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>> No. 14561 Anonymous
10th April 2018
Tuesday 6:09 pm
14561 spacer
>The 'hero' pensioner cleared of murdering a burglar at his home is reportedly living in fear of his life at a safe house after receiving death threats from the man's associates.

>Richard Osborn-Brooks is believed to be under 24-hour police guard after he was cleared of murdering Henry Vincent. The career criminal, 37, suffered a fatal stab wound during a raid at Mr Osborn-Brooks' home in south east London.

>The 78-year-old homeowner is thought to be in hiding with his disabled wife, Maureen, amid claims Vincent’s relatives and fellow travellers “won’t rest until they get their revenge”.


>Flowers and balloons for Henry Vincent, 37, have been repeatedly attached and then removed from a fence opposite a home in Hither Green, south-east London, where he was killed.

>One neighbour said they saw a car circling the block while the tribute was being erected, which they believe was an attempt to intimidate locals.


I'm assuming you've all heard about the case of the pensioner who killed an intruder. I doubt that's the last we've heard of it, especially if the burglar was a pikey.
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>> No. 14578 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 6:53 pm
14578 spacer
Displaying flowers for a deceased family member is considered a scummy thing to do.

Right, OK, sure, nothing to do with gypsies.
>> No. 14580 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 6:58 pm
14580 spacer

>Displaying flowers for a deceased family member is considered a scummy thing to do.

Convenient of you to leave out the bit about them displaying flowers on the house he was burgling, the house of the man who killed him in self defence.
>> No. 14581 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 7:02 pm
14581 spacer
It's a scummy thing to create a shrine outside a house he was in the process of burgling, particularly if the residents of that house have been threatened with a revenge attack by the burglar's family and the residents of the street have also complained of intimidation.

You can cherry pick and attempt to misquote all you like, but it's quite clearly scummy behaviour.
>> No. 14694 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 5:56 pm
14694 spacer

The gypos have brought balloons and flowers to the shrine as it's Henry Vincent's birthday.

The fruitloops are still there making a stand against it.
>> No. 14939 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 6:45 pm
14939 spacer

Ain't no funeral like a pikey funeral.

>> No. 14931 Anonymous
2nd May 2018
Wednesday 9:41 pm
14931 spacer

>Disguised women sneak into Iranian football match

>Several Iranian women have caught people's attention by revealing the lengths they go to to attend a football match.

>Donning beards and wigs, they disguised themselves as men so they could watch their team, Persepolis, play rivals Sepidrood at the Azadi stadium in Tehran last Friday.

>Images of the women at the stadium have been widely shared on both Persian and English social media.

>Although there's no official ban on women going to sporting events in Iran, it is rare for them to attend as they are often refused entry. Prior to the Islamic revolution of 1979, women were allowed to attend sporting events.

>> No. 14869 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 10:54 pm
14869 spacer

>Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, the British Veterinary Association has warned, after the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement spread to pets.

>'Anti-vaxxers' believe that immunisations have harmful side effects and may be the cause of autism in children - beliefs widely debunked by the medical community.[/i]

>This theory is increasingly being applied to pets, particularly in the US, and there are fears it is spreading to the UK and could cause already low vaccination rates to fall.

>The BVA said: “We are aware of an increase in anti-vaccination pet owners in the US who have voiced concerns that vaccinations may lead to their dogs developing autism-like behaviour.

>“But there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest autism in dogs or a link between vaccination and autism.”
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>> No. 14924 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 8:49 am
14924 spacer

I lived with a couple who had a rabbit as a pet, it wasn't as thick as you're making out. I'm not saying it could solve a puzzle like a Labrador could or work out how to get itself into the fridge to nick food like a cat can, but it was definitely more aware than a fish or an insect. It'd respond to its name and wander about the flat and all that.

I still sort of agree with you, mind, you could get a fluffier, docile cat and have much the same experience. They had to keep it in a pen that took up half their bedroom. Bit daft really.
>> No. 14925 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 12:42 pm
14925 spacer

I think rabbits are simply unremarkable animals. Cats and dogs are really personalities, they have character.

Each of the three family cats we had over the years while I was growing up had its distinct quirks and behaviours.

One of my exes had a pet rabbit, and it would just sit in its cage all day either asleep or munching on some lettuce leaves or carrots. That was basically all it ever did. Even when you let it out to run around the flat, it struck me as quite an unexciting kind of animal.
>> No. 14926 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 1:56 pm
14926 spacer

Cats sleep most of the day too, I don't think they're objectively more entertaining, and I say that as a cat person.

