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>> No. 9 Anonymous
27th May 2009
Wednesday 1:37 pm
9 Manchester, lads
Report in

Didsbury here
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>> No. 1863 Anonymous
8th October 2011
Saturday 3:08 pm
1863 spacer
Rusholme here. Only lived in the city for two and a bit years. Was introduced to Manchester women by dating a wench from Wythenshawe who was obsessed with Hitler. Terrific shag she was.
>> No. 1966 Anonymous
14th January 2012
Saturday 11:34 am
1966 spacer
Bump, because Manchester should be on the front page.
>> No. 2167 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:09 am
2167 spacer
>> No. 2211 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 6:14 am
2211 spacer

I plan on going to Uni in Manchester this fall. Anyone know of anyone that is renting a room and wants a flat mate? I'm looking for anything reasonably priced (~300ppm) near the Uni of Manchester. Cheers
>> No. 2219 Anonymous
5th August 2012
Sunday 6:53 pm
2219 spacer

300 a month in the centre? Good luck with that. Maybe you could get away with somewhere in Salford, Harpurhey or Failsworth.

>> No. 2212 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 2:52 pm
2212 spacer
I'm going to be making a brief visit to Her Majesty the Queen's WIndsor this weekend, staying two nights. It is very short notice, so will I need to be sleeping rough in a park or are there some hostels offering immediate accomodation that are fairly cheap?

If sleeping rough is how it's going to be, any suggestions on a good quiet/preferably private area?
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>> No. 2213 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 2:58 pm
2213 spacer
Why are you doing that?
I'd suggest sleeping in a train station or something. If anyone asks, you missed your train.
>> No. 2214 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 3:06 pm
2214 spacer

that's a good idea, but won't I get kicked out by the staff?

something came up that can't wait

>> No. 2203 Anonymous
4th July 2012
Wednesday 12:37 pm
2203 spacer
Any South Yorkshireman?
Rotherhamfag here.

>> No. 2199 Anonymous
28th June 2012
Thursday 10:34 pm
2199 Portsmouth
Repost from /b/
I'm about to visit Portsmouth soon. Are there anonymous from there? I don't believe various leaflets, is it a dirty port town with port whores and drunken sailors, or a nice quiet seashore place, or a crowded beach place?
What R the places of interest in this town?
Tell me please about this place, anon.
Sorry for my jumping handwriting.

>> No. 108 Anonymous
29th May 2009
Friday 1:18 am
108 spacer

Report in.
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>> No. 2193 Anonymous
22nd June 2012
Friday 2:38 pm
2193 spacer
It used to be quite bad. A lot of drug dealing and stabbing going on there. Don't know if it's changed but it still looks pretty grim inside.
The music nights are meant to be good though.
>> No. 2195 Anonymous
25th June 2012
Monday 3:52 pm
2195 spacer

Pub sounds a plan at some point then? At a loss to where though - my haunts tend to be more towards the centre of town.
>> No. 2196 Anonymous
25th June 2012
Monday 4:59 pm
2196 spacer
I did actually suggest a pub trip for us South Brummies but then retracted my post upon consideration that it would probably be awful. But if you guys are up for buying a round each then I'm game - I'm not sure where would be best in this area as much like you I tend to do my drinking in town. Is the British Oak on the Pershore Road still a haunt for BNP supporters? Oh, the Selly Park Tavern is pretty nice and quiet, haven't been there in a few years. And they sell Purity there if I recall correctly. I'd suggest there.
>> No. 2197 Anonymous
25th June 2012
Monday 5:36 pm
2197 spacer

SPT's not a bad call to be honest, was down there with some mates when he had the brief stretch of glorious weather at the start of the month. And a selection of real ales is always a good sign!
>> No. 2198 Anonymous
28th June 2012
Thursday 6:41 pm
2198 spacer
Maypole / Truemans Heath / Hollywood lad here. Anybody else from this end save for the one chap from Shirley?

sheffield 2.jpg
>> No. 2149 Anonymous
19th May 2012
Saturday 7:27 pm
2149 Sheffield
Is Sheffield as nice at its wikipedia page makes it out to be?

