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>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12989 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 7:04 pm
12989 spacer
I wonder how many Jaffa Cakes it would take to kill someone. I guess one would do the job if you were daft enough to ram it far enough back.
>> No. 12990 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 1:21 am
12990 spacer

Imagine being her family, having to explain how she died to people.

Or her kid.

It's tragic, and sort of even more tragic because it's a daft way to die that you'd never expect to happen.
>> No. 12991 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 2:28 am
12991 spacer
There's this Japanese pudding that''s like a giant glob of sweet rice dough or something that's eaten on New Years. Tradition dictacts you have to take the whole thing in your mouth at once (rimshot). Anyway a bunch of people choke to death doing this every year but does it stop them? Like unagi it does.
>> No. 12992 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 3:01 am
12992 spacer

The Japanese love a bit of potential death in their food.

Mochi is really nice, though I don't swallow it whole because I'm a filthy gaijin.
>> No. 12993 Anonymous
12th April 2019
Friday 5:38 pm
12993 spacer

An award intended to celebrate local businesses in Preston, has been given to Nando’s, prompting frustration among residents.

The Smiles Better Awards, organised by Preston Business Improvement District (Preston BID), celebrates the best culinary offerings in the Lancashire city.

The winners for categories including bar, pub and restaurant of the year are decided by a public vote, with 68,000 votes cast this year.

But the results for 2019, which saw the popular chicken restaurant win in the restaurant category and a JD Wetherspoons win in the pub category, has prompted criticism among some residents who say the awards should have gone to independent businesses as opposed to national chains.

>> No. 12996 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 8:08 pm
12996 spacer
Today I was treated to lunch at a Marstons pub, which was £6.35 for three courses.

For the starter I opted for garlic bread. This turned out to be three slices from a baguette which were dry and overcooked. The garlic was so subtle that it was almost non-existent.

For the main course I had the 4oz gammon steak with chips. The plate was red hot but the food itself was lukewarm at best. I'm almost certain they served Aunt Bessie's oven chips. I was particularly amused by the fact they'd chopped around a fifth off the egg as otherwise it would have been larger than the gammon it was placed on top of.

For pudding I went for the chocolate fudge cake. This promised to be gooey and chocolatey. The cake was neither gooey or chocolatey; the sauce was burnt and the cake was dry and lacking in flavour. This was the only course I didn't finish.

The entire meal took almost two hours as the service was so slow. The pub was not busy but there only appeared to be two people working there.
>> No. 12997 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 8:15 pm
12997 spacer

I always find it hard to tell the difference between a pub that technically serves food, and a pub you're actually supposed to order food at.

I've been in a fair few places over the years when you're visiting somewhere and you look on Tripadvisor or what have you to find somewhere to eat, and there's some place with great reviews that looks nice. Then when you get there it's like that pub scene in American Werewolf In London.
>> No. 12998 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 9:17 pm
12998 spacer
> which was £6.35 for three courses.

I don't want to seem like a posho lad, but - I think this might be the problem.
>> No. 12999 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 2:44 am
12999 spacer
This got me thinking: could you quantify Vue for money? Like, there must be a point for which there is an optimum value for money for say, a steak dinner. You would get what you pay for initially, and then there will be a point where the quality of the meal does not improve as much with every extra pound spent

I imagine it would be a parabola type graph.
>> No. 13000 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 9:30 am
13000 spacer
The last truly nice steak I had from a restaurant cost £22 for an 8oz fillet.
>> No. 13001 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 12:51 pm
13001 spacer

This is not up to your usual standard, Mr. Rayner. Go back and do it again.
>> No. 13002 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 12:59 pm
13002 spacer
Steak is overrated. That's my unintentionally edgy, try-hard, or whatever, opinion for the day.
>> No. 13003 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 10:58 am
13003 spacer
That's because Marstons are truly unremarkable. They don't really seem to know what they're doing and who they're aiming for.

If you visit a Greene King chain then it may also be unpleasant, but the number of chavs wearing baseball caps indoors eating mountains of black pudding means that it is at least noteworthy. A Marstons is nothing. Even the all day drinkers at a Wetherspoons help provide something resembling an atmosphere.

Marstons pubs tend to be purpose built on the edges of business parks, similar to units typically containing a Greggs, Costa and Subway all together. They're not going to get the passing trade for drinkers like a Wetherspoons does and, considering they're owned by a brewery, their range is little more than Estrella, Strongbow Dark Fruits and a smattering of their own beers. They're the type of place you'd have to go out of your way for, but nobody is going to want to eat a shitty three course meal for just over £6 which takes almost two hours due to the piss poor service. There's nothing to positively differentiate them from other pub chains; I know they tried marketing themselves as pizza pubs a few years back but that doesn't seem to have taken off.
>> No. 13004 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 7:40 pm
13004 spacer

I've said for a long time that pubs are chucking money away by trying to market their food. Think of it this way - when you hear the phrase "pub that you'd deliberately go to just for the food", what do you think of? I'm willing to bet if you can think of any at all, it's either a single independent gastropub type thing, or something that's part of a very small chain, with maybe only a handful of pubs ran by a company. It's almost certainly not a Spoons or Yates or Marstons or whatever.

