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>> No. 2941 Anonymous
25th August 2012
Saturday 2:50 pm
2941 spacer
Neurotypical syndrome

Persons with Neurotypical Syndrome, commonly and to a significant degree, display a variety of symptoms of their debilitating condition. Here, some of the most significant ones are summarized.

One of the most striking symptoms, likely to shock and alienate any healthy individual attempting to more than briefly communicate with them, is their acute averseness to honesty; they find it greatly insulting whenever people disrespect them so deeply as to actually tell the truth instead of manipulating them emotionally with blatantly obvious lies. Knowing how other NTs are the same in this regard, such behavior has become the standard among NTs, and they expect not only people of their kind, but others as well, to follow and show their appreciation of it.

Another highly visible symptom is that of their ritualistic activities, such as the rote utterance of phrases of little apparent meaning, particularly in social contexts. Typically, NTs involved in such “conversation” will exchange memorized stock phrases related to things such as the weather or the feelings of themselves and others, showing no interest whatsoever in the responses unless they do not fit the expected pattern, in which case the NTs will be offended by, or ironically, consider the person who made the comment mentally deficient. Other common ritualistic activities include, but are not limited to, excessive use of body language even when they have nothing to hide, incoherent shouting and monkey-like vocalizations, (particularly when inebriated in the presence of a pack of fellow NTs) and the obsessive-compulsive performing of strange gestures and uttering of nonsensical phrases, often as part of a religious practice.

Persons with NT, when compared to healthy individuals, commonly have a set of distinct intellectual impairments. Apart from a lower than average IQ (the median neurotypical IQ is 99.27), they show a lack of interest in technicalities, and are as a result remarkably ignorant. In addition, as they generally believe they know all that is of importance, they have few inclinations to search for new information.

Once a person with NT has made up his or her mind, a process typically involving very little ratiocination, cogitation, or deliberation, he or she likely refuses to acknowledge even the slightest possibility of being mistaken, no matter how much solid, logical evidence is presented. In contrast, they are for some reason quickly and easily convinced when exposed to emotional manipulation, the standard method of argumentation between NTs.

The disease affects as many as 9,600 out of 10,000 individuals, which is clearly alarming. The good news is that the number of incidences appear to be decreasing; several possible causes for this have been proposed. For example, nutritional improvements in the last few decades is said to be allowing these poor kids to develop proper neurology.

Neurotypical syndrome is characterized by externalized self-referencial modes of thought, where the individual subject continually models how others might judge her or his own actions, in attempt to maintain the desired outward appearance. Although wasting vast amounts of cognitive resources, the diseases is so widespread, many ill informed health care professionals consider it a normal, healthy state. Definitive diagnoses may be made by use of polygraph test and simple questions such "Are you living a lie?," to determine how many mental resources are being diverted toward delusion maintenance. (Of course, it is best not to inform a subject of the exact purpose of this procedure before making the diagnostic tests.) Diagnosis and treatment are best done at an early age, prior to beginning public schooling, to avoid the cross-contamination repsonsible for the current epidemic.
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>> No. 2942 Anonymous
25th August 2012
Saturday 2:51 pm
2942 spacer

cheeky assburger.png

When you look into the social behavior of the neurotypicals, you can immediately disguise that they enjoy "small talk", aka. talking about nothing. Instead of pursuing intellectual pursuits and gathering/processing useful information, they use the lowest ways of communication possible in order to simply "hang out". This serves absolutely no purpose, except to satisfy the cavemen-age primitive social functions put into the neurotypical brain by the nature.

The most primitive of these functions is sexuality, which the neurotypicals openly embrace without shame. We can observe that they consider that it is "natural" and even acceptable to act like a horny teenager and drool over every attractive member of the opposite sex. The media fuels this fire as well, resulting in a morally retarded and decadent society where the neurotypicals are at the mercy of their most primal desires. However, they cannot really be blamed either, because their brain is hardwired in order to carry out the most basic of the Human instincts. They are simply unable to think of the reproduction from an intellectual point of view, and see it as a bare necessity which it is.

