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>> No. 63877 Searchfag
9th August 2019
Friday 11:33 pm
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>> No. 63885 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 11:46 am
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>> No. 63886 YubYub
10th August 2019
Saturday 12:32 pm
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Good point. There are a number of factors then. How many women per million have testes vs how many of us there are is the big one. The other one that comes to mind is that she may have testes but does she produce semen? Produce as in ejaculate it as pollution, rather than simply create a small amount then recycle it internally as a closed system. If the latter then her cum emissions are still next to zero more than any non-hidden testes woman, especially if you take into account that any woman may cause there to be more semen emitted into the world by giving someone a handjob in a situation where they wouldn't otherwise have masturbated.
>> No. 63888 Crabkiller
10th August 2019
Saturday 2:12 pm
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He's just senile.
>> No. 63889 YubYub
10th August 2019
Saturday 2:55 pm
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We can see that, but let's get back to talking about Joe Biden.
>> No. 63890 Are Moaty
10th August 2019
Saturday 3:26 pm
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Wasn't this already posted in a context where it made sense?

>> No. 63870 Ambulancelad
9th August 2019
Friday 2:00 pm
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Ian Watkins is the name

Storing phones up my arse in prison is the game
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>> No. 63871 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 3:01 pm
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>> No. 63872 Samefag
9th August 2019
Friday 3:04 pm
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At least he's had practice. I saw that photo of him with a baseball bat up there.
>> No. 63873 Crabkiller
9th August 2019
Friday 3:12 pm
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Lags have it so easy these days with those bumphones.
>> No. 63874 Are Moaty
9th August 2019
Friday 3:14 pm
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>> No. 63868 Samefag
8th August 2019
Thursday 12:55 pm
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>> No. 63869 Are Moaty
8th August 2019
Thursday 2:37 pm
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I am impressed that they managed to do it to a quality that I wasn't sure at first if the studio had just redone it badly.
>> No. 63875 Searchfag
9th August 2019
Friday 6:01 pm
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None of this has ever explained why they chose Gangsta's Paradise for the trailer. If you're going for 90's nostalgia you have a million choons to pick from, why on earth did they pick a plodding rap 'epic'?
>> No. 63876 YubYub
9th August 2019
Friday 7:00 pm
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Just another box for them to tick on the list of everything wrong with the modern movie industry

>> No. 63839 Billbob
4th August 2019
Sunday 11:58 pm
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>> No. 63862 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 5:41 am
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>a cunt-off between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea yet
You mean a front-off.
>> No. 63863 Are Moaty
6th August 2019
Tuesday 7:30 am
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I find the use of gendered language to describe an argument as hugely offensive. Please refrain.
>> No. 63864 Ambulancelad
6th August 2019
Tuesday 1:52 pm
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Excuse me cunt is not a gendered term. Boys can have cunts too.
>> No. 63865 Billbob
6th August 2019
Tuesday 2:14 pm
63865 spacer
They can also be cunts, which is the most important part.
>> No. 63867 Ambulancelad
7th August 2019
Wednesday 12:27 pm
63867 spacer

Assuming cunt to be a gendered term is a micro-agression it is imposing hetronormative CIS values.

>> No. 63825 Samefag
2nd August 2019
Friday 6:14 pm
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>A prostitute mother murdered her two young daughters before putting their clothes up for sale on Facebook four months later, it emerged today.

>Louise Porton, 23, of Rugby, Warwickshire, murdered Lexi Draper, three, in January 2018 before targeting her 16-month-old sister Scarlett Vaughan just 18 days later that February. But she was trying to sell their brightly-coloured clothes including pyjamas, tops and dressing gowns online by June.

>Sex-obsessed Porton was today jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years after suffocating her two daughters less than three weeks apart when they 'got in the way' of her sordid lifestyle.

>During that hospital admission, jurors in the four-week trial heard Porton sent one man a topless photo from a bathroom and agreed to participate in sex acts during a photoshoot if the photographer paid cash into her bank account.

>Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said during the same period, the mother also passed her number to a hospital security guard and went on to exchange 87 messages with him.

>He also read a message from Porton's sister accusing her of leaving her daughters alone to have sex with a van driver in his vehicle. Porton accepted 41 friend requests on a dating app just a day after Lexi's death. Porton was even seen making a video call with a man while arranging Lexi's burial at a funeral home, the trial heard.


The most mental of mental slags. Seriously, lads. I challenge you to find a slag more mental than this.
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>> No. 63833 Anonymous
3rd August 2019
Saturday 2:14 am
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>> No. 63834 Ambulancelad
3rd August 2019
Saturday 9:18 am
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He said, in a thread mainly devoted to the discussion of whether we would shag her.
>> No. 63836 R4GE
3rd August 2019
Saturday 8:19 pm
63836 spacer

Are you truly so devoid of cultural value and principal that you can't distinguish between the expectation of difference in protocol of a deliberately provocative satirical image board and the conduct and duties of reporting of a murder by the mainstream press, and therefore hold them to the same standard?
>> No. 63837 Searchfag
3rd August 2019
Saturday 10:27 pm
63837 spacer

Watched that begining to end, cheers lad.
>> No. 63838 Are Moaty
3rd August 2019
Saturday 11:07 pm
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Am I wrong or are only the bottom left two actually terms for anything at all?

>> No. 62249 YubYub
25th December 2018
Tuesday 12:13 am
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>> No. 63748 Paedofag
18th July 2019
Thursday 7:14 am
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After all that the charges have been dropped.


