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>> No. 4578 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 5:24 am
4578 spacer
I'm growing my hair to nirp length. Don't ask why, it's just something I have to do.

Regardless, what should I be doing to it before it gets that long in relation to cutting/trimming it? It's on just really spilling out of my collar now, but it's very "bottom heavy" and I'm looking to avoid a pseudo-Osmond-do if possible.
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>> No. 5123 Anonymous
27th December 2014
Saturday 1:16 pm
5123 spacer

I like that threads on .GS have such longevity. I'm still growing, and was most recently compared to one of the BBC musketeers. The good looking one, whichever that is.

I liked the comment a bit.
>> No. 5171 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:38 pm
5171 spacer

OP here, it has been two years since I last had a shear, but twice this week I've been inspired to do so again.

First it was a dream in which I had short hair and enjoyed it, and because you should do everything your imagination tells you to my mind was already made up. But just now I started watching Prometheus and remembered that David was the reason for another haircut soon after I first saw the film. That guy's so cool looking.

I'll be handing in my Long Hair Club membership card and club issue Browning 9mm later this week.
>> No. 5172 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:51 pm
5172 spacer

>> No. 5173 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 10:57 pm
5173 spacer

Okay, that was unfair of me.
>> No. 5174 Anonymous
10th May 2015
Sunday 11:10 pm
5174 spacer

I can live with that. Though I have since had it trimmed back.


Godspeed, lad. I think everybody in this thread has probably cut a bit by now. The point is to try new things and see if they look good (or shit). Hope your crop serves you as well as it did in your imagination.

Moon & Stars - The Moon by Alphonse Mucha 1902.jpg
>> No. 5165 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 10:31 am
5165 spacer
If I'm growing my hair out, do I still need to get it cut, so it doesn't just become a mess? Currently all my hair is the same length, I'm not sure if I need to get it tidied up or if that'll just make the growing process take longer.
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>> No. 5166 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 10:33 am
5166 spacer
If you leave it too long without a trim you'll look like a mentalist. Tell your hairdresser "I'm growing it out, I just want a light trim" at least eight times, or they'll fuck it up. Use conditioner.
>> No. 5167 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 12:29 pm
5167 spacer
I have not cut my hair for about 6 years now, it is now down to my waist.
It needs brushing every day at a minimum, otherwise it becomes a horrible mess.
>> No. 5168 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 12:42 pm
5168 spacer

Do you also have a beard and an extensive collection of metal t-shirts?
>> No. 5169 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 12:54 pm
5169 spacer
He's probably just going for a man bun.
>> No. 5170 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 1:01 pm
5170 spacer
He's either a girl or a bumder.

>> No. 5152 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 2:18 am
5152 Emergency Trainers
Slight emergency

I have this thing, this Thursday. It possibly involves a bit of running but more than likely will not.

I had contemplated buying a proper pair of trainers that are comfortable, grip well and are designed for a small amount of running. But my current trainers seemed to work well enough. That was until I went out earlier when it was a bit drizzly and they seemed to slip a little over a metal grate on the pavement.

So now I have to find a pair of trainers that accomplish the prior mentioned characteristics AND in either Sports Direct or Decathalon as amazon estimate that they won't be able to deliver trainers before Thursday. Not to mention I'm not about to spend more than £30 on trainers, never have never will.

So what do you lads recommend?
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>> No. 5160 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 6:56 pm
5160 spacer

This. I got a reasonable pair of gym trainers for about fifteen quid from there. Everlast or something.
>> No. 5161 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 7:13 pm
5161 spacer

I tried hard not to point this out. I really did.
>> No. 5162 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 9:45 pm
5162 spacer
Well I forgot about this thread

I meant recommendations on shoe brands. Not recommended course of action.
>> No. 5163 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 10:13 pm
5163 spacer

I think Deichmann had a narrow selection of £30 Nikes if I remember correctly.
>> No. 5164 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 10:25 pm
5164 spacer

Brand is irrelevant. £30 is about what you would expect to pay for an off brand equivalent of a £70 pair of Nikes or Adidas.

