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>> No. 11347 Anonymous
5th April 2015
Sunday 5:06 pm
11347 spacer
My food bank had some crates of out of date Diet Pepsi come in from Tesco or somewhere, so I helped myself to some cans. Of the four, two had dents in them (as pictured), but I thought that was just because they'd been dropped or hit, and shouldn't affect the stuff inside (although I would have to be careful when opening them).

On tasting the Pepsi in the dented cans, both had a horrible metallic taste, like I was drinking blood. The undamaged cans tasted perfectly fine.

What caused this?
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>> No. 11427 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 10:28 pm
11427 spacer

>No food, high acidity

There is plenty of food. Did you scrape a pass in biology or something and you think that makes you an authority? The arrogance. If we can use aspartame, citric acid, etc as substrates for respiration, what makes you think bacteria cant? They are far more adaptable than we are, and there are literally millions of species of acidophilic bacteria.

Botchulism isn't entirely beyond the realms of possibility just because it's a Diet Pepsi.
>> No. 11428 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 10:58 pm
11428 spacer
Part of me wants to laud you for your knowledge, while another part of me wants to chew you out for failing to spell "botulism" correctly.
>> No. 11429 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 11:04 pm
11429 spacer
You could say he botched it.
>> No. 11430 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 11:09 pm
11430 spacer

Yeah, I realised after I posted it I hadn't changed it. I write it this way to annoy my Microbiology professor, as they aren't allowed to drop you marks for spelling anymore unless they ask you to specifically name the bacteria so I put it every chance I get. It's good craic, but I should have been more vigilant.

I once wrote "fucking vegetarians" on a question about the moral implications of the consumption of livestock and comment on the alternatives, like quorn and shit, and he bollocked me for a good 15 minutes for that. Luckily it was a formative, he seems to have mentally adopted me the way he acts towards me. I think it was because I 100% one of the units he lectures last year and he sees me as his project.

/Sage for /blog/
>> No. 11431 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 11:20 pm
11431 spacer
Maybe we should call misspelling the names of bacteria, etc. "botchulism".

>> No. 11032 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 4:51 pm
11032 spacer
Reposted here; though not strictly food.

What's your favourite cider? Do you prefer fizzy or still; dry or medium?

The Henney's Exhibition Cider (2011 vintage) they are selling for £1.65 a bottle at Tesco is beautiful, as is the still variant. Personally I prefer still, as it doesn't make me burp and I can drink more without wanting to throw up.

Unfortunately I live in't north so local cider isn't a common thing. Manchester's Moss Cider looks interesting and next summer I'll try and get my hands on some.
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>> No. 11063 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 12:30 am
11063 spacer
Hungry Jack's: As you would expect for any cider that is 'American style', tastes like sugar. Not overpoweringly sweet though, so it was quite nice.

Abrahalls: Surprisingly bitter, but one of the best ciders I've ever had. Some really well balanced flavours. Would recommend.
>> No. 11064 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 12:57 am
11064 spacer
I went to a pub quiz and won some beers.

Our name was the Quizlamic State.
>> No. 11065 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 3:34 am
11065 spacer
At a quiz night last year, one team composed of four individuals included one Frenchman. Open goal missed when it turned out said Frenchman had filled in the team name as "Quarter French".
>> No. 11118 Anonymous
5th January 2015
Monday 7:36 pm
11118 spacer
If you can get your hands on some, the Yorkshire Cider Co cider is absolutely divine -- there are even little bits of apple floating in it.
>> No. 11371 Anonymous
10th April 2015
Friday 11:36 pm
11371 spacer

2015-04-10 23.33.24.jpg
They finally got some in. The only problem is it's so strong I can't have more than a couple of bottles because I'm a fucking lightweight.

