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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 63500 Crabkiller
19th June 2019
Wednesday 7:36 pm
63500 spacer
Bods think they're so fucking smart because they can prance around on the floor and trick woims into thinking it's raining. Do you know how many times I've seen woims on the ground whilst it's raining? Never. I can only conclude, therefore, that birds are complete fucking idiots.
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>> No. 63501 YubYub
19th June 2019
Wednesday 8:02 pm
63501 spacer
>Do you know how many times I've seen woims on the ground whilst it's raining? Never.
That's because the early birds already got them.
>> No. 63503 Ambulancelad
20th June 2019
Thursday 12:22 pm
63503 spacer

So you've been standing around in the rain staring at the ground waiting for worms to surface where you've created a dry patch where everything else is wet. Where as crows have the good sense to simulate rain in a one area so worms have to come to it and they stay dry the whole time. And you think they are the idiots?
>> No. 63504 YubYub
20th June 2019
Thursday 1:12 pm
63504 spacer
You've never looked at the ground when it's raining? Have you ever been outside in your life?
>> No. 63505 Anonymous
20th June 2019
Thursday 9:54 pm
63505 spacer
I don't stand around expectantly waiting for worms to appear, which is what you are really asking.

AFRICA KENYA MASAI SC 940x523 - 1.jpg
>> No. 63499 Moralfag
19th June 2019
Wednesday 10:28 am
63499 spacer

>> No. 63488 Auntiefucker
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:43 pm
63488 spacer

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>> No. 63489 Anonymous
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:51 pm
63489 spacer

The thought of Jeremy Hunt going around the country and personally executing every single pensioner has given me a workable semi.
>> No. 63497 Billbob
19th June 2019
Wednesday 12:35 am
63497 spacer
If this is a dog whistle to prepare for the cull. I am totally on board.

>> No. 63480 Samefag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 11:40 am
63480 spacer
"padma mccord"
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>> No. 63482 YubYub
18th June 2019
Tuesday 5:06 pm
63482 spacer

u wot m8
>> No. 63487 Anonymous
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:24 pm
63487 spacer

padma mccord.jpg

>> No. 63492 Samefag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 11:16 pm
63492 spacer
She's so my type though.

>> No. 63478 Billbob
18th June 2019
Tuesday 7:33 am
63478 spacer


this has to be a wind-up
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>> No. 63479 Ambulancelad
18th June 2019
Tuesday 8:26 am
63479 spacer
You'd need a pretty long crank arm.
>> No. 63481 Are Moaty
18th June 2019
Tuesday 3:17 pm
63481 spacer

Good for her. I hope as an unwitting poster child she is use to inspire people off their arses rather that to justify peoples obesity to themselves.

The language and focus of the definately tips towards the latter. The newspaper clippings of 'Smashing body sterotype'/'showing body diversity' is code for "I'm not thin, I can't be thin, thin people are different from us, I hate them and think they are priviliaged, it's time we took power", I hope this story ends in her getting too thin for them (as she innevitably realises her weight is a hinderance to on her progress) and them resenting her for not really being 'true fat', rather then her breaking her leg because of her weight, and people having a sneer because what she has come to represent.

>> No. 63473 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 9:46 pm
63473 spacer
If I could be friends with any of the 'friends' from friends it would be Courtney Cox.
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>> No. 63475 Crabkiller
16th June 2019
Sunday 9:58 pm
63475 spacer
yeah we know you're fond of cox
>> No. 63476 Moralfag
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:30 pm
63476 spacer
That's a might old picture though.

>> No. 63290 Crabkiller
14th May 2019
Tuesday 7:00 am
63290 spacer
Jeremy's the name.

Having people kill themselves after they fail one of my lie detector tests is the game.
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>> No. 63468 Paedofag
16th June 2019
Sunday 3:24 pm
63468 spacer
In what way does "celebrity panel/debate show" describe Jeremy Kyle?
>> No. 63469 Ambulancelad
16th June 2019
Sunday 4:08 pm
63469 spacer
Have you seen the standard of celebrities on itv these days? They're literally just members of the public.
>> No. 63470 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:13 pm
63470 spacer
So basically, instead of Jeremy Kyle, it's exactly the same show but with "celebrities" running the circus.
>> No. 63471 Ambulancelad
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:40 pm
63471 spacer

We'll have gone from watching Scarlett Moffatt passing judgement on the week's TV to watching Scarlett Moffatt passing judgement on a pair of dolescum accusing one another of being unfaithful.
>> No. 63472 Auntiefucker
16th June 2019
Sunday 8:37 pm
63472 spacer

Can you really not figure out which part of that picture describes a Jeremy Kyle style show, or are you being contrarian for the sake of it?

denver with victims.jpg
>> No. 63366 YubYub
27th May 2019
Monday 11:35 pm
63366 spacer
>Denver, the last dinosaur
>He's my friend and a whole lot more
>Denver, the last dinosaur
>Shows me a world I never saw before

"He's my friend and a whole lot more", "Shows me a world I never saw before"

Denver Fucked those children I'm sure of it. The clues were there in plain sight lads. We just chose not to see them.
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>> No. 63397 Ambulancelad
29th May 2019
Wednesday 4:03 pm
63397 spacer

And you know what they say about any hole don't you.
>> No. 63462 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 11:41 am
63462 spacer
Are you the lad who had me in an hour long fit of laughter with your David Dickinson post back in 2012 or 13?
>> No. 63463 Paedofag
14th June 2019
Friday 1:07 pm
63463 spacer

As the resident furfag, I can assure you that cloaca is the ultimate form of boi pussy.
>> No. 63464 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 1:42 pm
63464 spacer
You poor deluded fool.