Speak to the person in the shop about what you need them for and he'll show the most expensive ones they have, then get a budget pair in the same style and function.

>> No. 5143 Anonymous
16th March 2015
Monday 10:08 pm
5143 spacer
I don't suppose there's a way to find out what red trainers Kilian Martin is wearing in Altered Route is there? I think they're nice. Another five people asked in the Youtube comments. The suggestions were as follows

>DC match WC model red
>Red Supras

but nothing looks just like them. I think the DC ones have the best resemblance but I wonder if he deliberately removed the logos because of sponsorship with another company or something?

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>> No. 5146 Anonymous
16th March 2015
Monday 10:55 pm
5146 spacer

Actually, I think they're just Vans with the labels removed.
>> No. 5147 Anonymous
16th March 2015
Monday 10:58 pm
5147 spacer

I think you're right. Thank you.
>> No. 5149 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 1:04 am
5149 spacer

I'm curious. Who's he expecting to sell this to? An amputee?
>> No. 5150 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 1:27 am
5150 spacer

What else is Kurt Yaeger going to do with his useless pile of left shoes?
>> No. 5177 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 1:22 pm
5177 spacer

I think it's a common skater affectation to mix and match colours of shoes, though they're normally bright colours.

>> No. 5127 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 5:47 am
5127 Backpacks
This is probably the right place, right?

So I was about to go on Amazon to buy the cheapest backpack I could find as it turns out all my flatmates use theirs to carry the shopping back meanwhile I use a bag for life that cuts into my fingers on the journey back making my arms sore when I return with enough tinned food to feed several impoverish African villages or Vanessa Feltz .

Then I had a horrid reminder into my school days where your backpack determined your worth and if you chose poorly you'd tell all the other kids that you're a spastic joey.

So what's a good backpack?
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>> No. 5138 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:34 pm
5138 spacer
thirding the military surplus idea I had a rucksack that could fit 24 cans of beer easily. It was only when the stitching on the straps just gave up the ghost after nearly 10 years of service that I got rid of it. Never mind the fact that it wasva bit sad for a man in his mid thirties using a bag covered in heavy metal band patches covering it.
>> No. 5139 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:39 pm
5139 spacer
Paying £57 for a bag?
>> No. 5140 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 7:52 pm
5140 spacer
Yeah? And?
>> No. 5141 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 8:03 pm
5141 spacer
Wait until he finds out how much Gucci charge for theirs.
>> No. 5142 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 10:19 pm
5142 spacer
buy a car, OP

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 4060 Anonymous
27th August 2012
Monday 7:03 pm
4060 Suit recommendations
I am getting a suit tailored soon. Give me recommendations for materials, colours and all sort of other poofish details. I know that due to my build single breasted always works best.

I am getting it mostly for social type events as I've not had to wear one for work for over six years.

I don't want to look like a corporate type as I did that before and I also don't want to look too eastend gangster either, although that might happen irrespective of the suit. Vaguely Victorian gent or Imperial adventurer without getting into historical re-enactment territory is more the look I want.
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>> No. 4065 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 5:42 pm
4065 spacer
That is his MI5 mind control stare used to hypnotise and hence neutralise troublesome patriots. Look more closely and you just may see the wood for the trees.
>> No. 4066 Anonymous
31st August 2012
Friday 3:30 pm
4066 spacer

I thought he was ex-SAS, not MI5?
>> No. 5124 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 5:00 pm
5124 spacer
Bumping for ARE SIMON.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 5125 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:00 pm
5125 spacer
>31st August 2012
>> No. 5126 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 7:21 pm
5126 spacer
He wouldn't have had to bump it otherwise.

>> No. 5111 Anonymous
11th December 2014
Thursday 9:40 pm
5111 shoes too big
Bought some shoes online and they're too big. Already worn them so can't return them. Tried them on in the shop, seemed to fit nicely but they feel too big in the real world. The shoes are the right width but too long. I can feel my feet sliding longitudinally.