>> No. 11227 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 8:00 pm
11227 sort of like a food based weekend thread, but early.
What did/will you have for dinner tonight?
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>> No. 11273 Anonymous
10th February 2015
Tuesday 11:43 pm
11273 spacer
I had some spicy chicken with rice.
>> No. 11274 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 12:16 am
11274 spacer
Christ on a bike, are all Finns, preparing for ITZ? It seems all of them are inherent survivalists and would stop at nothing to do something disgusting and make it through the next day,
>> No. 11276 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:17 am
11276 spacer
Bordering Russia does that to you.
>> No. 11277 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:26 am
11277 spacer
This has to be the most disgusting shit I have ever seen. Dear God.
>> No. 11278 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:33 am
11278 spacer

Even their comedy is apocalyptically bleak.



>> No. 11210 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 9:36 pm
11210 Tofu
I've picked up a block of tofu but I have no idea what I'm meant to do with it to make it taste nice. It's just sitting in my fridge in it's packet of liquid for now. I gather I'm meant to put it between two chopping blocks with something heavy on the top to dry/firm it, but then I'll be left with what looks like a cross between Wensleydale and Styrofoam.
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>> No. 11221 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 12:38 am
11221 spacer



I got The Vegan Soulfood Guide To The Galaxy and it has a video DVD included called "Pimp My Tofu" and she just hand-presses it between her hands.

She's the wife of one half of Dead Prez and that's him on the theme song.
>> No. 11222 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 2:13 am
11222 spacer
I need this, whatever it is. Ta for bringing it to my attention.
>> No. 11223 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 9:27 am
11223 spacer
Cut it into blocks then lay it out on a kitchen towel, put another towel on top of it, put the chopping board on top of that with three or four tins of whatever to weigh it down. Leave it 3-5 hours. Then fry it with something that has minimal flavourings because it will absorb anything you put with it like mad, it's so easy to overdo it.
>> No. 11224 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 10:09 am
11224 spacer
>I don't understand quite why you're struggling with this.

There's nothing I don't get, it just seems bizarre to me that you're acting like Postmaster General and saying we shouldn't have a thread dedicated to a particular foodstuff because it's mentioned in the sticky a few times - the very last thread we had on this board about cooking suggestions was this curry thread from, half a year ago, August >>10896 which, by your logic, we shouldn't have had if there's curry recipes in the sticky and instead we should have no new threads on this board and everyone should just post in the sticky.

Anyway, enough of being an arse, thanks for the suggestions.
>> No. 11225 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 3:31 pm
11225 spacer
I am not that person. You seem to be really good at missing the "Anonymous" bit on every post. Silly soy bean.

Anyway, you're welcome. Get crackin' in the kitchen, lad.

>> No. 11025 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 5:01 pm
11025 spacer
I bought some chicken but left it in my rucksack for about 12 hours before remembering to put it in the fridge. Will it still be safe to eat?
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>> No. 11027 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 5:30 pm
11027 spacer


>> No. 11028 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 5:32 pm
11028 spacer
Unless it was next to a radiator it should be fine. Use it ASAP, though.
>> No. 11029 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 6:28 pm
11029 spacer
Guaranteed ebola, don't risk it mVIII
>> No. 11047 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 2:30 am
11047 spacer

>> No. 11062 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 9:43 pm
11062 spacer
How Roman of you.

>> No. 11037 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 6:33 pm
11037 Ale
If we can have a cider thread, we can have a beer thread. Both American style craft beers and proper British bitters are welcome ITT.

I haven't made a point of seeking out new ales since I went to a beer festival in June but with Christmas coming up, I might start again. Generally, my favourite beers are pale ales and the attached pic was my favourite one at the festival. I've also got into Badger's 'Furkin Fox' which is a lovely auburn ale, perfetc for the winter.

What are you drinking chaps?
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>> No. 11048 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 8:59 am
11048 spacer
I recently downloaded and signed up for Untappd on my phone, so that I can "check in" every wankery beer I have and other beer wankers can see it and approve. I endorse this thread 100%.