The brain of the Aspie is very different. It is naturally rational and analytical. Many times the Aspie is also more intelligent than a lowly neurotypical, and it is no wonder that many of the great scientists such as Albert Einstein had Aspergers.

In a social situation, an Aspie does not subconsciously imitate the behavior of the people of "higher status". In fact, there are no pre-defined people of higher status for an Aspie, because an Aspie thinks of every person as an individual. Our brain is not wired to think of people as representations of social status or members of a group. We do not give value to the people based on what other people think of them, we draw our own conclusions. In other words, the Aspie brain is both more rational and less shallow than the neurotypical (group ANIMAL) one.

We are very straightforward and honest. A society of Aspies is a society of a ZERO corruption (again, thanks to the way how our brain is). Half the world's problems would instantly diminish if everyone had Asperger's.

Many aspies have their specific field of interest in which they excel. In a society of Aspies, every job is filled with a professional who has the job as their field of interest, and does their job well and with glee. The productivity instantly rises. However, because the Aspies are often interested in the intellectual and complex pursuits, the more simple and less important jobs are taken by the neurotypicals for whose simple brain those simple labors are very fitting.

Often, our senses are amplified and we can see and hear things more efficiently than a neurotypical. An Aspie even articulates perfectly due to how their brain works. This, if anything, is the nature's message that an Aspie truly is far above the lowly neurotypical.

The more you look into it, the more you will inevitably realise the supremacy of the Asperger brain. You realize how smart and rational it is when compared to the neurotypicals.

The greatest tragedy which the Mankind has faced was not the Holocaust, not Hiroshima, not WTC. The greatest tragedy is the low number of the Aspies. The rational, scientific motives and intellectual desires and prowess of the Aspies is the only right way to further advance the Humanity. Without Aspies in power, the Mankind is doomed to war, corruption, scarcity and decadence because all of these traits are piled and hardwired in the head of the most despicable of all animals: the neurotypical Human.
>> No. 2944 Anonymous
25th August 2012
Saturday 3:18 pm
2944 spacer
Won't somebody please think of the children?
>> No. 2945 Anonymous
25th August 2012
Saturday 8:33 pm
2945 spacer

LOL take that, normals!

Where would civilization be without aspies!
>> No. 2964 Anonymous
30th August 2012
Thursday 12:22 am
2964 spacer


Propably the same place it is in now. Where they don't count. Which is good, what the rabble doesn't understand it fucks. If it can't fuck it it tries to eat it. And if that won't work it still fucks it.
>> No. 2965 Anonymous
30th August 2012
Thursday 12:38 am
2965 spacer
Excellent summary.
>> No. 2983 Anonymous
4th September 2012
Tuesday 8:18 am
2983 spacer

Muh creativity
>> No. 2984 Anonymous
12th September 2012
Wednesday 12:27 am
2984 spacer
Who is this bearded man?
>> No. 2985 Anonymous
12th September 2012
Wednesday 1:02 am
2985 spacer
He is le enlightened neuro-wonk.
>> No. 2992 Anonymous
21st September 2012
Friday 7:50 am
2992 spacer
Very short-sighted and ignorant post OP, there are more then two types of personality and at least 15 personality 'disorders' (I don't see them as disorders though) that I have personally studied for many years now.

Enjoy your god-complex you self centred little cretin.
>> No. 2993 Anonymous
21st September 2012
Friday 8:03 am
2993 spacer

*Actual* Psychotherapist, by any chance?
>> No. 2994 Anonymous
21st September 2012
Friday 8:53 am
2994 spacer
At least us autists don't get trolled by copypasta.

>> No. 2995 Anonymous
21st September 2012
Friday 7:50 pm
2995 spacer

How do you know if anyone was even 'trolled' and why does offending someone by copying and pasting something have such high regard among you people?

If I quote Adolf Hitler in front of lots of Jews will that count as being 'trolled by copy-pasta?

Another short-sighted childish comment, nothing to do with disorders just your level of understanding of society or culture in general.
>> No. 2996 Anonymous
22nd September 2012
Saturday 7:51 am
2996 spacer

>If I quote Adolf Hitler in front of lots of Jews will that count as being 'trolled by copy-pasta?

