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>> No. 2773 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:50 pm
2773 spacer
Can i grow brambles from seed laden fox poo? Grind up some rabit droppings from the same environment as fertaliser and growth medium, and mix it with the assumed nutrient rich fecal matter? I imagine the feeds would be fermented, activated or some shit after going through the foxes
How would i actually do this? How do you go about testing chemical conditions within the soils? How do i know what brambles need?
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>> No. 2774 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 4:18 pm
2774 spacer
How is it that you have more access to fox and rabbit droppings than soil?
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:11 pm
2775 spacer
My limited understanding is that soil is vastly decomposed matter like leaves, grasses and whatever happens to fall. So it makes sense that you could grow from processed grasses like rabbit droppings, plus the blackberry nutrient and seed that have passed through the fox. It'd be nice to test whether that snapshot of the ecosystem sustains itself.

It's more an introduction to botany and ecology than actually growing, but having blackberries next year would be a welcome result.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:23 pm
2776 spacer
I'm still not sure I understand what you actually have in mind.
Rabbit droppings would make a perfectly fine manure if you had some way of gathering them in vast quantities, you're definitely better off just buying some compost or finding the manure of larger herbivores. Not a great idea to trespass on farmland but if there's a stables anywhere near you, the horses will regularly shit on the road and you can gather it up with a bag for free.

Most brambles are very hardy, you'll have noticed they tend to grow all over the place wild, but in their case
>Seed often does not germinate until the second year after shedding. Seeds have a hard seed coat and a chilling requirement to overcome. Plants take three years to flower from seed.
you're not going to get blackberries by next year. Unless you wait until spring and buy a young one. You could buy two and give one rabbit manure to see if it makes any difference to the growth if you're that keen on experimenting.

Don't play about with fox shit though, even if you were to sterilise it, it would smell fucking awful all the time.
>> No. 2777 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 7:26 pm
2777 spacer
Just cut a few stalks off a living bramble and stick them in water and they'll hopefully take root.

>> No. 2770 Anonymous
3rd September 2019
Tuesday 6:59 pm
2770 spacer
Can someone please point me towards the British version of this guy?


>> No. 2769 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 11:17 pm
2769 spacer

kola superdeep borehole.jpg
>> No. 2757 Anonymous
4th March 2018
Sunday 8:52 pm
2757 spacer
UK outdoor bud spots 2018 - who is growing?
I have one spot cleared and nearly camouflaged (by cut bushes & young trees) and another partially cleared and in the process of being camouflaged. Hoping to harvest 10 autos and 10 regs - Sweet Cheese Auto and marple Maroc. They are adjacent to a train line. The only likelihood for discovery lies in the smell. Having checked the prevailing wind to assess the likelihood of this I can state that it is likeliest in October, unless eddies on the hillside cause the smell to rise up against the direction of the wind up the hillside to a nearby footpath.

I will be using 10/12L buckets (£1 each from the Poundshop) with 10L compost in each and holes in the bottom, with the lower half buried in holes in the ground to retard dehydration such that they require less frequent watering. FBB (fish, blood and bone) fertiliser and rabbit-proof cages and slug-poison pellets will be used - standard practice.

I am now a fan of folding saws for spot-clearance.

Good luck! Photos can't be provided as I lack a camera.
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>> No. 2758 Anonymous
4th March 2018
Sunday 11:02 pm
2758 spacer
Growing, but not outdoors. Good move with burying them in buckets. How do you disguise the area around it? I like the sound of it being near a railway, but aren't you concerned about the possibility of passers-by as it were?

Presumably you'll be all harvested by October? What is the average vegetation/flowering time in the UK? (realise that is a piece of string question depending on the strain but ykwim)
>> No. 2759 Anonymous
5th March 2018
Monday 7:53 pm
2759 spacer
>>2758 One has to make the clearings away from footpaths and paying attention to the prevailing wind so the smell wouldn't carry;
to disguise the spot you have to cut spiky bushes, hawthorne and brambles, and weave living ones through to create an opaque mesh of vegetation that appears like a natural barrier. Ideally do this in winter, then as the living parts of the mesh screen grow, it looks like a natural barrier covered in leaves. Unless the potential discoverer knew the area well they would not give it a second glance.