Sexy snail bois are the hottest thing in 2019
>> No. 63465 Moralfag
14th June 2019
Friday 3:11 pm
63465 spacer

I don't think that was me, But that's a very telling surname.

>> No. 63440 Are Moaty
11th June 2019
Tuesday 7:44 pm
63440 spacer
More women are in the workforce than ever before. I can't help but think this is a bad thing.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 63455 Are Moaty
12th June 2019
Wednesday 3:02 pm
63455 spacer
Lad you turned up for a winge of no value and they have gone 'lol I trolled you' when people told you they don't care. Are you sure you wouldn't be happier in the other place?
>> No. 63456 Are Moaty
12th June 2019
Wednesday 3:07 pm
63456 spacer
I'm sorry you take /iq/ so seriously. *in my I.R.A. voice* So it is YOU who would be happier in the other place.
>> No. 63457 R4GE
12th June 2019
Wednesday 4:57 pm
63457 spacer

Most people can tell the difference between not taking things too seriously and shitting your own pants 'for a laugh'. You are embarrassing yourself now.
>> No. 63458 Moralfag
13th June 2019
Thursday 10:36 pm
63458 spacer

edited for OP's benefit
>> No. 63459 Crabkiller
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:08 pm
63459 spacer
But then who will make the tea?

It's an odd paradox that I've read before. How has the working class women fared from rise of opportunities? They work in jobs caring for the sprogs of career women and dream of becoming a footballers wife to escape having to work.

>> No. 63436 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 6:31 pm
So what did you lads get are Liz for her big day?
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>> No. 63437 Billbob
8th June 2019
Saturday 6:32 pm
63437 spacer
A big trump in the face
>> No. 63438 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 9:10 am
63438 spacer
We are not amused.
>> No. 63439 Billbob
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:13 pm
63439 spacer
but we are somewhat bemused.

>> No. 63430 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:08 pm
63430 spacer
Let's just have a thread posting old shit we'd almost forgotten about

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>> No. 63431 Are Moaty
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:38 pm
63431 spacer
I don't know about these "drunk Russian people" videos at all. They all seem like such fun.
>> No. 63433 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 11:56 pm
63433 spacer
since you asked

>> No. 63434 Auntiefucker
4th June 2019
Tuesday 12:11 am
63434 spacer

brachiosaurus tie.png
>> No. 63421 Are Moaty
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:16 am
63421 spacer

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>> No. 63426 Crabkiller
3rd June 2019
Monday 11:56 am
63426 spacer
Left. You wear your tie at the bottom of your neck, not the top of your chin.
>> No. 63427 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2019
Monday 1:20 pm
63427 spacer

I'm afraid the only reference material I could find of dinosaurs wearing ties was a triceratops. But as we can see in is worn down by the shoulders
>> No. 63428 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2019
Monday 1:26 pm
63428 spacer


I was however able to find an instance of a Brontosaurus wearing Pearl's and a scarf in the other manner which would heavily imply a brachiosaurus would wear a tie like that.
>> No. 63429 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 7:40 pm
63429 spacer
This is the correct answer. Also, the tie knot in the OP is a bit small - Windsor knot ftw.
>> No. 63435 Ambulancelad
4th June 2019
Tuesday 8:17 am
63435 spacer
Hence the word necktie.

>> No. 63399 R4GE
29th May 2019
Wednesday 6:27 pm
63399 spacer


Somehow the fountain makes him less threatening
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>> No. 63416 Moralfag
31st May 2019
Friday 6:58 am
63416 spacer
The "give him a shake" at the end is great.
>> No. 63417 Are Moaty
31st May 2019
Friday 8:51 am
63417 spacer
What other repeats from 2016 do you have, internet archive lad?
>> No. 63418 Crabkiller
31st May 2019
Friday 9:24 am
63418 spacer
Have you seen this one lad?

>> No. 63419 YubYub
31st May 2019
Friday 9:43 am
63419 spacer
That's not from 2016.
>> No. 63420 Moralfag
31st May 2019
Friday 12:54 pm
63420 spacer

Awkward Politics Nan is such an inderrated meme.

>> No. 63370 Auntiefucker
28th May 2019
Tuesday 8:15 pm
63370 spacer

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>> No. 63403 Auntiefucker
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:48 pm
63403 spacer
I'm glad at least that all the outlets that seem to think it's ridiculous are themselves far-right.
>> No. 63404 Paedofag
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:49 pm
63404 spacer
He doesn't look like he works at Furniture Village.
>> No. 63406 Auntiefucker
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:53 pm
63406 spacer
What exactly is wrong with soldiers being on the far right? Wouldn't it help with training them up to kill brown folk?
>> No. 63412 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:20 pm
63412 spacer

because sometimes we want them not to kill and actually protect brown folk and that compromises their abbility to do that, and we don't want them deciding they 'should take matters into their own hands'.

The modern Army is just as much about it's public facing as killing people (they would probably say more if you asked them), they want people who set a good impression of what Britain and the british are like, as they want to defuse hostilities rather than escalate them. They want our boys to be seen as saviours and peace keepers by the natives.
>> No. 63413 Paedofag
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:25 pm
63413 spacer

Because you only want them to kill the brown folks you tell them to, and not burn villages of civilians to keep them from moving to bradford and getting a free flat and a car and a GPS unit from the liberal elite government.

Also there's brown people in our army, so that presents a further issue.

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