Things I've tried: insoles and stuffing some socks into the toe area. Insoles didn't do anything and neither did the socks, maybe I should try more socks? I also read you can try shrinking leather shoes by immersing them in water. I don't think this will work with mine because they're waterproof also I don't want to totally ruin them.

If I take them to a cobbler or a haberdasher is there anything they can do?
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>> No. 5117 Anonymous
12th December 2014
Friday 2:25 pm
5117 spacer
Putting an insole in will help, but I'd encourage you to heed >>5113's advice - wearing shoes that are too big is bad for you.
>> No. 5118 Anonymous
12th December 2014
Friday 11:04 pm
5118 spacer
Fair point.

Though I did mention in the OP that insoles did not help.
>> No. 5119 Anonymous
13th December 2014
Saturday 12:48 pm
5119 spacer
Due to distance trading laws items purchased online must be returned within 7 days unless the site has a separate additional returns policy.
>> No. 5120 Anonymous
13th December 2014
Saturday 4:56 pm
5120 spacer
It's now 14 days.
>> No. 5121 Anonymous
13th December 2014
Saturday 5:27 pm
5121 spacer
And it'll still be two days 'til we say we're sorry.

>> No. 5096 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 2:40 pm
5096 Losing hair
Need a bit of advice guys.

I'm 23 (24 in a couple of months) and my hair is becoming noticeably thinner. It has receded a little at the front but nothing major. The crown of my head is the issue, you can't see bare scalp, but it is visible.

From the front and the sides, it looks okay but if you look at the top and the back if I am looking up it is noticeable.

Does anyone here have experience going bald at a young age? It wouldn't bother me so much if I was in my thirties, but I'm not. When is the point you should buzz it? I thought about having it progressively shorter and shorter before shaving it all to make it less of a dramatic transition.

Any tips of making it thicker or at least looking somewhat decent bald? I have pretty good facial structure, but I'm only 5' 8" so I don't have height on my side. If I grow a beard and hit the gym does it just look like I'm overcompensating?
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>> No. 5103 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 4:36 pm
5103 spacer
That's no excuse, if they make an exception for you they'd have to make an exception for everybody. Can you imagine the exodus of posters from this site if it appeared as though the mods make it up as they go along?
>> No. 5104 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 5:11 pm
5104 spacer
Hair transplant.
>> No. 5105 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 5:45 pm
5105 spacer

Just shave it, mate. It doesn't hurt and it looks smart. Don't go full slap head, just get a 1 gauge. When it becomes obvious your hair will already be short so it's be harder to notice for other people and easier to transition to a 0 gauge.
>> No. 5109 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:31 pm
5109 spacer

>When is the point you should buzz it?
>I have pretty good facial structure
>I'm only 5' 8"
>If I grow a beard and hit the gym does it just look like I'm overcompensating?

I understand the anxiety but your overall appearance really isn't about just stats or individual features, it's about how they come together. Take Statham here, if I remember right he's 5'9" or 5'10", athletic and traditionally masculine looking, so he dresses/grooms to play up to this and his overall look comes together really nicely.

Be Statham, my son.

Or, failing that, pick out people you do like the look of and note why you like them. You find the more you develop your taste, the more comfortable you'll feel in your own skin.
>> No. 5110 Anonymous
1st December 2014
Monday 5:54 am
5110 spacer

Mate I started losing my hair at 16 it's nothing. Just shave it off and run with it. Going to the gym is always better so you should start doing that anyway plus a thicker neck makes a bald head look better and you less like a sick idiot.

Don't try comb overs or balding men haircuts like faux hawks cause you'll just look like a cunt.


Also according to this being bald might make you appear taller.

>> No. 5091 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 11:49 pm
5091 spacer
I know this is a relatively common thread but I need footwear advice.