An important part of making camo screens is not to make dense, thin walls but rather thicker, less dense "walls" maybe a metre or two thick, or it looks wrong from the outside.
For non-autoflowers, I'd hope to plant out 5/6 inch seedlings on the 1st of May and harvest by the 1st of october.
>> No. 2767 Anonymous
10th April 2018
Tuesday 5:51 pm
2767 spacer
OP Here. cannabis seedlings substituted for edibles now; two spots complete. I am growing a lot of morning glory, they are currently 1 inch high seedlings. I am growing 5/6 runner bean plants, 5 potatoes, 5/6 onions seeded, some herbs, and a lot of "climbing beans" from wilkinsons.
I am keeping myself entertained while unemployed. I am now tempted to get a camera and post a picture of my spots. There are three in total. I wonder how much food I can grow - maybe two months worth of potato carrot and climbing bean. I could eat for free for two months!
>> No. 2768 Anonymous
10th April 2018
Tuesday 7:27 pm
2768 spacer
You're growing potatoes outdoors? What a weirdo.
All the cool kids are growing their root vegetables under growlights now.


mr nice.jpg
>> No. 2760 Anonymous
15th March 2018
Thursday 11:24 am
2760 Howard Marks extradited again
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>> No. 2761 Anonymous
15th March 2018
Thursday 11:55 am
2761 spacer
I cannot for the life of me see how this case is working - seeds are legal in every country.
>> No. 2762 Anonymous
15th March 2018
Thursday 12:14 pm
2762 spacer

From the article:

>cannabis seeds are considered a schedule 1 narcotic in the US
>> No. 2763 Anonymous
15th March 2018
Thursday 3:52 pm
2763 spacer
Howard Marks has been dead for two years.
>> No. 2764 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 1:38 am
2764 spacer
taken care of
>> No. 2765 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 1:39 am
2765 spacer
thats very sad

>> No. 2748 Anonymous
5th November 2017
Sunday 6:23 pm
2748 Mystery Shrubs
Can anyone identify these shrubs? They were found being used for decoration in southern Germany.
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>> No. 2749 Anonymous
5th November 2017
Sunday 9:00 pm
2749 spacer
Yep, the top one is your common or garden Dunkelbeeriger Strauch, and the bottom one is the somewhat less common Rötlicher Strauch. No need to thank me.
>> No. 2751 Anonymous
6th November 2017
Monday 7:58 pm
2751 spacer
Well impressed lad.
>> No. 2753 Anonymous
6th November 2017
Monday 8:29 pm
2753 spacer
Or possibly varieties of Arschschürhaken Strauch.
>> No. 2754 Anonymous
8th November 2017
Wednesday 3:02 am
2754 spacer
I like you, britfa.gs :)

>> No. 2715 Anonymous
23rd July 2017
Sunday 9:46 pm
2715 Kill everything in my garden
I've always lived in one of fire-prone tower blocks. I never really ventured outside the concrete jungle, and as such, touching anything green gives me really bad rashes and other weird outbreaks. I don't have to do much for it though, just an anti-histamine and rest gets everything okay again.

I'm now living in a house with a garden. The garden is overgrown and there are bushes and shrubs and whathaveyou everywhere. I want to kill everything so that it looks like the picture.

My plan is to buy loads of weed/pest killers and spray it everywhere. I hope it kills everything.

Any of you lads got any better ways of handling this to share?
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>> No. 2734 Anonymous
26th July 2017
Wednesday 8:39 am
2734 spacer
I'm set on my path, friend.
>> No. 2735 Anonymous
27th July 2017
Thursday 8:32 am
2735 spacer
Next up, either:
I hate this stinking desolate wasteland. How do I grow things in it?
Fucking weeds growing on my desolate stinking wasteland. Wat do?
Fuck me, gravel and paving is expensive. Any cheaper options?
Fuck me, spent a fortune on gravel. Weeds are growing through it.
Regrets, lad. You'll have a few.
>> No. 2736 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 9:31 am
2736 spacer
When in doubt, turn to the Holy Book. Salt the earth, m62. You can thank me later.
>> No. 2746 Anonymous
13th October 2017
Friday 2:15 pm
2746 spacer
>Would it work if I cut down everything and covered the whole garden with a patchwork of tarps held down my massive rocks?

I did this and it worked OK. You might have to dig stumps if there are trees growing in it.

I also had to till (I just used a pitchfork), fertilize, and sow grass seed on parts of the garden I wasn't using to prevent the weeds from coming back.
>> No. 2747 Anonymous
13th October 2017
Friday 8:40 pm
2747 spacer
You need to discover horticultural fabric lad. Stops all the weeds.

>> No. 2697 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:22 am
2697 spacer
I have an old PC that's doing nothing but taking up space.

I want to grow plants in it.

I'm thinking if I strip off the casing so it's just the internal skeleton, boards, wires and so on I can stick it in my garden and put a creeper in it or something.
Can anyone suggest a plant that would work well for this?
Is there anything in the machine that's going to seep out in the rain and poison the garden?
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>> No. 2710 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 3:41 pm
2710 spacer

Fuck me manual labour sucks. You'd have think they'd have invented something for that by now.

