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>> No. 4183 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 2:45 pm
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A m8 of mine has a cheap old motorbike from the 60s that's been stuck in his shed for a few years without being SORN'd. He never even put himself down as the registered owner on the V5C.

What are his options if he wants to sell the bike? If he suddenly registers himself as the owner and declares it SORN, won't the DVLA come a-knocking? If he bites the bullet and accepts the possibility of being penalised, wouldn't the penalties end up costing more than what the bike is worth? Could he just get rid of the numberplate and documentation and sell it 'as is', or could the DVLA somehow trace it back to him if the next owner tries to get the bike road legal? Would it be safer to just break it down into parts and sell them individually?
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>> No. 4184 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 3:23 pm
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>A m8
>> No. 4185 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 3:47 pm
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>If he suddenly registers himself as the owner and declares it SORN, won't the DVLA come a-knocking?

What for? If it's not used or stored on a public road then the DVLA really doesn't give a shit. They're also not going to suddenly ask your mate for five years of road tax if he puts the V5 in now - they have no proof (or any reason to believe) he didn't just buy the bike off someone else.

He just needs to register it in his name and immediately SORN it.
>> No. 4186 Anonymous
2nd July 2018
Monday 7:49 pm
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In a similar position to OP, would love to know.
>> No. 4187 Anonymous
3rd July 2018
Tuesday 7:18 am
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As far as the DVLA is concerned, your mate is only responsible for the bike once his name is on the V5. He can very easily claim it's a barn find or similar - either way the responsibility of the bike falls on the previous owner right up until your mate registers as the new owner. He won't - can't - be held responsible for a vehicle he wasn't the registered owner/keeper of.

The fine for failing to SORN is a flat eighty quid anyway, so it's not even much of an issue.

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