Did anyone happen to get to a Nicholson's pub recently and try their guest ale Café Phoenix from Brains? It was a delight.
>> No. 11056 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 12:44 pm
11056 spacer
I managed to check into one place and now I can't seem to find a 'trying this beer' button anymore, I'm starting to h8 my Blackberry more and more but decidedly less than Google, Apple and Windows.
>> No. 11058 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 3:55 pm
11058 spacer
>> No. 11060 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 5:01 pm
11060 spacer

IMO Harveys are the kings of real ale. I rarely get to have it (probably not good seeing as a pub near me does it) but it's probably the most refreshing, delicious ale I've ever had.

I really should get to a festival...
>> No. 11061 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 9:22 pm
11061 spacer
n1 m8, r8 it 8/8

>> No. 10998 Anonymous
11th September 2014
Thursday 7:15 pm
10998 spacer

What decent and cheap wines are there? Personally I like wines that don't taste of very much. Not watery, but not strong tasting or dry. Barefoot seems alright. There's one that someone recommending that I can't remember the name of with a square base and a bent neck, does anyone know it?
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>> No. 10999 Anonymous
11th September 2014
Thursday 8:08 pm
10999 spacer

Unfortunately our taste in wine is compatible so I doubt my recommendations will be of interest to you, I do like the Barefoot shiraz and merlot, though. A good wine for a cheap as chips price is Tesco's Simply Cotes du Rhone, it doesn't taste of 'nothing', though. The rest of the 'Simply' range isn't as good, in my experience.
>> No. 11000 Anonymous
11th September 2014
Thursday 10:38 pm
11000 spacer
I don't like wine that tastes of nothing, I like wine without strong tastes.
>> No. 11001 Anonymous
11th September 2014
Thursday 10:40 pm
11001 spacer

You are a conundrum wrapped in an enigma marinated in a mystery.
>> No. 11002 Anonymous
11th September 2014
Thursday 10:43 pm
11002 spacer
That corkscrew is fucked. That's what you get for shopping in poundland

>> No. 10951 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 4:13 pm
10951 Butter Coffee
Recently heard about a trend of adding butter and coconut oil to filter coffee. Blending it all up emulsifies the fats and allows the caffeine to pass into the fatty parts. The net effect is supposedly a longer and more gentle caffeine high superposed with fat-burning energy.

To be honest the way this concoction has been 'marketed' (https://www.bulletproofexec.com/how-to-make-your-coffee-bulletproof-and-your-morning-too/) made me suspect snake oil but from a purely chemical point of view it makes some logical sense - caffeine is more soluble in organic solvent than water and anything that slows the uptake of caffeine would be better for those long working days. So, in the name of science I have made myself 'bulletproof' for a day.

Just a few points on methods: I used high-quality strong dark coffee beans I get from a specialist shop along with a decent unsalted butter (no idea if it meets the apparent 'grass-fed' requirements though). Also I used coconut milk instead of the pure oil because that's all I could find, but as far as I can tell the only effect of that will be a slight watering down effect, equivalent to taking a shot of water with the coffee. Also I just whisked everything up instead of blending because I'm a poor ass student with no blender. Also no other caffeinated drinks or excessive sugar was ingested during the day (in fact I felt hardly hungry at all).

Results: initial familiar coffee high came on surprisingly quickly and lasted the usual time of maybe 2 hours before crashing. At this point I thought the whole thing was a failure but then just over 30 minutes later I felt a new high coming on. This was far more subtle but definitely noticeable. It built in intensity for somewhere between 6-7 hours until the second crash occurred, but by this time the day was over and I was happy for it.

Conclusions: further tests needed, strong suspicion of placebo effect. However it appears that a sharply distinct water-dissolved caffeine hit followed by the fat-dissolved caffeine hit was observed. Would recommend.

Also, it tastes like shit.
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>> No. 10988 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 4:13 am
10988 spacer

>I'm looking at a Tassimo now that claims 15 bar pressure - I'm by no means an expert, but I thought all you needed was about 9 bar?