If, on the other hand, I say "a pub that serves decent enough food for the price" you probably immediately think of Wetherspoons or similar, and to be fair to them they're doing it right for the most part, though their menu should be smaller just to save themselves some money IMO. You don't need sizzler plates or big expensive banners with pictures of your burger on, you don't need to redesign your menu every six months, you certainly don't need to hire someone expensive to tell you to try and be a pizza pub or whatever. Just offer a beer and burger with change from a tenner and leave it at that.
>> No. 13005 Anonymous
6th May 2019
Monday 3:38 pm
13005 spacer

I had a New York Stack burger yesterday, probably the nicest burger I've ever had from a McDonald's. I ordered it without lettuce or gherkin, so it was essentially just two burgers, bacon, ketchup, mustard and cheese inside a bagel.
>> No. 13006 Anonymous
6th May 2019
Monday 3:39 pm
13006 spacer
I can feel my pores swelling just reading your post.
>> No. 13007 Anonymous
6th May 2019
Monday 3:54 pm
13007 spacer
I don't even consider Wetherspoons "pub food". It's fast food. As in, once you've eaten it, you think "well that was a waste of money".

It's not just that it's low quality - that's OK by itself. It's that when it comes, it's not enough, and you are left unsatisfied. And this is the same kind of deception I find employed at most fast food places. They promise you a meal and you're tempted into it by marketing and because you're hungry but you are always left regretful.
>> No. 13008 Anonymous
6th May 2019
Monday 11:58 pm
13008 spacer

I just got one on your recommendation, and it was okay, but it also came with coleslaw in it and not even a hint of mustard. I'm not sure what you ordered but it sounded better.
>> No. 13009 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 6:55 am
13009 spacer
There's very little point in adding lettuce to a burger. They don't add anything to the flavour, they're simply there to make it look bigger. If I'm making a burger at home then I'll add rocket, but never lettuce.

If you use the touchscreens or the app you can fully customise your order. When I say it's probably the nicest burger I've had at McDonald's the bar isn't exactly high.
>> No. 13010 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 7:40 am
13010 spacer

>they're simply there to make it look bigger

It's more for the texture, but I yield that you don't often get fresh crisp lettuce at maccy d's.
>> No. 13011 Anonymous
8th May 2019
Wednesday 9:17 pm
13011 spacer

This evening I have been to Morrison's cafe, to take advantage of their two adult and two children meals for £10, including drinks.

I ordered their beef and ale pie. I was a little perturbed when the cafe worker asked if I wanted it with beans, peas or 'mushies' and I am still not convinced that referring to mushy peas as 'mushies' is actually a thing; if it is then it blooming well shouldn't be.

The food was served promptly and the portion sizes were generous. I opted for the (unmushed) peas which were invariably shades of green that I've never seen in peas before, but at least they tasted fine. The chips I'd rate as slightly above par.

The meat inside the pie was surprisingly tender and of a decent quality, albeit slightly lacking in flavour but the sauce had a subtle richness to it. The pastry also had a pleasant crunch to it; it wasn't slightly raw, soggy or stodgy as you get in other establishments of a similar calibre.

The kiddiewonks opted for pizza and chips. Again the portion sizes were generous and the pizzas appeared to have been prepared on site. They had very little cheese on top so the overwhelming flavour was of the tomato puree.

The cafe was around one-third full, which isn't entirely surprising for a Wednesday evening. The other diners were families or elderly but fortunately the atmosphere was calm rather than the air being filled with the annoying screeching of children you'd have got in perhaps an Asda or a Tesco cafe, but Morrison's seems to have a slightly higher standard of clientele.

All in all, at £2.50 per head you can do a lot worse than this.
>> No. 13012 Anonymous
8th May 2019
Wednesday 9:40 pm
13012 spacer

I'm not sure how we can top this. Does someone want to review a soup kitchen? The bins round the back of Greggs?
>> No. 13013 Anonymous
8th May 2019
Wednesday 9:45 pm
13013 spacer
We could just turn the place into a parody of one of those wanky food blogs though; that would be amusing.
>> No. 13014 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 12:53 am
13014 spacer
>the cafe worker asked if I wanted it with beans, peas or 'mushies' and I am still not convinced that referring to mushy peas as 'mushies' is actually a thing
You know how sometimes a weed dealer will work in fast food and give you a bag if you use a code word when ordering your food?
>> No. 13015 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 6:55 am
13015 spacer
>> No. 13016 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 12:59 pm
13016 spacer
Let me rephrase;
You know how sometimes on TV a weed dealer will work in fast food and give TV people a bag if they use a code word when ordering their food?
>> No. 13017 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 1:28 pm
13017 spacer
>> No. 13018 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 2:16 pm
13018 spacer

It happens in real life too. If you ask for the special pizza at the Happy Chip in Newcastle they'll sell you pills.
>> No. 13019 Anonymous
24th May 2019
Friday 2:55 pm
13019 spacer
Yeah. I don't know how it worked exactly, but my mates used to order a Dominos and get weed delivered at the same time.
>> No. 13020 Anonymous
24th May 2019
Friday 8:42 pm
13020 spacer
The dream.
>> No. 13021 Anonymous
24th May 2019
Friday 9:19 pm
13021 spacer

I'd rather have Papa Johns and cocaine, to be honest.
>> No. 13022 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 12:10 am
13022 spacer

Never had a Papa John's. I'm assuming it's similar to Domino's (i.e excruciatingly overpriced), how do they compare?

