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>> No. 13129 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:58 pm
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How do you lot take your holidays?
I get 20 days off + the usual bank holidays, though it's actually 19 since my work get everyone to book the same day around Christmas to stop the place being open for 1 day. Why they don't just give it us off and not pay us I don't know.

I've been taking weeks off in even intervals ever since I've started working but I'm starting to think about opting for a few long weekends instead. In the next few years I'll be probably going abroad and a week just won't cut it. I've known some people who never get round to book theirs off and have to have them alloted to them instead. Then there are those who have all their time off over a small period then have the rest of the year with nothing.

I can't imagine how soul grating working 26+ weeks straight with only the usual days off to look forward is.
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>> No. 13136 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 11:13 pm
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I worked at a factory where everyone had to take the same time off. It was like being at school, but I think it worked.

3 weeks in August, a week around Christmas, worked around all the bank holidays so it only worked out at a couple of days, and a week around Easter.

The longest slog was obviously Christmas to Easter, but it wasn't bad, all told.
>> No. 13137 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 7:42 am
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My workplace is really flexible with holidays, which is one of the main things that make up for the underwhelming pay.

I work bank holidays as a standard working day, so I essentially get an extra 8 holiday days for free, then I buy an extra week's worth by salary sacrifice. On top of that, I can claim my overtime as holidays at time and a half, so I get three days off for working a weekend shift. In the end it works out that I could basically fuck off for nearly two months of the year if I felt so inclined.

I usually book a week off around the start of summer, another week mid-late summer, and another week near the end of the year. I spread the rest around whenever I feel like a long weekend or when I have to stay home to wait for a parcel and the suchlike. If I wake up one day and can't really be arsed, I can just book the afternoon off and work half a day. That's the tricky bit though- Temptation is so strong when you know you have the ability to do so, but you just gradually piss your holidays away for no real benefit, when it really wouldn't have killed you just to stay at work another four hours.

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