The problem is the capsule design. The capsules in Tassimo/DG machines are necessarily quite large, to accommodate the wide range of milk-based drinks on offer. This means that there's a big pressure drop between the outlet nozzle and the capsule, so the water doesn't actually hit the coffee grounds at anywhere near the requisite pressure. The cheaper and smaller machines just don't have the power to keep up. The results aren't awful by any means, but they're a long way short of Nespresso, which uses a much smaller capsule that is specifically designed for espresso.

I've just remembered the ESE system, which might suit you - most modern domestic espresso machines have a basket designed to take ESE pods, which are basically espresso tea bags. There's less waste than a system that uses plastic capsules, and you have a wide choice of machines and coffee suppliers because it's an open standard.

With all that said, the Aeropress produces remarkably good pseudo-espresso and is convenient to use - you can chuck it in your work bag with a little pouch of coffee and knock up a decent coffee in an office kitchen. Cleaning it requires nothing more than a quick rinse under the tap. The only real downside is the lack of crema, but the coffee itself is first rate. It might look like a cafetiere, but the results are a world apart.
>> No. 10989 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 1:36 pm
10989 spacer

Dare you to get this one, ladmate, and keep it anywhere your bed, if you were worried about how people might think a coffee machine in the bedroom might look...
>> No. 10990 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 2:31 pm
10990 spacer

I'd just like to thank you for your advice so far. I love that we seem to have a relative expert on everything here at britfa.

Now that you've mentioned ESE, I know at least one of our machines at work uses that - and it's not bad either, which means I can steal/order VAT free a LOT of illy pods if I went that route, it would certainly be cost effective.

To be honest I think I'll just get a nespresso, all I want is drinkable espresso as quickly as possible. I do like the look of the Aeropress too, I'll probably end up with both.


All that gave me was the mental image of squirting hot, high pressure coffee up my japs' eye by accident. So cheers for that.
>> No. 10991 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 3:49 pm
10991 spacer
That is one tiny cup.
>> No. 10994 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 5:50 pm
10994 spacer
The explanation I've heard (inferred based on stuff I've read on wikipedia) is that the status of coffee in goes back to WWII when American soldiers were given instant coffee in their rations. Of course they were all used to real coffee so they gave their instant coffee away/sold it to people in Britain.
From there instant coffee took off in this country as a new novelty from America, then it became entrenched in our culture as a quick and easy alternative to tea.
In the rest of the world it's more the case that tea is the quick and easy alternative to real coffee. I think we're unique as the only country in the world where instant coffee is more popular than fresh coffee.

>> No. 10992 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 4:21 pm
10992 spacer
What's the difference between tomato sauce and ketchup?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 10993 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 4:39 pm
10993 spacer
Why don't you look at the ingredients?

>> No. 8767 Anonymous
15th February 2013
Friday 3:22 am
Most of my folder is sweet stuff because that's what I eat more of, hopefully other people have savoury stuff to add.
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>> No. 10945 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 5:35 pm
10945 spacer
I'm with >>10940. It isn't food porn if I have to mentally rearrange it on the plate to make it edible, in the same way that pictures of pretty girls fully clothed aren't porn even though I can 'try to think of' them naked.
>> No. 10946 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 5:38 pm
10946 spacer

>> No. 10947 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 5:44 pm
10947 spacer


>> No. 10948 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 5:50 pm
10948 spacer

>> No. 10949 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 7:47 pm
10949 spacer
Well played.

>> No. 10388 Anonymous
4th February 2014
Tuesday 11:45 pm
10388 spacer
What's the best way to cook a steak? Mine always go tough.
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>> No. 10455 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:09 pm
10455 spacer

Finn carefully preparing his country's nation.png
Enough ranting about ingrates, let's share our technique.

I start by salting and peppering the steak and leaving it at room temperature for half an hour. If it's an inch or more in thickness I'll give it a good hammering first. Sometimes I'll soak it in lemon juice to tenderise it too which is lovely if you slice up the steak afterwards and have on a rocket-based salad.