I ended up not doing this because there were so many loose screws, sticks of RAM and cables from the two computers that I figured they'd do in place of stones. Here's a climbing plant growing out of a busted speaker.
>> No. 2711 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 3:43 pm
2711 spacer

I have sown a load of wildflowers in the bare earth/compost so it won't stay bare, I'll just need to weed it once I figure out which growths are the flowers and which aren't.

The piece of metal pipe marking off the bed is some random crap I found behind the greenhouse. Possibly an old trampoline, I have no real idea.
>> No. 2712 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 3:45 pm
2712 spacer

And here's the lavender plus a pot of those white flowers whatever they are. This bed is so big because I also have a maple tree I wanted to plant but when I started digging down I hit a pipe.
>> No. 2713 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 8:34 pm
2713 spacer
A Maple Tree? That's quite a step up.

You might like to consider some seeds too, see what grows in among it all.
>> No. 2714 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 9:27 pm
2714 spacer
I don't really want the Maple tree but it was here, in a pot, with all the random pieces of metal. Seems a shame to chuck it but I don't know what else to do with it.
Like I said, I spread some assorted wildflower seeds in the compost (cowslip, poppies, something, something, foxgloves).

>> No. 2695 Anonymous
23rd January 2017
Monday 5:32 pm
2695 Snowleopards helped by racists?
The use of a britchan era term stands out.

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>> No. 2696 Anonymous
23rd January 2017
Monday 7:46 pm
2696 spacer

>> No. 2376 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 3:00 pm
2376 Digging for victory.
I know it's early, but what are you planning to grow this year?
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>> No. 2689 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:20 pm
2689 spacer
Mods are cunts wherever you go. Tolkein had it right - only a complete wrongun would ever want to be in charge of anyone, let alone do it unpaid, for free.
>> No. 2690 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 1:24 pm
2690 spacer


Potty more like.
>> No. 2691 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 3:09 pm
2691 spacer

Mods aren't really in charge, they're more like groundskeepers.
>> No. 2692 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 3:15 pm
2692 spacer
That isn't true. I once got a month long all boards ban for using a disparaging term for fanboys of Jeremy Corbyn. Anyone who'd ever want to be an internet mod is inherently going to be shit at it.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 2694 Anonymous
14th December 2016
Wednesday 4:11 pm
2694 spacer

I know you don't really care, but I don't believe anyone who's asked to be a mod ever got it here.

>> No. 2637 Anonymous
15th October 2016
Saturday 5:26 pm
2637 Nature, camping and other outdoor pic.
A few years ago an autists guy documented his cycling trips on this board. Is it still the place to post outdoor excursion type pics?
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>> No. 2665 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 7:26 pm
2665 spacer


>> No. 2667 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 8:11 pm
2667 spacer


>> No. 2668 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 8:39 pm
2668 spacer
Why is he so consternated?
>> No. 2669 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 9:48 pm
2669 spacer

He's trying to work out how the Sydney Harbor Bridge got to the Himalayas.

>> No. 2670 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 11:42 pm
2670 spacer
>Sydney Harbor Bridge
No, lad. No.

>> No. 2623 Anonymous
4th October 2016
Tuesday 7:55 pm
2623 What in the good Lords name is this?
How's it going lads?

Just a quick one, I've got a young pear tree in my yard, noticed today some yellow/brown patches on some of the leaves, turned them over to find these hideous spikey growths on the back of them.

Does anyone happen to know what it is?
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>> No. 2632 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 1:16 pm
2632 spacer

>I thought wasps layed eggs in their nests?

There are considerably more wasps then just the common wasp, it is an entire sub order of animals. Most of them don't form nests.

I think this is most likely. They are probably the eggs of something that wants to eat the plant, hence why they aren't on anything else.
>> No. 2633 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 11:28 pm
2633 spacer

For my money, fig wasps are some of the weirdest things in nature.

>> No. 2634 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 1:32 am
2634 spacer

The symbiotic life cycle is weird, makes you understand better the weird thoughts the Greeks had about where animals came from when you consider how obsessed they were with figs.

I'm personally more fascinated by the variants of parasitic wasp. Particularly the ones that subvert the natural cycle of plants by excreating chemicals turning the seeds and fruit into an armoured shell for them to live in. (If you've ever seen an oak tree drop those spikey wooden balls with their acorns. That is what those are).
>> No. 2635 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 3:38 am
2635 spacer

I think we can all agree that wasps are proper wrong'uns.
>> No. 2636 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 8:29 am
2636 spacer


>> No. 2611 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:02 pm
2611 spacer
I've gotten a wild rabbit living in my garden (and at least one of my neighbours too). I'm guessing somehow he's gotten a bit lost and ended up here because we're across a main road from some fields.

