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>> No. 3948 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 3:20 pm
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>> No. 3949 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:04 pm
3949 spacer
This is stolen entirely from http://qntm.org/responsibility
>> No. 3950 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:08 pm
3950 spacer
Oh, they acknowledge that. I feel good about realising where the story was from in less than 25 seconds. I'm not sure why that's an achievement.
>> No. 3951 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:17 pm
3951 spacer
You're a moron. Can't you find anything better to do than label credited derivative works "entirely stolen"?
>> No. 3953 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:18 pm
3953 spacer
How right you are. Let me rephrase; the idea was entirely stolen from qntm but the graphics were entirely stolen from some game.
And what a shoddy job they made of it too.
>> No. 3956 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:41 pm
3956 spacer

And they, in turn, stole it all from who?

The idea of a computer simulation of the universe is hardly a radical, fresh concept. Nor is the idea of entities within the simulation being necessarily sentient. Nor is the idea that this implies we are statistically likely to exist within such a simulation ourselves.

I'm not sure what's supposed to be noteworthy about a 5 minute long G-Mod video outlining A-level philosophy concepts.
>> No. 3957 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 5:02 pm
3957 spacer
I don't know, Picasso? Surely you agree that the video has copied more of its content from the story than the story has from the ideas it covers.

I'm not sure why a badly made videogame enactment of a short science fiction story is in /lab/, either.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 3958 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 5:12 pm
3958 spacer
>A-level philosophy concepts
I'm not entirely sure why that gets thrown around as an insult on this site. The underlying assumption seems to be that, while you're not yet so knowledgeable as to have the equivalent knowledge of a degree in every subject, you are well informed about every single subject to the depth an A level requires. I'm sure there are some people in the world about whom that could be said, but I seriously doubt any of them post on this site.

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