I use sunflower oil for its high smoke point and when the pan is screaming I chuck it in, usually for around 45 seconds on each side. Once it's nicely charred (griddle pans are essential here) I stick it in the grill to rest and keep warm while the chips cook for ten minutes at least. I deglaze the pan, usually with red wine and make any sauce I fancy out of it. My favourite is a cream, tarragon and horseradish mix.

There you have it. Cheflads, do please point out anything stupid I'm doing.
>> No. 10470 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 8:27 pm
10470 spacer

Sounds good to me, but don't be afraid to rest your meat away from any source of heat. Keeping it warm under the grill is likely drying it out just a little.
>> No. 10471 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 9:33 pm
10471 spacer

The 'most popular' video on his channel is cooking steak by his friend 'Pete'.?. Though the 'ratings' aren't as good as this one.

I can't speak from experience 'on' this technique but I really want steak right 'now'.'

tl;dw - Moo, 'Whip It', Whip It Again. Steak'!'
>> No. 10472 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 9:59 pm
10472 spacer
Cheers. I forgot to mention I don't leave the grill on, it just stays warm from the fan oven beneath it.
>> No. 10924 Anonymous
21st August 2014
Thursday 1:36 pm
10924 spacer

I tend to do similar.

Key points for me are to make sure that the meat is at room temp before cooking, oil the meat (hurrr) and not the pan and use a cast iron griddle to cook it on.

I got one of those giles & posner sous vide/slow cooker things for my birthday. Have done a piece of topside in it (56 degrees for 24 hours, blowtorched the outside afterwards for maillard reaction tastys) ended up amazingly tender. Haven't got round to doing steak in it yet though.

>> No. 10867 Anonymous
3rd August 2014
Sunday 7:44 pm
10867 spacer
I've just had a lovely Indian curry in a very nice restaurant. I felt a bit adventurous so I ate it with my hands despite my social misgivings. It went surprisingly well and a large portion of it actually made it in to my mouth.

The trouble is that when I looked up Indian food etiquette later wikipedia informed me that it's a small section of society that eats with their fingers and even then there are some very specific rules that I broke, namely that it shouldn't go all over your fingers and you should only use the tips.

I'm interested in food culture from around the world, so shall we have a general food etiquette thread?

Incidentally I've always thought that in Japan you should burp as loudly as you can after the meal as a gesture of appreciation to the chef. Given my general ignorance on the subject I wouldn't be shocked to find that I'm wrong.
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>> No. 10891 Anonymous
4th August 2014
Monday 1:06 am
10891 spacer

I had hoped that /nom/ would be above such antics.
>> No. 10892 Anonymous
4th August 2014
Monday 1:10 am
10892 spacer
I think most people just use /*/sfw/ these days and don't actually know which board they're posting on half of the time.
>> No. 10893 Anonymous
4th August 2014
Monday 1:11 am
10893 spacer

>but I don't really think anyone noticed or cared.

This is almost certainly correct. One thing I can guarantee above all else in any restaurant in the world, is that as long as you're spending money, and not causing them to lose any money, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

>for example is the information in >>10886 a custom more honoured in the breach?

I would say yes, because etiquette in general is a big part of Japanese culture. It's also a generational thing, and it depends where you are. Some trendy twenty somethings in Osaka probably aren't really going to care if some gaijin dips his rice in his soy sauce, but then older or more serious people might get upset. It's the cultural equivalent of watching someone dollop tomato ketchup on their steak - it is on some level offensive to anyone who likes the taste of steak, but at the same time nobody's going to kick you out on the street for it. Well, actually, I probably would kick you out on the street for the latter one, but I'm not as polite as most Japanese chefs.
>> No. 10894 Anonymous
4th August 2014
Monday 1:18 am
10894 spacer

Are you one of the cheflads? You must have some interesting stories about foreign customs you've seen in your restaurant and this would be the perfect thread to share them in.
>> No. 10895 Anonymous
4th August 2014
Monday 1:26 am
10895 spacer
I have a tendency to eat with my hands when alone all the time, especially cuts of meat. I think it's a habit I picked up from watching a slightly odd friend eating the dinners his Nan would make him after school, he was adamant the best way to eat a steak was with your hands.

