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>> No. 4671 Anonymous
25th August 2018
Saturday 7:26 pm
4671 spacer
I can't quite find where it is now, but not too long ago we had a thread about YouTube videos aimed at small children.

What I've recently noticed is that a lot of the popular channels have episodes about Happy Meals.


Is it plausible that many of these channels are actually covertly owned by McDonald's as a way of getting around the traditional bans on marketing junk food to children and to get them seeing Happy Meals as desirable from an early age?
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>> No. 4672 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 12:06 am
4672 spacer
It's certainly possible, though perhaps McDonald's is just too fucking big to need to advertise to kids directly at this point too.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were behind it, but equally it could just be that youtubers know that kids love happy meals and making videos about them is disgustingly profitable.

Either way it's a cynical exploitation of kids.
>> No. 4673 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 2:57 am
4673 spacer
Happy Meals aren't covered by the junk food advertising ban, because a majority of the meal options are low in fat, salt and sugar.

>> No. 4674 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 7:02 am
4674 spacer
No child on this planet is going to choose mineral water and a bag of fruit or veg as part of a Happy Meal when they can get off their tits on Coke or a milkshake.
>> No. 4675 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 12:45 pm
4675 spacer

It's not particularly hard to teach a child that chips or Coke are bad for you.
>> No. 4676 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 12:58 pm
4676 spacer
Are you speaking from experience..... ?
>> No. 4677 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 2:18 pm
4677 spacer

>> No. 4678 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 3:09 pm
4678 spacer
I wouldn't even say it's covert, it's probably just standard corporate sponsorship. Or soulless YouTube channels using pop culture trash for easy money.
>> No. 4679 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 3:21 pm
4679 spacer

I don’t think Maccy’s has anything to do with this, companies like that are all about brand control and this doesn’t exactly fit with the Starbuck’s with Chips style they’re going for right now.
>> No. 4680 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 4:05 pm
4680 spacer

I agree, but the advantage of guerilla marketing is that if it doesn't look like it's coming from your company, it doesn't particularly harm your brand image, it's just some YouTuber talking to kids about chicken nuggets.
>> No. 4681 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 4:44 pm
4681 spacer
I'd imagine the type of parent who lets pre-school children loose on YouTube isn't the type of parent to lecture them on why they should pick carrot sticks over chips.
>> No. 4682 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 5:23 pm
4682 spacer
I'm not sure that's relevant to the original point >>4674 made.
>> No. 4683 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 5:25 pm
4683 spacer

Wait until you become a parent and then try lecturing a pre-school aged child on anything you shit brained peasant.
>> No. 4684 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 7:44 pm
4684 spacer
"Peasant" is an interesting choice of insult. Are you Michael Owen?
>> No. 4685 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 8:13 pm
4685 spacer
Mate, if you stop shoving your phone at your kid to shut them up then they'll actually have an attention span and be capable of listening to you.
>> No. 4686 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 8:31 pm
4686 spacer
Oh my, this'll be a cunt off for the ages, no doubt.
>> No. 4687 Anonymous
26th August 2018
Sunday 11:44 pm
4687 spacer
I don't think he did it to get her to shut up.
>> No. 4688 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 6:56 pm
4688 spacer

It's painfully obvious that you've never spent any time around a preschool aged child, and good for you. Children of that age aren't mini adults and don't process information in the same way we do; "Do as I say no as I do" doesn't work.

If you don't want your kids whining to use a phone then don't have a phone in your hand while you're around them. If you don't want your kids begging you for McDonalds then don't lecture them about fucking carrot sticks you wannabe Jamie Oliver cuntfaced cunt, just - and here's a wild thought - don't go to fucking McDonalds.

Children of that age are like little mimics, they see what you do and they copy it. All of it. One massive factor in giving up drinking for me was because when we went to the supermarket and he'd want to go putting things in the trolley, he'd eventually wind up in the booze aisle trying to pick up a bottle of wine for mummy and daddy.

Was that the sort of example I wanted to set my son? No. So I stopped sticking bottles of wine in my trolley, what I didn't do was sit him down with a self-help leaflet on alcohol abuse and a recent paper from the lancer for a proper fucking lecture on the risks of alcohol BECAUSE HE'S A FUCKING CHILD YOU SHIT BRAINED NUMPTY .

For the sake of humanity never fucking breed.
>> No. 4689 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 7:59 pm
4689 spacer

My phone was just resting on her vagina.
>> No. 4690 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 8:17 pm
4690 spacer

Straight on.

My father was always lecturing me about the dangers of smoke and drugs, while chain smoking and popping benzo like candies. I kept myself drugs and cigarette free, but only because I was so disgusted with him that I did everything to not follow his example.
>> No. 4691 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 8:55 pm
4691 spacer
Alright, bruv’!
>> No. 4692 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 9:13 am
4692 spacer
In short, you've agreed with the point made in >>4675 about parenting, but you've decided to do it in a roundabout way where you get to go off on one about it.
>> No. 4693 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 8:20 pm
4693 spacer

Look lad, we've all got to get our jollies somehow, OK? Don't be so quick to judge.
>> No. 4694 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 11:15 pm
4694 spacer

>For the sake of humanity never fucking breed.

Honestly though let's talk about how this advice is applicable to at least 95% of all people.

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