification and tar-sands will ensure we use carbon for many more decades to come. I don't care about the floods, fires and hurricanes because they don't happen anywhere near me. It is in my best interest to live as best and comfortable as I can, so the rest can sod off. I don't see why I should change myself, place burdens on my shoulders for nowt.
>> No. 4666 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:22 am
4666 spacer

The big worry isn't really America, it's India and China. The new middle-class there aspire to western lifestyles, which will inevitably lead to a vast increase in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It's up to us to demonstrate moral leadership by reducing our energy use, rather than hypocritically demanding that India and China keep down their emissions to much lower per-capita levels than ours.
>> No. 4667 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:26 am
4667 spacer
The whole thing smells of neo-imperialism to me any way. Capping developing nations' consumption, to make sure they never reach our standards. I'm not complaining, but let's just call a spade a spade.
>> No. 4668 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:27 am
4668 spacer
That is a point but both of them have space programs now and they aspire to go to other celestial worlds. Both with successful missions.

We can stay here and roll around in the filth.
>> No. 4738 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 8:17 pm
4738 spacer
Resources exist to be consumed. And consumed they will be, if not by this generation then by some future. By what right does this forgotten future seek to deny us our birthright? None I say! Let us take what is ours, chew and eat our fill.

>> No. 3918 Anonymous
25th June 2012
Monday 8:34 pm
3918 spacer
I'm about to buy this watch.
Seiko SNDA65, £195.
My mate reckons is ridiculous to spend 200 squid on a watch.

what do you chaps think?
do you wear a watch?
if so, what watch?
how much would you spend on a watch?
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>> No. 4614 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 9:16 am
4614 spacer

Not unless you live in the Sahara and spend all day outdoors. There's just not enough available surface area.
>> No. 4615 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 12:13 pm
4615 spacer

I bought myself one a few weeks ago. The design is great, but the mechanism is just too loud. I have to put it in a drawer if I don't want the incessant tick-tick-ticking keeping me awake at night.
>> No. 4616 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 10:59 pm
4616 spacer

Casio Mens Gold Digital Watch(1).jpg
This watch really tickles my fancy, you can find it for 40 quid on any high street jewler. Not bad.
>> No. 4617 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 11:07 pm
4617 spacer

Tacky as fuck, it looks like it came out of one of those plastic egg vending machines.
>> No. 4618 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 11:18 pm
4618 spacer


I quite like it, m8. Rock on.

>> No. 4589 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 10:59 pm
4589 Jamjars
Greetings, /bum/.

My five-year old frames and the lenses they carry are starting to show their age, so I'm getting some new ones with a bang-up-to-date prescription. I've been giving some thought to thick rims à la Harry Palmer. The trouble is that, despite my jovial manner and rapier wit, I get the feeling they might make me look like a bit of a meeja prick. I've a bit of a big bonce, and a teensy tiny little bit of chub. OK, maybe more than a teensy tiny little bit. Thoughts?

Arbitrary sample photo scrounged from t'interwebs for reference.
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>> No. 4590 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 11:03 pm
4590 spacer


>> No. 4560 Anonymous
24th September 2013
Tuesday 10:42 pm
4560 spacer
I am a guy. What is appropriate to wear to dinner with a friend who is also a guy? I am worried about either appearing inappropriately casual or formal.
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>> No. 4573 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:43 am
4573 spacer


That's why I suggested dark red, like this, and perhaps even bordering on purple. If you've got the personality to pull it off (confident without being cocky), it can be very convincing. I mean, a safe bet would be a grey-blue, or if it's something that requires you to be particularly technically minded a sharper blue. Purple without being glaring can also work, such as Royal Purple.

Green and yellow would make you seem like a bit of a joker, unless it's a very pale yellow or very dark green.
>> No. 4574 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:51 am
4574 spacer
>> No. 4575 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:52 am
4575 spacer


Wear a tux bruv.
>> No. 4576 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 7:10 am
4576 spacer
There's nowt wrong with a black tie. I've been successful in my last two job interviews wearing a grey shirt and black tie.