And while he was "slightly odd", I did just remember he's half Libyan so that's probably got more to do with it. Sorry, Steakm8.

>> No. 10826 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 4:41 pm
10826 Foreign Food/Products Thread
A few weeks back in London, I wandered across a 'USA Food Store' (between Holland Park and Notting Hill Gate tube stations).

Curious, I entered. The shop wasn't massive and as you might imagine, filled with mostly unhealthy looking things.

Frosties are called 'Frosted Flakes' (Tony is still present), lots of Hershey chocolate bars and of course, Ramen Noodles (that look just like any other instant noodles).

However, when I saw it, standing there in the far corner of their cooler, I knew I had to try it.

Mountain Dew.

£1.25 for a regular UK size can. I'm not a soft drink drinker but I've seen this stuff so much over the internet and never before in real life, I felt compelled to try it. (Two friends later told me that it used to be common in England but I'd never come across it).

The taste is hard to describe, not bad, quite nice. But it had a thickness to it, like being on the cusp of becoming a syrup. I looked at the ingredients and thought the 46 grams of sugar might the reason behind that, so decided to pour away the last half.

Worth a try but hardly something I recommend.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 10859 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:35 pm
10859 spacer
Iodine is an essential element in the functioning of the human body, and is an irritant in elemental form and toxic in excess.

These things do not contradict each other. 'It contains x' is not a valid reason for considering something negatively in the vast majority of cases.
>> No. 10862 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:41 pm
10862 spacer

It's obviously a relative term, but that doesn't exclude it from being a quantity. Learn how to think.
>> No. 10863 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:50 pm
10863 spacer
No lad. 'Excess' describes a quantity - it is itself a quality. An excess quantity of heroin is clearly not the same as an excess quantity of water. Now go away and learn how to think.

Besides, an excess quantity of iodine can't be harmless by virtue of being in excess.
>> No. 10864 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:55 pm
10864 spacer

First of all I don't understand how you're disagreeing with me and secondly your point about excess being inherently harmful is wrong. See excess of jewellery and excess of tattoos for example.
>> No. 10865 Anonymous
3rd August 2014
Sunday 3:14 am
10865 spacer

I can attest to this brand.jpg
See if they have any root beer in the glass bottles. Its pretty nice stuff when its been stored in a way to avoid the yeast eating up all the sugar (which I think is why its never took off here).

They sell it everywhere at my university and I see it in a few stores it seems great for inducing a mud baby

>Very moreish, only problem is that it contains a lot of iodine so you're not meant to eat more than 100g a day.

If ITZ hits us be sure to stock up on some of this as an iodine overdose is what anti-radiation pills do (clogs your thyroid gland).

I quite like picking up exotic foods when I visit. Polish produce is pretty underrated.

>> No. 9171 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 12:51 pm
9171 spacer
Let's talk those shitty little takeaways and kebab houses near you. Everyone has their favourites and stories.

There's a small place in my hometown called Star Burger part way down an alley that's been there since I was a kid, a good 15 years at least. I genuinely don't know how it's stayed in business this long especially when there's a McDonalds and KFC five minutes away. It's only open in the day, not even a late night place, and the town is only small. I've not once walked in there but next time I'm home I may go in one day just to see what the fuss is about, maybe it's actually really decent.
Oh hey I found a real image of it

Anyway what do you lot have around?
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>> No. 10856 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:25 pm
10856 spacer

The best wraps are the Greek chicken souvlaki. Food. Of. The. Gods.
>> No. 10857 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:27 pm
10857 spacer
Grubbs burgers, Brighton. Best greasy burger joint imaginable.
>> No. 10860 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:37 pm
10860 spacer
I can imagine one that isn't in Brighton.
>> No. 10861 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:38 pm
10861 spacer
>> No. 10866 Anonymous
3rd August 2014
Sunday 8:40 am
10866 spacer

They're pretty beefy m7.

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