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>> No. 2611 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:02 pm
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I've gotten a wild rabbit living in my garden (and at least one of my neighbours too). I'm guessing somehow he's gotten a bit lost and ended up here because we're across a main road from some fields.

Anyway I have 2 dogs and a cat so its inevitable that Charles the Rabbit will sooner or later be eaten unless I catch him and take him back where he belongs. I'm not quite sure how to do this so plans are welcome, snares won't work because obviously if he gets trapped in the open I'm just going to find the leftover foot or I will just catch one of the dogs because they're not especially intelligent.
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>> No. 2612 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:04 pm
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They're annoying pests and your garden will be torn up by it. Let the dogs scare him off.
>> No. 2613 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:28 pm
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I've got a whole family in my garden, but being nothing more than shared strip of grass behind a row of flats, I'm not bothered about them.

Rabbits are going to be rabbits. He's not "lost", the place he was born has become to crowded and he's spread out to somewhere new. If you catch him and take him elsewhere, he'll either come back, or at some point a different one will move in.

One rabbit on it's own will have barely any impact on your garden, unless you're growing vegetables, but you might have a much bigger problem in a few years.
>> No. 2614 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:31 pm
2614 spacer
>you might have a much bigger problem in a few years.
Yeah. Rabbits tend to be at it like - um.
>> No. 2615 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:32 pm
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Someone I work with was walking their dogs when a rabbit escaped from a garden. The dogs gave chase and it ended up dying of fright. They decided to cook the rabbit and eat it.
>> No. 2616 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:02 pm
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I'd just like to take a moment to apologise about the typos, it's a bit too late to delete it now that it's been replied to.
>> No. 2617 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:41 pm
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>> No. 2618 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 6:13 pm
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Well he has been hanging out for a week now. In that time he has surely been chased (my dogs have stepped up patrols) but doesn't seem to have gotten the message.

Maybe I could blindfold him then drive miles out to some island. If he comes back after that then we've got bigger problems.

Yeah I don't consider him much of a problem but at the same time I'd rather not see the lad get fucked up or my dogs picking up some parasites from eating him.

At the moment he seems to be single which puts me at ease in terms of population growth. I'll leave some literature in the garden for a career in computer science to be sure.
>> No. 2619 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 12:55 pm
2619 spacer

Rabbit you say?

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