The cat I had as a kid was very active and friendly, mind, she was great. I think if I retire early I'll get a nice energetic dog though, and we'll go on adventures and that.
>> No. 14927 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 2:31 pm
14927 spacer

Fair point, but when cats aren't asleep, I find them massively entertaining.
>> No. 14928 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 2:46 pm
14928 spacer

If you ever look at a "funny rabbit video" on youtube, it will just be doing some extremely unfunny eating.

>> No. 14830 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 10:09 pm
14830 spacer

Verne Troyer, who is best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films, has died at the age of 49.

Troyer, who was 2ft 8in (81cm) tall, also played Griphook in the first Harry Potter film.

"It is with great sadness and incredibly heavy hearts to write that Verne passed away today," a post on his official Facebook page read.

"Over the years he's struggled and won... but unfortunately this time was too much," it added.

So... what exactly did he die from?
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>> No. 14841 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 2:13 pm
14841 spacer
You have it the wing way round. "Prey" as human behaviour came first. Biologists named the pattern in nature after it by analogy.
>> No. 14842 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 5:50 pm
14842 spacer

I didn't realise he was in Harry Potter. I always thought it was the other one.
>> No. 14843 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 6:06 pm
14843 spacer
The other one is 33% taller.
>> No. 14845 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 7:12 pm
14845 spacer

The correct unit of measurement for little people is in terms of Subway sandwiches.

Warwick Davies is one Subway taller than Verne Troyer.
>> No. 14846 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 9:19 pm
14846 spacer
He leaves big shoes to fill. I was certainly stumped when I heard the news.

I guess it teaches you to appreciate the small things in life, which is often how you grow as a person.

>> No. 14800 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 12:41 am
14800 spacer

Millions of police mugshots of innocent people cannot be deleted because it would be too expensive, a government minister has claimed – despite a High Court ruling that the practice is unlawful.

The work would have to be “done manually” by local forces, making the costs “difficult to justify”, a committee of MPs investigating the controversy has been told.

The Home Office has also admitted it has no idea how many people have successfully asked for their mugshots to be deleted – amid suspicions that the figure is very low.

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>> No. 14812 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 8:41 pm
14812 spacer

dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda

It's the only way to be sure.
>> No. 14813 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 8:58 pm
14813 spacer
Preferably via a remote shell. From orbit, innit.
>> No. 14815 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:01 am
14815 spacer
click yes to confirm
look in recycle bin to check
right click: empty recycle bin
>> No. 14816 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:03 am
14816 spacer

>> No. 14817 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:50 am
14817 spacer

delite sistem 32 u failfags

>> No. 14762 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 9:05 pm
14762 Something POSitive
I saw this article and thought of .GS:


A man who said he was "riddled" with HIV and convicted of trying to infect 10 men has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years.
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>> No. 14768 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:30 am
14768 spacer
They've only gone and locked him up with a load of men, they've played right into his hands!
>> No. 14780 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:44 am
14780 spacer
God, reading about him makes me feel unwell. What an utter, utter psycho. Can't even joke about him. Hope he rots in his cell.

>> No. 14689 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 5:02 pm
The first evidence of a “Manchester Pusher” stalking the city’s waterways emerged last week when a cyclist was knocked into a canal at night and then kicked back in when he tried to save himself from drowning.

His assailant stole nothing and ran off, leaving the victim in no doubt that longstanding rumours of a pusher have a basis in fact. The theory was prompted by the high number of deaths in the city’s waterways, but was assumed until now to be an urban myth.

The victim, a father of two from an affluent area who was tracked down by The Sunday Times and asked not to be identified, said: “He was a complete psychopath. Even when I went in, he tried to stop me getting back out. He didn’t try to steal anything.

“It was 10pm. I was working the late shift and coming home late. I saw a man out of the corner of my eye and he swung his arm and it caught me on my neck. I went into the canal along with my bicycle and my backpack on my back, which immediately started filling with water, weighing me down.

I was underwater with my legs twisted in the bike. I managed to get above water and tried to get a grip on the side of the canal, where it was slippery and mossy. That’s when he kicked my hands away, which made me slip back under the water again. When I came back up, he was gone. I saw him running away. I managed to get out of the canal. It was pitch black: there are no lights or barriers along that stretch; nothing. My mobile phone wasn’t working because I went into the canal. I walked to PureGym in Stretford and called 999.”

At least 76 corpses have been discovered in the waters of Greater Manchester since 2007. Seventeen of the deaths are classed as “unexplained”, meaning neither the police nor a coroner was able to determine how the person died.