> Estimated to contain over two million trees, Sheffield has more trees per person than any other city in Europe, and according to Sheffield City Council, it is England's greenest city, a claim that was reinforced when it won the 2005 Entente Florale competition. It has over 170 woodlands

> The racial composition of Sheffield's population was 91.2% White

> Although a city, Sheffield is informally known as "the largest village in England", because of a combination of topographical isolation and demographic stability. It is the largest city in the U.K. that does not form the basis of a conurbation, and is relatively geographically isolated, being cut off from other places by a ring of hills. The land surrounding Sheffield was unsuitable for industrial use, and now includes several protected green belt areas.

> In 1956, Hunt stated that "Modern Sheffield, a flourishing industrial city with over half a million inhabitants and a world-wide reputation, still retains many of the essential characteristics of the small market town of about five thousand people from which it has grown in the space of two and a half centuries." A 1970 survey has supported Hunt's characterisation, with more Sheffield residents able to identify a "home area" within the city than people from other large county boroughs were, and greatly more Sheffield residents expressing an unwillingness to leave their city than people from other large county boroughs did. This latter unwillingness was noted, by the survey analysis, as far more characteristic of the response that would be obtained by surveying a "a small urban or rural authority rather than a large county borough".
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>> No. 2164 Anonymous
24th May 2012
Thursday 5:18 pm
2164 spacer
I think you're wrong about the posh areas there lad, Totley is a bit odd, mix of rich and nice, just nice and some random estates.

And add Broomhill, Fulwood, Crookes into the list of nice/posh (bit of a mix) Broomhall's a bit odd though.
>> No. 2166 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 4:07 am
2166 spacer
>The racial composition of Sheffield's population was 91.2% White
The fuck is wrong with you lad?
>> No. 2168 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 10:31 am
2168 spacer
I live in Netherthorpe - which is one of the worst districts of Sheffield - and its still pretty nice.

I chuckled heartily at >>2150 because its so true. I would say that ~80% of people I live near are on some form of welfare (from an extremely unscientific and judgemental system based on looks alone) and yet I don't see any real/violent crime or feel threatened at all.

If anyone cares I could probably get you a link to a pdf report called "A Tale of Two Cities" by David Blunkett which takes an interesting look at how and why Sheffield has the poorest and richest council districts in the north right next to each other.
>> No. 2170 Anonymous
28th May 2012
Monday 2:21 pm
2170 spacer
Having lived in some very 'diverse' areas I can't tell you how happy I am when I actually get to live among my own kind.
>> No. 2182 Anonymous
16th June 2012
Saturday 3:59 pm
2182 spacer


he's one of them there fancy pants aboriginals who uses big words like 'cultural' and 'marxism', often in conjuntion.

>> No. 21 Anonymous
27th May 2009
Wednesday 5:21 pm
21 Pompey
check in mush!
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>> No. 1300 Anonymous
13th July 2010
Tuesday 1:06 am
1300 spacer
I can't believe we have ended up with so many Pompeyfags. How weird.
>> No. 1484 Anonymous
9th October 2010
Saturday 7:57 pm
1484 spacer

City of Copnor rollin deep
>> No. 2169 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 1:44 pm
2169 spacer
Staright outta Copnor
>> No. 2176 Anonymous
29th May 2012
Tuesday 11:00 pm
2176 spacer
Just over the Solent, on the godforsaken Isle of Wight
>> No. 2177 Anonymous
29th May 2012
Tuesday 11:43 pm
2177 spacer
Part time Titchfield/Hill Header here. Last time I went anywhere near you lot it was for a gallows gig at that pyramid thing. Is Jurassic 3000AD still running?

>> No. 2171 Anonymous
28th May 2012
Monday 3:46 pm
2171 spacer
What does .gs think about Brighton?

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>> No. 2172 Anonymous
28th May 2012
Monday 3:59 pm
2172 spacer
It's like Hove, but shittier.

(Bit of an old pic, lad, the West Pie hasn't looked like that for a while).
>> No. 2173 Anonymous
28th May 2012
Monday 4:59 pm
2173 spacer
I know, I live there. I was just wondering what everyone else made of it.
>> No. 2174 Anonymous
28th May 2012
Monday 5:18 pm
2174 spacer
>It's like Hove, but shittier.
And vice versa, presumably.
>> No. 2175 Anonymous
29th May 2012
Tuesday 10:59 pm
2175 spacer
The only time I stayed in Brighton, I couldn't get any sleep at all because of the fucking seagulls. Other than that it's not bad.

