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>> No. 19750 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 2:09 pm
19750 spacer
What's all this about Hong Kong then? I've started seeing ads asking me to pressure my MP and defend the joint-declaration.

I assume you lads will have an opinion as blocking as the roads and discouraging air-travel will no doubt reduce carbon emissions.
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>> No. 19751 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 2:15 pm
19751 spacer
Why don't you read the article and find out for yourself?
>> No. 19752 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 2:42 pm
19752 spacer
Because he thought posting without reading might be a good way of starting a nice Saturday afternoon cunt-off.
>> No. 19753 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 3:19 pm
19753 spacer
Oh well.
>> No. 19754 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 3:43 pm
19754 spacer
I've read the article and assume that those here do not live under rocks. Maybe that is just the nature of modern society though that mass protests do not need suppressing if they're ignored anyway in public conversation.
>> No. 19755 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 4:04 pm
19755 spacer
>What's all this about?
>I've read the article
>> No. 19761 Anonymous
28th July 2019
Sunday 11:08 am
19761 spacer
I don't know, but if you visit Reddit on any of the pages the are concerned with it, you'll see the full force of Chinese cyber propaganda in action. Hong Kong is under the iron fist of British imperialism, and defending the joint declaration is defending colonialism and capitalist oppression.

The posts which aren't outright propaganda display a similar kind of ignorance to the way Yanks view The Troubles, where they can't wrap their heads around why the people who actually live there don't want to be part of the totalitarian Chinese regime because obviously the important thing is escaping the yoke of British exploitation.

I got banned from r/communism over it.
>> No. 19762 Anonymous
28th July 2019
Sunday 12:31 pm
19762 spacer

R/communism is a shit pit of retards. They did you a favour. And I hope you learned a valuable lesson about the nature of communism.
>> No. 19763 Anonymous
28th July 2019
Sunday 6:19 pm
19763 spacer
I don't know how to use Reddit so I would appriciate some links or screengrabs.
>> No. 19764 Anonymous
28th July 2019
Sunday 6:33 pm
19764 spacer

I learned a valuable lesson about the nature of Reddit.

But yes, it was delightfully ironic. The wonderful thing about the internet, though, is that you don't have to concern yourself with... I can't even think of an appropriate word. That thing where you indulge in and prove the criticisms of your detractors correct.


Sorry, but I can't be arsed.
>> No. 19765 Anonymous
28th July 2019
Sunday 6:35 pm
19765 spacer
Tut, lazy sod.
>> No. 19818 Anonymous
1st August 2019
Thursday 1:08 am
19818 spacer
The best way to get banned from r/communism is to ask them why the gay rights movement flourished in capitalist countries instead of communist countries.
>> No. 19820 Anonymous
1st August 2019
Thursday 9:38 am
19820 spacer
I'm guessing it has something to do with the apparatus of communism having little motivation to be progressive so it will generally be quite conservative in practice whereas capitalism co-opts any sort of social movement that it can use to sell things.
>> No. 19821 Anonymous
1st August 2019
Thursday 10:37 am
19821 spacer
>capitalism co-opts any sort of social movement that it can use to sell things
Took the words out of my mouth.
>> No. 19822 Anonymous
1st August 2019
Thursday 10:56 am
19822 spacer

There was a new current in advertising about ten or fifteen years ago where pretty mainstream British companies ran ads specifically directed towards the GLBTQ community for their products, which were then placed in gay and lesbian lifestyle magazines. The move was widely welcomed, but we should have no illusions about companies' progressiveness. They spotted an opportunity to gain the appreciation of a particular subset of their target audience, and they went for it.

Similarly, nowadays when companies recruit staff and it says in the ad "m/f/d", it doesn't necessarily mean that that company is falling over itself welcoming gender diversity, just that the newest fad in staff recruiting is to present yourself as a gender diverse business because it's kind of the thing to do and pay lip service to in order to attract millennials. Until the day I see a lad in a dress as a clerk in my local NatWest branch, I don't buy the sincerity of it one bit.
>> No. 20420 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 8:38 pm
20420 spacer
>Hong Kong protests: President Xi warns of 'crushed bodies'
>China's President Xi Jinping has issued a stern warning against dissent as protests continue in Hong Kong, saying any attempt to divide China will end in "crushed bodies and shattered bones".

How is this all going to end do you reckon? I'd hazard that the lack of protests on the mainland at this point has essentially doomed the movement.
>> No. 20421 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 8:50 pm
20421 spacer
Civil war probably. Unfortunately for Xitler the movement is gaining ground and support throughout mainland China too. It'll kick off as he's just digging his heels in, I can't see it ending without bloodshed and if that happens it won't end at all. Also seconding /r/communism as being a shit pit, it's added to the list of compromised subs on reddit, it's become infested.
>> No. 20422 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 9:10 pm
20422 spacer
>Unfortunately for Xitler the movement is gaining ground and support throughout mainland China too.

Really? I don't think I've seen anything of the sort which is understandable considering the level of control the party exercises on the mainland. If it comes to it I imagine Xi will kick off a bloodbath in Hong Kong and there's not a thing anyone could do about it.

Interesting to think about really, given the nature of global supply chains, is it even possible to sanction China in the immediate term?
>> No. 20423 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:30 pm
20423 spacer
There are a few slithers of information out of mainland China and there is support for the protesters. There is a percentage at least that realise they are not just fighting for Hong Kong, but for all of China. It is gaining ground but slowly. Here is a good example but there have been others cropping up online, understandably they keep their support VERY quiet.

>> No. 20424 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:40 pm
20424 spacer
>> No. 20425 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 12:35 am
20425 spacer
cheers m8 pretty drunk when i typed that and drunker/higher now. But yeah, God speed China and the handful of other countries protesting/rioting against their shite governments that's barely getting any news coverage. It's like a new Arab spring going on right now and hardly anybody knows. Can only hope it continues and spreads.
>> No. 20426 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:04 am
20426 spacer
See >>/b/431337
It's not just China.
>> No. 20428 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:27 am
20428 spacer
Some pillocks standing around Piccadilly isn't equivalent to people fighting for democracy against a system that operates concentration camps. Don't hijack a thread to bring attention on your pet project.
>> No. 20429 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:31 am
20429 spacer
State enforced media blackouts are absolutely equivalent to state enforced media blackouts, don't be such a twat.
>> No. 20430 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:49 am
20430 spacer

>Blizzard bosses reduce gamer's ban and release prize money

>US gaming publisher Activision Blizzard has reversed its decision to withhold prize money from a player who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests. Professional gamer, Ng Wai "Blitzchung" Chung, said in Mandarin, "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age," on a live broadcast after a tournament. He was banned for one year and said was told he would not get any prize money.

>In a new statement, the company said: "In hindsight, our process wasn't adequate, and we reacted too quickly." The hashtag #Blizzardboycott trended on Twitter after the 21-year-old was banned, and some players tried to delete their accounts in solidarity with "Blitzchung". Even some US politicians commented on Blizzard's initial decision.


It's fun seeing companies flop around in the face of Hong Kong protests after they've spent so long now kowtowing to Beijing. Who knows, maybe someone will question if having China so invested in our nuclear power plants might be a bad idea again.

It's not state enforced. Nobody cares. Sky News still has a feature on their front-page and still it's nowhere in the top most read stories.

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