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>> No. 14750 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 11:32 am
14750 spacer

I like the idea that only another cyclist could be appalled at the attempted murder of a cyclist. Really does sum up the mentality of certain drivers.

>> No. 14751 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 12:03 pm
14751 spacer

>> No. 14752 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 12:49 pm
14752 spacer

Is that chamois?
>> No. 14754 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 5:11 pm
14754 spacer
Don't have any.

Incidentally, your cuntishness is showing, Nige.
>> No. 14755 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 5:51 pm
14755 spacer
Must chafe awfully without shorts.

>> No. 14584 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 10:04 pm
A five-storey high depiction of an erect blue penis on a Stockholm apartment building is to be painted over just a week after its unveiling following a storm of complaints from neighbours.

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>> No. 14585 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 10:14 pm
14585 spacer
Political correctness gone mad.
>> No. 14593 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 11:04 am
14593 spacer

If it was the other way around, would it have been flacid and therefore acceptable?
>> No. 14676 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 10:36 am
14676 spacer
What if it had been of a giant blue minge?
>> No. 14679 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 12:06 pm
14679 spacer
Her giant minge has received no complaints, but that's probably because it's hardly recognisable as a minge.

>> No. 14410 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 7:00 am
14410 spacer
The pampered, petulant, self-pitying Prince


I know many of you won't read The Mail, but it's quite entertaining watching them stick the boot into Charles.
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>> No. 14507 Anonymous
25th March 2018
Sunday 3:55 pm
14507 spacer
She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge...
>> No. 14508 Anonymous
25th March 2018
Sunday 11:45 pm
14508 spacer

I thought nobody was going to make that reference. Well done, lad.
>> No. 14582 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 7:25 am
14582 spacer

This is the main story on Mail Online.

From Meghan to Diana an expert reveals the Royals' true personalities as shown by their FEET... so can YOU match these toes to the right princesses?


What the actual fuck?
>> No. 14583 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 11:32 am
14583 spacer
For his 70th birthday, and to mark over half a century of not being king, hrs getting a bridge. Apparently he'll be quite disappointed with all the objections it's getting.
>> No. 14586 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 1:09 am
14586 spacer

Hopefully he ceremoniously throws himself off the fucker on his 80th while the Queen does wheelies in her wheelchair and Dappy from N'Dubz does a totally radio rental grime/dnb remix of the national anthem with Gazza as his Bez but with cans of Stella instead of maracas. Britain. Britain. It almost brings a tear to the eye I don't mind telling you lads.

>> No. 14560 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 8:35 pm
14560 spacer

Russia called the meeting to challenge the UK, which has blamed Moscow for the March 4 poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, southern England.

Russia has strongly denied any involvement and in a press conference after the vote said it had reason to believe what happened in Salisbury was a "daft militant wog attack". It strongly criticised the US and EU countries for siding with the UK.

At the Hague meeting, UK acting representative John Foggo had said the victim of a chemical weapons' attack was not required to work with the "likely perpetrator". Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson later accused Russia of trying to undermine the watchdog's work and said the international community had "seen through these tactics".
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>> No. 14766 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 11:06 pm
14766 spacer
I can't read the all that shite, i'm too busy getting angry at seeing 'Waldo'.
Wally, it's fucking Wally, you Wally.
>> No. 14767 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 11:20 pm
14767 spacer

It's called "Where's Waldo?" in America.
>> No. 14771 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 1:03 am
14771 spacer
That was an insight well worth waiting for. Thanks, cunt. Thunt.

>> No. 14548 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:09 pm
14548 spacer

>Swastika removed from controversial Nazi bell in Germany

>A controversial church bell in Schweringen, northern Germany, has had a swastika inscription removed as part of an unauthorised "spring cleaning".

>The unknown perpetrators left a note on the door confessing to defacing it, saying they wanted to clean the bell of "the filth of the National Socialists".
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>> No. 14549 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:52 pm
14549 spacer
Erasing a group of people from history feels like quite a nazi thing to be doing.
>> No. 14550 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:05 pm
14550 spacer

>> No. 14551 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:12 pm
14551 spacer
That man looks like a Germanic version of my Dad. All he needs is a bit of facial hair and to be wearing those jumpers you get from Marks & Spencer with the mock shirt collar sewn in.
>> No. 14552 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:55 pm
14552 spacer

I often think that your idea of what nationality somebody is is largely formed in your head by a picture's caption. If for some reason this picture had a caption saying "Visiting John Wilkinson from Birmingham is skeptical about the swastika on the bell", you would see what you would think of as typical British traits in his physical appearance.