>> No. 2136 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 11:16 pm
So, I'm new here, but since 4chan failed me, I came here. I'll be spending 2 months during the summer in east sussex, near wadhurst. I'm actually hoping to find someone who can tell me more about that area and maybe want to grab a beer or 2 with me when I get there, since I'll be alone.
Pls respond

billy smiler fj edit.gif
>> No. 2135 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 11:13 pm
2135 Durham?
https://www.youtube.com/v/F_5sOjfgGps anybody from Durham on here?

>> No. 2091 Anonymous
11th March 2012
Sunday 11:01 am
2091 Americunts
Any fellow yanks lurking here?
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>> No. 2092 Anonymous
11th March 2012
Sunday 1:11 pm
2092 spacer
Get out.
>> No. 2106 Anonymous
6th April 2012
Friday 12:27 am
2106 spacer


>> No. 2077 Anonymous
17th February 2012
Friday 8:06 pm
2077 Bucks
Any Bucks?
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>> No. 2079 Anonymous
19th February 2012
Sunday 11:28 am
2079 spacer
I'm afraid it's Pounds sterling on this board lad.
>> No. 2080 Anonymous
19th February 2012
Sunday 11:06 pm
2080 spacer
Didn't know Bucks. had such a cool flag.
>> No. 2081 Anonymous
19th February 2012
Sunday 11:13 pm
2081 spacer

>> No. 2085 Anonymous
26th February 2012
Sunday 12:57 pm
2085 spacer
looks like that swan is shitting gold links
>> No. 2086 Anonymous
26th February 2012
Sunday 7:09 pm
2086 spacer

I saw one of those in Bucks the other day. It was waiting to cross the road. Proper horns and everything.

>> No. 1994 Anonymous
23rd January 2012
Monday 1:48 am
1994 Anyone fancy a meetup?
London, somewhere. I've been lurking in here for ages now
and have managed to convince myself that you're not ALL

I was thinking sometime in February, possibly in a bar/pub
someplace in Camden. Or, wherever, really.

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>> No. 2052 Anonymous
7th February 2012
Tuesday 10:17 am
2052 spacer
I'm 26 and I'd be up for it, bit of a trek from Birmingham though.
>> No. 2053 Anonymous
7th February 2012
Tuesday 10:29 am
2053 spacer

I'm 21 and can't be arsed.
How about a Birmingham meetup?
>> No. 2070 Anonymous
11th February 2012
Saturday 7:30 pm
2070 spacer
Just got on the tube. ETA: 1 hour
>> No. 2078 Anonymous
18th February 2012
Saturday 8:27 pm
2078 spacer
how did it go then, chaps? did anyone actually turn up?
>> No. 2082 Anonymous
24th February 2012
Friday 10:36 pm
2082 spacer
Short answer: went quite well, yes people turned up. There were plenty of rather verbose descriptions in the (now deleted) /b/ thread.

>> No. 756 Anonymous
3rd September 2009
Thursday 9:14 pm
756 isle of oil

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>> No. 763 Anonymous
5th September 2009
Saturday 11:41 pm
763 spacer
I learnt the other day that it is one of the few places to still have Red Squirrels. Good for them!
>> No. 764 Anonymous
6th September 2009
Sunday 11:39 am
764 spacer
That's encouraging. Was no-one stupid enough to bring the greys across the channel or something?
>> No. 765 Anonymous
6th September 2009
Sunday 11:47 am
765 spacer
"It is illegal to bring a grey squirrel into red squirrel territory. The penalty is 2 years imprisonment or £5,000 fine. It is also illegal to release a grey anywhere, once it is caught."

If a grey is found the council trap it and take it away.
>> No. 766 Anonymous
6th September 2009
Sunday 3:20 pm
766 spacer
This Isle is racist, we need to import some Grey's to enrich the enviroment.
>> No. 2076 Anonymous
16th February 2012
Thursday 10:59 pm
2076 spacer
I grew up on the Isle of Wight, but I've been away at university for the past 3 years. Not indenting to return there, if at all possible. It's kind of a shithole unless you're either very young or very old.

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