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>> No. 4475 Anonymous
24th October 2017
Tuesday 10:50 pm
4475 Eskimo 180 - Or Taqiya backflip
>I will return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam, says crown prince


U WOT M7? Not sure if I should ask Hebrewlad or YMCAlad wtf is going on here? Anyone?
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>> No. 4476 Anonymous
24th October 2017
Tuesday 10:59 pm
4476 spacer
I assume this isn't one of the ones that's been kidnapped.

Also, I personally prefer eskimo pie.
>> No. 4477 Anonymous
24th October 2017
Tuesday 11:17 pm
4477 spacer
Civil war soon.
>> No. 4478 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 1:10 am
4478 spacer
In 2014, the price of oil halved. It has stubbornly remained at about $50 a barrel; many analysts think that the price will never recover. Global demand is stagnating due to the sluggish economy and huge improvements in sustainable technology.

90% of Saudi Arabia's GDP comes from petroleum and petrochemicals. Fundamentalist Islam coupled with profligate public spending was an effective means of controlling an oil-dependent society, but the oil wealth that underpinned that regime is in terminal decline. The country's entire future depends on transitioning away from an oil-based economy, which effectively entails building a functioning economy from scratch.

According to official figures, only 12% of Saudis are employed. Of that 12%, the vast majority have pointless grace-and-favour jobs in the public sector. The actual running of the country is done by immigrants, as is anything vaguely resembling hard work. The Saudi people don't really know how to do anything, nor are they particularly inclined to work. Unless there are drastic reforms, Saudi Arabia will collapse totally as soon as the oil money runs out.

The social reforms are largely a bribe to young people - we'll let you indulge in all these depraved western activities if you'll just get off your fucking arses and do a job of work. Young women play a crucial role in this, because their desire for independence might motivate them to join the workforce. Social reforms are also a necessary precursor to economic modernisation; women who can drive can drive to work.

The revolution has already taken place. Mohammad bin Nayef has been ousted as crown prince in favour of Mohammad bin Salman. King Salman is rapidly declining due to Alzheimer's, so the transition of power to bin Salman is well underway. If the conservatives decide to fight back, it will end very badly for them. Bin Salman has the loyalty of the military and broad international support. At this point, he's pretty much unstoppable.
>> No. 4479 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 8:37 am
4479 spacer
Did you put the wrong name in somewhere there?
>> No. 4480 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:17 am
4480 spacer

"bin" is Arabic for "son of", so the names are all confusing as fuck. Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the son of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The former is the crown prince and the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia; the latter is nominally the king, but is a doolally old bastard.

Mohammad bin Nayef was the crown prince until June of this year, when he was ousted by Salman bin Abdulaziz. According to some US sources, Nayef's decision to quietly stand aside may have involved Mohammed bin Salman's heavies, the boot of a Land Cruiser and some gentle persuasion with a rifle butt.

Al-Qaeda have repeatedly tried to assasinate Bin Nayef, most famously in 2009 when a bum-bomber turned himself into a human firework.
>> No. 4481 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:27 am
4481 spacer
I suspected as much as soon as I hit submit. Cheers.
>> No. 4482 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:50 pm
4482 spacer

A bin is summat you put rubbish in, m9. Bin 'em dodgy Arabistanis and enforce real democracy NOW!
>> No. 4483 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 1:24 pm
4483 spacer
Can we get real democracy here first? The Yanks already have bases here, so the bombing part should be easy enough.

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