Really, try it for yourself. Think of the chap as John Wilkinson from Birmingham, and suddenly he will not appear very Germanic to you at all.

Just another example of your mind seeing what it wants to see.
>> No. 14553 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 4:45 pm
14553 spacer
He looks like a Germanic version of my Dad because he's in Schweringen, not because he's walking around carrying bratwurst whilst an oom-pah band follow him in the background.

>> No. 14523 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 11:18 am
14523 Spanish spies 'tracked Carles Puigdemont via friend's phone'

>Sources in Spain’s National Intelligence Centre (CNI) told Spanish media outlets that the surveillance team had used the geolocation service on the mobile phone of at least one of Puigdemont’s companions to monitor his movements, as well as fitting a tracking device to the Renault Espace the group had been travelling in. Twelve CNI agents were involved in the operation.

Just to remind you what kind of world we live in.
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>> No. 14535 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 3:41 pm
14535 spacer

There's a whole list of people who have access these days, from your local council to the ambulance service.
>> No. 14536 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 4:41 pm
14536 spacer

I know some of you like to think otherwise, but I really don't think councils can access internet history of any sort, not under RIPA and not if the IPA and its ICRs ever enters force. Domains visited are traffic data.

It looks like the government cracked down on council snooping and there are now half decent safeguards for what they can do.

>> No. 14537 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 4:41 pm
14537 spacer

Am I the only one who is genuinely troubled by this?

Why should the government, any government, be allowed to store and keep all that information about me?

And don't give me the whole "TO CATCH THAR TERRISTS AND THEM". I am neither a daft militant wog nor do I plan to ever become one, and nor should it be for a government to say that I might be one without them knowing about it.
>> No. 14539 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 5:12 pm
14539 spacer
The part about keeping and making available ICRs has been in force for almost 18 months already.
>> No. 14540 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 5:39 pm
14540 spacer
As a bonus, the parts criminalising exceeding the limits have not yet entered force.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 17.42.49.png
>> No. 14382 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:44 pm
14382 Mark Anthony Conditt
The dude who has been leaving bombs around Austin, Texas - blew himself up yesterday.


Seems like a cool guy.
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>> No. 14481 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 5:48 pm
14481 spacer
No, that was your point, not mine.
>> No. 14482 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 6:35 pm
14482 spacer

>> No. 14485 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 6:54 pm
14485 spacer
The assumption that Texasbomberlad may have been a Christian radical wasn't that far fetched after all:


>Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt was part of Christian survivalist group that discussed 'dangerous' chemicals

>Mark Anthony Conditt reportedly took part in a conservative outdoors club called Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT), in which home-schooled young people studied the Bible and were taught gun skills.

>"He and and his family are as normal as I’ve seen anybody," Jeff Reeb, a neighbour of the Conditt family in Pflugerville for approximately 17 years, told The Independent.

>Former friends remembered Conditt as a “pretty normal kid” who was home-schooled by his “conservative, strictly religious” family in Pflugerville.

So he was a virgin after all.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 14486 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 6:59 pm
14486 spacer
Interesting - I think the next useful part of this story will come when the police publish what he said in the 24-minute video "confession" they found he recorded the night before on his phone.

Right with you on Texas and the Bible Belt - it is easy to like them for the consistency of the views and their quirks, but when you dig deep, they can be monstrous people.
>> No. 14487 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 8:22 pm
14487 spacer

>but when you dig deep, they can be monstrous people.

As Stephen Weinberg said once,

"With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion."

>> No. 14376 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 9:25 pm
14376 spacer

>She found a dating app on her boyfriend’s phone. Then she bought a samurai sword.

>Lovell woke to his girlfriend of two years attacking him with a sword, police say. Survival instincts — mainly martial arts training and all the kung fu films he had watched — clicked in.

>“I was able to wing chun my way to survival,” he told the Oregonian/OregonLive in an interview this week over Facebook messenger, referring to a Chinese martial art. He eventually wrapped Javier in a bear hug. “I saw the look in her eyes, and it scared the living poop out of me,” he told the news outlet. “I told her I loved her, and she was killing me.
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>> No. 14377 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 9:27 pm
14377 spacer
Martial arts? More like marital arts, right?
>> No. 14378 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 9:32 pm
14378 spacer
Martial tarts?
>> No. 14379 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 9:42 pm
14379 spacer

I posit martial farts.

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