I'm in my late 20s now and I need to stop wearing trainers so often, but I'm a bit lost about the vast spectrum between Adidas Superstars and my work shoes so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 5093 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 12:51 am
5093 spacer
Anything other than trainers will be so fucking uncomfortable.
>> No. 5094 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 2:31 am
5094 spacer
A nice pair of brown suede loafers.
>> No. 5106 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:02 pm
5106 spacer
I'm in a similar situation (except in my early 20s). If I spend between £50-£100 on 'smart-casual' leather shoes how long can I reasonably expect them to last?
>> No. 5107 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:09 pm
5107 spacer

Years, mate. Assuming you don't wear them every day and look after them properly, keep them water tight, etc.
>> No. 5108 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:15 pm
5108 spacer


Hate to give such a vague answer but it really does depend on the manufacturer. Some right crappy shoes can find their way into high street shops so it's always a gamble unless you look up the make and a few reviews. Some very average black Oxfords I got from Marks are still going strong after two years or so and only cost £50. I've been told Stacy Adams boots/shoes like the ones pictured are very durable and are floating around online for £60 - £90.

If these are too formal for your tastes, I'm sure you can't really go wrong with Clarks, whether it's their desert boots, Chelsea boots or their various permutations.

I really want to post the Limmy 'smart-casual' video again but think it might be overdone. Mainly because I've been posting it too much.

>> No. 5063 Anonymous
13th November 2014
Thursday 3:17 pm
5063 How does my new watch look?
Good afternoon, chaps!

I bought a watch on eBay last week, when it arrived I was very disappointed to see how small the watch face turned out to be.
I decided to keep the watch, but I've got an inkling that it looks silly on my fat wrist.

What do you chaps reckon?
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>> No. 5306 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 8:32 am
5306 spacer
Yeah but then what will you do if you're walking through a park and muggerlad asks you for the time?
>> No. 5307 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 9:12 am
5307 spacer

Really odd attitude, this one. There are a few practical reasons why having a watch and a phone is a good idea (it's easier to look at your wrist than to take out and unlock your phone, for example), but putting those aside sometimes it is nice to have single purpose items.
>> No. 5308 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 10:26 am
5308 spacer
"I dunno mate"

Most phones that I'm aware of don't require unlocking to see the time. If it takes significantly longer for you to get a phone out of a pocket than to raise your wrist and look at it, your hands are too fat or your pockets are too small.
>> No. 5309 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 11:11 am
5309 spacer
Chances are your watch is worth less. Unless you have a shit phone, in which case your mugger will be royally pissed off.
>> No. 5310 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 11:22 am
5310 spacer
By that I mean you tell your potential mugger that you don't know and walk on. That seems to work for me.

>> No. 3757 Anonymous
10th April 2012
Tuesday 2:44 pm
3757 spacer
I just spent over £300 on a pair of jeans.

What's the most you /poof/s have ever spent on an item of clothing? (Not counting suits)
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>> No. 5050 Anonymous
10th October 2014
Friday 5:57 pm
5050 spacer
Wasting it on the dole with no ambition.
>> No. 5052 Anonymous
12th October 2014
Sunday 8:39 am
5052 spacer

I hope those jeans aren't ones that slide halfway down your arse just to show everybody what undies you're wearing.
>> No. 5053 Anonymous
12th October 2014
Sunday 10:10 am
5053 spacer
Spent £76 on some Rockports, I hope they'll last a long-ish time.
>> No. 5054 Anonymous
15th October 2014
Wednesday 12:28 am
5054 spacer
about a ton on trainers.
>> No. 5426 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 3:39 pm
5426 spacer
I haven't had any jackets I've liked for ages. Just pissed away £95 on a new one. This thread made me feel better about my relatively not-so-bad spending habits.

>> No. 3845 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 7:15 pm
3845 spacer
You have an unlimited amount of money to buy an outfit, you have to wear this outfit for the rest of your life, not the same exact clothes but same look every day forever. What do you buy?

I choose a woman's bunny outfit and a jhonny. Always ready to go m8.

