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>> No. 4532 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:19 am
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It was definitely an alien probe sent to check us out. We're fucked.
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>> No. 4533 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:33 am
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It's almost certainly not, and even if it was, the fact it's in a random spin and had its light sail permanently deployed would suggest that it's a knackered, dead probe.
>> No. 4534 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:41 am
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I like to think it was a superweapon, and those that sent it will now have to wait a decade or more to find out that they missed ever so slightly.
>> No. 4535 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:50 am
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>The reason I contemplate the reconnaissance possibility is that the assumption that `Oumumua followed a random orbit requires the production of ~10^{15} such objects per star in our galaxy. This abundance is up to a hundred million times more than expected from the Solar System, based on a calculation that we did back in 2009. A surprisingly high overabundance, unless `Oumuamua is a targeted probe on a reconnaissance mission and not a member of a random population of objects.

>According to Loeb, that there’s also the fact that ‘Oumuamua’s orbit brought it to within 0.25 AU of the Sun, which is a good orbit for intercepting Earth without experiencing too much solar irradiation. In addition, it came to within 0.15 AU of Earth, which could have been the result of orbital corrections designed to facilitate a flyby.

This is 100% certainly a probe.
>> No. 4536 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 5:33 am
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Spoonfeed me an article on the matter. I've heard murmurs but I don't actually know anything.
>> No. 4537 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:47 am
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>> No. 4538 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:54 am
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>Jackson said the spectral data from 'Oumuamua looks like an asteroid or a comet, while that of a solar sail would look very different. The new paper proposes that the sail has been coated in interstellar dust, which obscures its true spectral signature.

>"Any functional spacecraft would almost certainly retract its solar sail once in interstellar space to prevent damage," Jackson said. "The sail is useless once away from a star so there would be no reason to leave it deployed. If it was then deployed again on entering the solar system it would be pristine. Even if it was left deployed the dust accumulation would be primarily on the leading side like bugs on a windshield."

>'Oumuamua also travels in a complex tumbling spin, but a functioning solar sail would have a much smoother path and obvious radiation-driven acceleration, Jackson said. Even the spinning motion of a damaged solar sail would be far more strongly influenced by the radiation forces than seen.
>> No. 4539 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:24 am
4539 spacer
> "But one should not blindly accept this clever hypothesis when there is also a mundane (and a priori more likely) explanation for Oumuamua — namely that it's a comet or asteroid from afar."

> Coryn Bailer-Jones, an astronomer at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, voiced similar objections. "In science," he said in an email, "we must ask ourselves, "Where is the evidence?, not "Where is the lack of evidence so that I can fit in any hypothesis that I like?"

>> No. 4540 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:11 am
4540 spacer
The bit I find interesting is that it speeds up when it enters our solar system, which is highly irregular for an object that hasn't been sling shotted.
>> No. 4541 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 2:41 pm
4541 spacer
This is it, lads. They'll be back in a few years to take all our wimmin.
>> No. 4542 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 3:32 pm
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>> No. 4543 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:25 pm
4543 spacer

It's a Tyranid Narwhal scouting the system for life. We are deeply, deeply fucked.
>> No. 4544 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:48 pm
4544 spacer

As someone who only played 2nd Ed, wtf have they done to one of my favourite childhood memories??
>> No. 4546 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:25 pm
4546 spacer


Where do I begin, mate...
>> No. 4547 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:46 pm
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I always thought the spacewolves stuff was a bit OTT even back as a nipper, but a fucking land speeder pulled by wolves? What? Sigh.

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