Anyway I have 2 dogs and a cat so its inevitable that Charles the Rabbit will sooner or later be eaten unless I catch him and take him back where he belongs. I'm not quite sure how to do this so plans are welcome, snares won't work because obviously if he gets trapped in the open I'm just going to find the leftover foot or I will just catch one of the dogs because they're not especially intelligent.
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>> No. 2615 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 2:32 pm
2615 spacer
Someone I work with was walking their dogs when a rabbit escaped from a garden. The dogs gave chase and it ended up dying of fright. They decided to cook the rabbit and eat it.
>> No. 2616 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:02 pm
2616 spacer


I'd just like to take a moment to apologise about the typos, it's a bit too late to delete it now that it's been replied to.
>> No. 2617 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 3:41 pm
2617 spacer

>> No. 2618 Anonymous
17th July 2016
Sunday 6:13 pm
2618 spacer
Well he has been hanging out for a week now. In that time he has surely been chased (my dogs have stepped up patrols) but doesn't seem to have gotten the message.

Maybe I could blindfold him then drive miles out to some island. If he comes back after that then we've got bigger problems.

Yeah I don't consider him much of a problem but at the same time I'd rather not see the lad get fucked up or my dogs picking up some parasites from eating him.

At the moment he seems to be single which puts me at ease in terms of population growth. I'll leave some literature in the garden for a career in computer science to be sure.
>> No. 2619 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 12:55 pm
2619 spacer

Rabbit you say?

>> No. 2592 Anonymous
9th June 2016
Thursday 3:42 pm
2592 spacer
I moved into a house with a lawn and a greenhouse and a shed and trees and two bathtubs in the garden, all your typical outdoors stuff. Problem is I don't know how to take care of it. What do I do in order to not embarrass myself by doing things like burning out the neighbour's lawnmower?
How do I garden? What basic tools do I need? The only things in the shed are some bags of fertilizer, white paint and a chainsaw.
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>> No. 2606 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 10:17 pm
2606 spacer


I've got one of these and it's ace:


...although if you're strapped for cash just get something second hand off eBay/Gumtree whatever. I'd advise A mower, a strimmer, a decent pair of secateurs and a hoe (no tittering at the back).

Just keep your grass mowed once a week and weed your beds and hoe them over every fortnight to start off with.Trim back what you think is overgrown or cutting out the sunshine with the secateurs. Maybe even get some pots and bedding plants (although I'd do it this weekend before it's too late in the year).Actually, whilst I think about it this is really useful:


I really love gardening - I find it very soothing. Just a nice feeling sitting enjoying a beer in a garden you just made look nice. I have no experience with greenhouses, but I expect you can just keep it clean and rust free (paint it up maybe?) and move onto greenhousing when you get a but better at stuff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2607 Anonymous
11th June 2016
Saturday 12:27 am
2607 spacer

That's great, thanks. I'm not totally strapped, but by the time I can afford that mower the grass will definitely be out of hand and probably just destroy the mower like it did my neighbours one. I really need to go around and offer to pay for it tomorrow, if it's permafucked.

Can you recommend a particular strimmer brand to look for second hand, as that may be the best solution?
>> No. 2608 Anonymous
11th June 2016
Saturday 7:42 pm
2608 spacer
Why is it illegal in America? It's just rain water.
>> No. 2609 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 7:34 pm
2609 spacer
At that price you might as well get a cheap or second hand petrol mower, second hand is the way to go if you can make sure it runs. I would break an electric lawnmower in no time, my petrol mower is ancient and I run it over branches, stones, three foot high grass and I've got it stuck on tree stumps, the only thing wrong with it is the self-drive thing doesn't work butI didn't use it anyway. It was left outside unprotected for two years when I thought it was broken, one day I decided to try and fix it, put some petrol and oil in it and it fired up first pull. My point is they last forever, even if you don't look after them so depending on the size of your garden (post a picture) it might be worth the investment.

As for forks and spades, wooden handles are better IMO , but it doesn't really matter what brand, they'll all break eventually, same with loppers, shears etc. If you're buying online just check the reviews and buy the cheapest you can get away with.
>> No. 2610 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 11:31 pm
2610 spacer

Looks like you could pick up a decent second hand strimmer for £20-30:


You will need a grass rake as well though if you are goign to use this on your grass.

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