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>> No. 2376 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 3:00 pm
2376 Digging for victory.
I know it's early, but what are you planning to grow this year?
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>> No. 2648 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:28 pm
2648 spacer

It had completely slipped my mind that we had a gardening board. I've taken more of an interest in it this year. Asides from being made to plough the field, it seemed boring but now I suppose old age has come a calling.

This is the mint plant, there's coriander and some other spices growing next to it but I didn't take a picture of them.
>> No. 2649 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:34 pm
2649 spacer

lhaifatha and potatoes.jpg
Last year there was a type of bottle gourd called khodu being grown here but it has a habit of having long oversized leafs that would run amok outside of the soil area. Potatoes and lhaifatha are far more manageable.
>> No. 2650 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:36 pm
2650 spacer

boil em mash em stick em in a stew.jpg
There's something very satisfying about seeing the white bulbous bits come out of the soil, especially when it's a big one. In my first few attempts, I kept on digging too deep into the root and would cut the potatoes in half. Eventually though, I got the hang of it and would lift out the entire group of potatoes in one go.
>> No. 2651 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:39 pm
2651 spacer

Managed to get a decent number of potatoes, was quite chuffed with that.
>> No. 2652 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:43 pm
2652 spacer

There's three trees, two pear and one apple. The biggest tree which was the apple is being cut down the next day it rains because not only did it not give us any fruit this year, it's just too big. I know this isn't a plum, it was a joke to someone else but I got some pears from both of them but they weren't very sweet and one of the trees only gave two edible pears. I think I'm going to go for strawberries instead of the apple next spring time.
>> No. 2653 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:44 pm
2653 spacer

Dealing with lhaifatha is a bit of a nightmare because I had to extract the seeds after we harvested the leaves. Trick is to whack it around on a tablecloth and collect the little black things.
>> No. 2654 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 7:48 pm
2654 spacer

Sorry about the bad quality picture but this is about as big as the apple tree and pear tree got, I might have a few better shots on another computer, can't wait until we've got proper fruit coming from them in a few years.
>> No. 2655 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 8:39 pm
2655 spacer
Seeing snapchats sent by .gs users is an odd glimpse into the real life that some of you apparently lead.
>> No. 2656 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 7:10 pm
2656 spacer
Decent enough harvest lad.
>> No. 2671 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 8:15 pm
2671 spacer

My citrus are two years old and a bit, so should start fruiting this spring. Have to grab more soil before I expand, but aside from the standard chillies/fruit/potatoes I really want to get aubergines growing well this time. I just can't get the fuckers to germinate. Aside from that, lots of greens. Lots and lots of greens. Just need to get some fucking netting so the birds don't nab them first.
>> No. 2672 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 10:48 pm
2672 spacer
What even is that?
>> No. 2673 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 12:03 am
2673 spacer
I don't know the english name for the plant but the leaves make a cracking curry. That was the plant after I had taken off the edible bits. Needed the seeds you see.

The bigger apple tree there is going on 6 years old now? It's just that it has gotten too big and didn't even provide any fruit this year. At some point though, it'd start dropping apples on the other side of the fence, which would be a nag for the neighbours so I'm chopping it off as soon as weather permits. Might have to bring out the axe or a machete but I think a good kick or two would two the job, along with plenty of tugging. What is a good blade for chopping trees down anyway, it's not big enough to warrant a chainsaw, I suppose all you'd need is a very sharp knife. You can get these huge knives specially made for cutting trees down, I think it was called a bolo machete, that'd be handy for cutting this tree down, maybe I should order one online.
>> No. 2674 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 12:37 am
2674 spacer
Don't cut down the apple tree. My parents have a neighbour with an apple tree half hanging into their garden and they love getting free apples from it. At least ask them first.
>> No. 2676 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 6:38 am
2676 spacer
Nah I'm going to pull it out, I don't think you're even allowed to have knives for cutting trees other than saws. I remember seeing it done all the time abroad but the UK has very strict laws regarding this. It's barely big enough to warrant a cutting. It's not just about the neighbours either, we planted an apple tree because it seemed easy at the time but now I think I'd like to branch out and get some strawberry's going instead.
>> No. 2677 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 8:48 pm
2677 spacer
I don't think this warrants a new thread. I paved my front garden and took down the fence so that I can park my car on what used to be my front garden. There are leaves everywhere now. The stupid wind blows it onto my paved front garden. Can I just brush it all onto the street, or will the neighbours complain about me to the council?
>> No. 2678 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 9:40 pm
2678 spacer

agent orange.jpg
I've done it. Once I had started, something came over me and I got rid of the other two as well. Was thinking of keeping the smallest one, but in the end, I decided to kill it off too. No mercy, not when their fruit wasn't sweet enough. Let's hope the strawberry's fare better than these weaklings. I felt something glorious when I was ripping it out from the root, can't believe I have to wait some years before I get the chance to do this again.
>> No. 2679 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 9:47 pm
2679 spacer

I suppose this is what it's like to kill your own dog. It wasn't too long ago when I remember it being staked to the ground to keep it from leaning over. No matter now, it's dead and there's nothing to be done. I'd let it become more dry and brittle than it'd be easier to dispose of. Chop it up into pieces and then roll it up in a carpet so the binmen don't notice. They don't do green bins anymore. If not, I'd make compost but maybe attracting insects and the smell might be a problem.

I thought I'd feel a tinge of regret but I really don't.
>> No. 2681 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 11:18 pm
2681 spacer

Widow, 82, threatened with jail for brushing leaves from her garden - because council says it's FLY TIPPING!

>> No. 2682 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 10:48 am
2682 spacer
>> No. 2683 Anonymous
11th December 2016
Sunday 9:50 pm
2683 spacer

Frisian Dew
>> No. 2684 Anonymous
12th December 2016
Monday 8:20 pm
2684 spacer

>> No. 2685 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:12 am
2685 spacer


>dumps garden waste in street, despite bins for garden waste provided
>council tell her to stop fucking around, pick it up and put it in the fucking bin

>'commoners never used to talk back to me!' can no long have them beaten, so uses peer network to get complaint printed in national fucking newspaper.

>National fucking newspaper runs story with picture of street clearly displays bin bags and bins for garden waste. Only I seem to notice or care that the old bint is self-evidently full of shit. And only when seeing a 2 month old post at 1am on obscure image board referencing the event 4 years after the fact.

>I comfort myself with schadenfreude in that she is statically most probably dead now.

>I use green text to convey my view. I have no shame. #yolo

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 2686 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:18 am
2686 spacer
>> No. 2687 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 12:32 pm
2687 spacer
>(A good day to you Sir!)

2 week bans for green text, is a perfect demonstration of why people no longer come here. Since this mods are far too rightious to ever change, I guess I should. so long you hurmourless cunts.
>> No. 2688 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 12:54 pm
2688 spacer

Wow, it's like when Robbie left that boy band what he was in.
>> No. 2689 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:20 pm
2689 spacer
Mods are cunts wherever you go. Tolkein had it right - only a complete wrongun would ever want to be in charge of anyone, let alone do it unpaid, for free.
>> No. 2690 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:24 pm
2690 spacer


Potty more like.
>> No. 2691 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 3:09 pm
2691 spacer

Mods aren't really in charge, they're more like groundskeepers.
>> No. 2692 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 3:15 pm
2692 spacer
That isn't true. I once got a month long all boards ban for using a disparaging term for fanboys of Jeremy Corbyn. Anyone who'd ever want to be an internet mod is inherently going to be shit at it.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 2694 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 4:11 pm
2694 spacer

I know you don't really care, but I don't believe anyone who's asked to be a mod ever got it here.

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