Ignore all the HR shite that is churned out in an effort to justify their non-jobs. It's all about your personality and how you'd fit in their workplace as they already know about your abilities and qualifications. A nice pair of shoes help, mind.
>> No. 4577 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 11:17 am
4577 spacer

It's got nothing to do with having a non-job, and everything about your appearance making you look suitable for the position.

>> No. 4521 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 3:01 pm
4521 spacer
I just went shopping for a new jacket and came back very disillusioned.

It's surprising just how similar high street clothes look, and what's more upsetting is how styles I've liked in the past get fed through the same process every season: slight detail alteration, manufacture a little more cheaply, sell on at standard retail prices.

And what's more, every person you see is wearing just those same styles. Even the patterns and fabrics are near enough identical, there's hardly any variance in weight or fit. It's dawned on me just how weird it is to have such ubiquitous methods of mass production for something I've always considered so personal, subject to taste. What I saw today was more like different flavours of the same product. It makes me feel foolish for looking, and a bit guilty for the things I've bought from big retailers in the past.

It also makes me feel like I can never really develop a taste that's outside of this scope. I don't want to be snobbish, it's not about availability or prices (high streets are actually very expensive), it's just taken me back how utterly saturated a place can become with just a handful of accepted styles. It makes me want to just shop second-hand forever.
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>> No. 4525 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 5:49 pm
4525 spacer
I'm just going to link to this rather than post it.
>> No. 4526 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 6:06 pm
4526 spacer
Whilst I don't disagree, you soind appalling.
>> No. 4527 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 6:36 pm
4527 spacer


Wearing an ill-fitting nylon trilby on top of a disgusting t-shirt and dad-jeans combo does not constitute style.

Everyone looks good in a properly tailored outfit, that's the whole point of tailoring.
>> No. 4528 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 6:59 pm
4528 spacer

He was being sarcastic, love.
>> No. 4529 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 9:21 pm
4529 spacer

Prosecution rests.

>> No. 2419 Anonymous
9th August 2010
Monday 4:33 pm
2419 Safety Razors
Ahoy hoy chaps,
just back from the shops having treated myself to a "proper" razor and was wondering what experiences you fellows have with old school shaving (please keep stories with an "on leaving hospital I was informed that the scar would be there for the rest of my life" denouement to a minimum).

Pic very much related.
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>> No. 4365 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 11:16 am
4365 spacer
>Also does any one else wipe the fusion blade backwards on a towel when finished?
I wipe it backwards on the back of my hand after each stroke or so, otherwise it gets clogged pretty fast.
>> No. 4402 Anonymous
19th August 2013
Monday 1:58 am
4402 spacer
Bought a sample pack of blades a couple of weeks ago and have just got 'round to trying the feathers tonight.
What a revelation.
Having very sensitive skin, every blade I had tried prior to the platinum Feathers (Derby extra, Astra platinum and Sharks) had left me with razor burn, nicks and prolonged irritation. Having read extensively about the sharpness of the feathers I feared much the same if not worse lay in store so purposely waited until I had a few days off work before trying them.
I couldn't have been more wrong. Best shave I've ever had. No nicks, no burn and only very minor irritation which completely dissipated twenty minutes or so after I was finished -and that's with a three pass shave. It's going to be feathers here on out for me.
I now feel like a mug for buying 100 derby extras with my razor. No idea what I'm going to do with them.
I'd also like to add that Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street cream is fucking brilliant, particularly if you've got sensitive skin.

On another note, my cheap Edwin Jagger brush just fell apart (the bit containing the badger hair fell out of the handle). I'm sure it will super glue back in but, I feel like this provides me the perfect excuse to upgrade to something more premium. I'm prepared to spend about £50-60 and would ideally like a silver tip badger brush. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 4403 Anonymous
19th August 2013
Monday 4:14 pm
4403 spacer

I had a similar process regarding feather blades, however 5months down the line I've realized what actual happened was that because of all the hype and fear of slicing my head off with the feather I paid massive amount of attention to every stroke which was the actual cause of the god tier shave. How do I know? Because on the second try I was so cocky about awesome they were I paid less attention and cut myself bad enough to need to take a week of shaving whilst I healed. I now use derbys carefully and its fine.