I'd imagine so.
>> No. 2998 Anonymous
23rd September 2012
Sunday 3:32 pm
2998 spacer
amusing copypasta, and while it does raise some good points I think society would not work with a large proportion of aspies. Inevitably, we always need more binmen and cleaners than we do doctors or scientists.
>> No. 2999 Anonymous
23rd September 2012
Sunday 4:06 pm
2999 spacer
>you people
What are you on about mate? I just pointed out it was pretty obviously copypasta, so kind of silly of you to be taken in by it.
You sound like a massive knob anyway.
>> No. 3001 Anonymous
24th September 2012
Monday 8:27 pm
3001 spacer
>Once a person with NT has made up his or her mind, a process typically involving very little ratiocination, cogitation, or deliberation, he or she likely refuses to acknowledge even the slightest possibility of being mistaken, no matter how much solid, logical evidence is presented. In contrast, they are for some reason quickly and easily convinced when exposed to emotional manipulation, the standard method of argumentation between NTs.

Apart from the AS vs NT angle. So fucking true, I find the language of presentaion of an argument intresting. It almost doesn't matter what you are trying to say to a lot of people its how you present things. I accpet people have a limitted attention span and therefore you can't make your arguments too dry, But there is a lot of what 'feels right' goes on in most peoples decision making, and that is maniplitable and it seems funny that when you are watching someone being manipulated and you've worked it out and they haven't it can feel like they can't see past the end of their nose.
>> No. 3025 Anonymous
4th October 2012
Thursday 10:55 pm
3025 spacer

A neurotypical athelete and weightlifter, was teaching a class on Lady Gaga, known neurotypical icon.

„Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Lady Gaga and accept that she is the most important human of all time, even more important than Albert Einstein.“

At this moment, a clear-thinking, and socially-transcendent Assburger, who had spent 1500 weeks on Krautchan and understood that neurotypical social games hinder scientific thought, stood up and held up a rock.

What... is... this r..r..r.ock made of?

The arrogant Professor smirked quite neurally typical and smugly replied „A rock is a rock, its not made of anything.
„Shut up and sit down, retard!“
„W....rong. A rock is made of atoms, just like all physical objects.“

The neurotypical was visibly shaken and dropped his sports equipment and liberal arts books. He stormed out of the room crying those unlogical tears.

The students applauded and all devoted their lives to science and implemented the only true government, technocracy. An Eagle named Science flew into the room and perched atop the Aspergia flag and shed a tear on the chalk board. Einstein's special theory of relativity was read several times, and a new season of anime was broadcast.

The athelete broke his spine the next day and was paralysed. He was eventually euthanised for not contributing enough to science.

Logic and Reason.
>> No. 3026 Anonymous
4th October 2012
Thursday 10:57 pm
3026 spacer
Okay that's quite enough krautchan thanks
>> No. 3124 Anonymous
29th January 2013
Tuesday 8:51 pm
In order to understand autism you really have to try to understand a perspective that is unknown to you. Autism affects the brain. More precisely, it’s that autistic brains are different altogether. They perceive the world differently and also process information much differently.

To an outsider, you could only tell someone was autistic if they described to you the way in which they think. I’m going to tell you what it’s like for me specifically. Not everything may apply to all Autistics because it is a condition that has effects across a spectrum. But I believe many views would still be shared.

I view Neuro-Typical brains as viewing the world through a tunnel. In this tunnel you understand the world around you as it pertains to a specific context of time and perspective. Usually, the most common time-frame to view life from is your own personal lifetime and the perspective is obviously your own point of view. The thoughts that consume most of your time have to do with work, career, family, friends, social interaction, bills, vacation, and hobbies. This is what I consider “Neuro-Typical tunnel vision”.

An autistic mind recognizes the existence of this tunnel, but does not relate to it. I understand why it is important to you, but I don’t personally connect with this perspective. Nor do I relate to feeling confined to this particular tunnel. I view my environment from a much different point of view.