I'll search for a proper outfit later, I have to work now.
18 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3867 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:11 pm
3867 spacer

Actually, I give a fuck. I'm a 38" chest and I may well be in that same boat trying to find a nice suit for myself. And that's a rather nice collection, there. If you found someone your size you'd make a packet on that.
>> No. 3868 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:33 pm
3868 spacer
Bit old man at the seaside, no?
>> No. 3869 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:54 pm
3869 spacer
If I was being practical it would have to be a well tailored, fairly boring dark suit.

If I was being 'an individual', chequered button shirt of varying bright colours, straight fit jeans, trainers for training, and likely a baseball cap.


I found that quite interesting. There's something charming about the world of suits.
>> No. 3871 Anonymous
2nd June 2012
Saturday 11:14 am
3871 spacer

mods are old men at the seaside.
>> No. 5016 Anonymous
1st October 2014
Wednesday 12:04 am
5016 spacer

I think I know exactly where that 180 nid is going....

>> No. 4997 Anonymous
31st July 2014
Thursday 6:27 pm
4997 spacer
Evening, lads.

For the first time in my life I'm attempting to grow a beard and I need some advice. I've reached the stage where I need to do something with my neck; I don't want to leave it too long and look like a scruffbag but I don't want to shave too high up and look like Jeremy Beadle, i.e. a completely bald neck so that if you yawn/stretch your face/do anything that results in a double chin you look ridiculous.

Should I gradually shave it off bit by bit or go to a barber? stop being a cunt by laughing at his withered hand and help me, please.

Thanks, lads.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4999 Anonymous
1st August 2014
Friday 12:25 am
4999 spacer

If you are fat, having an attractive short beard is hard.

If you aren't, then shave right into the where the joint of you jaw is under your ear to your adams apple. Then, adjust to preference.
>> No. 5009 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:56 am
5009 spacer
Hello matey. You're asking how to shave a decent neckline. Here's a good guide: http://www.beards.org/neck.php

I have a mighty beard and an obsessive personality so I don't trust myself to trim my beard. I'm scared I'll make a mistake and shave it all off in an attempt to correct it, so I just go to a barber. Find a barbershop, one with straight razors and Turkish lads. Most salons will be able to give you a trim but they usually lack the tools or know-how for proper male grooming.
>> No. 5010 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 1:10 am
5010 spacer

> i.e. a completely bald neck so that if you yawn/stretch your face/do anything that results in a double chin you look ridiculous.

Shit, I thought it was just me. I need to go and attempt to remedy my beard.
>> No. 5011 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 4:09 am
5011 spacer
When I saw are Jeremy's pic, my heart skipped a beat because I thought he'd died.

Then I remembered he's already dead.

Sage for obvious reasons.
>> No. 5012 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 10:28 am
5012 spacer

>> No. 4964 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 9:56 pm
4964 Jeans
So, I want some new jeans.
I started reading, and there's all this selvedge and raw and other such jargon, can someone please explain?

Been looking at:




Willing to spend about £100, maybe a little bit more...is raw that much better?
Is selvedge worth it?

To be honest here it's mostly about getting that very deep "indigo" blue, my 511s I have now kept it pretty well but they're worn out.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4989 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 12:12 am
4989 spacer
And it's too late for the tumbly m8, already boarded up to become another Maccies whilst the council illegally destroys half the greenery for hotels that nobody needs or wants /rant.
>> No. 4990 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 12:48 am
4990 spacer
>I'd suggest a pint down the Swan

There have been a couple of famous .gs gatherings at the Swan... another one coming up soon I think.
>> No. 4991 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 1:13 am
4991 spacer

That sounds horribly awkward
>> No. 4992 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 1:23 am
4992 spacer

I know, right?
>> No. 4993 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 1:30 am
4993 spacer
Oh wow... I'd always assumed this kind of activity was confined to London or perhaps Hullfa.gs.

This is too much of a mindfuck, there can't be .gs meetups in my hometown...

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