As for the brush I got a kent BLK4 last year and its holding up as good as ever today.
>> No. 4413 Anonymous
19th August 2013
Monday 11:26 pm
4413 spacer
You've probably got a point. Though I'm sure I paid similar due care and attention when I used the astras as they were the first proper platinum coated blades I had used, and the results where nowhere near as good. I've still got a pack of Merkur Platinums to try, so I'll see how I get on with them. Thanks for the warning.

As for the brush, I've read good things about the BLK4, but people describing it as 'floppy' has kind of put me off. Think I'd maybe prefer something a bit more firm, especially as I'm planning to purchase a couple of soaps.
>> No. 4518 Anonymous
18th September 2013
Wednesday 2:59 pm
4518 Best kit.
All you need: a decent vintage Gillette DE razor. (see ebay)
Cella Italian shaving soap (see ebay), comes in a red tub and will last for fucking ages. It's also the best. A Simpsons brush. Pure are more than adequate and not at all floppy. But if you are a bit flush, a best badger one.

>> No. 4489 Anonymous
12th September 2013
Thursday 10:32 pm
4489 spacer
Evening, lads.

I've just found out that I'm going to a wedding in a couple of months. I haven't been to one since I was about five, so I have no idea what to wear. Would a work shirt, trousers and shoes be acceptable? What about a casual shirt and blazer instead?
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>> No. 4492 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 7:37 am
4492 spacer
Get a bright ass dashiki. Quit trying to blend in, nerd!
>> No. 4493 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 11:23 am
4493 spacer

Wear a suit and waistcoat with a white shirt and appropriately festive tie. Skinny tie preferably (fashion innit). See photo.

The suit jacket can be removed if it get's too warm.

Colour you say? Shale grey.
>> No. 4494 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 1:19 pm
4494 spacer

I choose to wear black at weddings. Fuck 'em, at least I am the one who ends up banging one of the bridesmaids in the loos.
>> No. 4495 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 2:47 pm
4495 spacer
OP, don't look like a skinny trouser wearing twat. You are not a River Island model. Nothing worse than the resident victim of fashion turing up, especially if it is not at all in your nature.
>> No. 4496 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 2:53 pm
4496 spacer

If he dresses in Jeans and shirt he will have his character assassinated by her family. I'd put money on it.

As long as it fits him well, he has nothing to worry about and unless he gets it all from Matalan I'm almost positive he'll look suave.

Go to Slaters, OP. Get it fitted, it'll last you lifetime.

real human beans.jpg
>> No. 4485 Anonymous
9th September 2013
Monday 5:32 am
4485 spacer
Ey up bumdrillers. Does anyone have any specific suggestions for autumn jackets? I need something cheap and light, and preferably grey.
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>> No. 4486 Anonymous
9th September 2013
Monday 7:18 am
4486 spacer

I'd recommend something nice and light, grey, maybe?

I kid. What's ya' budget, anyway?
>> No. 4487 Anonymous
9th September 2013
Monday 7:29 am
4487 spacer

Up to 50 quid.
>> No. 4488 Anonymous
9th September 2013
Monday 7:32 am
4488 spacer

Leave it with me, I'll see what I can do.

>> No. 4394 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 1:13 pm
4394 spacer
Check shirts are everywhere, and most are a bit too bright/gaudy for me.

This makes it difficult to find a nice check shirt with a subtle pattern, especially in a nice burgundy/black/dark colours only. Can anyone recommend me a shop that may carry such an item?

The picture is about the closest I've found, and even that's more like a big plaid.
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>> No. 4477 Anonymous
28th August 2013
Wednesday 2:03 pm
4477 spacer
It's worth having a look instore at h&m. I bought a lovely mustardy sort of colour check shirt in their a couple of years ago. Not gaudy at all. I still regularly wear it.
Though that been said, I've not seen any other nice shirts in h&m since.
>> No. 4480 Anonymous
31st August 2013
Saturday 4:16 am
4480 spacer
Just a warning that nobody should take fashion advice from somebody who uses the phrase "perfectly acceptable in the country".
>> No. 4482 Anonymous
31st August 2013
Saturday 4:49 am
4482 spacer

>> No. 4483 Anonymous
4th September 2013
Wednesday 6:18 am
4483 spacer
Or somebody who believes that "townie" is an insult.
>> No. 4484 Anonymous
4th September 2013
Wednesday 2:18 pm
4484 spacer


>> No. 2783 Anonymous
11th March 2011
Friday 2:15 pm
2783 spacer
Hello /poof/tahs.