Because an autistic mind is naturally an “outside-of-the-box” thinker, it is not confined to the tunnel. It naturally wants to constantly expand it’s perspective and understanding.

Not to say a NT mind isn't also capable of this, but not nearly to the same extent. A NT will be able to expand their scope of perspective to reveal what I consider “enlightening subjects”. Math, Philosophy, Science, History, Politics, etc.. They may even become an expert in one, two, or several of these fields. But lack the ability to make connections b/w enlightening subjects, relate those connections with the tunnel, and/or fully grasp an understanding of the “bigger picture”. At some point, regardless of how smart you are, a NT brain views large volumes of information as overwhelming. It will naturally want to return to the tunnel vision. It is safe there. It is secure. Everything makes sense while your in the tunnel. Once you venture out of it, then things become less stable to your understanding of reality. It can be scary out there.

When an autistic brain expands its perspective to reveal the enlightening subjects, the way in which the information is processed is the key difference. A major indicator of autism is “intense preoccupation with a narrow subject”. What happens when I start exploring subjects and I find one that interests me is I grab that idea, create a tunnel around it, and put all my energy into understanding that subject inside and out. Nothing else matters when this happens. Friends, social interaction, hygiene, and even eating slips the mind.

Once I understand it, once I can relate it to other ideas, once I can put its concepts in a context of time that I can understand then, and only then, can I consider letting go and moving on. This is not always the case. Sometimes an autistic mind will become an expert in one of these fields and turn it into a career. Other times they will keep it as a reoccurring interest or hobby. My personal habit is to keep absorbing different subjects. Admittedly, sometimes I let go early, but they often reoccur later in my life and send me into another information binge.

What starts to happen when you keep doing this repeatedly with more and more subjects, is you begin to see you are constructing a new perspective in which to view the world around yourself with--A new level of context with which to interpret the world. Instead of now identifying with only your own personal life, you identify with all life. Instead of viewing the world through a time-frame of understanding as it relates only to your lifespan, you view the world as it relates to all of time. Instead of viewing the world as it relates to your own perspective, you can start considering all perspectives. When you are constantly operating from this point of view then the NT tunnel of reality becomes a joke.

You see it for what it is. It is a prison for the mind. The bars are not made out of steel. You are imprisoned with entertainment, distractions, and things you believe are important. And they are important. Because the tunnel of understanding from which you make that judgment from tells you it is important.

As long as the integrity and structure of the tunnel is maintained, you are willing to ignore things that should outrage you. Restrictions on constitutional rights, financial corruption at the highest level, NDAA, privacy, the TSA!, poverty, death camps. As long as these things don’t interfere with your tunnel, you are comfortable with turning a blind eye. As long as you can go party on the weekends, have a job, spend time with your friends, and have a bed to sleep in at night, then you are comfortable leaving the things that do matter in someone else's hands. Even if the people who you expect to fix these things are often the same exact people who cause these problems in the first place. If the very thought of that sounds illogical to you that’s because it is. The NT reality tunnel contradicts itself repeatedly.

I think a high-functioning autistic mind is capable of constructing a higher form of perspective, understanding, scope of expertise, and context for larger periods of time. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but I think an autistic brain is the next step in human evolution towards a higher form of intelligence. I’m not saying we are close to being there yet. And, I also don’t think the observable differences between the two brains are nearly as exaggerated as it could be one day.

I say this because an autistic mind thrives on access to information. The creation of the internet may have had a role in the identification of this trait, or the exaggeration of this trait. A genetic mutation that creates a brain capable of processing large amounts of information may not have been easily observable had there not existed an unlimited source of knowledge for that brain to explore to begin with.

This is why I believe we have yet to see what an autistic brain is capable of. The internet is still fairly new. The access we have to unlimited information is also still relatively new. Only two things would be necessary to see an even greater increase in the gap between NT brains and autistic brains. One, as medical professionals, as parents, as a society, the autistic tendency to enter tunnels of specialized information processing should be encouraged. Two, the delivery method for information, when perfected, will shorten the amount of time an autistic brain needs to stay in a specialized tunnel of interest.

