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>> No. 3549 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 3:28 am
3549 Cocaine HCl to Crack conversion - the science behind it
Can anyone tell me (sci fags) what happens to cocaine HCl into crack? I mean, what is the chemical difference?
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>> No. 3550 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 3:43 am
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No, lad.
>> No. 3551 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 3:55 am
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WTF are you on about? I know how to make it, i want to know what actually happens during the process and how "crack" differs chemically to cocaine.
>> No. 3552 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 5:07 am
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Crack is the freebase form of cocaine, as opposed to the hydrochloride salt. Reacting cocaine hydrochloride with a weak base (usually sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)) removes the hydrogen and chlorine ions, giving the freebase cocaine alkaloid, water, carbon dioxide and a salt (sodium chloride in the case of a reaction with sodium bicarbonate).

The freebase form has a much lower melting point, allowing crack to be smoked - cocaine HCl would just burn. The effects are essentially the same, but smoked crack enters the bloodstream much more quickly than snorted cocaine (due to the much greater surface area of the lungs vs the mucous membranes) giving a more intense and immediate hit. Crack cocaine isn't water soluble, so can't be effectively snorted.

Heroin offers an interesting parallel. The overwhelming majority of heroin sold in Europe is in the freebase form, which can be readily smoked but needs to be buffered with an acid (usually citric or Vit C) in order to be dissolved and injected. In the US, the market is split - on the east coast, most heroin is sold as a salt, whereas on the west coast it is usually sold as a freebase.

Also, that minge haunts my dreams, like a stubbly Eye of Sauron.
>> No. 3553 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 6:23 am
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This is correct.

t. Chemist

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