I have very thick, dark hair (think Mediterranean anscestry) and was considering growing out my hair to an acceptably dandy length.

How do I avoid looking like a girl/scruffy student/footballer?
Can longer hair be pulled off with a little refinement?
7 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3176 Anonymous
3rd August 2011
Wednesday 9:14 pm
3176 spacer
I have rather thick ginger hair and am lazy/not bothered with how I look, its taking a sort of ginger afro at the moment.
>> No. 3177 Anonymous
3rd August 2011
Wednesday 9:27 pm
3177 spacer

I'm sorry to further inform you that I got it cut again today, from 3 inches to 1.5 inches at the top and 1 inch at the sides.
>> No. 3268 Anonymous
16th September 2011
Friday 4:27 pm
3268 spacer
Well, lads. It's the OP here. First haircut in eight months, just to get it tidied up. The back was getting to be a messy, tangled mess, so it had to be done.

Still going strong on top. When I pull it down as far as it can go it touches my chin, though most of the time I'm wearing the Mafioso look pictured. My quest to wear long hair whilst not looking silly might be in jeopardy.
>> No. 3269 Anonymous
18th September 2011
Sunday 4:25 pm
3269 spacer
Hi. On-off, long time, long hair here.

Having long hair rules but quite frankly you will struggle to not look like either a metalhead or a hippie and be pigeon-holed as such.
When you have long hair you really start to appreciate good quality shampoos and conditioner. Don't be afraid to spend a bit of money on good quality products, you are, as a marketing ploy would suggest, worth it.

My hair is currently short but I'm sure I will grow it out again at some point when I'm bored of having short hair again. I find an optimum length for me is around shoulder length, any longer and it starts getting a bit annoying, any shorter and it looks like I'm trying to hard to be fashionable.
>> No. 4479 Anonymous
29th August 2013
Thursday 5:32 pm
4479 spacer

I resurrect this thread in honour of my new mop.

What's more, I'm letting it go curly/wavy. Feels fantastic to be totally natural, and it looks good too. I estimate it'll be about three months before I get it to the length I want to, and I can't help but be curious, is anyone joining me this year?

>> No. 4328 Anonymous
23rd June 2013
Sunday 3:05 pm
4328 spacer
Two questions.

What's the best way to maintain stubble? As in, keep it so it feels rough, when I trim down and stroke with the grain it feels incredibly soft. This isn't all too bad but I do like it to feel more textured.

Secondly, what is the best way to remove dry and dead skin from your beard? When I trim it usually comes out in bulk and is quite disgusting.
3 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4384 Anonymous
6th August 2013
Tuesday 10:07 pm
4384 spacer
I prefer
>> No. 4385 Anonymous
6th August 2013
Tuesday 10:22 pm
4385 spacer
I've seen this posted many times, but this is the first time I've bothered to listen. Sound a lot like Tenacious D.
>> No. 4474 Anonymous
25th August 2013
Sunday 9:19 pm
4474 spacer

I'm not the OP, but I purchase an i-Stubble and promptly returned it when I saw it wasn't really touching the hair on my face. It seems to be made for people with thinner/softer/less dense face hair than my own.

So now I'm in the market for a good electric razor that'll chop my mediterranean beard down to a stubble. Any takers?
>> No. 4475 Anonymous
25th August 2013
Sunday 9:23 pm
4475 spacer
The Remington which I have should be good for that sort of thing.

It's not a fancy-pants trimmer sort of thing, it's a simple clipper with big enough teeth to cut through a beard with ease. Battery life is pretty good for the price too.
>> No. 4476 Anonymous
25th August 2013
Sunday 11:50 pm
4476 spacer

Thanks lad, I'll give this one a go and report back.

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