It seems everyone was a bit hasty to condemn him.
>> No. 63749 R4GE
18th July 2019
Thursday 8:17 am
63749 spacer

Everyone who cancelled Spacey is now cancelled.
>> No. 63750 Moralfag
18th July 2019
Thursday 10:08 am
63750 spacer
Good. Netflix need taking down a peg or two.
>> No. 63751 Are Moaty
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:05 pm
63751 spacer

I wonder if we'll get the headline of "Relieved Spacey" and 'actor relaxes after tense case and watches a bit of TV' with picture of him doing so taken through his window with a telescopic lenses
>> No. 63835 Auntiefucker
3rd August 2019
Saturday 9:49 am
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>> No. 63824 Moralfag
2nd August 2019
Friday 1:03 pm
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>> No. 63763 Ambulancelad
21st July 2019
Sunday 6:06 pm
63763 spacer


how the fuck does he have a cat in prison?
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>> No. 63767 Ambulancelad
21st July 2019
Sunday 8:17 pm
63767 spacer

suzy the slut love it in the ass
>> No. 63815 Paedofag
31st July 2019
Wednesday 7:02 pm
63815 spacer
i wonder if he's ever been bummed?
>> No. 63816 R4GE
31st July 2019
Wednesday 8:15 pm
63816 spacer
If you think about it logically, taking a shit is like getting bummed in reverse. We've all been bummed, so to speak.
>> No. 63817 Ambulancelad
31st July 2019
Wednesday 8:21 pm
63817 spacer

Speak for yourself m7
>> No. 63823 Crabkiller
1st August 2019
Thursday 3:09 pm
63823 spacer

If you've ever yo-yo'd a shit up and down your arse while waiting to get to a toilet, that's basically the same as being bummed too

>> No. 63669 Billbob
12th July 2019
Friday 7:03 am
63669 spacer
The future is a strange place.
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>> No. 63812 Searchfag
28th July 2019
Sunday 3:36 pm
63812 spacer
I want to buy your book.

>> No. 63814 Ambulancelad
28th July 2019
Sunday 6:46 pm
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>> No. 63820 Billbob
1st August 2019
Thursday 11:17 am
63820 From the Department of Grammatical Infractions

Following a report submitted to us regarding britfa.gs post >>63798, we can confirm that the use of the wording "I've personally" in the given context is entirely correct and appropriate. You are reminded that the contraction 'I've' is a shortened form of 'I have', therefore the poster's sentence would begin "I have personally ordered" and is grammatically correct.

Our official findings are that the aforementioned post is not in breach of correct grammatical standards.

- Christopher Blenkinsop;
Deputy Director, Department of Grammatical Infractions
(Pedantry Response Unit)
>> No. 63821 YubYub
1st August 2019
Thursday 11:44 am
63821 spacer
That's all incredibly astute, but surely It's not about grammar; it's about the redundancy.
>> No. 63822 Are Moaty
1st August 2019
Thursday 1:03 pm
63822 spacer
You will need to take that up with your employer.

>> No. 63806 Billbob
27th July 2019
Saturday 6:23 pm
63806 spacer
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you

But it's gonna take money
A whole lot of spending money
It's gonna take plenty of money
To do it right, child

It's gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It's gonna take patience and time, um
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it
To do it right, child

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 63807 Searchfag
27th July 2019
Saturday 11:21 pm
63807 spacer
oh billbob

>> No. 63803 Billbob
27th July 2019
Saturday 8:36 am
63803 spacer
My wife left me because of my obsession with stroking pasta.

I'm feeling cannelloni right now.
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>> No. 63805 YubYub
27th July 2019
Saturday 1:10 pm
63805 spacer
More of a Tim Vine that one isn't it?

>> No. 63755 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 11:37 am
63755 spacer
they should be called "already salted"

this has pissed me off since i was a kid
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>> No. 63756 Searchfag
19th July 2019
Friday 11:53 am
63756 spacer
>> No. 63757 Auntiefucker
19th July 2019
Friday 12:47 pm
63757 spacer

>Because in the old days they weren't. They came unsalted and you had to find the pinch of salt in a twist of paper, fish it out and sprinkle the contents over the crisps. Smith's Crisps were the leading brand and when Walker's came along their main selling point was that they were 'ready salted' and you didn't have to fiddle with the blue bag any more.

It obviously is along the same lines as something that is ready made. You wouldn't substitute it for already made would you?
>> No. 63758 Samefag
19th July 2019
Friday 1:37 pm
63758 spacer
I was going to painstakingly make a post in my gran's accent about how "in't old days you 'ad ter put yer own salt on 'em..."

it kind of baffles me how the idea of selling crisps pre-flavoured was an innovation. surely it too more effort to separately package and include a little bag of salt.

>> No. 63730 Crabkiller
16th July 2019
Tuesday 6:36 pm
63730 spacer
I am not a racist, insists Trump

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>> No. 63742 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 1:37 am
63742 spacer
Piss off m9, /IQ/ is for serious business.
>> No. 63744 YubYub
17th July 2019
Wednesday 2:24 pm
63744 spacer

trump is the herald of the new gods of /iq/

>> No. 63745 YubYub
17th July 2019
Wednesday 2:27 pm
63745 spacer
Apparently the mods of the Old new world order have disabled features in an attempt to stop people finding out the truth!
>> No. 63746 Billbob
17th July 2019
Wednesday 4:38 pm
63746 spacer
Broken Britain
>> No. 63752 Ambulancelad
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:21 pm
63752 spacer


Not. a. racist.

>> No. 63747 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 7:03 am
63747 spacer
If Francis Drake were Alive today we'd probably have called him Frankie the duck.

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