Once we improve things such as search capabilities, quality of content, quality of sources, and accuracy of information, then I don’t need to spend months invested in a subject. I will need weeks, or days, or hours. You can see how this would quickly expand the scope of understanding for someone capable of processing information this way. Yes, this would also definitely expand a NT brain, but an autistic mind would take off exponentially and, well, leave everyone else behind in evolutionary history.

This is what human evolution is. It’s when a mutation encounters opportunity. Mutations happen all the time. Some good. Some bad. It’s when a mutation gives you a trait that is advantageous for your environment that we encounter some interesting results.
>> No. 3125 Anonymous
29th January 2013
Tuesday 9:59 pm
3125 spacer

Alternatively, auties think NTs are weird and horrible and disgusting and that they are absolutely superior based on a tiny genetic difference.

The converse is also true, NTs think auties are weird and horrible and disgusting and that they are absolutely superior based on a tiny genetic difference.

And you know what? Both view points are absolutely right, in the eyes of the holder. You can sit round with your friends and bitch about how great you are, and someone else can do the same from the other side of the fence.

Either way, it doesn't fucking matter - everyone of every type is needed to form society. Without the auties we wouldn't have electricity, and we would have lost the battle of Britain. Without the NTs, the auties would be shitting in nappies and disposing of them when convenient at all ages, because it would be more efficient.

Everyone is important.

On a personal note, I straddle the fence in that I experience a lot of out of the box thinking as you put it and am often at a bit of a loss in social situations. Sometimes though, I can go for weeks thinking about nothing except "tunnel thinking" and interacting completely normally. If you asked everyone I've known through my life what they thought of me, depending on how I felt when I first met them, you'd either get "massive autist" or "proper sound lad innit."

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm superior to both auties and NTs.
>> No. 3126 Anonymous
29th January 2013
Tuesday 10:10 pm
3126 spacer

>in the eyes of the holder
>> No. 3127 Anonymous
29th January 2013
Tuesday 10:45 pm
3127 spacer
>I think an autistic brain is the next step in human evolution towards a higher form of intelligence
Looks like someone doesn't understand how evolution works.
>> No. 3128 Anonymous
29th January 2013
Tuesday 10:46 pm
3128 spacer

>> No. 3182 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 9:11 pm
3182 spacer

professor assburger.png
Asperger's Syndrome - let me give you a run-down on what it's like.

Imagine you're a regular, normal human being. You have your wants, you have your needs, you have your hopes and dreams. But, everyone else around you are dogs. They wag their tails when they are happy, growl when they are angry, and sniff each other's crap and bark about it to communicate with each other. You, however, do not do these things: you smile, you talk, you laugh, you cry. You have a lot of trouble trying to communicate with dogs the same way dogs do instinctively.

Your mind is completely alien to all the dogs around you. You think in concepts that they cannot fathom, and you find their mentality even more incomprehensible. You alone see the many problems dogs have with each other and the world around them. Not only do they seem incapable of figuring out what seems glaringly obvious to you, though, dogs merrily go about their way as if they have no idea they have problems in the first place! If only you could communicate these ideas outside of your head in a way dogs, or you, could understand.

However, even if you could, they will not hear you. Not only can't dogs understand, in fact, they won't. They are inexplicably hostile to the very idea of understanding you. All they know is you are different, and that makes you easy prey. Because of this, you have become a pariah, an inferior, an omega. They fear, hate, and attack you and your differences, and your only defense is shouting "WHY!?".

Despite the fact that you merely imagine in methods that they do not, have other amusements and stimulations as they, possess wants and needs counter to most of them, and can think circles around any of them, the dogs that run the world have thoughtlessly concluded that there's something wrong with *YOU*, all because you don't cheerfully sniff excrement like everybody else.

THAT'S an Aspie's world.
>> No. 3183 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 10:28 pm
3183 spacer
So having an unfounded sense of superiority and feeling like a special snowflake?
>> No. 3184 Anonymous
8th March 2013
Friday 5:22 pm
3184 spacer

You lost the thread of your metaphor. Dogs are loyal to a fault.

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