Still fucking baffles me how you can get away charging near 20 quid for a bloody pizza though, and people defend it because "it's pretty good if you go for the offers". It fucking isn't, you can get a better pizza for £3.50 from the counter at Asda.
>> No. 13023 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 12:18 am
13023 spacer
The only difference is the pizza sauce, which I think is better. Otherwise it's exactly the same as Dominos, right down to the pricing.
>> No. 13024 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 12:21 am
13024 spacer
Asda wont deliver that on its own though mate, I don't drive; my nearest Asda is 8 miles away, and based on my own anecdotal evidence of my consumption, these places get by on taking advantage of drunk people.
>> No. 13025 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 4:28 am
13025 spacer

I prefer the sauce, cheese, and crust texture of a Papa John's, I just think they're all around better, at least in the thin crust game.

I agree with you that they're ludicrously expensive, and not really even "good pizza" anyway - what I should really do is invest in a decent pizza oven and have actual nice pizza on tap. But as it stands, I'm a fat, rich cunt so don't mind paying £25 for two XL pizzas and some chicken wings and some dips.
>> No. 13026 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 7:32 am
13026 spacer
>Still fucking baffles me how you can get away charging near 20 quid for a bloody pizza though, and people defend it because "it's pretty good if you go for the offers"

I don't understand why Domino's have ridiculous prices for their pizzas, with constant offers on, rather than lowering the prices and getting rid of the offers. Surely there can't be that many idiots who'd pay full price for them?
>> No. 13027 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 7:38 am
13027 spacer

Offers drive sales. A 12 quid pizza is expensive, but an £18 pizza with ONE WHOLE PIZZA FREE ON TOP OF THAT!!! Is a bargain.

It really does work.
>> No. 13028 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 9:37 am
13028 spacer
What if you don't want that much pizza?
>> No. 13029 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 9:53 am
13029 spacer
Save it for later.
>> No. 13030 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 10:14 am
13030 spacer
What if you find leftover takeaway pizza pretty grim?
>> No. 13031 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 10:27 am
13031 spacer
Then you are truly lost.
>> No. 13032 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 11:56 am
13032 spacer
>> No. 13033 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 2:02 pm
13033 spacer
Part of takeaway pizza for me was the rush. It arrives, a huge meaty spicy monster, I scoff it down all to myself in a ridiculously short amount of time, and then it's over. I've had my fix and then I just want to lie around and digest while feeling disgusted with myself. The idea of then having more pizza later on or the next day is absurd. So I very rarely get it anymore because there never seems to be any decent deals anymore for the fat greedy loner who wants to spend about a tenner on a big pizza.
>> No. 13034 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 2:07 pm
13034 spacer
If you've never had leftover pizza for breakfast then you are truly missing out on life.
>> No. 13035 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 2:47 pm
13035 spacer

Then you're doing it wrong.

Take a pan, heat it up, stick your pizza in there, add a few splashes of water and cover the pan for about a minute or two - the result is usually better than the pizza as delivered.
>> No. 13036 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 2:49 pm
13036 spacer

You're supposed to eat it cold, while slumped on the kitchen floor in a hungover mess.
>> No. 13037 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 6:08 pm
13037 spacer
Anyone should know that leftover pizza is one of the best things to exist in this miraculous universe of ours.

However, that's yet another way Domino's and their ilk fall short. Their pizza dries out and loses flavour overnight, and it doesn't take reheating well at all. This is contrary to the cheap, dirty kind of pizza you get from Alis Kebab Shack, which only improves to a subtler depth of flavour and richer texture when consumed cold; and develops a satisfying crisp tanginess when reheated.

It's like anything Yank made. Cars, donuts, guitars... You're paying over the odds for something that is objectively worse in almost every possible metric.
>> No. 13105 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 7:38 pm
13105 spacer
I've had an XL bacon double cheeseburger meal today. It was a bit of a disappointment. Definitely not worth the £7.50 it cost. Burger King seem to have gone right downhill.
>> No. 13106 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 7:46 pm
13106 spacer
Never been a lover of dominoes, it's just soggy bland muck. Papa johns is overprices but tastes nice at least, I think it's good cold too.
Local independent pizza shops and kebab shops and their ilk, ehhhh too hit and miss. They use the crappiest ingredients they can get their hands on to get the price down to compete with the franchises.
>> No. 13107 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 8:04 pm
13107 spacer

Chicago Town > Domino's.

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